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HP Pavilion p6624y Desktop, 23" WLED Monitor, Wireless Printer & Antivirus Software Package

SKU: 9999142900050017 $599.97

Following chat took place while ordering online for products advertised and offered by Best Buy. The chat session was subject to monitoring, so it should also be disclosed to the public.


Please wait while we contact the next available agent...All chats are recorded for quality purposes.

You are now speaking with Porsha!

Jill: Hi! My name is Jill. How may I help you?

Porsha: Hi My name is Jill. I genuinely appreciate you for using chat!! Please remember that I do NOT have access to your shopping cart, so please provide as much product information as possible and zip code (if applicable). I am excited to help you, so let's get started! How may I assist you today?

Joe : I have placed order online for HP P6624Y Computer package system. but there is no store to pick up.

Jill: Unfortunately the item is most likely out of stock in your area and that's why there aren't any stores listed.

Joe : So can you please tell me why I cannot place order online to be shipped?

Jill: If you can give me the SKU# I can try to find out. Most likely shipping isn't available for that item.

Joe : SKU:XXXXX0050017

Jill: Can you space out your numbers, or place them in quotes for me? i.e. 555-555-5555 or "5555555555".

Joe : SKU:XXXXX0050017 SKU: "XXXXX7"

Jill: What's the product name? Copy and paste it here.

Joe : SKU:XXXXX0050017 HP Pavilion p6624y Desktop, 23" WLED Monitor, Wireless Printer & Antivirus Software Package SKU:XXXXX0050017

Joe : HP Pavilion p6624y Desktop, 23" WLED Monitor, Wireless Printer & Antivirus Software Package SKU:XXXXX

Jill: Unfortunately this item is unavailable for shipping at this time.

Jill: I do apologize for this inconvenience.

Joe : It is advertised and valid for today. I like to get rain check for it.

Jill: Joe I do apologize but these were special prices for Black Friday weekend. We cannot give rain checks on these items. As stated in our ad quantities are limited.

Joe : Your job is easy to say sorry for products advertised and cannot offer to customers.

Jill: Joe I do apologize but these items were sold out yesterday as they were EXTREMELY popular. We had quite a busy day. I apologize again for this.

Joe : Next time before asking customers "How can I help?" please find out first if you really can help.

Jill: I can help you find a comparable replacement if you would like.

Joe : I do not have time to waste for something else other than what you have offered in your advertisement.

Jill: Okay I do understand your frustration as I missed out on a lot of deals this weekend as well, due to them being sold out. Again I do apologize.

Joe : Well, Best Buy is not able to provide its customers what they offer.

Jill: Joe this is a customary policy that is the same for most stores. We are all upset that things are sold out. Unfortunately, I understand that this would happen considering it is Black Friday weekend.

Jill: Joe I can assist you in finding something similar, but I can' tdo anything else beyond that.

Joe : Black Friday really blacked out Best Buy.

Jill: Okay. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

Joe : No, Thank you. I will go next door to Office Max for products I need and they have.

Jill: Okay Joe I hope you are able to find what you are looking for.

Jill: It was great talking to you! I'm glad I could answer all of your questions. I wanted to Thank you very much for using Best Buy chat. If there are any further inquiries in the future, please don't hesitate to use this chat feature again, or to call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) or 1-800-GEEKSQUAD (1-800-433-5778) for live assistance. I am still here if you have any further questions this session, however, so feel free to ask! Otherwise, you may terminate this window at your option. Thanks again for choosing

Joe : Do you think I will be *** to ask Best Buy for help?

Jill: No I don't but Joe I still value you as a customer and hope you will one day change your mind.

Joe : I have to wait and see how Best Buy can value me as a customer.

Jil: Okay Joe. Maybe you will have a better experience when it's NOT Black Friday weekend.

Joe : I will count on it. Thank you for giving me your story.

Jill: No problem! Have a great day!

I hope that those who are looking for deals offered by Best Buy, are prepared for disappointment.

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Wow. Joe, you are a real ***.

I hope you are proud of yourself. Now do the world a favor and throw yourself off a bridge.


WOW! This is amazing.

I found this site by Google'ing "HP p6624y review". Because I just bought this package from Best I didn't give up as easy as the previous poster. What I did was call BB customer service.

No chatting. I was told the same thing; sold out. I whined a bit about the hours spent researching and the 20 minutes on hold, and eventually got transferred to BB sales. What the problem was, was that the "package" wasn't actually "sold out" but just the HP 23" WLED monitors were.

So, they couldn't sell "the package" any longer (but it was still available for sale online, which was one of my arguing points). What I asked them for was a substitute monitor of equivalent value/size. They substituted it for a 23" ViewSonic (model VA2323WM), which was $3 cheaper than the HP, and an LCD rather than LED. No biggie.

One caveat: I have to drive to another BB to pick it up, which is about an hour north, so I'm out about $20 in gas, but I think I'm still ahead. So we'll make it a shopping day! Also, the monitor had to be shipped to me seperately.

Still OK cuz I already have another monitor.

If that package is still for sale online, I would try again, using your new found info! Good Luck and Merry Christmas...

This Guy

"in this "terrible economy" you would think that they would have a ton of these computer sets since they sell out so easily." HP isn't going to stay in business by selling millions of units that they make $1 off of. So in this "terrible economy", companies don't have enough money to make obscene amounts of the cheap *** products, especially when people don't have money to spend. It's a risk they won't take. That's why they offer a wide variety of units to slowly upsell you as products run out, you go in determined to get that HP, chances are you'll take a slightly more expensive one. Maybe not you specifically, but consumers in general.

"How is it that Black Friday has suck low prices and such little supply?" The stores are able to offer it at such a low price because the brands are making cheaper stuff that is only sold 1 day a year. Also, Best Buy stores get a certain % of money back at the end of each fiscal month based off of the amount of products they sell. I.E. If BBY sells a ton of cheap HP computers, HP gives them a certain $ amount back for getting the brand name out. So again, it goes back to HP.

"If your price is low, expect to sell a lot." Units are spread across the entire country so that way it is available to everyone. Don't be surprised to find out that not everyone gets what they want.


I wanted to buy the same thing and had the same this "terrible economy" you would think that they would have a ton of these computer sets since they sell out so easily. How is it that Black Friday has suck low prices and such little supply?

If your price is low, expect to sell a lot. That's what drives the economy, people buying stuff.

They ought to have hired a few more people, made a few more computers, and made a bit more money. Then I'd be happy and they'd be happy.


An informed shopper is intelligent

and stay ahead. Its your money you

can throw away for lack of knowledge.

This Guy

So you think you're cool for arguing online with someone who was trying to help you? Big winner...

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