Best Buy review in Chicago, Illinois: TV Bulb replacment - OEM or not?

I recently bought a replacement bulb for my JVC 52" rear projection. I had an option of saving $35 for buying non-OEM Phillips, which I stupidly took. I didn't realize it but the bulb was so dim and failing prior to the 90 warranty, but it wasn't until an authorized repairman diagnosed as a failed bulb. I contacted Lighting Technologies, Intl, the distributor, and they refused to even consider a return or exchange because I am now outiside the 90 day return window. Buy OEM and don't deal with LT Int'l. They suck. Go CUBS.
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I had a dishwasher installed by Best Buy in May of 2007. The first flood to my kitchen occured in June - - fortunately I came home fairly early in the leak and was able to shut the water off. The same service man came out and "fixed" the problem the next day....
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I feel so sorry for her. My friend has been trying to get the fridge fixed from them.

They don't return phone calls. I didn't realize till I had a problem with them how many people had soooo many problems with their products. I bought a video camera... I will never do it again.

Just remember we get what we pay for.... cheap stuff from China

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Best Buy Installation

Best Buy review in Chicago, Illinois: Irrational restocking fee

I was charged a restocking fee for returning a camera to Best Buy even though I had purchased a more expensive camera a few days after I had purchased the first camera. I did not have the first camera with me at the time of the more expensive camera purchase. I had all receipts to prove the events but no one cared. I also wrote the company a detailed email explaining my dissappointment with this type of policy. No response has ever been received. My last purchase (a $1600 laptop computer) was from another source because of $15 of not caring.
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yea you'd think that, but when i bought a brand new laptop from best buy and went back there to purchase a more expensive one that happened to be on sale, they charged me a *** 15% restocking fee even after i told them i just wanted to buy a better one and make them more money. The people were extremely rude, and the worker who sold me the first laptop even told me there wouldnt be a restocking fee and that they had recently done away with it for laptops but the manager didnt seem to care.


If you had purchased a new camera at the time you brought back the old one you would not have paid a restocking fee....


or read the back of the receipt, that helps too


if you intended on getting a more expensive one and returning the other simply do both transactions at the same time, a manager is mroe likely to waive the fee if they dont already have your money for the new camera.

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I went to the local Best Buy to return a Ipod Touch (un-opened) that was doubled up on for a gift. I bought it just before Christmas, and the return policy was on a extended program (10 days extra), which ran out on Januray 31,2008. I arrived at the store at 10 a.m....
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You failed to return on time your fault.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy

Best Buy consumers that are typically upset don't realize that the Best Buy employees have to follow guidelines written by our corporate office. If those guidelines aren't followed we can be fired. 2. Open computer software,video games etc it is a copyright federal law that we can not return them we can only exchange them for the exact same product. Otherwise we're looking at a federal lawsuit from the manufacturer if not more and yeah that wouldn't be pretty. Also, unfortunately we don't know peoples stories or backgrounds so we have to treat everyone on the same grounds. One person could say they aren't trying to *** us, but really be someone who is and the next person could say the same thing and really not be, we don't know. 3. Most of the time we're frustrated because the manufacturers of the products we sell put us in bad positions. We can only get as much as the manufacturers say we can get. Unfortunately during the holidays thats not always enough. We try to do what we can do but right now I'm especially feeling the frustration when we don't have a product in and its not our fault either. Most of the complaints I have actually read could either 1. be traced back to our corporate policies 2. be traced back to the manufacturer or an manufacturer issue. If you got a defective product most of the time its not because we secretly smashed it in the back and put it on the shelves, it comes to us how it comes to us and they originally come from the manufacturer. I just feel bad because some things have been totally misrepresented about this company. I hope more individuals become more informed. Also, I apologize to those individuals who got a newbie or the one of the few employees that didn't know anything. At our store it is our upmost duty that if we don't know we find someone that does know. And just to let you know it is hard to sleep at night knowing that there are unhappy customers. I think the most important thing about human nature is that if someone tries and I mean really tries you should give them credit. Everyone makes mistakes and as long as people are out there working, there are going to be mistakes made. We don't want them to happen but its inevitable. Thats all I have to say.
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I have always been happy with best buys. Any *** knows that open dvd and computer software can not be returned if opend but exchanged for the same thing.

