Best buy. bad customer service

I went to best buy today in Gilbert, az. The store in williams field in the san tan mall. I was looking for a pay as you go cell phone with more on board memory than the one i have. I finally went to find someone after looking at the phones for about ten minutes since nobody came to ask me if i needed help. The associates were busy talking to each other and when i told them what i wanted the associate i was talking to said "well i would have to look at all of them" and walked away. He came back a bit later but by then i had found the store booklet that lists everything but when i asked about a certain phone he left again to look up the information but when he came back he said it had 1 gig of internal memory but the store information showed 512 mb. Then he was arguing with me and finally walked away again. By then i was mad but needed an ssd drive for my computer but i got a blank look from the girl in the computer department and had to tell her solid state drive and then she showed me the inly two they had. I left without buying anything and will go to Frys for the phone and the ssd drive.
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Its funny how these Best Buy employees (mostly all teenagers) try to defend their less than honest company. There have been so many PROVEN deceptions that States'Attorneys had to get involved.

I believe that these kids are given paid time to post on websites like these.

File your complaints with your State Attorney's Office of Consumer Protection and continue to post on websites like this. Then send copies of the comments to the State'sAttorney's


The new issue of Consumer's Report, Dec 2012, on page 25 rates retailers and Best Buy is at the bottom.

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I bought a Yamaha YPG235 electronic keyboard ("portable grand") from Best Buy in Scottsdale, AZ (90th street and Shea Blvd) on around 5/15/11. It was marked-down and not in a box. The sales guy said it was a return, but had not been used as a demo (which seemed...
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Don't think you get what I'm saying. This person purchased the warranty on let's say a $200 item thats discounted because it has been used.

It breaks. Does Best Buy owe this person a $342 NEW item? No.

They owe this person the amount he or she paid, which is what BB did in this situation. It seems like they took care of the customer just fine, but the OP apparently can't understand it, either.

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Geek Squad Battery and charger | Best Buy review from Phoenix, Arizona

Purchased a laptop with extended warranty and was told by sales person that I could receive a replacement battery and charger. The warranty expires on the 29th of this month. I received a letter offering a renewal of the warranty. When I had the unit in for repair in Feb. of this year I was told the same thing when I picked up the laptop after it was repaired. Yesterday I call the store and tell them that I want to get my battery and charger, the answer was sure either come into the store or call Geek Squad and they will ship the charger and battery to my house. Today I called the Geek Squad and after a extended conversation the person on the phone said they could only sell a new warranty and I would need to talk to the parts department and that he didn't think I could receive both items as there was a one week wait after the first item was shipped and my warranty will of expired. Called the store, the same place I was told yesterday that I could do what was promised. The Geek Squad rep told me I was out of luck and would not receive both items and that the Best Buy employees have no idea what they are talking about and that only a Geek Squad person could give me accurate information. If the best you can do is blame your fellow employees for not knowing what they are talking about no wonder they are having problems.
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I agree that what you describe is the way it should of worked, the way I was told(more than once)it would work, when it got down to it that was not the way it did work.


I called the store first they said call the 800 number which I did and was told that both items had to be ordered one week apart. I then called the store and talked to a member of the Geek Squad who told me that both items could not be ordered at the same time and that anyone that was a Best Buy employee did not know what they were talking about. I have spent alot of money at this store and I am normally treated well.


You get a one time battery and ac adapter replacement during the span of your protection plan. I dont know why they are giving you a hard time about this.

It can be easily fixed.

Go to your local store, tell them you have the warranty they will give you the piece of paper with the phone number. You call that number and order the things you need.

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in 2009 I purchased an HP laptop computer for my home business. I wanted the complete coverage so that I would not be without my computer. This coverage included hardware, software, remote support, in home service and if needed in store which would put me ahead of...
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I hate to say this but ever since 2009 best buy customer service and geek squad services have gone down hill and fast I use to work there from 2007 to 2011 and i can tell you that they have pulled a lot of the good to great people that would bend over backwards for the customer and had the knowledge to actually help like myself and others I know out of the stores or have made it so much to the point that we just frankly can't care about the customer. This is not saying that I hated working there because for the most part I did enjoy what I did but the direction the company had and has taken can not be condoned and it does need to change so customers like yourself get the service and care that you deserve like it use to be in the stores.

