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Steve Azerela Brookfield Rude manager | Best Buy review from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Went to Best Buy store in brookfield to ask for repair on a DVD player I bought expensive service plan for. I am being told to wait a minimum of 3 weeks to get it back. I asked to talk to the manager and get explanation of why I paid so much money for a plan and have to live 3 weeks without something I use every day. He is telling me to read the contract. I hand him over the contract and ask politely to show me the section in there that says that I am not to expect any commitment for a repair. His answer - figure it out yourself or ask your manager to. I am asking for his name so I can file a complaint with BBB, he is telling me he is not going to give it to me and I should just go and if I am not happy, maybe buy a new DVD player instead what a commitment, what a manager focused on the welfare of his customers and that service plan, what a ripe off.
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A store should sell a good product. Have you seen all of the complaints about Best Buys.

WoW. And they say the same thing over and over again. It's not the customer.

Poor products from Japan. Gezz even Walmart took back 100% of my returns and guess what I still shopped there.


I guess I don't understand why you are upset. Maybe it's because your expectations for a fair resoltuion to your problem are unreasonable.

Best Buy, or any retailer who sells an extended warranty for that matter, are only expected, under the terms of the warranty, to repair the product. If you had purchased that DVD player at American, they would have sent it out of town for repair. I know because I used to work there. Maybe it wouldn't take three weeks but it would take at least two weeks.

Your service plan is doing exactly what it was sold to you to do. Provide service repair coverage beyond the period of the manufacturer's warranty.

So I don't understand why you feel you have been poorly served. Cetrtainly you were'nt expecting a loaner DVD player or financial compensation for your time without it, because NOBODY does that.

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Best Buy Warranties = Worthless

In 2005, I purchased a Westinghouse 37" LCD TV for nearly 1700. I was well aware of the 'hard sell' on warranty programs but having small kids and bad luck with other appliances, I purchased the program for another 250. On January 4, 2008, I contacted the store where I purchased the TV from about getting it serviced as the picture would appear for a second or two and then give me a black screen. The store referred me to the 888-BEST-BUY number for in home repair due to the size. After waiting on hold for nearly 30 minutes, I was connected to a service rep who told me I would be hearing back from a repairman within two days. After not hearing from anyone for four days, I called back and was told the same thing again (standard customer complaint reply, I know). After pointing out to the rep on the phone I was already overdue for a call, the rep took my work number (they now had three numbers to get a hold of me, none of them being my home phone) and told me I shoudl expect a call by the end of the day. When I arrived home there was a message from the repairman. Even though Best Buy marks the serial number abd other identifying numbers for parts, repairs, or replacement on the warranty info, they did not provide the material to the repairman! I was told by the repairman I would be hearing back from him within a week or sooner if he found parts. After 8 days, I called the repairman who informed me that parts for this model were unavailable and that he informed Best Buy about repurchasing the unit. I promptly called Best Buy to verify this info. The customer rep said that 1) no repairman had called to verify the parts and 2) no one from Best Buy followed up to make sure the parts were ordered. I proceeded to file a complaint via Best Buy's website. Instead of the three business day response, I received an email the following week with the same standard customer reply--please call us to discuss the issue. I called back again that evening to speak to a manager at the service center. Again, no followup on Best Buy's end. While I waited, she contacted, or said she contacted, the repairman. I was told parts had been ordered and I would be receiving a call scheduling a repair time within the next two days. Again, I waited four days and contacted the repairman who said NO ONE FROM BEST BUY CONTACTED HIM and that HE CONTATCED THEM OVER A WEEK AGO ABOUT NOT FINDING PARTS!! Being irate, I called Best Buy again. this time I was informed that my REPLACEMENT ORDER was approved the FIRST time I talked to a manager! When asked why I wasn't notified, considering they had FOUR numbers to try, they were speechless. I asked for an order number abd was told one would be given to me when they call to let me know I am authorized to exchange. Again, they were left speechless when I said they should have the number already (they didn't) and they should have notified myself or the repairman that an exchange was inevitable (again, they didn't). So three days AFTER I finally get a replacement approval, Best Buy calls with an exchange number and informs me that I get the depreciated value of the discontinued model of the TV and it MAY NOT cover the replacement cost. Long story short, it took nearly 4 weeks to get my TV replaced, which originally cost 1950 with the warranty, and I walked out with an Insignia for 700!!!! How is this a comparable exchange??? What about my headaches??? Never again will Best Buy see a red cent of mine!!!
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you bought it in 2005

went bad in 2008

"technically" you were just out of luck, if it wouldn't have been for the extended warranty you bought you had NOONE and NOTHING to do about it.

you bought a warranty and you got a new TV

yet you still complain.

