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Best Buy 30 Day Return Policy--You Win

This past summer I purchased around $6k of appliances for new house this summer including $52 of hook-ups for fridge and dishwasher. After contractor install hadn't used hook-ups so returned as I was specifically told I could. When I went back was told I couldn't return them since more than 30 days had passed. So I left, but without buying the new large screen tv and 3 tv braces that I had actually come to purchase. Best Buy, you win. And I am now totally done with you. There are many other places where I can buy a tv.
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When you make a purchase at a Best Buy, you are issued a contract at the point of sale. This receipt explains all information in reference to the company's return policy.

In the future, you should read this. If you choose to shop at another retailer, that is your problem.

Someone else will be very happy with the products that you did not purchase. No company wants an ignorant customer.


Simon ... ?


Hey Simon-I have written to you so many times and you haven't written back. I have missed you so much.

So, what cha been up to? I have looked all over looking for you and would LOVE to chat with you. I know you have much wisdom to share.

Oh, Simon, share your wisdom with me. You know I'll be waiting to hear back from you, and until then ......r


STOP PICKING ON SIMON. He works hard trying to keep you straight and all you do is give him grief.

Simon lives to help people and you won't listen. What's your problem? Poor Simon tells you what you need to know to shop at Best Buy and you STILL won't listen. Simon tells you to read signs and the back of your receipt and you still won't listen.

Stop making Simon work so hard. It's just not fair to him. He is so wise and people are such dumb@&&e&. Please wise up.

Simon gives his life and his hard work to this site and you don't give anything back to him. Stop shopping at Best Buy or start listening to him.

It's simple. Stop, shop and listen to Simon.


I work in customer service at a best buy location and let me just tell you, you aren't being singled out. Our corporate offices have issued strict policies about no returns outside of 14 or 30 day periods, no exceptions.Our new POS systems also won't allow our managers to override anything outside of a certain window.

So, it's not us being jerks, it's Best Buy as a company cracking down on excessive returns. Most items that come back cannot be re-sold once opened and returned anymore either. So before you take it out on the person behind the counter and the manager on duty, we don't make the rules, we are just required to follow them.

And unfortunately our computer return systems don't care how much money you've spent with us. Other retailers are cracking down on their return policies too, so make sure you pay attention to all the information on that piece of paper the cashier hands you, whether ir be from us or a competitor


You're right about that, you are free to shop anywhere you like. I await your "Target sucks, they didn't think I was special either" post when you try to return something outside of their return policies.

If Best Buy let you break the rules, they would have to let everyone. How would you feel if the person ahead of you got to return something outside of 30 days and they didn't let you? Your post would read "Best Buy should treat everyone the same boo hoo."

Bottom line is, you wanted to be treated like a diva and now you're mad you were treated like everyone else. Again, I think some maturity would do you a lot of good.


Perhaps you didn't fully read my post, Simon. Best Buy exercised their policy. I exercised my option to take my money elsewhere. No harm, no foul.

However, if Best Buy was savvy they would take back $52 of product which they can resell, I wouldn't be throwing away $52 of perfectly good product and I would then have bought $1000 worth of tv from Best Buy and not someplace else. So I was being 'sarcastic' when I said that Best Buy won. They lost, I lost but the Target down the road got a big win.

But rules are rules, Simon. And Best Buy stood up for the small print and the role of legal teams everywhere.


Sorry princess, rules apply to you too. The return policy is on the back of the receipt and on a huge sign by customer service.

There is no excuse for not knowing it.

You can donate all the $ you want to your city's police dept, but if you're flying down the road at 85mph, you're getting a ticket, no matter how special you think you are. I would recommend growing up some.

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Best buy This was the worst retail experience of my life!

I went to best buy to buy 3 sets of speakers to replace the factory speakers in my truck as we would be leaving for a month long road trip I had a sales person look up what I need and help me pick them out, Asking about installation I was told it would be $59.95 I was not told that would be per-pair of speakers and when I finally got to see the install guy I was told it was $89.95 per pair. it was 10am I was told the install guy would be in at noon so I waited around for 2 hours at noon they told me he called in sick and I had to come back tomorrow. I was in at Noon the next day, I was the only person their all days it was 3.5 hours in that time I found out I was sold the wrong speakers on one set, and best buy did not have what I needed, And of the other 2 pair only one works it was 2.5 hours for him to put one pair in the doors, he never checked anything just said it was the radios fault they did not work. And it would be another 2.5 hours to take them back out of the doors at this point I paid for speakers that do not work, because I did not want to sit their for a total of 6 hours. And you claim Expert installation, one of the door panels fell off the next day the power looks do not work, nether panel fits any more, on my dash he cracked it in two different places, and broke one of the vents. Between waiting for the install guy I have 5.5 hours invested to get one pair of speakers working, had to pay for one pair because I did not want to wait anther 2.5 hours on top of what I already had!
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#258947 Review #258947 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Installation

Best buy cant order my replacement parts

best buy told me to call for a replacement part for my xbox that was under an extended warranty.So i called on April 10/2011 and after 5 times calling i still havent received my is April 29/2011 it was only supposed to be 7/10 i was told i would be rushed the part in 5/7 days. I dont believe them.they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck . .
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They probably just don't consider 6 year olds a priority. Maybe if they say you suck suck suck (repeat 30 times like a real *** and change your name to make it sound like a girl (duurrrrrrrr!!!) they could communicate with you better.


