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Mean to Old Lady | Best Buy review from Chicago, Illinois

New South Loop store, Chicago: Avoid this store if you can - they are not a good neighbor. Went there today with my husband to buy a family gift - digital camera, printer, and accessories. This was our first visit to the new South Loop location -we love shopping in our neighborhood, and my husband specifically wanted to make the purchase at Best Buy (even though I had a 10% off shopping coupon for Target). But, we abandoned our $500+ purchase and left the store after I was embarrassed and humiliated by a security person. A sales person had helped us select a digital camera, accessories, and we were honing in on a printer to go with it. While we looked at the printers, the sales person wandered off to help others. My husband had just about decided on an HP photo printer, when we noticed a Canon in a box, which was not on display. As the box was not sealed, I opened it so that we could compare the two printers. HORRORS! Little did I know I had just committed a major Best Buy sin! Little old lady opened the merchandise!! A different sales guy came rushing up to us and said "please don't open the merchandise." No problem, I put it back in the box and closed it up as it had been. We asked him if he could tell us the difference between that one and the HP- but he told us to wait for the our other sales guy. He kept saying "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." We did not think it was a big deal, but apparently what he was "sorry" for was that he was going to have the security guard come and - what? Execute us? Sure enough, while we were waiting for the other sales guy, a big guy in orange jacket came to the aisle and sternly said "You cannot open the merchandise." We looked at him dumbfounded. At that point there was no merchandise open. We were about to add the HP printer to our purchase. I said "We are not opening anything now." He repeated his stern reprimand, glaring at me. At that point my husband began returning the merchandise to the shelves - knowing that Best Buy had just lost me as a customer. We left, went over to the South Loop Target and bought the exact same items with no abuse, and got 10% off. I will never again shop at Best Buy, and encourage my South Loop neighbors to abandon this store and hasten it's departure from our neighborhood. I'd rather have a Walmart.
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I work at at different similar store which im not going to name. You would not believe how many people that want to see something will just take the box and just start ripping completely destroying the box only to decide they don't want it leaving us with the product and a useless box so we can't really sell it, we are allowed to but would you buy something with a completely torn up box probably not.

So we lose all that money. I'm not saying that is what you did but that it why they have the policy along with the fact that people sometimes open something and take out a certain part that they need and leave the rest.

So it would have been the same if they had just stolen it, we lose just as much money. If you need something opened just ask an employee.


To "I hate incompetence" This is the third Best Buy complaint in which you responded with a pretty nasty comment (including mine).

I have been in stores in which employees are pretty nasty. There was NO excuse for an employee to treat a customer that way. The CORRECT and right thing to do was to just tell the customer that there's a store policy to not open the product because it may be difficult to sell later if the box had been opened. Funny thing...I've seen plenty of printer boxes which are not sealed.

Do you work for Best Buy and are you trying to defend them on all the complaints you see?

You left me a nasty comment blaming my daughter for abusing the product when the manufacturer determined the product was defective. So Best Buy was WAY out of line in the way they treated me.

I'm sure people would appreciate if you were a bit more careful with your tone and making unfounded accusations.

rational t

The printers come sealed from the manufacturer. Im sure you thought you put everything away properly but chances are you did not.

There is no reason someone would have come and talked to you if you had don't nothing wrong.

Best Buy is not a billion dollar a year business because they are mean to old women. Please just stay home next time.


How can a printer box not be sealed? That right there is bunk!!!

You were trying to steal and now cause you could not, are telling your lame story on this site. Go eat some applesauce and stay off the internet!!!


(Watching Ned's Atomic Dustbin video)

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do u kno how many items get stuffed into and open box and stolen?? i think they were just doing their job they do it all day long.

its not to be rude but y do ppl open boxes ?? all the info u need is ON THE BOX!!!!


Hey I am just telling the truth. If she cant take it than well she should not be posting. Honestly she thinks that because she is old she should get preferred treatment.


I understand that sometimes it is frustrating when people break the rules, but it sounds pretty minor. I don't think it gives you the right to be making cruel comments to someone. If you think they are imature, you might want to read your comment again.


Why did you put the title "mean to old lady" do you think if you were not old that it would be okay to be mean to you? I am sure Best Buy will not go out of business just because two immature oldies decided to not buy $500 worth of merchandise.

Sorry to burst your bubble. They probably make that much sales in one hour, perhaps more.

They say you get cranky and looney when you get old. You and your husband just proved it.

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First of all I do not need a job. I have enough money to buy all I need, and probably spent more at best buys then you make in a year, so no I a, not a pissed off wananbe employee for best buys, but obliviously the people who have responded are best buys employees. I...
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Best buy are criminals. They use misrepresentations on the credit cards claiming you will be charged no interest and then hit you a year later with 800 dollars in interest. Total scam with citi bank conspiring with them.