No i don't work for best buy but I understand common sense and comparable is comparable.

However, I do have to say this, you should have spoke to a manager because even though the resolution could be the same other things like contrasts etc etc etc could be different


To BestBuy28:

That isn't even a spec for spec match. And I notice you have no comment about the customer service.

Do you get bonuses for posting this *** once your supervisor sees it? I know they talked about starting that program.


If you read the service plan policy you get a replacement product replaced based upon spec to spec. That's what's wrong with people today, their to *** lazy to read.


Best buy seems to have a habit of ripping people off. Just as they did to you.

I am very suprised you got anything at all from them. I am sure the amount you paid for the warranty in no way adds up to the amount you spent. I do not know why the attorney general does not pick up on this.

maybe we are not complaining to the right people. I still wonder how they sleep at night, and geek squad is no better.

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#112922 Review #112922 is a subjective opinion of poster.

General manager robert blair - best buy store 266 (fairborn,OH) BEWARE

My son who had to use the restroom at best buy has been accused of stealing a CD and physically pushing my daughter's fiancee for interfering since he was acting as his guardian during that time. He was held for 20 minutes and interrogated. Other staff apologized for the mistake but general manager Robert Blair never bothered to apologize for his actions. Better be careful when using public restrooms!! You might get in trouble and be accused of something that you never did. Located at 2907 Centre Dr Faiborn, OH 45324 store 266. Best Buy Corporate and District Manager - attention!! We demand an apology!!
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#112803 Review #112803 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Manager
My one year old laptop had a bad power adaptor, bad network adaptor. Now this was covered under the warranty they sent it out to the service center and it took 3 WEEKS to get fixed, then I finally got it back and the network adaptor was still not working. Now they told...
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You work in IT and brought your gear to the fail squad? You Sir or Madam are fired.

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#112633 Review #112633 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I went to the local Best Buy to return a Ipod Touch (un-opened) that was doubled up on for a gift. I bought it just before Christmas, and the return policy was on a extended program (10 days extra), which ran out on Januray 31,2008. I arrived at the store at 10 a.m....
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You failed to return on time your fault.

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#112216 Review #112216 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Manager

Laptop returned 4 times - GeeksSquad did not repair and lied | Best Buy review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been a customer of the Red Lion Rd and Roosevelt Blvd Best Buy for yrs now and am extremely unhappy with the treatment that I have been givien by them in regards to a laptop that I purchased from them. I went in to their store to look at a laptop that they were advertising in their weekly flyer and when I got there,it was sold out.I looked around and found a much better one at more than double the cost and asked if they had it in stock.They said yes so I bought it.I also bought all the extra warranties and protection services that they offered with it so I would have no issues with it. I only had it for 11 months and had to have it back to them 4 times for repairs. Each time they(their geeksquad) fixed it the repair laster for 1-3 months before it gave me problems again. Anything from not being able to update my security to not even being able to log onto the internet. They "claim" to have done everything fdorm reflash the harddrive to replacing it.The last time I had it in to them,I told them I didn't want it back until it was completely fixed no matter how long it took! They told me they would have to send it out to HP for service this time and could take 3-4 weeks.I agreed.Within a week they called me and said my laptop was ready?? I asked how it came so fast,and they said they didn't know but it was back. I went to get it and the same week,it was coming up with all kinds of errors and shutting down the laptop.I complained to them saying that my manufacturers warranty was up in less than a month and I wanted a new laptop(which is in their warranty agreement. It states that Best Buy will replace your laptop if they cannot fix it! They just told me to bring it in again for them to fix it!!! I told them that that is not satisfactory and that even if they fixed it, it would only last for a short time and I would be at the same spot im in now,but without even my manufacturers warranty which was up in a few weeks. They then told me that I would have to deal with HP directly from then on!! I told them that thats why I bought all the extra warranties so I didn't have to go through this.They just said that they could not help me anymore and I would have to go through HP! I was still paying them,had it back 4 times and still had a probelm, but I would have to deal with HP on my own now! So I did contact HP and to my surprise, they never had my laptop in for reapirs as Best Buy stated! Best Buy completely lied to me about sending it to HP!! HP then told me to send in the laptop to them so they could look at it.Withing a few days of receiving the laptop, HP contacted me and said that the laptop was beyond fixing and that they were going to give me another one. In fact, they even upgraded it to an even better one. I contatced Best Buy corporate and told them what happened, and they basically brushed me off as the local store did. I told them that I had all the repiar orders form the geeksquad showing that it is a continuing problem,and they said they didn't care! I told them that while my laptop was getting fixed or replaced,I would not continue to make payments and in fact wanted a credit for all the times my laptop was in their shop for repairs.Why did I have to pay for something that was broken more than it was up and running?They just said that it would be foolish of me not to pay as it would hurt my credit!!! A multi-million dollar a yr company and they couldn't even satisfy one customer with one laptop!! Especially since all they had to do after the 2nd or 3rd time was to send it in to HP and they would have replaced it! I didn't ask them for money back,or a better computer(which this one was suppose to be)I only wanted to be able to use it and not keep getting these temporary fixes! I am completely disgusted by how they handles this and the lack of dedication to their customers! I have bought 2 computers form them withing a yrs time(one laptop and one desk top)which cost over 3k total.I am not a consumer who buys the cheapest products and expects them to perform like the best.I spend the extra money to get top of the line equipment and all associated warranties to protect them.This situation proves that they couldn't care less about me,or any other customer of theirs.They only care about getting your money and when you have a problem,they completely dismiss you! Please tell anyone you know to stay clear of their business before you get screwed over as I did.
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Here's what I have found from going through my horrible experience. First, you must write and fax at least 4 letters and file complaints with your Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission before they will actually call you back.