P.s. I am not by anyways shape or form stating that all stores are this bad but I will say that more than anyone really knows are this bad.

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Customer Service & other employees are trained to lie to customers, but some like myself know better | Best Buy review from Phoenix, Arizona

Sure, I would rather shop at Best Buy than nearly any other place in town, but I now hate more things about it than any store. They are widely renowned for negative criticism, whether that be pressuring people into extended warranties and other "must haves," or just hiring newbs out of high school to run the so-called holy "Geek Squad." What I'm going to explain, however, is my Best Buy experience while with my dad today when shopping for a cheap laptop & a bluetooth docking station. Best Buy isn't only taking advantage of *** people as some may assume, they are "trying" to take advantage of all people because they obviously do not know the difference. Smart marketing move? Let's think about this. It gets them put on I hate several things, (which is going to be - by far - the largest impact on the business), but most of all (and in all honesty), it deteriorates their reputation. We already know everything is about money, but there are variable lines that every business has to draw that reflect reputation, integrity, and many other important factors. Today they crossed this line. While in the laptop department, I caught the attention of this newb employee with long hair. My dad wanted a cheap piece of sh#$ that he could use to show pictures to my grandparents, so I wanted to use this newb employee to filter us to the laptops under $400. He was cooperative in this task (as he was the one who put them on the shelves). After some comparing, we decided on a really cheap model that met our expectations. The price was exactly what my dad wanted to spend. We proceeded to the checkout where we were then told that Laptops have to be brought to customer service; (I still don't know if this had to do with this incident, but it is very possible). Walking up to customer service with a laptop in hand, a pretty fudgepacker customer service rep. notices and quickly waves the long haired newb rep. over. What could they possibly be up to? The long haired newb states bluntly that the price for the laptop is actually going to be an extra $100 because it comes with a "recovery disk" that he burned for it; (pretty fudgepacker adds in, "and it took like five hours to make!)" While I'm standing there in disbelief, my dad starts off, "So, why wasn't this on the price tag?" Ends up it wasn't because the pricetags hadn't been updated, it was another fine example of how Best Buy takes advantage of all customers. What would an average person do in this case? "Oh, ok, well if it comes with what it needs, I guess that will be fine.... LOLZ." Why else would they be doing this? A f#^$ing recovery disk? FIVE HOURS? *** you are speaking to the wrong audience; I am not going to even make an assessment on my knowledge and how full of sh$# you are. The five hour process can be accomplished in minutes by any user: The long haired newb had trouble explaining everything. It was like he felt guilty for this, (which he should); be straight with your customers ***. I asked him if we can avoid his bulls$#% service and be provided a laptop at the stated price. He agreed and went in the back room to get a box containing the laptop without his "five hour" operation. I had him ensure to me that the box wasn't tampered with since its arrival from the manufacturer. Not to target anyone reading this-- just a general message to the world.... DON'T put up with this sh$#. Best Buy does this because people are retarded and sell into everything. Don't get a warranty unless you are reckless or over protective, and seriously, don't buy accessories. It is very rare that you can't find the same accessory for 90%+ off online. Stand up for yourself, at least TRY to make a difference, and most of all, don't buy extra bulls$@#!
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Ownage has tons of posts on this website about his bad experiences at best buy. He's full of ***.

Or the biggest, whines crybaby in the world. He probably used to work for Best Buy and they fired him for being a *** bag. Out of all of his reviews, not one has a valid complaint. I hope you are still continuing to make yourself look *** to this day.

You are really good at it. What kinda name is Ownage anyway.


Ownage is a ***. he's just some teen kid that thinks he's cool by bashing on a store.

truth is, he's never even had a job. he doesn't know anything about electronics either.

the only thing he knows about is how to have fun with his boyfriends every night. *** little ***


Yeah...I see you called someone a "fudgepacker" and decided you are not worthy of me reading your BS. I don't care if you are 100% in your complaint. I hope you never receive good customer service anywhere.


