From the Elk Grove, CA "Best Buy", I bought a 90" Sharp tv, Pioneer Elite Receiver, Samsung 3d Bluray along with all the accessories (that stuff adds up!). TV was delivered, out of the box, covered with dust on the stand, no 3d glasses to go with the TV, was given replacement glasses, which did not work, was told to take them back to the store and try to find ones that did work (the tv comes with 2 pair, both unavailable, so was given USED glasses and one pair that were supposed to be "new", in a tattered box with components missing) had my ENTIRE system that was being replaced COMPLETELY unwired, for no reason, I did not ask them to, I was simply going to roll the set into another room, hook up a couple of speakers and be good to go.

Was told when I asked if they would put it back together that, yeah, he could, but would need to charge me $150 to do so! The store gave me a "gift card" to cover the cost of it being reconnected, but will have to wait 2 weeks for them to come out again when the "tech" could have done it all in 20-30 WHILE THEY WERE HERE ALREADY. Called the manager of the store who was on another call, my call was not returned, but when I got there he knew the entire issue already! And said the "tech" admitted he shouldn't have dismantled the old system.

Was given a "discount" on a remote than when I got home I found out could have been bought online for about $30 LESS than the "discounted" price. I now have to spend 4 hours on MY Saturday waiting for them to come back and rewire the system.

I have called and complained 2x, to your "customer service" (who's mailto: address on their site does not launch an email program), have NOT received a call from management, as requested, either time. I will be contacting the California state attorney general and local TV station consumer help programs to expose this bait and switch and scam to get more money out of me by dismantling my ENTIRE previous system since I HAVE NOT received a call back from management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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