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I went to the best buy located at 11905 South Dixie Highway

two days ago with my husband. We went there because it was the best buy closest to out home and we wanted to buy an xbox one video game for a gift for one of our nephews.When we went to pay the customer service agent and he said that if we applied for the store`s credit card we would get $20 off the video game we were buying, even if we didn`t get accepted.

So my husband and I both applied and instead of one game we bought two. The next day we went to the store with both of our friends and their 3 year old child. Our friends were there because we had referred them to the store and told them about the deal of applying for the credit card. So they wanted to buy a tv since they had recently moved and needed one.They applied for the credit card and were not approved so they did the same thing we did and bought two video games instead of the tv.

So we finished paying and saw two police officers heading our way. The officers said the store had called because since my husband and I had gone to the store the day before and now we were there with more people, we were suspicious and they needed to check our id cards to make sure we were not stealing anyone's information. I have no words to describe how embarrassing this was. I didn`t know that paying for your articles and referring people to a store was a crime.

We were stereotyped and all of this happened in front of our friend`s three year old son. I am never going to this store again and im going to make sure everybody finds out about what this store did to me and my friends, so that it doesn`t happen to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

Reason of review: stereotypes and discrimination, false accusations, public humillation!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I can honestly state that the majority of complaints on this site are from ignorant people who just choose not to read policy or receipt information. However, this is the some of the most unacceptable behavior I have ever heard a retail store commit.

As a former BBY employee, I have seen every and any possible scenario you can imagine. If I was you, I would speak to an attorney regarding this matter, and also notify all of your local news affiliates.


I guess you had to be there...certainly never happened that way at MY store! Get you receipt and look for the contact section at the bottom.

Go to the website and fill out the information and the details and they will get back to you (check that box!) and resolve the situation, and you'll probably end up getting a gift card out of it. Or, you can always go back and let the store manager know what happened and how you feel about it.

Nobody can help you unless you let them know you have a problem, and Best Buy managers get scored on their customer service issues. All the info you need is on your receipt.


Its not just THAT store. Its all Best Buy.

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