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Why should Best Buy (or any other retailer) replace or repair your products after the warranty period?

There is a difference between good customer service, and poor business decisions.

It's really funny when customers blame their problems on the retailer. Best Buy does everything they can - Honoring manufacturer warranties, and offering extended coverage.

Best Buy is not the manufacturer. If your product breaks a day outside the warranty, blame the people that made it, and offered terrible coverage.

Or, you can simply realize that products are not made to last, they are simply made to function for a certain period of time. Sony (or any other company) has no reason to make a product that will last forever. They want it to break, and they want you to buy more.

Best Buy is not evil. They are simply a For-Profit organization that refuses to "bend over" for *** consumers.


Service plans are worth their weight in gold...on the right products. 9/10 manufacturer's warranty is only 1 year (THEIR choice, NOT OURS).

And it covers THEIR defects only. Not accidental damage of any type. It pretty much only covers it if you plug it in and there's no power. Most times they're useless.

If you bought a $4,000 TV and decided "no-service-plan" and the TV quits in year 2, there's no one to blame but yourself. We live in a consumer culture. I had one customer buy a front-load washer and the control board died 4 times in 3 years. It cost $175 per board and $80 to send repairman to house (once to diagnose, once to replace) EACH TIME.

He had our warranty, no cost to him, the 4th time, he got a new washer, works great now, no issues. Nothing is built to last anymore, because they make more money on repairs and parts or even, a new one. If someone offers to cover that item beyond the one year and you don't take it on a high-end item, you're crazy. You're just asking for the thing to die so you can buy a new one.

Some people are comfortable with that. Service plans are very useful if you read the literature and become informed about the steps (not hoops). Maybe it's not worth it on a $200 TV or $400 laptop, but it's not the store's fault if it dies after leaving our hands.

We don't build them, we don't run manufacturer's quality control, we don't test them (except for displays). Take advantage of what they offer if it's a large financial investment for you.


tom made a mistake.....he's a best buy employee.....that's his first mistake. i have to agree with tomsfriend about the "service plans".


Now you know why my caps lock key is the most underused thing on my computer. And, thank you Mr. Perfect, for magnifying my one-letter really helps the conversation.

However, if there IS one thing we can agree upon, it's that disservice sometimes comes at the expense OF service, once a problem is discovered. And that's not something owned solely by Best Buy or "Big Box" retail in general, but by anyone who offers alternative servicing options to their customers.

Many times, a manufacturer's warranty gets overlooked at the service counter. Even though the have come to cover LESS in a smaller time span, they are not totally worthLESS when it comes to electronics and modern appliances. The real trick can be for customers to SHOP with these things in mind. Many will rely upon their sales person to know what is and is not covered, and alert them of any potential hazards they might be seeing in the future.

At Best Buy, it seems, we can always count on them to present us with the alternative of an extended service, therefore, jogging our brain into that "the producer SURELY must be covering this for some amount of time without me having to pay" self-preservation mode.

At the services counter, or when calling for in-home service, it seems that sometimes their own plan is all they understand.


Tom, can you direct me to "Time Square"? I've been to Times Square before; perhaps that's what you meant while bashing the original poster for being ***?

I for one cannot stand the fact that places like Best Buy frequently use the "extended service plan" as their excuse for providing poor customer service. If you don't have the plan, they'll do anything they can to make a problem "your problem" saying you'd be covered and life would be grand if only you bought the plan. If you do buy the plan, you've got to jump through hoops trying to get your item repaired so it works as promised, and sometimes even that doesn't happen.

Good old fashioned customer service seems to have died off at the "big box stores".




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Best Buy misrepresented their credit line conditions to the consumer

My husband and I purchased 2 televisions, 1 blue ray video player, and 2 Nanos for my children under their credit line available at the time of purchase. We were told that it was zero interest for one year and no min. payments required. We had the money available to pay in cash but decided to take advantage of this promotion. The same day we made this large purchase someone that I knew from my daughters school made a large purchase and used the same promotion to make the purchase. The next month to my surprise we received a bill from Best Buy to make a min. payment. When we contacted the store the manager explained that there nothing he could do and we had to contact their credit department which of course they were not interested in helping us with this issue. I contacted the other person from my daughters school and the same thing happen to them. In the process of trying to get someone from the company to talk to we ended up being late on our payment. No one contacted us personaly and sent a gerenal e-mail stating there was nothing that could be done. So this purchase ended up costing us more than orginaly thought and I am so sorry that I ever went to a company that choose to cheat their customers. Be aware of this company's credit offer and in turn anything else they may offer their customer. I ended up paying the account off with the additional late charge and I never want to purchase another item from this company.
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This is a rather interesting situation. Purchasing that much stuff would lead me to believe that you were at $1,000 or more.

