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The sound on my notebook computer (PC) stopped working. I used the restore CD that came with the (PC). When I was finished and restarted the (PC) I saw a blue screen with the message " missing system 32 hal.dll.". I took the computer (PC), restore CD and power cord to...
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No it just shows how lucky you were.

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Two years ago I took my Gateway desktop back to Best Buy for the third time for repairs. The computer simply would not boot. I am an IT major in college so I tried all of the tricks that I could conjure up. Never really crossed my mind to just check the motherboard. I...
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Just bought a brand new $1100.00 computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers - I had a printer so didn't buy that. So the very nice Geek Squad man comes out, transfers data from my old computer (he said motherboard was fried)but hard drive was good.

Not until he left, did I notice that he had not hooked up the printer. I still like this particular guy, but can't understand what I thought was just an oversight. Have called him and texted him innumerable times without comment. Called the store and spoke to an older gent who said they cannot "assume" I want my printer set up unless I specifically ask them to do so.

Is this nuts or what? I asked him that shouldn't the installer at least ASK if I wanted it hooked up since when he arrived, I had a printer that was hooked up and working. I am going to try and do it myself, but this computer is so different than my last one, I wanted an expert to do it.

My point is that it would appear that to get my printer set up by one of their experts, I have to pay some yearly or six-month fee for Geek Squad coverage. Sounds like a scam to me.

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Best Buy Blows

Andrew, the grease monkey at the Denton, Texas Best Buy needs a punch in the face. I will never ever ever shop there again after the way he treated me. They tried to double bill me for a stereo install/deinstall and he seemed too stoned to realize the problem. Best Buy needs a good drug test for its employees.
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After having read Lucy's comment, it is no longer wonder why Best Buy has too many store managers who are idiots. They are arrogant and rude.

No wonder, can't say the same thing to some of their staffs too. They kisses corporate *** and wipe their butts to get to where they are with empty heads and air attitudes. I particularly hate the "Josh" in Mundeline, IL..he is so arrogant and even call us liars when I have my doubts he is the one who lies about the product we would like to return. This manager doesn't have any sense of managerial aptitude.

I would say a big "L" himself, that is why he settles being a manager in Best Buy. Corporate themselves doesn't do any ***.

It wouldn't be a surprise, one of these days, the company will go down the drain with continuously bad employees esp. those managers and geek squad who are so rude.




Apparently Best Buy has a policy that states that you can yell, scream, curse at, and degrade anyone you want and do so publicly and still be in a management position so long as you have friends in the corporate office. A local store manager has done this to such an extreme that several people have quit or gotten fired because of his actions. This man brags about his friends in corporate and implies that any and all complaints made against him will backfire on the one who complains.


Best Buy (HAHA) funny. Vineland NJ

want customer unfriendly store well this is the place. Want an attitude for an answer rather than an answer, well this is the place. Want to wait until someone feels like helping well this is the place. But quick sell the suckers oooops customers something and that is all that matters. Got to love Vineland Best Buy.

Thanks for all your help and well thats not true now is it.

HH Gregg mabey?


Actually, employees are tested for drugs. If you had a problem, why didn't you contact a manager?

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Best buy

i am not complaining about them but giving them a compliment. i recently purchased a computer from them. they were very couteous and helpful. i told exactly what i wanted and they helped me out with it. i also go there for my sons games. they have pretty much of the games he wants. and they have the ink cartridges that i need in stock. i also love their selection of music and movies. they even have selections i havent seen in years. we are planning on getting an HDtv next year. we will definitely go to them when we purchase
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Thank you! We are happy when people love us :)

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Best Buy won't extend warrenty

I purchased a 5 year extended warrenty at Best Buy on my kitchen appliances and washing machine. I purchased them as a package so they wrote the warrenty up as a package also. My warrenty expires next month so I called them wanting to renew the warrenty and they said that is not an available option. They said that I can't purchase a warrenty for any of them because they were purchased as a "package" and not as individual plans. I have had them out 10 times over the past five years! The junk they sell needs a warrenty!! Never buy from them ever!!
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oh noes, they won't extend my warranty? whatever will i do now?

really wake up, go shop somewhere else so normal rational people don't have to deal with you.


so if you did get the warranty, what would happen after ANOTHER 5 years pass? would you try to get another one?



