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LET THE BUYER BEWARE! A new "Low" for the return policy of this Corporation.

Even if you comply with all of the stringent, and restrictive rules of their return policy, they still put conditions on the return which they do not disclose up front at time of purchase. Purchased a product with a credit card. Went back the next day with the receipt, original unopened packaging, and the original bag, they said they would not accept the return without me surrendering my driver's license so that they can scan it to "track my purchases". I refused (even the store manager refused!) and I wrote a scathing letter to Corporate headquarters.

There is a tremendous amount of personal data on our driver's licenses that this scanning process reveals to Best Buy (and who knows who else Best Buy shares this information with?)!

With all of the Data Breeches lately (Target and many others) why would you want them to have this information, which they have no right to, to begin with? What audacity on the part of this company!!!

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you're a *** retard.


A Vallejo California customer claims a Best Buy Employee stole his identity with information obtained through transaction. Jan 5,2014 From


What personal data is on your DL that you are so scared to share? Your DOB?

Your address? Your name? Gasp!

Calm down. Either give them your ID to scan or you don't get your return.

When I buy alcohol, a lot of places scan my ID. It's really not the huge conspiracy theory you're making it out to be.


Drivers License contains more than that but why should a private business have the right to personal data on a government document. And yes with all the data breeches why should anyone's private information go into another data base.

It's one thing to ID a person with no receipt asking for money but with a receipt? And by the way many of these stores are using the same service/data base so they track your total returns from all stores.

So if you returned 3 items to a company like Home Depot your first return to Best Buy could be denied.


Geez Simon, funny how you are on Best Buy's side on EVERY POST YOU MAKE.

Still, I hear that when you're not posting you're licking dog butts.

Oh well.


Not legal is some states "Protecting Your Privacy: New Law Limits Driver’s License Swiping in Hawaii

Did a business just “swipe” your driver’s license or State ID? Concerned about what’s going to happen to the personal information that was just scanned from your driver’s license barcode?


Invasion of Privacy. Identity theft. Abuse of personal information.

A Hawaii driver’s license or state identification card barcode contains a lot of digitized personal information including your name, address, date of birth, hair color, eye color, height, weight, gender, license expiration date, organ donor status, driver’s license number, fingerprint, medical information, and driver classification code – personal information that you shouldn’t have to share with the rest of the world. Yet increasingly, private businesses are requiring you to show I.D.

for everyday purchases – building massive databases of barcode information with every transaction. Why? Because they could – until now.

On June 28, 2012, Hawaii passed a law limiting access to your driver’s license barcode.


§ 487J better protects your privacy by banning private businesses from scanning your driver’s license and collecting, storing, using and/or sharing the personal information contained in the barcode, except in limited circumstances. Before the law passed, a business in Hawaii could swipe the barcode on your driver’s license for any reason, use it in any manner, including selling the information to third parties for marketing, advertising, or promotional activities, and keep your information for as long as it wanted."


Yeah, they want to make sure you aren't a serial returner or shop lifter. As a business they want to make sure they aren't dealing in stolen goods so yeah they kind of have the right to know who they are doing business with.

The original receipt, gift receipt or packing slip is required for all returns and exchanges.

If returning or exchanging an item in a Best Buy store, a valid photo ID is also required. So yes they do disclose this at the time of purchase.


Most major retail locations will require a license for a return.


Not when you have the receipt! The receipt is proof of purchase! DUH!



If I have a receipt why the *** do they need my license?

But hey, avoid Best Buy at all costs. Nothing to see there.

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