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Best Buy should be called Worst Buy I will never purchase another item there again, customer satisfaction is zero they dont care once the sale is made you are on your own. I purchased an HP laptop on may 27th 2011 on july 4th i noticed a problem i took it back to the store and was told i needed to pay $84.95 to have it diagnosed and then pay whatever it would be to get it fixed i said no way you fix it or return my money they refused, i then called Hp headquarters and was told no problem it was under warranty and they will honor it.So as i see it Worst Buy is ripping people off if they go under its their own doing for screwing customers over, from now on i will go to Staples they are much nicer and if somethign goes wrong they will fix it and make it right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

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wow still trying to figure out where best buy was at fault


ha! my asus is 3 months old and best buy has taken it for service under the manufacturers warranty twice.

The first time was a faulty screen and the second time was the mouse pad. both were replaced no additional coverage.


I've been shopping at Best Buy for fifteen years, have never had a problem with their products or their service.


Staples won't be any different. No store is going to fix a computer that is more than 30 days old for free unless you purchased a service plan. As you found out, all computers come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

"Your ignorant" - Best comment ever.


Most laptops come with a 1 yr. mfg warranty that retail stores have nothing to do with. If there is an issue with the laptop there is nothing that the retail store can really do outside of the return period.


Learn the definition of "retail store" or buy a service plan. Your ignorant.

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