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Here is a synopsis of the events leading up tome having to file this Notice of Dispute. June 19....we (Sarah my wife, Lukas 14 month old son) went to best buy to buy a watch , sprint does not offer a line for it , decide to explorer other providers.

Buy one get one free.. not bad..were told I would get up to 650 in refunds to cover other providers bill. takes 6 weeks. Ok, In actually I wasn't given full refund as 200 went to bills credit, was not told this, was given different info from Best Buy CSR reps.

Wasn't told that I need to turn the phones in till after 4 hours into the process, was told "sorry" our mistake wasn't told there was a 45 activation fee for each watch. Spend 7 hours at best buy that day. sales associate talked to us, flipped us to anther guy(perdro) I think. We picked out 2 phones, Chrome and white.

1 phone was wrong, it was black, , the staff did a return and went across the street to Park mall AT&T and got me a phone, the black phone never left the store, 2nd phone number was ported wrong. We didn't figure this out till we were home, called store, asked to come back, did so, asked to return home and get the 2 phone to return those and purchase new ones,did so , as they can't change anything now, too late. SO I went home CAME BACK again. Fixed the watches...so I thought, then the watches didn't work for 3-4 days, found out because they were on the other phones we returned.

Called Customer care, found out they I need to go back and redo the deal, I was told to go to an ATT store as best buy isn't helping me,only causing problems and that they aren't really part of ATT, argued with Customer care rep that ATT is solely responsibility for my act and my service, was told that we would have to agree to disagree. lol Same company Went to the att store, met Preston Polanco ( 520-262-9193) spent and hour or so tiring to fix what best buy had done, They got me a monthly bill estimate as Best buy couldn't figure out what my bill would be with all the returns. Peston was helping and doing great at it. I get my 1st bill like 484, cant possible be right, call ATT CSR, told I would get like 80 in credits, bill still wrong but I paid it.

My bill had fees and act. fess from return said items. I go to Att store, turn in old phones, get 200 in credit as opposed on a visa card as promised, semi pissed as this is all steam rolling again, whatever I deal with it. I get the next bill 1172.00 , pissed again, phone I returned was charged 715 to the bill.

Bill is still wrong, should be about 150-160....if you take 1172-715 ...leave a bill of .ie balance of 457, way more then it should be aprox 190 including taxes, so 277 buck TOO MUCH. I also have a 200 bill credit from att store. , I call ATT CSR again, get credit, said 509 total and 715 for the phone, submitted it and got nothing, no where, was told my math was wrong. Very annoyed and pissed, I called best buy, talked to several people in the next 2 weeks, I got voice from AT&T employes asking for last 4 of my Social Security # to add notes when actually there just accessing my act, to try and fix it.

Entering my account as if they were me without permission,against AT&T and Best Buy POLICY"S. Mind you no one has call any lower/senior management to help or alert anyone of the situation. I asked for management help, was told not sure who that is??? Really I call ATT CSR again about the return phone, I was told by AT&T CSR rep on the phone, I have to PROVE I returned the phone, like I'm lying or a criminal who stole it?

really. I ask if I can mail in the receipts, text or fax, anything. NO NO NO I have to go to the store and have them verify the return and have them Call ATT care while I'm at the store. Told me BestBuy has caused many of the problems not ATT.

Really...I should be mad at Best Buy. I go to the ATT store, Preston's not working..***.. he's the only one who's actually helping me.. The other CSR that helped me, with the phone swaps paperwork, the manager makes copy's of over 60 pages of paperwork I have gotten in the last 5 weeks.

Said he would add my company's discount,he didn't..said he would fax everything over to att corporate on the return...didn't. Was later told my paper work was lost, my PERSONAL INFORMATION paper work is lost?? Really!!! I get a call from collection about the bill.

fiance is pissed, Im pissed, I go to the best buy with all My paperwork, ( 3 more hours) he enters everything in the cpu. He calls att CSR, has to argue with them on my behalf that the phone never left the store, puts in good notes, thinks its all fixed, it's not. Get next bill of 871.. Going crazy, 50 hours on the phone, 25 hours at Best buy, 10 hours at the att store .