Until then, call them every day. Call 888-BESTBUY and ask for Consumer Relations each time. Don't ask for any other department because they have no idea what they are doing. If the store ever has to ship anything out for repair, make sure you get a tracking number and follow up to make sure that it has actually been sent out on the date that was represented to you.

If you are able to, call every day and every hour until someone finally does something and then continue to file complaints with every bureau you know. Also if the Best Buy is a member of a Chamber of Commerce or other professional organization, let them know how you are being treated.

I am sure that these organizations will not be happy to know their members are treating consumers like ***. I will never shop at Best Buy again and would strongly suggest that everyone else do the same.


That happened to my brother a couple of times. The first time they said it was shipped of to HP it was gone for three months.

Then when it came back it stopped working again about 4 months later. This time I called HP and talked to them. They did get it the second time and had to replace the MB.

My brother was so pissed. That is a long time to go without your HP laptop when you are in college.


Wow!! I had a very similar situation happen to me at Best Buy and I was a happy customer for years until I found out how *** their customer service is and how cheap they are!

I HATE BEST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't give 2 craps about their customers. As long as they get the money out of our wallets and into their greedy hands they could care less what happens to us or our defective products that we bought from them. Best Buy is a *** company and everyone with a few brain cells left should realize this sooner or later.

Those who don't, STAY AWAY FROM BEST BUY!! They sell absolute ***, they lie to their customers, and they could care less about us once they have our money and will do everything in their power to get more money out of us dishonestly!


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#112211 Review #112211 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.Your complaint has been assigned case # 57115121.Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : nagi4649@hotmail.comPlease print a copy of this for your records. Filed on :...
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Shane Ryack - Look at the receipt and see if there is a sub-line under the model number that states "LP: 1234567890". You're looking for the LP (License Plate) number.

If the plate number is not on the receipt then it was rung up incorrectly. Try to find the "Shelf Display" sticker and return to the store with that. Explain the situation (calmly please, a little kindness goes a long way) and present the receipt and sticker. Ask for the promised price.

If the rep says "no" ask for the computer manager first (sub-managers are easier to pull away), if not available, ask for Store Manager, if not in, ask the the "M.O.D." Rinse and repeat. If no results, call 1-888-BEST BUY and explain. Rinse and repeat.

The original article seems misleading. The employee could very well be correct.

IF the customer did/did not specify the latest model Best Buy CARRIES. Not all Dell models are available through Best Buy. Our latest model could very well be somewhat old depending on when during the year you're shopping. Just before the new models come out, the oldest models (on display) would technically be the newest model available.

Not enough information here. This is hearsay.

The restocking fee is listed on the wall, on the receipt, the rep should have mentioned it and there's supposed to be a yellow sticker taped over the seal that reads "14-day return policy, 15% restocking fee if returned". Best of luck, sorry they made a bad impression.

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#111964 Review #111964 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Best Buy is stealing from trusting customers!

What you should know when you let Best Buy "get the pc ready for you" With E-Machine or Gateway, There is not anything to get ready for you. They are ready to buy, take home and set up. They already come with a trial version of virus protection. They are also charging you for 2 virus programs, that do not get along with each other. Consumers are being told that Best Buy has to get it ready, and they are lying. They are charging up to as much as 200.00 for this service. Whats worse, they are charging you 50.00 to make a back up copy of the operating system. All you have to do is look in the start menu and create your own with the touch of a button. Best Buy is laughing at you all the way out the door "what a sucker" is exactly what they are saying. Trust me, I hear this over and over.
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For questions on computers try Kim Since not everyone is computer savvy, it's nice to be able to get answers somewhere that doesn't call you names like the people above.