Darren, you're ***, aren't you ? You HAVE to be !! And YOU pack fudge also !


I bought a part at best buy and it did not work. I took it back and the

First thing they did was swipe my driver’s license. I find out later

They sell that information and some store clerks have stolen that

information to get credit card and buy stuff illegally. I talk to the store

Manager but he was just rude and had no idea what was going on


are you kidding me i used to work for geek squad we got customers that didnt know how to turn on a laptop let alone make recovery disks install the antivirus or optimize the computer. thats why the services are offered stop being mexican


Ownage is a *** dumb. he doesn't even have anything to say back because he knows how wrong he is.


it looks like we've got a couple people that might be *** for ownage.


Wow, you guys are spending all your time attacking the OP. He is spot on with best buys treatment. They tried this *** with me, and when I threatened to take the pictures I took to every major news site, they gave me what I wanted and hurried me out the door...hmmm...


Ownage, thanks for the heads-up. I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again, but appreciate your info.

Best Buy, a Fortune 100 company, clearly does not care about customer service, but apparantly is paying a few low-brow flunkies to respond in a hateful manner to anyone who has a complaint about this greed-driven retailer. One of them favors the word "***" decidedly because he/she/it IS one!


haha wow, Ownage? what a dumb name.

I can understand you being annoyed but you're just a ***. get a little too upset even though you got what you wanted in the end. all they did wrong was simple give you the wrong price BY ACCCIDENT. at least they didn't force you to pay extra.

I guess no one is perfect like you Ownage. *** fa**ot


the price of the recovery disc is not included cause its optional. Best Buy doesnt take advantage of customers, they provide a complete solution cause if they didnt offer the services and it just happens that a *** like yu *** up the computer, what youre gonna do is go to the best buy store and start complaining about why nobody offered the services dumb **


Sounds like you and your dad are poor!


In addition, I visited the link you posted. Yeah that is a way to do it which will take MUCH less time.

Although its not nearly as good going through the manufacture recovery counsel. The reason is sometimes the windows recovery counsel forgets to back up drivers. If I was you I would use the manufacture recovery counsel.

Which then the newb at Bestbuy was correct that it will take that long. I guess I just proved you to be a complete *** and not as knowledgeable as you think.


You're an ***. Make the recovery disks on that computer yourself and see how long it takes.

I used to make recovery disks a lot and depending on the computer it took anywhere from 2-8 hours based on the computer.

Also since you sound like you have so much wisdom I'm going to remind you anyways a recovery disk is different from system image disks or driver disks ( which both take a few minutes). I recommend you find out the truth before you start acting like a 8 year old and complain.

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Crappiest customer support specialists know nothing about computer technology! | Best Buy review from Phoenix, Arizona

Crappiest customer support specialists know nothing about computer technology! - Best Buy review
This is a complaint on the quality of customer service, not just today, but every day I go there. I was disappointed again coming to Best Buy today, this time to see the laptop in person that I have read about for years. Not new, by any means-- it's a Samsung Series 7 laptop. Series 9 is out with higher demand and is probably why the prices are dropping for the Series 7. Talked to another customer service specialist in the Best Buy computer department while standing next to my computer I had just purchased.She was probably right out of high school, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her what she liked about my model. "ya, this one's pretty good" this one, ... it's you know... got a shiny aluminum casing... so it's pretty good... yeah... probably one of the best ones here." I started going into detail about the 8GB SSD cache, and she acted like she knew what I was talking about, so I asked her how many other computers they have in stock with SSD technology. She hesitated for a second and said, "well not many" ... I then - having a feeling on what she was going to say next - asked her, "could you point them out?" ... then she says, "I actually don't know what that is..." I didn't want to rub it in her face, but I wanted to make sure-- "you haven't ever heard about SSDs or SSD caching?" she says, "no... they actually don't teach us that here." Inside, I was really disappointed at this statement... little does she know that this is one of the most important specifications on this computer and she hasn't even heard about it and is trusted to assist customers. I felt I was obligated to give her a VERY basic rundown on what they are, stressing that if she has the most minute interest in computer technology, she needs to probably do a little reading, but I know she won't. It's kinda sad I had to introduce a technology to her that will one day be in every laptop. The saddest part, though, is that most people have been reading about this SSDs for two or more years and now it is finally in Best Buy stores, but their blue suited customer support specialists still don't know about the technology. Almost every visit at Best Buy shames the business. The products in the store are great products, but the quality of who they hire are bottom line worthless.
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Best Buy's problem is allowing new associates on the sales floor without mentoring with an established team member. The training modules are all there...and SAD is still required, even now...but, without some baseline in product category background, there's no way a green employee is going to know the how or why of it all. That's why they used to keep fossils like me around.


