Staten Island, New York
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have decided to avoid best buy from today on until i die

i was mistreated again which i was told would not happen again but it did...i buy over 2 to 3000 a month for my company and myself and sometime i have to return one small item.....this is a process from *** will take forever as there is only one person doing returns and a manager will need to be called which will take a long wait....but if you are just one day late esp due to weather they treat you like you stole the item you are returning they say too late or too bad maybe you can sell the item....even when a manager shows up he says there is no way to refund the money but he will try to offer store credit.....this means they get the money back to themselves and i lose that money forever as if i just lost it or gambled it away. why do they treat their loyal customers like this i am going to facebook and warn everyone to never deal with best buy in fact i am writing to my local paper as i am a well know executive with a large insurance company for 33 years ....i have never seen a worse return policy and i wish best buy goes out and circuit city returns as they were much easier......i already called my credit card company and stopped all the payments on items for the whole month .....let them come after me to return the items now ... i am calling my friends and church member s to return items as well

Reason of review: worst return policy i was 2 days late and treated like a child.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Return policy horrible unfair and worst of all stores.

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Assuming this isn't fake, you're the type of customer that retail employees hate, the claims of spending so much so therefore you deserve special treatment. If you are late on returning an item it's your fault the policies exist and you aren't exempt from then. *** Assuming your claim off working for an insurance company is true you should understand being late has consequences, if a customer missed were late on an insurance payment they are penalizedespecially if it happens as much as it seems you miss the return period for Best Buy


what kind of person gets entertainment over other peoples misfortunes


lol i love troll complaints like this. they make me laugh when they try to sound serious when you can tell it's pure ***

thanks for the entertainment.

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