Try it, it might be a good starting point to try. :zzz :zzz


since when does selling and MAKING A PROFIT is illegal in the US?

wait, isn't that the foundation of our economic system?

First off:

Geek Squad services are more than ANYTHING convenience. *NEWS FLASH* deep *** not everyone can install antivirus, and doing restore CD's if anything is more annoying than anything. I know how to do the installs and all but did I want to sit 5 hours to do it all? no thanks here's the sofware I want put it in. (them charging me would only make sense)

Second: When did trials of software fully did something for you? wait, here it's the HINT WORD "TRIAL".

You go buy internet protection packages (70ish bucks) and maybe a good antispyware (30 bucks) you're already at 100 bucks..... wait, that's also best buy's fault.

The problem is that you all expect free *** free installs, free software, all free free free and oh man don't even get me started with "CANIGETADEAL??"

I only laugh harder when your 2000 dollar computer fails after 2 years because you fail to get a 200 dollars extended warranty.....but wait, you not getting it it's ALSO best buy's fault.

M O R O N all over


BestBuyChik get real. Half the *** BestBuy is "supposedly" customizing can be done yourself and for less money then what your Geek Squad is charging you for.

Oh and yes you are talking to someone who knows their ***. ^.^ Trend Micro can be purchased if the consumer so wants it for way less then having Geek Squad personally put it on my computer. As for them speeding it up the first commenter said it best. There is only so much you can do to speed up the memory hogging Vista and that includes adding new memory to your computer.

So, does all of that justify Best Buy charging people obscene amounts of money for little to no service at all? Nah I don't think so.

So do more research and stop sucking BestBuy ***. Now that makes YOU an ***!!


So, explain what "they customize it making it faster and easier to use"

actually means.. Honestly there is not much you can realy do to make Vista "faster" except add more memory.

You can *** SOME of the trials, but you can not realy *** enough to make it faster.

No comment on the back up cd that you charge them for? That just is not right.

The least best buy could do is make it known to the customer that they have the option of making that cd for nothing, except the cost of the cd. :)


Actually, the software that is sold was actually written to be compatable with eachother. And the trial that comes on your computer doesn't scan for viruses like the trend micro does.

So they are actually giving you a better deal. As for gateway & e-machine being ready to use when you get them home, that is true for all computers, but they customize it making it faster and easier to use!

I recommend that you not talk out your *** about things you obviously know nothing about! That makes you an ***!!

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#111776 Review #111776 is a subjective opinion of poster. blacklisted me. Told me I bought too much from them and I can no longer place an order with best buy or Apparently the store manager was upset that I always bought the sale items on their website and nobody else could get sale items. I only...
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best buy only sale junks & no cover extended warranty,junk junk,martinsburg west virginia,not recomended is piece junk.

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#111515 Review #111515 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Manager

I hate Best Buy

I was an avid best buy consumer, until today. I went online today to make a payment online like I do every month for a tv that I bought on the "No Interest for 18 Months" which should say "You don't have to pay interest for 18months but if you don't pay your balance off in those 18months then you pay ALL of the interest from those 18 months." I was aware that I was going to begin being charged interest, but I was specifically told by the sales rep that signed me up that it was on the remaining balance, not all of the interest from the time of purchase. My finance charges are now more than half of what my balance was only 18days from the time I noticed this charge. I spoke with a very rude "supervisor" through the 800 number and was basically told, to bad. I offered to pay of my entire balance previous to this charge but said I would not/cannot pay an extra $600+...just want to let people know what that NO INTEREST scam really means so it doesn't happen to anyone else.
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It is on your bill each month the amount fo deferred interest and the date it needs to be paid off to avoid interest. And your bill has a reminder when a promotion is about to end and the date it needs to be paid. All you have to do is know how to read.


Maybe you should read your policies oh and uh make your payments on time


Again... more dumb people posting who just miss the point.

The sale person should have known this and told him... this is another reason why Best Buy sucks.

The sales poeple are 16 years old and the managers didn't make it out of high school... and it seems you idiots didn't either.


Typical...sign then read not read then sign...It's in the contract!!! Oh yeah, the return policy is on the back of the receipt too!


Every no interest purchase out there is like this. It's not a secret! It's right there in writing.

If you relied on the word of a salesman instead of reading what you signed, you deserve to pay the interest

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#111096 Review #111096 is a subjective opinion of poster.