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Best buys has many issues. Racism in hiring, racism in customer relations, their reward zone is a rip off, their extended warranty program is a rip off, they bait, and switch and God knows what other illegal stuff they are doing. If a customer like me can noticed this stuff why can't the agencies that are there to protect us can't. Best buys, and walmart are getting away with a lot of things that if a small mom and pop shop was to do they be jailed..I will be contacting both my lawyer, and the media. No more lies
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I love this stratagy, if you don't get your way play the race card. Classy.


Sally, I don't know WTF he is talking about either. I have a feeling that something happened, either this person was not hired for a job, or was told that something is against store policy and is playing the race card.

He/she can contact lawyers, but it won't get them anywhere. Infact he/she can get sued by falsely accusing them of racism in hiring and customer services just because they did not get their way.

I hope whoever this person is that they actually have money because if BB sues them and they don't have enough money they may need to sell their house and live in their car. If it is a child than the parents need to teach this kid not to put false information in the media.

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Guitar Hero Pre Order at best buy

I preorder'd guitar hero world tour, went to the store as directed on my preorder card with 2 weeks after it came in as stated on my card. They tell me that they changed the policy to 5 days even though it says 2 weeks on my card. They basically said tough, here in your $5 back and get lost. It's a joke, everyone is 18 years old and doesn't care that they are breaking the contract that we had together. I can't believe that these punks are putting circuit city out of business, I will NEVER shop there again.
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BEST Buy and Geek Squad the Worst!!!!!

I will never deal with Geek Squad as long as I live! I had waited on a work order for more than 1 month and I haven't received a single phone call back from anyone at Geek S@!t! I had received empty promised from Manager and Supervisor and none of those followed through. I had been lie to my Best Buy employees and mangers, they had faked out their names so they can get rid of me. This is not the worst part... I had just purchased my 47 LCD TV for less than 2 months and I am having a PC board issue already. Technician suppose to order a new PC board and replaced that within 3 working days according to the Part Order Card from Best Buy and that was such a lie. I haven't receive a single phone call after all the complaints I had filed. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH GEEK SQUAD AND BEST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not doing this because I hate them... I am doing this because I don't want order people to suffer!! I will not even buy a piece of chocolate from best buy since they will not back up their promise. Sales lied to me, Manager Lied to me and Store manager lied to me. I rest my case and I hope no one has to go through on what I did... As of today, My problem is still no resolved and I might just buy another TV....
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Umm...WOW, where to begin?

First to "Angry Customer"-

Best Buy is a respectable, responsible company who wouldn't be in business today if they were allowed to act in the manner you suggest. Look them up with the BBB. Managers and employees cannot hide from you or "fake out" their names to avoid you. (their specific employee ID would be on your receipt) I would expect the incident you are referring to must be an isolated one. If you honestly suspect you are being treated unfairly, I invite you to call 1-888-BESTBUY and tell them yourself. This will INSTANTLY elevate you beyond the store level to the corporate headquarters. Have your receipt handy, and like any good consumer-make sure you read the fine print before you make angry ignorant complaints. Any customer service representative will be much more happy to help you if you can actually describe the specifics of what happened with dates, names and details.

To "chevrolet"-

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you meant CIRCUIT CITY. Best Buy made over $200 million last month. Please don't confuse the two. There's a HUGE difference.


Now you know why they just closed 180 stores this week....

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Best Buy Sales Manager

Best Buys policy

I purchased a small ticket item, a USB cable that was repackaged and tagged as inspection approved. Not thinking much about it, I went to use the cable about 45 days later, only to find it does not work. I went back to the customer service counter to be told there is nothing they can do about it as my purchase is over 30 day. I can get a little personal but the little blond with the big ego didn't make me any happier. She would not offer anything, period. So buyer beware when shopping at Best Buys. My $12 purchase opened my eyes.
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While you got your reciept, if you happened to notice the 30 day return policy, did you expect that you could bring it back after 45 days? Even if it is a small sale BestBuy has policys that they stick by. It's just to bad your an *** who can't read.

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Best Buy Geeks Suck

I took my computer to best buy and with a virus problem. They charged me 400.00 and could not fix it. Whats worse is my computer was in shambles and worked better before I took it in to them. They looked at me with the deer in the headlights when I asked them for my money back. Of course I didn't get it back. I just hope that anybody who reads this will take into consideration how bad the geek squad ***. Do not take your computer the to get fixed. Buy one but don't get it worked on. DC Mesquite, Texas
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Yeah, those so called "Geek Squads" at Best Buys are not real geeks...not computer geeks anyway. Oh, sure, they can do the simple stuff like adding another hard drive, but anything beyond that and you are throwing your money away.

It is really rare that you find anybody with real knowledge at a Best Buy or the like. Like McDonalds, they employ the least capable and pay them accordingly.