Actually, SSD never took off. Too expensive, and untested..

Check out this article.

You should had asked her what the word *** bag" means....


Just read your coment I think this customer was right and knowledge is powerful maybe you should work around people if not for their business you have know pay check.Customer service out best buy poor.


You are one of the biggest *** bags I've ever seen posting reviews online. You're just an insecure *** who tries to be a know-it-all but fails miserably.

I know this is an old post but someone else needs to let you know what a smug *** you are. I bet the sales associate didn't know what an honor it was to be educated by someone with your vast knowledge and wisdom....

please enlighten the rest of us oh great and wise teacher..... get over yourself.


what do you expect Best Buy employee? the original poster is a *** loser with nothing better to do than act like he's so much better than retail employees and suck c ock


If you are so smart why are you asking the questions? Can you read?

Every computer has little labels to describe its specifications. From your description your computer engineering know how and vast knowledge of the complexities of computing leave me wondering why a tech genius like you has not heard of this new fad called the Internet! Stop harassing a high school or college kid to make yourself feel better.

It is people like you that cause people like this young sales person to not want to learn and people like me who would have answered your questions while over looking your condescending tone but secretly laughing at your possible dunlap disease gut, epic power mullet, or wide selection of sweat pants you choose to wear in public, to leave decent jobs at these retailers. Next time you want a computer move your tissue box and do your own research.


you again Ownage?? you're just a *** I agree with Simon.

get a life and stop criticizing people for not being as "smart" as you. you probably read online about computers and acted s if you're so smart in the store.

just go to the store and buy your ***, not harass and criticize people. c ock sucker.


Dude i bet you felt really good knowing more then a 18 year old girl, u should be proud of yourself. Bro u probably havent got laid in years.


What do you expect? Best Buy is a retailer, they're only worried about making a sell.

If you're dumb enough, they entrap you into purchasing a Geek Squad package where they are even more worthless than the salespeople.

This is why my boyfriend and myself research everything ourselves and do not worry about interrogating the 18 year old that just graduated high school. Best Buy is not going to bother hiring certified employees when they can pay teenagers to do the work for minimum wage.


You are a total ***

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I am a "Silver" member, earning points for all purchases. I purchased a video game, Call of Duty, for my nephew, along with $500 in electronics; a Nook and camcorder--- all on the same receipt. The video game purchased was in the wrong format, PS 3, and not Xbox. I...
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Lol you had 49 days to return a product and even stated that you tried returning it prior but YOU decided not to stand in line. So some how Best Buy is at fault because YOU couldn't be bothered by the longer than usual line and decided you had better things to to and since the customer (YOU) are always right Best Buy should just comp you for your impatience. Certain people on this planet make me weep for humanity some times.

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Best Buy = I will not buy anything there ever again

Just had a gift given to me for Christmas = V Nice = However the product does not work for me. So I go to get a refund = NONE given = just store credit. I can understand a 30 day or even 60 day hold due to credit card issues from the original purchaser but NONE offered = this sucks. Then to add insult to injury I go online ( which I was told is an easy way to use the store credit voucher) and order a product. Well there is no way that I could figure out even after 30 minutes on the phone after almost the same amount of time with some *** on the computer After a long wait, no ability to use the gift card and a credit card to pay the difference I am informed with a live operator that the items can not be sent to me directly without a 15 dollar charge = not what i was told in the store and not what I wanted to hear after 1 hour of wasted time UPSET and I will never do business with Best Buy ever again.
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so, did you have either a gift reciept or regular reciept for the item? If YES, gift reciepts default to store credit that is the only option.