If you did not want that movie why did you buy it in the first place? I have bought movies that were cracked but I only wanted a playable copy of the movie which they exchanged. In life we do not get everyting we want. Calling the associates idiots and *** is not right.

They like you are trying to make a living. I have always been treated with respect in their stores but I do not expect hugs and kisses and we love you from them.


I love how customers complain about BB customer service. GO TO WALMART because they don't give you any service except to check you out or make sure you have a receipt to make sure you actually paid for it.


It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that insist on "fixing" the displays at Best Buy!!! As an IT director, you obviously have ALL the qualifications to determine how I want MY tv to look!!

Retail stores have their displays set to the REQUIREMENTS of the manufacturers- not to same "rogue" IT director's personal standard.. Leave them alone, someone will just have to set them back to normal when you leave...


I find it most amazing when employees in Best Buy argue with me.

The latest: I looked at an LG TV on display that I have been considering. I noticed that the color seemed a little green and was wondering if it could be adjusted. So, I pulled up the menu to take a look. Every setting was at "50," so clearly no one had set up the $1,000 monitor. (They do know that car dealers wash and clean the cars to make them look better, right?)

So, I started to color correct the screen and an employee walked up. She clearly wasn't happy and asked what I was doing. When I told her, she started arguing with me that the screen was properly calibrated, just like all the others. (If so, there sure are a lot of little green men on all kinds of TVs.) She kept using the word "vibrant." In fact, she told me I was color-blind when I pointed out how the people were green.

Now, I work as an IT director for a group of about 1000, but I have a strong background in graphic arts and have performed some color correction miracles for several major U.S. magazines. I have been trained to see and even remember color. I tried to calmly explain that and explain why I was adjusting the screen to test it because I am so picky about color. She just snorted and walked off.

Nice TV when properly adjusted. Wonder where else I can buy it.


Very deceptive practices tried to by a computer, they tried to add 180 dollar anti virus program said it would take 3 hours to remove it if I did not want it. Would not give me back up disks.

Said they had 4 left i got there in 5 min they said they had none with a smile. Never will buy anything from Best Buy also will report them to the BBB.


Ahh come on!! Do you think it really matters to us unhappy customers whether or not you are sleeping at night knowing that we exist?

Best Buy is nothing but a circus act full of idiots at the upper manaement level all the way down.

I hope to see them in small claims court to address my issue. See "Best Buy - I got screwed"


It is very refreshing for me to read something positive written by an Employee.

If anyone has visited BESTBUY, especially during the Holidays, if they are fair-minded, they should appreciate how difficult it must be to provide the ambitious Service Levels that I know BESTBUY to strive for.

Keep up the positive attitude and obviously good work.

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Best Buy Mechanicsville, VA...Lousy Buy.

I purchase a USB cable/software package called Datapilot Pix n Tunes (approximately $29) to be able to transfer ringertones and files between my computer and my daughters new sprint phone. The box indicated it was universal for the model phone we have. However, once I installed the software the phone could not be recognized and we received a message that our phone was not supported. As it turns out, the phone was newer than the software and its automatic update. There was nothing on the box that indicated anything other than the name of the phone manufacturers and our phone manufacturer was listed. I returned the product to the store within two hours of purchase, and was told by the store manager they would not accept the item for return since it had been opened. I showed the manager the box and she told me that it was too bad, but that I might be able to complain directly to the software manufacturer. I told the manager that I did my childrens Christmas shopping there and was a good customer, she said that it didn't make any difference, they were not permitted to take the return, not even for store credit which I told them I would gladly accept. The manager kept smiling the whole time she was saying that she couldn't help. I told her that I thought the store was a rip off. The store has been open for less than 1 year in Mechanicsville Virginia. The incident took place on 02/17/2008
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Just like it has been stated by many other customers.


