Newnan, Georgia
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I ordered laptop online...found it cheaper...checked...Best Buy had NOT processed order...I cancelled order...per BB's protocol...bought other computer. BB sent cancelled order anyway...charged my bank ($948.75). I am now overdrawn...returned BB computer...was treated badly by online reps/BB manager in Newnan and now Corporate and Customer Service will not respond...they gave me a refund slip ($0.17 short)...but they have not put refunded money back in PayPal which I was forced to use because of BB computer glitch unable to read my information...PayPal is in contact to let me know when refund is received. I did alert them of the cancellation and have filed a conflict resolution with PayPal. This saga continues...feels like I am going to need an attorney. I have over 15 pages of documented paperwork to attest to all this and my timeline regarding this transaction. Do not use Best Buy unless you are ready to possibly lose (pertaining to product) and endure rudeness and being ignored by employees and corporate...

As to their Customer Service:

When I asked if she could refund the money directly to me after showing her proof that PayPal had paid Best Buy and had been paid by my Bank, the 'returns girl' (Lea) went to get the Manager. She told the Manager I told her to 'shut up'...which I didn't not. He claimed he had a witness to me saying this. I asked him who/where? He pointed to an empty space and said, "Her". No one was there. I asked Lea why she had said that...why she lied. She grunted and walked away. I tried to stop the transaction and keep the Computer as I had been advised by PayPal (I called them when I saw there were going to be problems)...Bradley, the manager, grabbed it and started pulling it out of my hands...he tugged and pushed and ranted 'he wasn't going to do anything to help me'. He told me to 'leave the store'...'not to speak to his employees'...asked if I wanted him to stop "helping me altogether'... all the while trying to pull the computer from me. He said 'the computer was no longer mine' implying I was now stealing it although I did not have in hand anything that resembled a refund slip at that time... he redirected customers and sales people to the other side of the work station...I guess to protect them from me...the only rational one in the big picture...and at 70 years old, hardly a threat to anyone...he was red in the face and furious. I questioned if he had had Customer Service Training and that really set him off...yelled at me that he knew what he was doing and had been in the business for ten years...Granted, I was angry and I was not trying to be especially quite about the situation. I was concerned with resolving my situation and not about Best Buy's public relations. Loud? Maybe. Rude? NO.

Monetary Loss: $949.

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never will I use payal at bestbuy on day 14 of my money being held blames paypal and paypal blames bestbuy...




PayPal just has a policy if something goes wrong. I don't think its covered under any law (Where's JohnT?).

BB screws everybody who buys there eventally. Now about that customer service, there is none. Some BB employees come here and will diss you with some bullsquat excuse. They always make excuses for lousey customer service.

Ignore them. They're going to be on the street anyway.


Please do the world a favor and go step in front of a speeding train.

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