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We bough 10 days ago a refrigerator, a stove and a plasma TV 3d 51", and we schedule (after a long process in your store) the delivering of the appliances and the mountain of the TV.

Once the guys with the appliance arrived I showed to them the basement entrance, where we want the stuff (previously clarified in the form) and they asked me to remove the door by myself.. thank God a workers was in the basement and he did.

After I asked then to be careful with the grass when they were taking the stuff there and they told me that the grass will be damaged.. after calls, argues they refuse to help and I need to ask them to leave stuff in garage.

The guy from installation called me around 2 pm ant told me he will be at my house between 3 and 4pm, I left my work to be there for the appliances guys and him later.. At 4:10 I decided to call him to check and he said he was late and he didn't have chance to call me and let me know. When I explained him about my work and that I was in my house waiting for him, he got upset and he remark "I did apologize" and "if you want you can reschedule and for that you need to call and make another appointment".

He showed up 1 and half hour late and told me "oh, the sold you wrong installation service, I can't do it, you need to call, reschedule and pay extra.." seriously???

I don't know if my expectations are too high; but for me all of this experience is bad customer service.

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