When were you planning on making a payment? All at once in the 11th-month? I guess I cannot question your financial situation, however, if you were indeed told that there was no minimum payment (which is hard to believe, all our employees must take the course on credit and it states there is one) then you we misinformed. HOWEVER, the minimum payment is $10 OR 1% of the purchase price, whichever is greater.

The maximum available credit limit is $5000 (last-time I took the course, but credit laws are changing, there will be another one). Meaning that you were unable to make a payment of $10-$50? This is suspicious, I'm sorry. I understand if they misinformed you, but when you sign on the paper it states: Customer has read and agreed to all terms and conditions.

Regardless of what they tell you, it's still a customer's responsibility to read the literature they're given. I apologize again, best of luck.


As far as any misrepresentation on the terms of a financing agreement...GOOD LUCK! :p

All of the financing options at Best Buy require a minimum monthly payment.

Always read the agreement and ask any questions BEFORE you sign! Failure of you to have an understanding of the terms isn't a defense.


If you can't afford it, or don't want to have a big TV delivered, the best thing to do is have the unit tested/inspected in the store for hidden damage due to shipping. I don't know of any retailer who would refuse to do this for a customer.

Delivery is always your best option, because it insures you have a connection to someone who is responsible for getting the product to you in NEW condition, and without damage; or else the retailer replaces it on their dime.

In your case, the best thing would be to continue to ask for assistance from the store, the corporate office AND Sony.

Even though they didn't deliver your TV, many times the mnufacturer will care enough about their name to go to bat for you with a retailer to settle things in the consumer's favor. In any event, I'm sure it's just a matter of timing and available product before your situaation is taken care of.


"in the process of trying to get someone from the company to talk to we ended up being late on our payment."

apparently it is the retailer's job to get you to make payments too? you were mis-sold on something, but that doesnt put your credit in their hands. be responsible for yourself.


This is amazing that this happened to you because believe it or not I had a terrible experience at Best Buy today as well.

On christmas eve, I read about this deal that best buy was giving on a Sony 40" LCD + Song BluRay Player + Sony 5.1 Surround Sound System for an amazing price of almost $1,300! I wanted to buy it right away so I called and the stores were closed so I call the 24 hour service and the systems were down so I had to wait until the 8AM on the 26th when the store who has the package deal opens. Well what I did was actually leave my place at 7:45AM Saturday morning and got out to this best buy and right away found the package and yes it was their last one. The full package was their last one because they had only one box of the theater system left but there were still tv's and bluray players. It was an amazing feeling at the store to get this deal that not many other stores even had because of one part of the package already sold out. I noticed that the sound system box had some damage on it and the sales associated made a joke about how these packages are treated when they are being shipped but that this units are packed up really well. We paid for the units and even set up that best buy rewards program and we got a free $10 gift card since our total came up to almost $1800 which we also put on our Best Buy Credit Card to take advantage of their 0% special financing.

We took the packages home and surprised the *** out of our parents and I slowly went into the process of setting up the surround sound system with all the wirings and speaker set ups on the walls. It takes a bit of time for all the measuring and hiding of those monster cables that I also had bought ( I really don't like the cables what come with the speakers, too tiny and cheap looking with no shielding of any kind). Now if someone takes as much time and dedication in setting up their surround sound as I do, they understand the amount of time it takes to make sure the speakers are at the right height/distance/volume before anything else.

After dinner I was finally ready for the LCD TV. We took it out of the book and put it on it's stand very carefull and I screwed in the screws to hold the stand in place. I put the tv in my mother's amoir and plugged it all up. My family was very excited to see how everything looks because this LCD is not only 1080p but also has 240Hz which makes the picture just outstanding to see.

