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Have not fixed our tv | Best Buy review from Kansas City, Missouri

we bought a tv 2yrs ago w/ a 4 yr warranty .it needs fixed.of course we talk to a different person every person tells us the parts are in and another person tells us there not in.they have made appt. to fix it but no shows up or calls .It has been over a month.and now they are telling me its going to be almost 2 more wks. before they can be here to fix one seem to know whats going on.we also have a cable bill to pay and cannot use.we need some help.
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We have the same problem. Our Plasma lasted 6 months and all the boards burned up.

Now we have went around and around with everyone trying to get it fixed for 3 months.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY. They do not back any of their products and neither does the manufactor of the product.


I am having the same problem!!! Two yrs ago with the 4 year warranty.

Now they are telling me I have to buy a new warranty when I get the part installed in case that part goes out!!! My TV has been out since 08/19 and it took forever for that part to come in.

When I finally get them to call, we have to cancel because we have no power from the hurricane that came through and the guy just laughed! e-mail me at so we can compare possibly get this done.

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Sold bogus warranty with lies on replacement and wouldn't comply | Best Buy review from Naples, Florida

We bought my grandson an apple I-pod for his birthday about a year and a half ago. The guy who helped us really pushed for an extended warranty. He told us if anything at all happened to the I-pod it would be fixed without question, even if it gets smashed to pieces. Then he said if they can't fix it, it would be replaced, and if the same kind was not available we would be given an upgrade I-pod. Three hundred dollars for the I-pod and sixty dollars for the warranty, which we really could not afford at the time. The pod was recently damaged by a piece of the earbud plug stuck in the pod. We took it back to best buy, they said fine, gave us a receipt marked "no charge" and said they would call when it was repaired. One month later we called them and they said it wasn't covered. after a lot of time talking and the promise of a manager to call, but never did, we called corporate. We got shoved around for over an hour and then was told sorry charlie! My son picked the broken pod up at best buy and left my best buy card on the counter cut in pieces. I will never shop at a place again that practices false advertising and encourages employees to lie about warranties to receive a bonus for themselves!!!!!!!
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Best Buy employees don't receive bonuses for anything they sell. They are not on commission. All the information about your service or replacement plan is listed in the brochure that you are given when you make the purchase.

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Best Buy Replacement

Best Buy Rip Off

I purchased a $950. computer from them in Nov. 07. I took it in for service on Sept. 12. They said it had a bad memory chip. They wanted to charge me $130. to remove virus's they said they found on my computer. I asked them to write them down... two were ad and spyware and one was a very mild virus called Second Thought. I told them to just fix the chip... I can get rid of the virus myself a lot cheaper. The date on my service contract says estimated date of return Sept. 20. I called today, 9/20, and it hasn't even gone to service yet. They said it would take another 2-3 weeks! They charged me $99. to copy my hard drive just in case data was lost when they repair the chip. What the heck is taking 4 wks??????? Or are they purposely doing that because I refused to pay the money to get rid of a mild virus? We have bought all our major things at Best BUy, well not anymore. I feel they are ripping me off and I will not do business with them anymore. I think they are ripping off people who don't know a lot about computers too. I'm sure they thought since I'm a 60 yr old woman that I'd pay to have the big bad virus removed... what they don't know is that I have two sons who are in the computer business in other states and they advise me about what's going on. They agree I was getting ripped off by Best Buy. How long does it take to insert a memory chip?
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:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Ya'll fell for the scam!!!!!!!!!111


Best Buy and Geek Squad are the most repulsive of organizations when it comes to repair and customer service. I have been battling these people for years on their so-called repair service.

Aside from being treated rudely and ripped off at every instance, I have never brought in a computer that has actually been repaired. Two years ago I was without a computer for three months,

sending my unit back to the repair center for multiple repairs becasue every time it came back it was inoperable, and until I made numerous calls to customer service and the insurance company that underwrites their policy covering computer junkouts, I was given the worse runaround until I finally had to call the store, demand to speak to the manager and threaten with going to the press for the treatment I was receiving. Oh how coincidental that they decided to replace my computer that same afternoon!!! Three weeks ago I took my computer in for a seemingly minor problem (AC plug was not feeding power to computer) and I was told that it was a minor soddering issue.

The computer came back with the fans non-funtional, operating system was not loading and the casing was cracked as if someone had dropped it. I was given a replacement unit but was going to be charged $160 for loading the security software. I complained becasue they had basically destroyed my computer so they waved the fee but made me pay for the actual software (which out of courtesy for the hassle they should have waived also). When quoted the charge for the product insurance plan I was told it would be approximately $175 for two years.

