445 Howe Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221, USA
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I spent over an hour in this store trying to decide on a printer. Not one person came up to me to ask if I needed help.

I finally got help from a manager and bought the printer. On our way out we got stopped at the door. As it turned out without my knowledge, my daughter had shoplifted a toy. So i was told I needed to pay for what she took whether she had it or not.

I explained to them that I would not be paying for something if she didn't have it. She finally produced the toy and reluctantly I paid for it. While I am at a loss about my daughter stealing, I am beside myself about two things: 1) I couldn't get anyone to help me try to buy something yet they were very attentive to her shoplifting, and 2) that they seemed to believe that they could detain us inside the store. She gave the toy back to them.

At that point I could have left the store knowing that she never left the store with it, but I paid for it and made them give it to me. Their employees should be taught about laws before trying to detain someone. Despite the fact me daughter was dishonest, that is false imprisonment and I could sue them. Not to mention the fact that they thought I should/would pay for something either way.

No thanks. Won't be shopping at best buy ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your daughter is a dishonest person. You should be embarrassed for posting this. The only wrong here is they didn't ban you from the store


From the Ohio statute on shoplifting: "§ 2935.041 Detention, arrest of shoplifters; protection of library, museum and archival institution property. (A) A merchant, or an employee or agent of a merchant, who has probable cause to believe that items offered for sale by a mercantile establishment have been unlawfully taken by a person, may, for the purposes set forth in division (C) of this section, detain the person in a reasonable manner for a reasonable length of time within the mercantile establishment or its immediate vicinity." So yes, merchants such as Best Buy are completely within their legal right to detain the person in a reasonable manner.

Patrick A

The point was completely missed in your reply but thank you for your interest. First off...they were not professional about it.

Second...I find it to be an absolute travesty that the employees don't give a damn in that place until a situation like that arises.

And last...the shmuk that was sitting at the door was extremely unprofessional by staring out the window at me long after I had left and was at my car. It will not be a friendly reunion if I ever see that guy again

@Patrick A

"Despite the fact me daughter was dishonest, that is false imprisonment and I could sue them." Those were your exact words. I simply pointed out that it is not false imprisonment under Ohio law, and you would have no grounds to sue.

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