Well guess what... we turned it on and saw a HUGE crack looking colors everywhere sort of thing and right away turned it off and inspected the tv. There were NO marks on the screen of the tv except for a little scratch near the middle towards the top of the tv. When turn it back on and there it was... a HUGE crack on the inside with NO marks on the outside. Right away I called Best Buy and spoke to a lady and she told me to bring it back in. It was 9:30pm and at this time I was very tired and I told her that if I am coming back in now that I want another tv (same one) or something extremely similar, nothing less. My brother helped me pack up the tv in it's box (showed no damage on the box at all) and we right away put the tv into the car and left for best buy. We literally got there at 9:58 and I parked the car outside. Went inside and I told another girl that I was here for my problem with the tv. She knew the story so she went to check with a salesperson on another tv that was similar because she said that they don't have anymore units of that model. While waiting we decided to just walk around and look at the tvs on display to see if I can find the one that we bought. Eventually I did and saw a box sitting there all by itself. Right away I went to find the girl and I asked her about this box and the salesperson with her came and looked and said that yes that is our tv. NOW at this point after what had happened I asked the salesperson if he could plug in the tv just so that we can check to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. After he opened the box and removed the tv out of the box, he was about to plug it in and turn it on when this other man walked up to me. He asked me what had happened to the original tv and I had explained to him my whole day. He flat out told me that he is not returning the tv. I had asked him why and he said that there is no damage on the box. I told him that of course there is no damage on the box and that there is NO damage on the tv except for a small scratch which is not close to the location of the huge crack. This was apparently the sales manager which I found out later on when I asked him who he was because I wanted to talk to someone higher than he is and that was the general manage who was not in. He continued to tell me that he will not exchange the broken tv the store sold to me and that we are not getting our money back either. I kept asking him that this does not make any sense that why is this happening to us. At this point it was approaching 10:30 and the sales manager gave me one option of leaving the store with my broken tv or he will call the local police. I told him to call the police because I am not afraid at all, I was not there to cause any problems and that store was the one who sold me a broken tv. He did call the police on us and I had called my older brother who was listening in on the whole conversation over my cell phone and he had told me to leave and to see if corporate will be willing to help since this sales manager was being completely rude and inconsiderate towards customers who don't spend a couple of dollars at the store but nearly $1,800. So they wrapped up our broken tv and brought it outside which at that time the police had shown up as we got to my car (which was parked right outside the doors of the store). The sales manager told the police officer that there is no problem anymore that we were leaving. At that moment my brother made a comment to the officer asking what is the law regarding a store selling a broken tv? He didn't hear him correctly so he walked up to us and asked what was it he had said so I explained to him very briefly what our situation was. I explained that we were not there to cause a problem but that this manager was being very rude to us and being completely inconsiderate to how upset we were for spending this much money for a gift for my parents and how upset we were that our first LCD tv was broken. The office told me that he has had problems which this store too and that he had stopped shopping there all together. He felt really terrible about what my brother and I just went through there but that when a manager says to leave the store that we really have to leave the store.

We got into our car and we drove home very shocked and upset that out of all places this happened at was Best Buy... we got home at nearly 11pm and explained what happened to our parents who then were in shock as well.

I really don't know what to do at this point, I am going to call corporate but I don't know how should I even go about getting this issue solved. I have never felt this cheated before in my left and it really hurts that our present to our parents was broken and I never even thought about check it at the store before buying it. My emotions got the best of me but now I know that if I am to ever buy something from a store to make sure that product works properly. Yes I did actually go and check out the BluRay player and surround sound system to make sure that they worked.

So now it is nearly 2AM and I have this broken 40" LCD TV in my garage and not sure what course should we take now. I know that we didn't pay almost $1800 for just a bluray player and a surround sound system by Sony.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy review in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: I pruchased a music disc and didn't get it yet.

I ordered a music disc and didn't get it before christmas. I ordered it two weeks before christmas. They told me they didn't have it in stock that I had to go on line. I came home and ordered it and paid for it by credit card. I received a notice that it would be sent quickly because they had to reorder the music disc. The Best Buy clerk said that was the only way I could get the music disc. I was charged over $18.00 for the disc. Thus far I've not received any information on my shipment or when I will get it.
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I don't know about you, but I would cancel my order! ;)

Procrastination claims another victim! :eek

#165622 Review #165622 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I bought a laptop for my brother from the Salem, OR, store two weeks. The employee informed me that since it wasn't in that particular store, that they would ship it from a nearby store and would arrive later that week (The Friday before Christmas). I returned...
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I worked at a Best Buy for 5 years and saw this happen more than I like to admit. It's horrible that they did that, and then made no attempt to rectify the situation. I can assure you that if that had happened in my store, my GM would have bent over backwards to make you happy. Luck of the draw, I suppose.

In my store, it was usually a case of a special order product coming in, clearly tagged for an employee/customer, and another employee comes along and takes it, destroys all evidence that it was intended for someone else, and sells it to a different customer so they can appear like the hero and garner praise. Best Buy definitely needs better safeguards in place to avoid this.

