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All website, email, and Appliance Deliver Terms and Conditions data clearly states delivery and haul away of old appliance are included in the delivery package. False.

I ordered a dishwasher, did not choose to buy the installation package because no where does it state an installation package is required in order to actually have the haul away happen. In fact, the info they sent me states the opposite. Note in the photo: the pre-delivery email sent to me by Best Buy, it clearly states the delivery includes recycling of old appliance and the drivers do not hook up the new dishwasher.

Ok, so why do the driver and rep tell me they don't do this unless I purchase an installation?

Customer service was no help, simply stating they could see where it clearly reads haul away is included, but "you really need to buy our installation service in order to have the old machine taken away." Offered no help, no compensation for installation service, basically just left me with nothing…and an old dishwasher. Will never buy from this company again, will stick to Home Depot or Lowes who actually tell their customers what is or isn't included upfront.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Appliance delivery scam
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See on the top right, where it says removal and installation of all appliances EXCEPT THOSE INDICATED BELOW REQUIRING A SPECIALTY INSTALLATION TO BE CONNECTED...guess what...DISHWASHERS ARE PART OF THEM


On your complaint. It is baseless.

And, I see it states the driver does not hook up the dishwasher. Why would you believe, he in turn, unhooks it? The dishwasher is also considered a built in appliance. Being permanently fastened in place by screws, and bolts.

So, why in the world, would you assume they would take the time and trouble to uninstall that dishwasher, without intending to install the new one? Hence, you needed to buy the installation, and the end result, of removing your dishwasher would be achieved.


Dishwashers, require more work to install, and who knows what Pandora's box one may encounter removing the unit, and what plumbing and electrical you will encounter under the counter! These are not the same to install, and remove as a refrigerator.

Just having the discharge hose coming out of the dishwasher, going into the drain of the sink, is a special problem, and snake pit, for somebody coming into the home, that may require a lot of work. ie. My dishwasher discharge goes into an inlet on my in sink, garbage disposal. Some installations require a different setup.

So, in actuality, the work requires a plumber/electrician if there is not electrical plug under the counter, and we are not talking about the water hook up as well. I have found Dishwashers to be screwed in place, and aligned with the opening of the cabinet as well...

My experience with this as a homeowner, is you are required to uninstall, and install the new unit. They may usually take the old one, only if you have previously removed the unit, and drained all the water out of it, and let it dry out as well... Yes, that means you get on your knees, and figure out how to unscrew the unit away from the cabinet, and disconnect all the hoses.

Discharge hose, water lines, and the electrical plug, or wire.

Depends on who, and how the how thing was installed in the first place. In other words, the dishwasher is your Pandora's box....


Too many rules, and exceptions, for stuff for the consumer to ask for at time of purchase. Wow!

Everybody knows what is required for a successful installation. It is not rocket science, and has been done in the past. You go buy a new machine. They come, and bring it to you.

Take the old one away if you don't want it. If you are a good Sam, you will have it empty and cleaned out for the people delivering the new one. You will have it disconnected, and pulled out, and had cleaned the space the new one goes into. They come, ready to install your new fridge.

The take the old one out, bring the new one in, and hook up the water to the ice maker. They carry a bunch of installation kits in the truck for this, if you don't already have a water line installed. They are ready to set up the doors on the fridge for your installation too. And, that is usually done depending on the situation.

After it is in place, or if the doors have to come off, to get into your building, then the doors are setup. All in all, there is some give and take here, and the owner is expected to do some things as well, and use a bit of common sense, which seems to be lacking, in this day..


Target has better service and prices boycott best buy


Target does not offer appliances or installation of any kind, ***!


I also noticed that the bottom part if the delivery instructions is missing...proving, once again, that some customers only believe what they want to believe.

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