Regular reciepts will default to the original form of payment(visa, cash, etc) in the case that the item is a gift and the purchaser used a credit card, the customer service rep can sell you a giftcard for the amount of the return so that you may get another item.

If you have no reciept then technically Best Buy doesnt have to accept the return, and if you got a store credit out of it I'd consider myself lucky. I'm not sure what you were trying to purchase online but I believe almost everything on their website right now has free shipping.


So you tried to turn a Christmas gift into cash? That's pretty classess. Just tell your friends and family that you will only accept cash on Christmas as that is clearly the only thing you wanted.

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This past black friday 11/25/11, I bought a samsung 43" plasma TV. After the checkout process, a best buy employee loaded the TV into my car and I proceeded to drive home. I unload the TV from my car and into my house, where it sat untill tonight 12/11/11. I had...
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I bought a Samsung 32 inch tv at best buy and when I got home also found the tv to have a crack screen. It was on sale and they had a stack of the tv's in the aisle so I just picked one off the top, it had no visual defects on the box.

I immediately took it back and was told there was nothing that they could do. Paid $279 for a tv I didn't have a chance to plug in. That was all most a year ago and I am still fuming.

Was told I needed to take it out of the box at the store and make sure it was not damaged before taking it home. I previously bought two larger tvs at best buy with no issues and didn't even imagine that I needed to check items before leaving the store.

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Not so Best Buy

The worst customer service experience in my 38 years of life. It's November 25th 2011, black friday. I of course expected over crowding as well as long lines, but I do as well, expect some sort of system to be in place. I wanted to purchase an playstation 3 for my son and after going to four other locations, I decided to go to best buy located in morrow georgia, I was excited because they actually had it in stock. I entered the line to make my purchase at 1am, I exited their establishment at 4:30am. Yes, I stood in line for 3 plus hrs. Once myself and the other consumers finally arrived to the front of the line, we were shocked to see that there were only four registers opened. No one from the management team apologized to the shoppers nor did they have a good explanation as to why, at the most busiest time of the year, they only had four registers operating. In fact one person went to lunch and they only had three registers up and running. "first time shame on you, second time shame on me" I will not patronize best buy in the future, nor will I refer anyone.
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At least the 4 cashiers showed up to work. No one wanted to be away from their families on thanksgiving to give selfish *** like you a chance to buy their snot nosed kids a friggn PS3.

But people went to work so they could pay their bills. Grow up and learn to wait in line.

I worked retail a few years ago, and no one gets paid enough to deal with *** like you complaining about lines on black friday. THE BUSIEST DAY OF THE YEAR


Just take 1 minute to think about all those poor folks that had to give up their thanksgiving and come into work at 11 pm or earlier to be there for you to buy your child a playstation. You are lucky you can afford to buy a playstation for your child.

How many people would love to be in your position that they could stand in line and buy a playstation for their kid. Further would you want give up your time with your family to go into work for very little pay and lots of attitude from customers? I can't think of anyone that really thinks it's a great idea except the corporate overlords.

I'm willing to bet none of them were at the stores or at desks come midnight.

Granted the managers should have not only opened up more registers but they should have manned them to make things go smoother for everyone, customers and employees alike. The real shame is to corporate America and you poor fools that buy into the BLACK FRIDAY HYPE they pound into your brains.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


So that Play Station 3 meant that much to you thad you'd stand in line for 3 hours. Talk about a loser. Crying over waiting in line at time when they d@mn well know all retail stores will be packed.


You are an *** for standing in line that long.


LOL people were lining up Wed. being there @ 1am is not saying much.

You ALWAYS have a long wait on black friday to check out no matter how many cashiers are up front. And workers deserve their breaks people who have been there all night need 30 lousy minutes out of there 12 hr shift to eat/drink.

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