I personally never saw a manager do this, and have a hard time believing one would. I can posture two different scenarios for you. One would be that whenever somebody demands to speak to a manager, they more often than not get stuck with a supervisor, or worse, a senior. These people have little experience and even less ability to do anything for you. This could be the manager you mentioned, meaning they'd be more likely to do something like that.

The other scenario could be a legitimate manager selling your lap top to what they call a "Barry 5." Best Buy uses a program called Customer Contact Manager to classify all customers in one of five different categories based on what they buy, then ranked 1 through 5, based on how much they spend. Essentially, a "Barry 5" is a really, really rich dude who spends a ton of money at Best Buy, therefore they will kiss his *** and forsake other customers to please him. Including giving him already sold product, and hoping that they can replace that product in time. I hate to say it, but in other words, they don't see you as important because you don't spend as much as somebody else.

Obviously I can't say for sure, but as I said, these are the two scenarios I could imagine happening with your laptop.

I hope this information helps, and if you have any other questions, post them here and I'll try to help. What they did is wrong and they need to own up to it.

#165457 Review #165457 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy review in Brandenburg, Kentucky: Failed to give satisfactory refund

I bought a laptop,paid cash for it.when I returned it for a refund I was told I would have to wait 7 to 10 days for a refund check even though I paid cash for it.It has been12 days still no refund. I called customer service,was told my check would be issued 12-24-09 and would be mailed to me.they didnt wait 7 to 10 days to take my money,why should I have to wait . I am very pissed and will never ever shop there again.I am telling everyone so they will stop also.It a shame as tight as money is now.I cant finish my shopping because of them.I will go to walmart from now on.
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All return policies are on the back of the receipt, on the wall, and yes, just how much cash should Best Buy keep on hand? It's a store, not a bank.

Walmart requires that ANY item over $300 be SHIPPED back, NOT returned to a store and they still MAIL YOU A CHECK. Not only that, the minimum wage employees know very little about computers. I'm proud of my store, our guys are some of the most knowledgeable TV and computer repair reps.

Regarding how long it takes...that I'm not happy with myself, but they do say it's 14 days.


maybe next time you shuold look at your reciept, or the jumbo bulletin on the wall that explains all returns over $250 will issued in a check...


that is exactly why they have to do refund checks. its for security reasons.

for example, if 6 people want to come in and return $600 worth of merchandise that they paid cash for, dont you think having $3600 in the 2 or 3 registers that are up at customer service is safe? think not.


i bet Tom works retail and has to deal with *** like mcelrepr everyday. its common sense, how could a company have their CS people have thousands of dollars in their cash drawers? thats a liability.


I have a low threshold for stupidity, and you're about to pole vault right over it.

I'm not impressed with you or your rusty zipper and yellow shoes attitude, so move along troll. :roll


there you are again Tom I'm beginning to think that your rudeness is representative of Best Buy as you have had something personal to say to everyone that has posted something....I had no problem with Best buy till I started seeing all of your posts now I'm starting to wonder...come on tell everyone who you work for.....


Gee...if you'd have paid with a debit or credit card, you would have had your money back in your account by the next business day. But you had to pay cash for a laptop, huh?


I suggest you call the cops to meet you at the store, so you can be more thuroughly embarassed. :roll


they sure wanted your money when you bought it.why cant they get your money to you in time for christmas shopping.feel bad for you. I dont shop there for the same reason it happened to my mom a few months ago,so the busy shopping season has nothing to do with it.they didnt hesitate to take ypour cash.

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Best Buy online order but only you can pickup

I ordered online a computer for my daughter from a Best Buy store in Texas to be picked up at a store in Virginia Beach. However, when my daughter went to pick it up they did not let her. Even though, I had her name as the recipient to pick it up. I even had the manager of the Best Buy at my store call the manager at Virginia Beach and told him he had the parents here with him letting him know everything was legit. The Va Beach managers reply. "okay still not letting her have it". What a ***! Best Buys online promotion mentions order online and pick it up at the store and save on shipping costs. Right! What they do not tell you is that the cardholder has to pick it up! What is the sense doing that if the pick up is out of state? I might as well go to the store and buy it. Duh!!!
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Obviously, you only bothered to read what suited you. It clearly states that the person and the card must be present at the time/store the pick up is made.

