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I brought my computer in to be fixed by the geek squad at Best Buy in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. They claim they could not fix it so they sent it to the technicians in Kentucky. After keeping the computer for almost a month they sent it back to the store. I brought the computer home and the same problem persisted. This is not the first time that I have brought the computer into the Rocky Mount store to be fixed. After speaking to several people in the geek squad and employee relations to no avail. It seemed like nobody knew what they were doing and most lied to me as where the computer was and its status.

I eventually spoke to Kenneth Cormier who assured me that the computer would be replaced or I'd receive the accessory that did not work. The next day I received a call from Henry Taylor who vacated everything Kenneth Cormier had said. As soon as I answered the phone he was very combative and abusive to my wife and myself. This man made things a lot worse than it could have been. He threatened that if my wife or myself went into the Rocky Mount store we would be arrested. He told me to take the computer to where I purchased it which was Greenville, North Carolina. That is not what the geek squad warranty says. He yelled and screamed at us nonstop to where we could not even speak. I thought we were the customer and we should have been treated with a little more respect. This man should have been reprimanded or terminate by Best Buy. Kenneth Taylor should not be in a position that deals with the public. Kenneth Taylor's customer service skills are nonexistent.

I did finally bring the computer to a store that fixed it in half a day. Previously they replaced the motherboard which it did not need. I reported Kenneth Taylor and the Best Buy store in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to the Better Business Bureau. Senior management in Minnesota has not helped me concerning this matter.

I would have appreciated a verbal or written apology from Kenneth Taylor who is the general manager of the Rocky Mount store. That would have diffused the situation.

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How can u sue someone for slander when it is true?


If you ever wonder why most employees will not give you their last names, this is why.

I hope he sues your *** for slander.


Just another consumer report concluding that Best Buy is NOT a place where anyone should shop anymore. Years ago they were fine and I bought all my computers(and much more)from them.

I remember paying them --which is very, very hard to get rid of by the way.

In any event, if you need a computer, just order one online from Dell or anyone else for that matter. With computers being so cheap now anyway, if you cannot fix it yourself, it is easier to just buy a new one.