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How did it come to this? I mean all of this; The twitter rants, the tumult of emails, this web site.

And why all the fuss over BestBuy’s failure to deliver a Refrigerator/Freezer? It is often said, that if you are not failing from time to time, then you are not trying hard enough to succeed. I believe in this whole heartedly! *** happens!

But it is what we do after a failure that matters. And this is where BestBuy dropped the ball, and missed an opportunity to recover, and gracefully mitigate an issue that is quickly spiraling in a negative direction. Who am I? Since I started posting my feelings about my “unfortunate debacle”, BestBuy’s own words, by the way, I have received some very positive feedback.

I have also been called a “mad man”, and other less complimentary things. I am a 58 year old IT specialist, who ran a very successful web design and hosting business. Now I am a Consultant. Two of the roles that I both loved and hated, were marketing and public relations.

I realize, more so than many, the long reach and permanence of the written word. When given the opportunity to resolve issues through verbal conversation, I am more likely to take that route. I have been writing, and serving as an advocate for over 30 years, helping many others tell the story of the abuses done them. This time, it’s my turn to share my own experience.

It’s not pretty, but it is true. Take from this what you may. Before I begin, I want to answer this one question regarding this web site. I have been asked, “If I can design web sites, why am I using WordPress and someone else’s design?” My answer is simple.

WordPress is a highly-respected platform upon which to build web sites, especially blogs. It is easy to setup quickly, offers several “free” templates, is easy to market and promote, and can support multiple languages. Since my goal is to tell my story to the largest audience, this is the perfect platform for me. Now, with that out of the way, let us continue.

What follows is a lengthy commentary. On Monday, 12/12/2016, My wife and I entered the BestBuy in Downingtown, PA, and ordered a Refrigerator/Freezer. The sales associate, assisted by another associate, worked with us to close the sale and setup delivery for Saturday, 12/17/2016, between 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM. I received a call & voice message on Friday, 12/16/2016, reminding me of the scheduled delivery, and informing me that someone had to be present for the delivery.

On 12/17/2016, Saturday morning, my wife and I began preparing for our delivery appointment. We did the following to help make things easier; Cleaned away any ice on our driveway and sanded the area, including the stairway for safety. Prepared coolers for temporary food storage while the new Refrigerator/Freezer reached optimal temperature. Transferred our food and perishables into these coolers just before the start of our delivery window.

Cleaned the interior and exterior of our current Refrigerator/Freezer, and made it safe for removal and transport. Moved our current Refrigerator/Freezer to the opposite side of the room, to insure the needed clearances for the installation of the new Refrigerator/Freezer. Cleaned the floor area where the new Refrigerator/Freezer was to be installed. Waited for BestBuy to arrive.

BestBuy never showed up, and no one representing BestBuy ever called to inform us of any changes in delivery scheduling. Just prior to the end of our delivery window, I called BestBuy at (888) 237-8289. After waiting on hold for 25 minutes, the call was disconnected. I called the number again, waited on hold for 15 minutes, and was told that the order was showing as “in transit”.

I asked the customer service representative if the delivery would still be made that evening. She replied “yes”. At 22:10 I again called BestBuy at (888) 237-8289. I provided the customer service representative with my phone and order number.

After she made some inquiries she informed me that the delivery would not be made that night, and that it would likely not be made on Sunday. She agreed to contact someone regarding the delivery of my Refrigerator/Freezer, and informed me that it is likely the delivery would need to be rescheduled. The food we put into numerous coolers was only meant to be there for a short duration. By Sunday morning, despite our efforts to maintain a safe temperature and humidity in the coolers, much of our food had begun to spoil.

By about mid-day on Sunday, with the aid of a neighbor, we were able to recharge/restore the refrigerant in our old fridge as a temporary fix, but by then most of the food in the coolers could not be guaranteed as safe for consumption, and had to be disposed of. On Sunday afternoon, 12/18/2016, I returned to BestBuy and requested that my order be canceled. I was told by a BestBuy customer service representative that he could not cancel my order because it was still in “delivery” status. While the BestBuy representative assured me that he would call me when he could cancel the order.

I was forced to leave the store with no certainty at all that BestBuy would, in fact, cancel my order. Rescheduling the delivery is totally out of the question. We had plans to travel during the following week, and would not be returning until after Christmas. I gave BestBuy the delivery date and window that we had available.

BestBuy could have exercised the opportunity to deliver the order on Sunday, but chose not to. As far as I am concerned we gave BestBuy adequate opportunity to reach a successful resolution. BestBuy failed. I did receive a brief email, late Sunday afternoon, from an agent with Best Buy Corporate Executive Resolutions Team, inquiring about the details related to my missed delivery.

I sent him the details early Sunday evening. On Monday, 12/19/2016, the agent with Best Buy Corporate Executive Resolutions Team responded back with an apology, stating the following; “I want to apologize for the inconvenience that you and your family have experienced. This is not the level of customer service that we wish to provide to any of our customers. I know that there were several variables that affected multiple deliveries on Saturday including the snowfall in the surrounding area.

However, someone should still have contacted you in regards to what happened and provide some kind of resolution and compensation for not being able to come out. A simple no call no show is completely unacceptable. At this moment, I see your order has been cancelled and the funds returned to you. I would like to offer you a $xxx Best Buy Gift for this unfortunate debacle.” I was thankful to have received BestBuy’s reply.

But here is where BestBuy failed to address my concerns, and totally neglected to provide restitution for my losses; We lost over $200 in food and perishables. For the moment, let’s not even talk about being compensated for our time and inconvenience, let’s consider this one important point; BestBuy does not sell food and perishables, the very things we lost due to their negligence! While I appreciate their intention to provide some remedy, offering us a BestBuy Gift doesn’t address our loss. I would certainly not want to risk shopping there again.

My consumer confidence in them has been totally eroded. By the way. While BestBuy would like to place the blame for the non-delivery on the weather, we accepted deliveries from UPS, DHS and Federal Express the same day. BestBuy also had almost a full week to plan and adjust their delivery logistics.

BestBuy failed to call or notify us of any potential delivery problems, or the need to adjust their delivery schedule.

BestBuy has no justification to support their failure, and is currently not doing anything more to compensate us for our losses. In future articles I’ll offer some suggestions about shopping alternatives to BestBuy, so that perhaps you won’t have to suffer as we did.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I mean...I was with ya till you turned that corner into the feeble attempt at the 'extended consequences' argument. Even if they called you or if you received a prompt response as to the delivery issues in question the first time you called, YOU still took YOUR food out already.

YOU FAILED! Hows that feel? You feel all warm a fuzzy inside? You gonna give me $300 for the painful arthritis that I will no doubt suffer from for having to type out such a long response?

No? Why not? Maybe because to you my point may have been petty and off topic..?

Sound familiar...? Definitely have to give you props leading up until that point though.

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