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Bought a laptop 90 days ago and was offered the FREE 90 Day Trial Version of Webroot. When given this the employee failed to inform me that it was a CONTRACT and that my card I paid with would be charged at the end of the trial. So 90 days later my bank account gets debited with no warning, just automatic withdraw of $43.74.

We called and demanded they give us a refund stating our complaint they reassured us they would and it would be canceled out. Well exactly 1 month later our bank account gets debited for the $43.74. I called again the guy reassures me that they will take care of it, and he states to me that it was canceled, but it didn't cancel out the charge. What the heck does that mean? Long story short, it's been a fiasco.

Bottom line, you can't even trust the local retailers anymore they are trying to take your money as well.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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I was scammed into Bestbuy's security software that was "free" with the purchase of a laptop. Again, no mention of an automatic bill after the first year. I am sure Best Buy corporate is pressuring their employees to scam profits out of the general public.


on the receipt i was given it seems to say that if i do not return it in unopened condition with the product i purchased i will forfeit any right to a refund of the amount i paid and must pay the difference in the purchase price vs. retail pricing...


I bought a Samsung Laptop from Best Buy it was a great buy because it had everything a Macbook had, same keyboard and everything but only $600 only thing missing would be MacOS. Anyway they gave me a Kaspersky CD for a short trial about 60days worked great didnt slow down my computer or anything.

Come to find out when your subscription or trail period is up you can renew the antivirus software through best buy on their website and it seems to be good because you save some money if you go through them. Now some of you think this is a good idea whats wrong. I'll tell you the problem I have friends that work with geeksquad and all of them say they are way overpriced and they charge you like $100 just to touch your keyboard otherwise they will just walk you through it. I laughed at this and thought I would never buy this *** service that I would probably never need, so thats why I do not have the best buy blacktie or whatever warranty they call it.

So this means that Bestbuy will not help me in updating my antivirus nor will I get a key code for the subscription that I paid for. For future reference I will add not ever buying a laptop from Best Buy with my rule number 1 NEVER BUY A DELL COMPUTER.

The best buy scam is you do not get antivirus software if your computer is not under warranty so not only are you paying hundreds of dollars for the computer you have to pay monthly for your internet along with a *** best buy warranty along with an antivirus program. The list is endless of how much money they are squeezing out of their customers.


I got a laptop at Best Buy too. 3 months after I bought it I got a virus alert that was not caught by the antivirus that I have on my computer.

But I could not get access anything. I called Best Buy and they wanted me to purchase this antivirus and because I still had a warranty they would give me a discount. Yeah, right. I figured it out on my own.

I went into the startup and entered it through the F2 key and I did system restart to a date prior to the day the virus alert showed up. This fixed the suppsed virus I had. I called Best Buy and told them I would never purchase anything from them again. What a scam.

It was not good enough for them that I purchased 2 computers that day !!

They had to have more by trying to make me think I had a virus. Jerks


more than 2 years after buying the laptop they charged my card....I can't help but wonder if they charged before and I didn't see it ...they got a good scam going...no wonder every company wants to get their hands on your cc these days


DO people still pay for anti-virus software? LOL. Microsoft Security Essentials is free.


"Forced into BUYING."

Original thought was "forced to buy."


Best Buy was installing the software on computers on Black Friday 2009 and not telling consumers they had done this. I'm sorry but to those that are criticizing anyone for stating we consumers HAD to agree at some point, here's how it went for me..

I gave the attendant my ticket, he went to the back, got my computer, opened my computer, intalled the software, returned to the register, claimed to have opened the box to be sure all components were present. Scanned whatever needed scanning on his register, asked for payment, I swiped my card, and transaction was done.

I had NO reasonable expectation to believe that I would be forced into buy anything additional without my knowledge or consent. So what if I signed the signature pad. I asked for the computer. Nothing more. No discussion about anything else.

Do you mean to say that any merchant at any time has the right to add stuff to your order that you did not ask nor agree to and that a consumer should be held accountable for such illegal practices? Yes, illegal. It is theft. The willful taking of another's property with the intent to deprive them of that property.