HOOOO BOY! Where can I buy an EXTENDED warrenty that covers my purchases FOREVER!!! Some people...........


Gee, five years ago they offered a package for a kitchen, but not for the past two or three years. They still offer a five year laundry package, but they have never offered a PSP that covered ALL those items.

And, depending upon the state you live in, it may or may not be legal for them NOT to at least offer you a renewal individually if the plan originator changed.

Best Buy is not an insurance company, so the rules are not the same.

You may have to settle for whatever they offer you on a renewal if that kitchen appliance plan (refrigerator, range and dishwasher) no longer exists. But they DO still offer the combined washer and dryer plan.


Maybe they told you they don't offer an extended warrEnty. Maybe you should have asked for an extended warrAnty instead.


You are right!! Best Buy should stand behind their products.

I'm done shopping there, every where I turn, all I hear are problems!

So if I buy more than one appliance, get a "package" warrenty, they won't extend it? Thats crazy -


Your the ***!! I bought the top of the line appliances - they were purchased from Best Buy, get it right duhhhh!!

Let me go slow for you - when you buy a product from a store, in this case Best Buy, they are the ones who warrenty the products, not GE Maytag etc. following me so far?? And for the other stupit ***, I wanted to purchase another warrenty extending the 5 years, after paying $1,400 dollars for a washer, I would hope that the retailer would cover the product IF I PURCHASE AN EXTENED WARRENTY.

Are you people dumb or just ***? Get your head out of your *** and read the problem the right way!


And why would you expect a retailer to cover anything beyond 5 years? That doesn't even make sense, things are designed to wear out after 5 years by the people who engineer them. Otherwise you'd never have to buy new stuff.


You bought kitchen applicances manufactured by Best Buy? That's odd.

I thought they were a retail store. I will never buy anything manufactured by Best Buy again. Thanks for your advice! Or maybe you mean you purchased items manufactured by GE?

Maytag? How about... you're an ***!?

It's not Best Buy's fault. It's your fault for buying cr@ppy appilances, cheap ***

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At the end of January, 2009, we bought an $800 Acer computer from Best Buy in Asheville, N.C.,and forked over another $30 to "optimize" Windows. We got it home and were pleased to have such a nice, fast computer, but our happiness didn't last very long. Within a...
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oh that was strange to see how someone one else just like me bought a acer computer from best and i had bought mine in 2008. when i was trying to choose a computer they kept saying what a great computer it was so i thought well its got to be good if they keep trying that hard to sale it to me and kept bragging on it well geuss what this computer wasnt cheap i got my computer left the store thinking how nice the sales people were trying to help me get the right one well i hadnt even had it 2 years and it went out.they said it is going to cost me more to fix that one then to go get new one that made me really up set and i dont think i will ever go back to that store again to trust there sales people to sale me anything.they just wanted to make a big sale they didnt care about me.and then if they did fix it it was going to cost a arm and a now i am going today to buy a new computer but not from them.:( :(

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Contacted HP with a problem with a printer under warranty. They sent me to their warranty center (Best Buy). Even though I had papers from HP showing it was under warranty, they refused to take it in for repairs. Seems they only warrant it if it was bought from them...
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more than likely, it was a limited warranty through HP. HP probably told him that he was dumb for thinking a limited warranty covered everything so they told him he would have to pay labor fees. he cheaped out and blamed Best Buy but they wouldn't do anything for him either.

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Best Buy refused to replace faulty laptop.

We purchased a laptop (Dell) which proved to have a screen defect after 3 days of very light use. It started as a black dot, then spread to a purple gash across the screen- the pixels were clearly damaged underneath. The store (in Granville, WV) refused to replace or refund the laptop, despite their 14-day replacement/refund policy. By this time, we'd had the machine for 5 days. We called the district, regional and corporate offices- they were just as rude and crooked as the store. We called Dell-Dell was aghast that the store wouldn't honor their own policy. Dell will replace the screen for $250. They would have done it more cheaply had we purchased the Dell Service Warranty, but we didn't (and Best Buy never offered it to us or told us it existed). We are going through our credit card company first to attempt to get our $ back. If that doesn't work, we will take the store to small claims court.
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I hate customers like you.

