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Since I got a Iphone at Best Buy I have had Problems since the beging.Tried to take it back 2 times in the first 14 days and was talked out of it the first time and the next time they said they where calling mall security.So I got stuck with it.Since I know there insurance on there iphones is nothing but a scam I dropped it.Everytime I called Apple Care or who ever them people where i got no where but bull *** around.Now I have six payments left and there trying to get me to get one phone 2nd one free with flexispy that comes with it so I can spy on my girlfriend.If thats not the cheesest way to sell a iphone I dont know what is.I would never trust any store at all including Sprint stores period or any other.If y are going to buy anything buy it from the factory period.Or Apple store.I cant get help because there meaning Best Buy makes Apple a *** of alot more money than just me.So buy from Apple and if everyone does this stuff probable would stop happening.Also demand to talk to someone that speaks your langage or simple dont buy that phone under AT&T or Sprint that has every call center in the Phillipines.Demand better or dont buy.I got screwed big and got kicked off my facebook as soon as my first sesion was over 18 months ago and still cant get back in it due to Digacert and Iana that at&t or comcast made some bogus stuff up.More like we dont have Directv no more nor AT&T internet then they did that.As long as we had there service or TV all was OK.Just some hard core real as it gets advice.I will never ever buy anoughter phone period unless there is no 500 page agreement.Did y know that if Apple likes anything you film on your phone they have 100 percent writes to say use it in a comercial and y cant do nothing about it.People read before y sigh away all your rights or y might as well live in Russia.

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