Back at you retard.


up yours simone.


I'm surprised they don't take a customer as mature as you more seriously.

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#234969 Review #234969 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Fired Non Selling Blacktie Employee | Best Buy review from Phoenix, Arizona

Myself being and employee for 10years was giving a final warning for not selling enough Blacktie Protection/and Reward Zones,Icouldn't believe it there they where my Ops Mang,and my Gm Mang,sitting me down and telling me how and what was my problem telling me there are people in my department selling 15 per day,Me being a Black female having these two white men very pissed off,at me because of my none selling there BT on products I told them I offer the BT,only to have them tell me I am selling it wrong telling me that my best wasn't good enough,I explained only to have them ask me to explain how I offer the BT only to have them both tell me Im selling it wrong Ive been selling it for 10 years,I ask them how far to go to sell it,they both looked at each other and looked at me indistress,Im losing my JOB of Ten YEARS because I willnot LIE and PUSH THE BLACKTIE PROTECTION,SHAME on a company I LOVED,SHAME S,V Arizona
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F uck these crackers that dont understand s hit outside their silly little world. Thats why my d ick is bigger b itch.


I work there, I sell a lot. I do not lie.


Because it's actually worth it. Why else would other companies start providing the same type of service (apple care, hp accidental coverage)?


@ J.D.- I absolutely agree with you on this! whites are no longer the majority and in all honesty, these days most whites are color blind when it comes to those that don't try to play the race card. I happen to believe that the only prejudice that really exist these days, the ones without being handed opportunities and such are the white middle class!!!


I have to agree to a degree with gary5737! what does your gender or race have to do with anything????

I hate when anyone does that! most companies want their employees to up sell or cross sell. That's sales! that being said....

have you given any real thought to self evaluation? perhaps they were being truthful when saying that you weren't selling it right! did you think to ask them how what they believe should be said to increase your sales? the very fact that you said they told you that you're selling it wrong insinuates that they questioned what you were saying to customers to try an sell them on the item.

Why would you not consider that perhaps there is a way to do it that would increase your number of sales? Being in sales myself, If someone has better numbers than mine, I like to ask them what it is they are doing or saying and perhaps their approach! maybe you should consider trying what someone is doing that's working well rather than choose to believe the problem has to be something else!

most certainly race and gender!!!! :roll


Work on delivering a GOOD and Professional customer service. Others should be fired as well.


All this aside why are so many folks here being silly and racist.


Dumb N¡gger. Using the race card.

You're pathetic. Go to school and do something with you life, crack baby.


By not selling them, your actually providing outstanding customer service - now BBY has one less honest person who will not lie, cheat and deceive her customers. You're better off adnd will have a wonderful career going forward.


its probably cause ur black and a b itch grow up and be responible *** negro


I think if you DO YOUR JOB!!!! You have no reason to be let go.....

People using the race card/or man/woman card are just pathetic!!!

Do your JOB DO IT WELL,and there would be no problems period!! :p

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#211803 Review #211803 is a subjective opinion of poster.
On Black Friday 2010 I purchased a computer package special from Best Buy located in Gilbert Arizona store numbeer 1189. At checkout the register clerk suggested we purchase specially priced software for the computer, Microsoft Word 2010. I told the clerk that the...
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As long as it's not open, then it is 100% refundable.

If it's open then you own it.

The manager may try to use the fact that Microsoft now uses product key cards instead of CDs in most cases. These ring up like phone cards.

Phone cards are not returnable.

But this is actually software, not a phone card, so it is returnable. As long as the back hasn't been opened.

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Best Buy Sales Manager
On 10-18-10 I ordered the GE Gas Range online. On 10-22-10 I was told it would be delayed another 10 - 14 days. I cancelled the order (Case # 78028911) and was told the charge against my AmEx would be lifted in 48 hours. On 10-25-10 I called to confirm since my card...
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This G

They dropped the ball so much on this. My advice for the future, any time you are returning something, do it in person and get a paper print out of the valid cancellation and in 48 hours (or however long they say it will take) if it is not posted back to your card, immediately call your credit card company and notify them that it is a false charge due to valid cancellation.

#204652 Review #204652 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Shipping Service


Best Buy are dishonest and play games. On Monday 03/22/2010 I went to look at washer and dryer.I saw the Samsung WF218ANW model washer and Samsung DV218AEW dryer on sale at $599 each reduced from $799 each. I asked the salesman when will this sale end he told me on Saturday. I returned on Wednesday 03/24/2010 to purchase both washer and dryer.The price was back at $799 each.I asked for the manager.When he arrived he said "PRICES ARE ALWAYS CHANGING".I telephoned customer service basically they didn't care they said "Nothing we can do". I've purchased a Samsung 50'plasma tv and 55'Lcd just five months ago from Best Buy that will be the last purchase "I'LL EVER MAKE FROM THEM"
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#176080 Review #176080 is a subjective opinion of poster.