No software/movie/game WHATEVER is a media item cannot be returned.

Doens't matter if it didn't work or if.... it didn't do what you wanted it to do.

It's simple.

You do research before hand, and yes, you may want to try to contact the manufacturer.

This goes for........... ALL COMPANIES NOT BEST BUY...

There's still people that just simply don't understand rule that have been out for....decades now


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Best Buy....What a Joke...Never Again!

Just wanted to share my experience at Best Buy, Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. I recently purchased an all in one printer, (brand name not important), from Best Buy. When I attempted to set up the printer, I received an error message indicating that the printer didn't recognize the ink cartridges. I noticed that the black cartridge was leaking, and that it was probably damaged in shipping. Logic dictated that replacing the damaged cartridge would probably solve the problem. I called "Customer Service" at Best Buy, and was advised to bring the unit back to the store. When I arrived at the store, there was a line of approximately twenty people...also waiting to return/exchange products. It took me approximately one hour to present my printer. After approximately another ten minutes.....I was handed a refund receipt. The "service" person didn't even ask if I wanted an exchange.....but assumed I wanted the refund. (Did I mention, that there were approximately fifty people behind me in that line? What did Best Buy do, charge them rent?) My wife wanted to buy another unit...guess what...the checkout line wait was also approx 20 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't buy another "bargain". I figured, the time I wasted travelling to Best Buy and waiting on their "Customer Service" line...negated any savings on the printer they sold me. A word of advice to the buyer.....if you seek expedient "customer service", Best Buy, Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY is not the place to shop.
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Yeah, Best Buy is the worst. Just go stand next to the CS line next time you are there and you will see what I mean.

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Best Buy review in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Steve Azerela Brookfield Rude manager

Went to Best Buy store in brookfield to ask for repair on a DVD player I bought expensive service plan for. I am being told to wait a minimum of 3 weeks to get it back. I asked to talk to the manager and get explanation of why I paid so much money for a plan and have to live 3 weeks without something I use every day. He is telling me to read the contract. I hand him over the contract and ask politely to show me the section in there that says that I am not to expect any commitment for a repair. His answer - figure it out yourself or ask your manager to. I am asking for his name so I can file a complaint with BBB, he is telling me he is not going to give it to me and I should just go and if I am not happy, maybe buy a new DVD player instead what a commitment, what a manager focused on the welfare of his customers and that service plan, what a ripe off.
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A store should sell a good product. Have you seen all of the complaints about Best Buys.

WoW. And they say the same thing over and over again. It's not the customer.

Poor products from Japan. Gezz even Walmart took back 100% of my returns and guess what I still shopped there.


I guess I don't understand why you are upset. Maybe it's because your expectations for a fair resoltuion to your problem are unreasonable.

Best Buy, or any retailer who sells an extended warranty for that matter, are only expected, under the terms of the warranty, to repair the product. If you had purchased that DVD player at American, they would have sent it out of town for repair. I know because I used to work there. Maybe it wouldn't take three weeks but it would take at least two weeks.

Your service plan is doing exactly what it was sold to you to do. Provide service repair coverage beyond the period of the manufacturer's warranty.

So I don't understand why you feel you have been poorly served. Cetrtainly you were'nt expecting a loaner DVD player or financial compensation for your time without it, because NOBODY does that.

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#113231 Review #113231 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Best Buy has the worst customer service

Over the last 12 months I have had two encounters with Best Buy's utter lack of customer service. My first encounter involved them removing the hard drive of my daughter's (college student) computer without permssion. When I asked that they return it, they said the send old hard drives to an outside company for recycling and had no way of finding it. I aksed for the phone number of the company. They said they had no number. I refused to accpet that and after eight phone calls to various Best Buy coporate departments I found the number on my own. I had to pay to have it returned and another $300 to have the data rescued. They refused to reimburse me. They could not go out of business soon enough for me.
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Best Buy is the worst!! I will never buy anything from them ever again!!!!