If it were a defect, Dell would have fixed it at no charge.

You clearly broke the laptop, or one of your kids did, and you belive anything that little Jonny says.

Nice job trying to pin it on "poor customer servie"


Not likely a manufacturer defect, and unless you buy the BB accidental, you shouldn't have been covered. We also don't sell any Dell service plans, they are only sold through Dell as a company.


Sounds like abuse to me, also there are no regional offices only district. Maybe you should take a little personal responsibility for breaking your laptop. One more thing Best Buy dies not sell the Dell service agreement.


You slammed the screen down, and want the warranty to cover this ?? Fat chance.

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WARNING:Bait and Switch at Best Buy

I recently saw an ad for a Toshiba A305-S6905 at Best Buy for $549.00. When you call them if they have it in stock, they will say the have plenty. However, when you go into the store, they told us that the only ones available was preloaded with antivirus and security software for $149.00 more. They had 4 of these open box laptops but do not have any for $549.00. Sounds like the olde "bait and switch" to out! You have to make sure when you call that you ask for a true new laptop with factory seal. Not one that has been open by Geek Squad and software loaded into it. These laptops are actually "open box" laptops with the box retapped by Geek Squad.
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Best Buy's has these sales for refrigerators, I don't need anything costing thousands, I just need a simple fridge for a small house, just me. They show all these fridges under $700, I get there, and no floor models, and wouldn't you know every one of them has been discontinued.

But they have other models there over $700 they'd like to show you!.

Went to Sears instead.


A word to the wise for SOME of you; If Geek Squad opens the box to "tweek" the unit, you can't be charged a restocking fee if/when you bring it back.

Also, you are not REQUIRED to buy the Geek Squad services.

If all they have left are "presets" and you don't want them, then PUSH it; you could (and should) get that unit for the advertised price even though it's already set up! :eek


well awhile back i worked at the customer service desk there at best buy. your situation would happen a lot and I would get chewed out for it LOL (im suppose to service the customer right?) anyways, the lazy employees will be on the phone with the customer and look on the computer at the inventory and see there is like for instance it says 4 instock.

" ya sir we have plenty" then you come in and uh oh cant find any...there supposed to look PHYSICALLY to make sure they have any bc what ends up happening is the inventory number is wrong bc of someones mistake/a few are lost in the back somewhere/maybe someone used wrong bar code to sell them and computer still says theres 4/ ya know, *** like that.

So anyways, sorry you ran into a lazy employee at best buy........ :roll


Similar issue happened to my sister here in Rockford IL.

She went to buy a Toshiba A505-S6960 laptop advertised at $649.

She was told they did not have this model on display, but had several in the back.

However there would be an additional fee of $39.95, because the Geeks had opened all of the boxes to pre-charge the battery and remove unwanted software.

I use to exclusively shop at best buy, no more.

It seems to me that every since CompUSA shut down, Best Buy is using unethical sale practices in order to boast their store profits.

I personally have decided not do business with Best Buy.

I have purchased a 50” TV at Sears, and an HP laptop at Office Depot; in both cases it was cheaper than Best Buy. Also the buying experience was pleasant; there wasn’t any pressure to purchase additional/unnecessary items at additional costs.

When I purchase something, I want to be the one to open the box, and who are they to determine unwanted software?

Toshiba sells some model laptops exclusively through best buy; my prediction is this practice will stop because Toshiba which is considered by many as a “World Class” laptop manufacturer is not going to risk its reputation to a reseller that practices questionable sales tactics.

So long best buy.

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Pissed off | Best Buy review from Metairie, Louisiana

after setting up an appointment through the service dept. at best buy good thing i called to confirm my date.while attempting to check on arrival of geek squad i was told by the rep that my scheduled appointmnent had been cancelled.after 1 1/2 weeks of waiting on another rep to come out i was told by the new service center that the geek squad must have been disbanded because he emails have been flooded for sevice calls.i am looking at a 65 inch tv in my room that doesnt work.and oh by the way that *** extended warranty is what i am waiting on service for.never buy anything from worse buy
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