Ok, next time you're grocery shopping and they unapprovingly scan a $5 donation card to Jerry's Kids or charge you for a ham you didn't even have in your cart, tell me the merchant was justified in doing so and that you should be OBLIGATED to keep and pay for said items.

I mean, really.


Purchased Web-root in-store from Best Buy. Software would not load access Key -called support phone number for service support it said - "this service not available in your area".

Went to return the Piece of *** softwere, Best Buy says they can only replace it with same POS software - refused to refund money even though never installed, and they do not even support it ! They say they did not write the software, so it is not returnable !

Sure were happy to take my money !


DIE IN *** BEST BUY !!!!


Wow....you have to SIGN an agreement that states the stipulations. This is no ones fault but yourself. Please do not pass blame onto others. Even if the employee lied and told you it was free the fact that you have to swipe a carp and sign an agreement stating an automatic renewal leaves me speechless that you think anyone would side with you. Oh ya and the fact that its over $40

I never was given an agreement. Never signed one. I DARE Best Buy to produce my signature! They cant because it does not exist. Swiping a card does not constitute an agreement because the cashier can do that and never let you see the screen. No written signature on a contract means no full disclosure.

You must be a best buy fanboy making excuses who has no moral values anyway. Deception is your moral value??? Great ethics!


Best Buy - Killeen TX.

I did not authorized payment nor saving my credit card information. It also caused an overdraft of $39.

I would never have paid for junk anti-virus because I use Avast free as a rule.

This is theft and fraud. I have filled a complaint with my bank and with the authorities. Any one of us would go to jail for this. Business does NOT get a free ride!

Best Buy obviously has no integrity and does not value its customers. I will not go back there again, and will tell others no to.


I despise Bestbuy----Which Bestbuy did you go to? The operator also knew what the charge was right away.


They did the same thing to me. They don't care that the software was never installed. They've done it to so many people that the Best Buy operator knows exactly what the complaint is about as soon as you mention an unauthorized charge. The fact is, they lied, they scammed, and have only the barest legal standing to continue it.

Also, they had the wrong name and address to go with my debit card number, but they still think it's okay that they stole money from me.

If they need to steal money from customers, they aren't managing their business very well.



Bby: Were you there watching when I bought a computer? Do you know for certain that's how it happened? Did the salesman say that even if we never installed the software we'd be charged for it's use? Does Best Buy have the right to charge you for no product? :x


Best Buy pulled similiar *** to me. They swiped my credit card twice when I purchased a pc Black friday.

they also activated the web root software, even though it was not on my PC. I spent 30 minutes on the phone to get i removed.

rational t

Wow....you have to SIGN an agreement that states the stipulations. This is no ones fault but yourself.

Please do not pass blame onto others.

Even if the employee lied and told you it was free the fact that you have to swipe a carp and sign an agreement stating an automatic renewal leaves me speechless that you think anyone would side with you. Oh ya and the fact that its over $40

Meldon R

Jesus did you think when you had to enter your credit card that there could be a looming charge at the end of the 90 days if you didn't cancel?

Luckily you have mulch to suggest you get a lawyer to recover your $43.74. Good luck with that!


I would suggest you look at a company called Secure Remote Support, located at secureremotesupport.com. They provide an excellent service to help you with your virus malware and spyware problems. They're reasonably priced as well.


In order to get the "trial" on your card, YOU had to slide your card through the machine. They didn't take it from you.

YOU also had to sign an electronic device that TOLD you you would be charge at the end of the trial. Take responsibility for your own ineptitude.


The company who charged you can't see and most likely doesn't care if you de-installed the software or not.

I have read a number of times about this kind of process.

The only real thing you can do to get yer money back is to call a lawyer. Or atleast inform the company that you are turning this case over to a lawyer.


Oh I wanted to make it clear that I did not re-activate the spyware, once the trial ended I deleted it from my laptop and they still charged my account.

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