I never seen anything like that in my life I wish I never used best buy appliance installation delivery is the worst company as well as customer service thay lie about there service and they blame the customers for they're mistake after keep playing phone tag about delivery my diswasher and still don't get after I spoke with a supervisor name Daniellle still nothing was done about it you people out there wash out for them the service is very poor they said my home # doesn't work and that's were they left me messages also claiming that they call me at work I never give them my work # they have my money tide in their hand and still no item so I'm the looser and they're the winner, I'll meke sure there'll be no next time mistake I wish that I used sears or home depot.

best buy really have bad service the poeple who represent the company are not doing a good Job at all, it's really sad but it's true. it's not about the money it's all about the service.

Cynthia A


It has been over 6 weeks, and 4 Best Buy cards later and they still cannot spell my name right. I have spent so much time on the phone trying to get this corrected. I'm just going to pay my bill and never shop there again.

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Best Buy is stealing from trusting customers!

What you should know when you let Best Buy "get the pc ready for you" With E-Machine or Gateway, There is not anything to get ready for you. They are ready to buy, take home and set up. They already come with a trial version of virus protection. They are also charging you for 2 virus programs, that do not get along with each other. Consumers are being told that Best Buy has to get it ready, and they are lying. They are charging up to as much as 200.00 for this service. Whats worse, they are charging you 50.00 to make a back up copy of the operating system. All you have to do is look in the start menu and create your own with the touch of a button. Best Buy is laughing at you all the way out the door "what a sucker" is exactly what they are saying. Trust me, I hear this over and over.
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For questions on computers try Kim Since not everyone is computer savvy, it's nice to be able to get answers somewhere that doesn't call you names like the people above.

Try it, it might be a good starting point to try. :zzz :zzz


since when does selling and MAKING A PROFIT is illegal in the US?

wait, isn't that the foundation of our economic system?

First off:

Geek Squad services are more than ANYTHING convenience. *NEWS FLASH* deep *** not everyone can install antivirus, and doing restore CD's if anything is more annoying than anything. I know how to do the installs and all but did I want to sit 5 hours to do it all? no thanks here's the sofware I want put it in. (them charging me would only make sense)

Second: When did trials of software fully did something for you? wait, here it's the HINT WORD "TRIAL".

You go buy internet protection packages (70ish bucks) and maybe a good antispyware (30 bucks) you're already at 100 bucks..... wait, that's also best buy's fault.

The problem is that you all expect free *** free installs, free software, all free free free and oh man don't even get me started with "CANIGETADEAL??"

I only laugh harder when your 2000 dollar computer fails after 2 years because you fail to get a 200 dollars extended warranty.....but wait, you not getting it it's ALSO best buy's fault.

M O R O N all over


BestBuyChik get real. Half the *** BestBuy is "supposedly" customizing can be done yourself and for less money then what your Geek Squad is charging you for.

Oh and yes you are talking to someone who knows their ***. ^.^ Trend Micro can be purchased if the consumer so wants it for way less then having Geek Squad personally put it on my computer. As for them speeding it up the first commenter said it best. There is only so much you can do to speed up the memory hogging Vista and that includes adding new memory to your computer.

So, does all of that justify Best Buy charging people obscene amounts of money for little to no service at all? Nah I don't think so.

So do more research and stop sucking BestBuy ***. Now that makes YOU an ***!!


So, explain what "they customize it making it faster and easier to use"

actually means.. Honestly there is not much you can realy do to make Vista "faster" except add more memory.

You can *** SOME of the trials, but you can not realy *** enough to make it faster.

No comment on the back up cd that you charge them for? That just is not right.

The least best buy could do is make it known to the customer that they have the option of making that cd for nothing, except the cost of the cd. :)


Actually, the software that is sold was actually written to be compatable with eachother. And the trial that comes on your computer doesn't scan for viruses like the trend micro does.

So they are actually giving you a better deal. As for gateway & e-machine being ready to use when you get them home, that is true for all computers, but they customize it making it faster and easier to use!

I recommend that you not talk out your *** about things you obviously know nothing about! That makes you an ***!!

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