The computer they gave me was on sale for $399 and upon observing the cashier, he was entering that the cost of my computer was $799 in order to charge me more for the warranty plan. I complained and they adjusted it, but if I had not been on my toes and proactive about my rights I would have been ripped off twice. When I called customer relations they basically told me that it is company policy to enter the price of the original junkout computer for insurance purposes, basically ripping me off with the insurance fee and admitting to insurance fraud since they are claiming to the underwritter that they are junking out an $800 computer, when they are replacing the product with a $400 computer. I believe they are crooks and prey on the working class consumer that need access to technology and services but does not have the financial means to for up a lump sum of money to replace a computer if it breaks down.

I am going to cancel the product warranty on the replacement computer, use the pc until it goes and I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again. Upon doing some web research it is alarming the amount of customers that have this same type of complaint.

In general their employees are belligerent and patronizing, aside from being ignorant and rude and overall incompetent. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY!!!!!!


They've had my computer since Sept. 12th, and here it is Oct.

2 and still don't have it back. How long does it take to put in a new memory chip??????? If you call them no one answers the phone in the Geek area...

and the other lines are recordings.

I may be calling the BBB soon.


This will be my second junked out computer from Best Buy in 3 years. This is now my third computer. Long story short they do not transfer warranties from computer to computer even if it comparable. So if you are in the mood and have deep pockets to spend $700 in 13 months to buy two warranties because the service department half *** their work when it is sent to the repair center don’t buy a computer from Best Buy. Not ONLY will not get your money back because of all the trouble you have had and this makes it your third, they try to give you a computer that doesn’t match what you have purchased. Sure they match the GB and so forth but when you purchase a laptop with a 17″ monitor don’t you think it would be nice if they didn’t offer you a 15″?

The warranty is a rip off and the company knows darn good and well that is how they make money off of the customer. The economy is not strong. An average person would not buy a computer every 2 years so you can bet your bottom dollar if it breaks 3 times and you get it junk out they will give you another computer but you have to buy another warranty. It is the only guarantee way they know the will suck more money out of you.

Trust me go and by your computer from the manufacturer. The warranty will be cheaper and if the computer is not fixable they will give you another computer and transfer the warranty over. Also you can extend your warranty with some manufactures. Not Best Buy once you buy it oh well too bad no extend warranty for you!

Also I would like to point out I’m not bashing the company it is a fact. They will tell you that a warranty will transfer if you get the SAME computer. Hello, what are the chances with the way technology is today you could possibly get the same computer at the store unless you got it from the manufacturer?

So again don’t buy a computer especially a laptop since a laptop is known for having the most problems( hey it’s the nature of the beast) at Best Buy.

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Bad service | Best Buy review from New York, New York

I bought a home theater system. Hooked it up myself and couldn't get 3 speakers to work. Called the "manufacturer's #". They said they were busy and would call me back in 1 hour. I have wasted 2 days of my time, called best buy and they said to pack it up and bring it back. If they send a geek squad out they will charge me the full amount after I did all the work myself. Also, I can't carry it to my car myself. Why should I have to work so hard at a purchase? It sounds like tin cans anyway. Just typical of what our country has become.
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Ok so the manufacturer wouldn;t help you, but that's best buys fault? That doesn't make any sense.

And of course they would have to charge to send geek squad out. Their services are not free, especially since you were able to just bring it back in for return or exchange.

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From the very beginning, they sold me incorrect or less appropriate components for my home theater system. They scheduled the consultant to come out 2 days before the install! At which point, the consultant found too many issues that needed addressing - he missed a few...
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I have never trusted Best But for Eloctronics. Especially Higher end electronics

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Bestbuy played me for a fool, did a no show. | Best Buy review from New York, New York

Bestbuy was suppose to come out,and fix my washing machine today, I call this morning to comfirm the time that the technician is suppose to come.Was told the appointment was cancelled,no one could tell me who cancelled the appointment.I was so pissed,I took off a work today just to be home to wait for these people.The worst things is last week they gave me the run a round at there service center.I had to fax them a copy of my purchase receipt.The reps there are so rude and was not helpful at all.How I have to work and see whats going to happen,I had to call back 1888-bestbuy, now they're saying one of there technician is going to call me to set up another appointmen.What's the sense of getting a warranty if there service *** so bad. Its not right and they need to be really taught a lesson.I paid for this and they need to honor there agreement. Their service is really the pits.
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Best Buy "gift center" online unprofessional and disorganized

Do not buy gift cards from best buy online. We learned the hard way that they are nothing like other legitimate online gift/registry purchases. They will not provide the recipient with any information as to who they are from and are misleading in appearing as a professional, well-run "gift center." All they do is transfer the card to the gift recipient and do not allow for any recognition or link from sender. This is problematic especially with gifts for major events such as weddings, where you end up with a ton of cards, and no way to thank your generous guests. DO NOT BE MISLED AS WE WERE
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Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy WILL NOT stand by their warranty

I bought a laptop (1200$) and in three month brought it there 12 times. I was very patient and the last time I said that this is *** they kicked me out of the store. The manager did not handle well they were ridiculous I am never going back. I just wanted my laptop fixed or a new one. Manchester NH Best Buy has the worst managers and Geek squad does not know what they are doing. I went the next day and they did not help at all. They treat you with a bad attitude and made me feel like I had done something wrong. I had purchased 3 year warranty but only 2 months had gone by.
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Half of the problems that come into a best buy are related to virus and spyware issues (malware) and are NOT covered by the best buy service plan or manufacturer's warranty. Also, if a "friend" of your says they had their issue fixed by the manufacturer for free (virus/spyware related) the manufacturer is just restoring the computer to factory specifics, and you lose your data.