Call att CSR.. she helps ..so I think She adds up all the charges... all there mistakes, she says 509 in credits and 715 in credit for the phone, no bill till sept 11. TODAY , I go to make a call and phone's are shut off.

I JUST LOST IT..... CALL ATT CSR AGAIN I have to tell the whole story again, was told the bills credits are too much, that the 509 is part of the 715 phone and I can have the difference back, Are you kidding me. I then finally reach out to a friend who gets me Phillip Aguliar, the district manager contact info 10 days later he finds time to sit with me at the store, he go through my bill, says its all figured out,He even admits and apologizes to me for the conduct and the way my family has been treated. Admits that they should of never accessed my account.

2 hours with him, says he is now my personal advocate but doesn't help me beyond our sit down at Att store. I get the next bill, still wrong. so mad and discouraged at this point. I get absolutely nothing resolved from your help center.

I am told every excuses in the book. I call the help desk, as I am paying to much , email and call Phillip, no reply, no emails nothing. Next bill is wrong again, so I follow suit and I go to the store this week, Nov. 15th, I am told by the manager that they can no longer help me, that she was in a meeting 2-3 weeks ago and was told by upper management not to access my account and no help from the store level, this explains Phillips actions, not very professional!!

she let me know that I am not the only one one the "list" not very comforting. Not professional and now I have NO recourse anywhere. My next bill is wrong too, call and get no help. I call the help desk, get told too bad, nothing can be done, I'm wrong, she didn't like my attitude and discounted the call.

Beyond frustrated. I turn to social media and the internet and my local new station ( kgun 9 on your side) I am now on FB and making a ton of noise, never knew how many people hated AT&T. now I get a response form your social media team, really. I get 5 different FB text from 5 different people to say...hi were to help.

Talked to Yesenia L social media specialist, she says she can help, has not so far, talked to her 2 times, Have called as of today 6 times, she says she called back, but no missed calls on the phone. I am now pasted my calm and going to take action. I have started a FB campaign against you, I have recruited a group to help me with this. I also am filing with the BBB the FTC and the others.

I have enlisted my local news to help(check my face book, most of my friends work for the news and pro sports. I have also bought domain names and I am starting a web site, ATTYOUSUK.COM. It will be up and running asap. There are thousands of people who hate AT&T and I will give them a platform to be hear.

Wait to your x-employees start on the site and give the people all the inside information about the AT&T policy’s and deceptive tactics. I was told so many lies from your employes and the tactics your company used are deceptive at best. You have violated my privacy right and privacy laws, employees have illegally accessed my account onseveral different occasions. I have voice mails recorded asking for access to my account by different employes to "add notes" I have recoding of 5-10 conversations from your staff as well as my sit down with you District manager Phillip, who admits that and apologizes for the conduct, I have calls recorded from you 800 help desk, I informed them I was recording and they still treated me bad, lied and abused there power.

They lied, made false promises, illegally accessed my account violated my rights!!!

I have a sit down planned in January,the news stations is running a story on deceptive practices from cell phone carriers and would like to talk about my experience with AT&T and best Buy. Best buy would not help me, the manager hung up on me and said he wouldn't help if was going to sue Best buy, I then went to the store to get his name and store number to file a compliant, he asked me to leave the store, threaten to call the police on me, worse customer experience ever Beware of best buy in tucson az across from park mall

Reason of review: # 1,2,3,5,8,9.

Monetary Loss: $74999.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Post purchase care, Worst customer service deserve no stars, Staff, Being lied to, Lying to customer to make sale, Accessing my account illegal, Csr staff.

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I had no idea that AT&T employees actually work at Best Buy.

I thought they worked at AT&T.



Whenever anyone mentions the word sue or lawyer, you no longer deal with anyone working in the store.

You get to deal with their legal department.

This novel is just too long to read through to the end.

I skipped to the end instead of reading the entire novel.

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