400? WTF


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Best Buy "Geek Squad"

I bought a Compaq laptop computer from Best Buy. 6 months later the screen backlight went out. I took it back to Best Buy, and they said that, since I hadn't bought their service plan and despite the 1-year HP warranty, the only thing they could do is shop it back to HP for me. They did all but call me a *** for not buying the service plan! They said HP would charge me at lease $500 to repair it, and I should instead let them sell me a new computer. I called HP. They had it picked up the next day. I had it back repaired 3 days later (and over a weekend). It never cost me a cent. Geek Squad is NOT to be trusted!
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paid 257>00 to get 2 computers fixed last week, next day 1 no work called 1 800 # told not important,would give my # to local store no reply,had to call att to fix. called 1 800 # to complain this morn they gave me store # stated i wanted a refund told to call 1 800 #.also told at this time they are not set up for refixs 30 day warr ha :( :( receipt states 30 day in home warr, mad as he......................was long time user,got my neighbor also



YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE Performance Service Plan


Been there.

Never trust a retailer that only services their sham warranty.

Ever notice how BADBUY has 3 different prices, the ads don't match some stores, and the online is WAY cheaper than the stores. Stick to circuit city. much better bunch to deal with.


Well, beyond that one manufacturer's warrenty, you're screwed. You are a *** for not getting the protection plan.

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After purchasing a Toshiba laptop a day less than the two week mark from the Hamburg, New York location, I returned to the same store I had purchased the item since I was having difficulties connecting to the internet. The internet was "connected" and...
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Did they refuse to help you because you started yelling at them? I highly doubt a corporate manager would start swearing at you for no reason. Contain your emotion next time and maybe they will be willing to help

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Scams again

Do not buy any insignia products from best buy. I have been all over the net looking for an answer to repair my 1 1/2 year old insignia 32" lcd tv. Problem no video, no support and no caring about it. Sub standard product line and they keep on going without any recourse. Let's please remember when going to best buy, that insignia is not as popular anymore. The dynex brand is their newest line of ***. Better off not to shop best buy at all. While searching the net, I have found out that I am not alone with this tv problem, there are thousands that got jacked by the insignia best buy brand.
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leah h

as for Insignia tvs... there parts are made from the same manufacturers of the "Brand Names" LCD panels LG plasma panels Samsung..Also Insignia has a 2 year warranty where as name brands offer 1 year.. I have had both and both work fine no problems..





To "retailer4life"-

Just a thought for you. Have you considered WHY Best Buy or anybody else carries a "house brand?" They carry it because that's what the market dictates. RIGHT? Guess who the market is? YOU AND ME. Keep on shopping at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club and buying that ridiculously cheap merchandise. Do you know how they get it so cheap? THEY BRING DOWN THE QUALITY. Bottom line-America keeps looking for the $50 50" plasma tv-I don't care who you get it from it's gonna be junk. Best Buy HAS to compete with all those stores-if they didn't carry cheap products as well as quality ones-they'd be out of business!

Think about it. What if Joe Blo (average uneducated consumer) looks in his Sunday ads to see Walmart has 50" TV's for $200, but the cheapest 50" he sees at Best Buy are $800...where do you think Joe's gonna buy his TV? He doesn't think about quality in a situation like that. The price difference is too big. Most Americans will buy something made better if it's not out of the same price range (let's say give or take 10-15%) but, you raise that figure any higher, and they're not even considering the quality-the sticker shock already killed it.

So Best Buy (along with everybody else) has to have house brands to meet that market need. No, they're not the best TVs (or headphones or whatever) but it's a necessary price point they need to hit to stay competitive to YOU!!!

And NO Best Buy absolutely does not encourage these brands over any other. In fact, the profit on these (especially big ticket items) is rather small. If your friend "the BBY manager" is selling them to bump his bonus, perhaps he needs to read up on how that system works? i'm pretty sure they're most interested in profit, not pushing cheap brands.


this is why you simply don't buy house brand ***, you get what you pay for; notice how when you buy a reputable brand name product it will look good, last long and customer service is more willing to help you out; employees and managers would never push insignia garbage, they are faced with what corporate dumps on them, just consider when you first saw it you bought it cuz it was a cheaper price, if best buy was over priced i wonder why they would price match and work with the customer than just grab and go like wherehouse stores; how do you know you got the right cables, power protection, or if you even have high definition; just take a second thought when you see a cheap price, you will always get what you pay for :eek


Yes, Insignia is ***!!! But it's their HOUSE BRAND ***, so that is why Best Buy pushes it, it makes the managers bonus bigger @ the end of the year.

I know managers from BB who have told me this. (They themselves haves Sony, Toshiba, Samsung LCD's in their own homes!!) They are "told" to push Insignia and now Dynex. They are both made by some offbeat Korean or Chinese company that "specializes??" in TV's. Stay with the more expensive Sony, you will not be dissapointed, and the old adage is indeed true, you get what you pay for.

Going on 6 years on my 35" Sony Hi-Def TV, not 1 service call!! Picture blows away virtually ALL of the current flat-screen TV's out there.


I couldnt agree more with you. I purchased a pair of Insignia Bluetooth headphones and they were very poorly designed.

From the minute I opened them, the headphone pads broke in half, very cheap plactic. I returned them before I even made it home.

Best Buy is over priced, I purchased a similar product with better quality online for half the price.

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