Crappiest customer support specialists know nothing about computer technology! | Best Buy review from Phoenix, Arizona

Crappiest customer support specialists know nothing about computer technology! - Best Buy review
This is a complaint on the quality of customer service, not just today, but every day I go there. I was disappointed again coming to Best Buy today, this time to see the laptop in person that I have read about for years. Not new, by any means-- it's a Samsung Series 7 laptop. Series 9 is out with higher demand and is probably why the prices are dropping for the Series 7. Talked to another customer service specialist in the Best Buy computer department while standing next to my computer I had just purchased.She was probably right out of high school, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her what she liked about my model. "ya, this one's pretty good" this one, ... it's you know... got a shiny aluminum casing... so it's pretty good... yeah... probably one of the best ones here." I started going into detail about the 8GB SSD cache, and she acted like she knew what I was talking about, so I asked her how many other computers they have in stock with SSD technology. She hesitated for a second and said, "well not many" ... I then - having a feeling on what she was going to say next - asked her, "could you point them out?" ... then she says, "I actually don't know what that is..." I didn't want to rub it in her face, but I wanted to make sure-- "you haven't ever heard about SSDs or SSD caching?" she says, "no... they actually don't teach us that here." Inside, I was really disappointed at this statement... little does she know that this is one of the most important specifications on this computer and she hasn't even heard about it and is trusted to assist customers. I felt I was obligated to give her a VERY basic rundown on what they are, stressing that if she has the most minute interest in computer technology, she needs to probably do a little reading, but I know she won't. It's kinda sad I had to introduce a technology to her that will one day be in every laptop. The saddest part, though, is that most people have been reading about this SSDs for two or more years and now it is finally in Best Buy stores, but their blue suited customer support specialists still don't know about the technology. Almost every visit at Best Buy shames the business. The products in the store are great products, but the quality of who they hire are bottom line worthless.
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Best Buy's problem is allowing new associates on the sales floor without mentoring with an established team member. The training modules are all there...and SAD is still required, even now...but, without some baseline in product category background, there's no way a green employee is going to know the how or why of it all. That's why they used to keep fossils like me around.


Actually, SSD never took off. Too expensive, and untested..

Check out this article.

You should had asked her what the word *** bag" means....


Just read your coment I think this customer was right and knowledge is powerful maybe you should work around people if not for their business you have know pay check.Customer service out best buy poor.


You are one of the biggest *** bags I've ever seen posting reviews online. You're just an insecure *** who tries to be a know-it-all but fails miserably.

I know this is an old post but someone else needs to let you know what a smug *** you are. I bet the sales associate didn't know what an honor it was to be educated by someone with your vast knowledge and wisdom....

please enlighten the rest of us oh great and wise teacher..... get over yourself.


what do you expect Best Buy employee? the original poster is a *** loser with nothing better to do than act like he's so much better than retail employees and suck c ock


If you are so smart why are you asking the questions? Can you read?

Every computer has little labels to describe its specifications. From your description your computer engineering know how and vast knowledge of the complexities of computing leave me wondering why a tech genius like you has not heard of this new fad called the Internet! Stop harassing a high school or college kid to make yourself feel better.

It is people like you that cause people like this young sales person to not want to learn and people like me who would have answered your questions while over looking your condescending tone but secretly laughing at your possible dunlap disease gut, epic power mullet, or wide selection of sweat pants you choose to wear in public, to leave decent jobs at these retailers. Next time you want a computer move your tissue box and do your own research.


you again Ownage?? you're just a *** I agree with Simon.

get a life and stop criticizing people for not being as "smart" as you. you probably read online about computers and acted s if you're so smart in the store.

just go to the store and buy your ***, not harass and criticize people. c ock sucker.


Dude i bet you felt really good knowing more then a 18 year old girl, u should be proud of yourself. Bro u probably havent got laid in years.


What do you expect? Best Buy is a retailer, they're only worried about making a sell.

If you're dumb enough, they entrap you into purchasing a Geek Squad package where they are even more worthless than the salespeople.

This is why my boyfriend and myself research everything ourselves and do not worry about interrogating the 18 year old that just graduated high school. Best Buy is not going to bother hiring certified employees when they can pay teenagers to do the work for minimum wage.


You are a total ***

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