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First of all, contrary to most people's assumptions, companies are not allowed to ask for ID just because you use a credit card. A good rule of thumb is if you could buy it from them with cash without showing ID, they can't require you to in order to use a credit card.

I attempted to purchase a tablet tonight at Best Buy (2782 Taylor Road Ext Reynoldsburg, OH 43068). When asked for ID, I said I have it right here (took driver's license out of wallet) and I said but you can't require I show it per your merchant account agreement. If required, I will show it, but I will also place a complaint with MasterCard. He called a store manager who said what's the big deal about showing it. I explained because its against the rules. He started waving my card in my face saying just show id etc. Everytime I tried to answer a question asked, I wouldn't have the first word out and he would start on another rant. I turned to my family and said let's go, asked for my card, and business card. He quit talking and started fumbling with some card holder thing from his pocket (I assumed he was getting a card). He started rambling, I waited for a pause and just said card. Repeat multiple times. I knew my wife really wanted it as she has to work all night, but its watching a mentally handicap person sleep (to ensure they don't eat paint etc), so I offer cash. At the point he asks me to leave the store. I agree and say may I have a card first? They threaten to call the police, so I start out the store (I as in the back). As I'm leaving he yells at me I never refused the sale, I just made you leave as your scaring the customers.

My wife usually objects to my id statements, but she started saying how out of line the manager was. She then was like and he was the same one who said he'd get us help and never did when we were trying to figure out what to buy.

Its a shame as before Matt Fetterman asked me to leave, I was going to buy a decent DSLR for my wife for Christmas. HHGregg had the tablet, anyone have suggestions for good cameras?

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Yeah Matt and Mark are both *** They think they know everything and yell and scream when they don't get their way. Matt is now a realtor (can you imagine? he told lies to sell computers I'm sure it hasn't stop with selling houses) Mark is supposedly the general manager at a Best Buy in Hawaii (highly doubtful)


you were trying to be political - period. you need an id to purchase a car, so what's the beef?

it is NOT against the rules. it's called fraud prevention. maybe you like to vote ten times on election day, but best buy is an independent for-profit corporation.

leave your leftist views at the door. you simply are looking for an argument and i would ask you to leave my business too once you start to become a nuisance and public threat.


This guy needs to get a life. :roll


Well, SiberianPhoenix, how typical. Read a statement, then read into it, proceed to change it, then make statements with it, to suit your own agenda.

I'm so impressed with your experience. My my my! We should all stop in awe, and for a moment of silent reflection... ... ... ... wait-... ahhh... a little more... Ok, enough of that!

Oh, reflect on this... All the experience & knowledge in the world means absolutely nothing to a employer. An employee is only as valuable as long as the employer fine values in them!

In the actual message I did not say to present BB's personal merchant agreement. Yes, BB is big enough to negotiate a modified agreement. But, with that said, pretty much all agreements are the same. They are readily available for review.


Hey bond.jamesbond. The only retard here is YOU.

Consumer Report is the "go to" magazine for reviews. Since you are a BB employee what do you use for reviews, Dushebag? The BB website?

The Dec issue of Consumer Reports rates Best Buy as ***. Get over it and crawl back into your hole.


I work in a retail store and if the purchase is over $250 and paid for with a card, we have to see an ID. If the purchase is over $500 we need to see the card, manually input the last 4 digits, and see your ID.

We aren't inputting any of your personal information for our own notorious purposes (as many folks seem to think), we are simply making sure the name on the card you're using to buy an expensive item is the one on your license. It's an anti-fraud measure done to protect YOUR identity, not a conspiracy to steal it for ourselves.


sounds to me like you're just bored with your wife and wanted to shake up your night a little by causing a scene in a store. I never knew someone asking to see your ID was such a big deal.

I mean there's only 2 major reasons for a drivers license, to enable you to drive a vehicle on your own and to have an ID.

if someone stole your credit card, would you want them using it? then you'd be crying that the stores didn't ask the thief if they had an ID.


Shop online and they never ask for ID. So why should the store?


Shop online and you have to imput other details like address and zipcode and crc codes to prove you are the one who should be using the card. I know that I for one would want them to check for my ID if I'm buying something as expensive as a tablet. Having worked in credit card securities with the big 3 (AmEx, MC and Visa) I can say that there are a few different forms of merchant agreements and there's no legit way this guy should have had a copy of Best Buys personal agreement.


You're a *** you were willing to show ID but then afterwards decided to use some little fact you knew to just cause problems and be a know it all. It is completely uneccasary but you decided "why not be a *** today" wether or not it is true, you should be happy that a retailer is concerned for the safety of their cards. What if they didn't check ID and your card was taken.


Yes, that's the rule. But virtually all stores would require id.

So, why fight it? I don;t understand. Your correct. But, does that justify making a bunch of peoples lifes miserable?

Maybe just present the manager with a copy of the merchant agreement and kindly request if someone from BestBuy could get back to you with the reason they are breaking the agreement with the credit card company? Then continue the purchase. Why be a total *** about it?

It's one thing to know your right. But to throw it in everyones face and DEMAND they comply with your beliefs is just aggravating.


If you did not like your experince at Best Buy and if they did violate the Agreement then choose another retailer for future purchases. The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rates retailers on page 25.

Best Buy is at the bottom. As anther commentor states, maybe you should try Walmart.


John you are a retard with no life and consumer reports in one of THE WORST review magazines you can read

Sara L

The point he is making is that it the Visa/Mastercard merchant agreements state that stores can't make showing an id a condition of purchase. Most consumers, and sadly, most store employees are unaware of this.

Stores that insist are actually breaking the rules.


Sounds like you're just a pain in the *** customer that any business would be happy to be rid of. You just aren't happy unless you've made some store's employees as miserable as you are. Enjoy Wal-Mart.

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