Then you will be complaining about the manufacturer here.

Make sure that you act like you are buying a car before you buy a "service plan" or warranty. READ the terms and conditions, don't just assume that it covers everything, because that makes an *** out of you, leave me out of it.


Anyone knows if there any class action law suit going on with Bestbuy for the bogus warranty? If not I would like to help someone to get one started as they are not honoring the warranty as per their contracts. please contact me at


When they are trying to sell "THE SERVICE WARRANTY" they beg you. But when you come back with a problem..they ignore you. - Geek squad...I've heard complaints too.


if you really care take it up with their corporate and you will have everything fixed, now if its a male ware issue your on your own, cause their warranties do not cover that.

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Do Not buy an Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy!!

We bought a 23" Insignia LCD tv from Best Buy 3 years ago. The picture is now bright yellow and not clear at all. After calling Best Buy they told me I should have bought an extended warrantee and that I was basically SOL. I will never again enter a Best Buy store. It really annoys me that a Giant company like Best Buy will sell their brand, Insignia, and not stand behind it. This was not a cheap TV, but at this rate, our high dollar tv was a disposable model. The reputation of Best Buy will slowly spread thanks to people like us that are tired of being taken advantage of!!
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3 years?


3 Years?


not even the manufacturer will exchange that tv


You want them to replace your TV after 3 YEARS?!?!? are you serious? LOL Next time don't be so cheap and purchase the extended service plan.


Do not buy from bestbuy thier are crooks the worst kind they enjoy stealing your hard earn money


Really you got their store brand? And it *** out on you?

You bought the store brand because it's price was lower than that of a sony or samsung and it *** out on you? After three years, and as you may or may not know, cheap LCD tv's last a max of 4 to 6 years. You should have bought the service plan because you would have been in the 4 year service plan window.

Don't ever buy anything again fellow consumer. You don't want it to break down on you!


Beware, this is real. I am in same situation with TV only 10 months old - it's still under warranty and they refuse to fix it because the serial number is missing (Best Buy even agrees it is still under warranty).

Believe me when I say I did not remove the serial number - no reason to do that while it is under warranty. They claim they could not track it through their system without the serial number. I asked them to put a new one on or otherwise label the TV so it can be fixed. They refused.

Basically they do not honor their warranties and if you take the time to do the research online, you will come across a significant number of unsatisfied customers.

You will also realize that this is common practice with Best Buy and many, many people have been taken advantage of. Based on my personal experience, and the overwhelming complaints piling up, I would caution anyone from buying anything from Best Buy.


We have an Insignia here and it works fine. Guess we just lucked out >=)

Next time, buy a warranty, no0b.


lol. never shop at best buy Wal-Mart is the best


what do you think they sell warranties for? to guarantee that the product will work and look good for the duration, don't be ignorant.

You bought a very poor quality television what do you expect. Now that doesn't mean a high end tv couldn't have that problem, but you pay for what you get.


Yes sir,

It is serious.



It's been 3 years, are you serious?

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I was speaking to a friend online who told me about a new laptop she bought at Best Buy on sale for $799 I went to look at it on line and there it was on sale at Best Buy for $749 This really aggravated me to see that a store would overcharge a customer and not say the lowest sale price which was current. This friend told me there were many college students buying the same laptop, and i felt bad. I sent my friend an email with a copy of the ad online to show Best Buy that it was their current advertised price. She did get a refund of $53.00. The $50.00 plus the tax. after I encouraged her to go back. I think its awful that many others were ripped off and didnt even know it, and especially young people who are going off to college and have so many expenses.
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Yes thank God for those government watchdogs protecting me from that big bad Best Buy who would accidentally charge me $50 dollars (that they will refund if the laptop goes on sale). Now who do I turn to to complain that I have paid $120,000 to Social Security and Medicare that I will never get back after it goes bankrupt in 30 years?


They ARE ripping people off. Do you research Best Buy has been fined by many governmental agencies for their shoddy business practices.


they are not ripping you off, Typically website prices update before a store price updates, what you need to do is be smart. Go on the internet and check their website for the price or ask the sales associate if its cheaper online.

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