I realize this doesn't work for you, but if you are willing to drive to your nearest Best Buy location, you are able to purchase products for pick-up at another store BY ANOTHER PERSON! Best Buy .com does NOT offer this service, but the stores DO!

#165237 Review #165237 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Manager

Best buy and Geek cheated me..

Bought a Dell XPS laptop at BestBuy in Spartanburg SC. Purchased DickSquad ultimate warranty "just in case". I had owned the machine for a matter of days. It was no longer able to boot. I have buit comptuers for years and am taking classes for the CCNA exam. Needless to say..I have seen a computer or two before. I suspected hardware failure, took the machine back to DickSuqad.. Immediatly the next 30mins were we probably cant cover this you will have to pay to install a new OS. You have to buy this and pay blah blah blah. I called the manager. DickSquad was reluctant but agreed to run the diagnostic program on the machine..They did the Motherboard was bad.I needed the laptop for school so 4 to 6 weeks for "send out" repair was not an option and of course, THEY DONT HAVE THAT ONE ANYMORE. the best they could do was I could pay MORE or they could exchange for another laptop..All they had in store at the time was a piece of *** HP and a piece of *** Vaio. I picked the HP went up front knowing that the HP was a 700.00 dollar computer and I paid 850.00 for the Dell. Expecting them to refund the difference..Boy was I wrong. DickSquad told me that they were"Exchanging technology for technology" and couldnt do any price difference. I could get a MORE expensive laptop if I wanted to pay more,but I could get no refund. I walked out with a 700.00 HP laptop that I had only paid 850.00 for..Gotta love Spartanburg SC BestBuy..
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Had similar problem with an HP bought from best buy. got the run around about best buy's extended warranty.

called HP directly and they gave me no cost repair and suggested i cancel the extended warranty and not let best buy work on it again.

have had no problems with the pc since the reapir. best buy manager wasn't too happy when i canceled the extended warranty and tried to create a scene in front of the others waiting for repairs.


I totally agree with Kevin, you fell under the 30 day return policy. You might still, because we extended the return period 30 days after christmas for purchases made before christmas.

And you cant possibly blame best buy for not having you computer in stock, especially right before the holidays when laptops fly off the shelves. And just curious, what warrantee did you get? We dont offer a "DickSquad ultimate warranty".

And also, all the warrantee coverage is in the packet that you received with the warrantee. I would consult that.


Um, if you had the computer "a matter of days" why didn't you just return it and say it's defective. They can't charge a restocking fee for a defective product.


That was your choice. A smart person would have made them stand behind their warranty and wait for a repair on what they felt was such a superior machine.

An educated person would have been able to explain their situation with more facts and less childish name calling, too.

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Best Buy - Management

This complaint is regarding the Best Buy located in Irvine, California. My family was harrassed this past weekend at this store. I am so ofended by the way I was treated at this store. I was with my family Christmas shopping on Saturday. We were buying all kinds of goodies from digital cameras to gps units. We spent $1,000 that day. While we were checking out they decided to have a manager stand next to the cashier as she was scanning all items. The manager then bagged the items after the transactions were complete. As we proceeded to walk out of the store, we were stopped by another store manager. This manager's name is Lucey and she asked to see the receipt. We showed it to her, and she moved us to the side. She took everything out of our bags and went through the entire receipt. She told us that we didn't pay for items that were obviously listed on the receipt. She was rude, and made my family feel humilated. Other customers were looking to see what was going on. It was byfar the worst experience I have ever had. In the end (after 15-20 minutes) she saw that everything was paid for. She didn't apologize to us for her behavoir or anything. She was mad, and upset. As soon as I left I called the corporate headquarters, and I called the stores General Manager. The General Manager said that he would talk to her about her behavoir. Later that evening we realized we didn't buy something, and had to back to another Best Buy located in Laguna Niguel, Ca. We went in purchased our items, and walked out without any harrassment. In the end I am asking myself was the outcome of this good enough???? What do you think??
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F best buy. If your having a good day, dont brother heading there. You'll just end up being pissed.

#165206 Review #165206 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy review in New York, New York:

I have been a Best-buy premium SILVER customer for a very long time. This holiday I bought a Samsung ln46b640 (a bestbuy exclusive model for$999+tax) from I had to pick up from Brooklyn, NY as it was the closest available store to get the TV. I got a confirmation from and I even called the store to confirm the same. After driving 25-30miles to the store, they asked me to wait for them to find the item. Long story short, after waiting for 2hrs and 15mins they finally told me that they couldn't find my tv. I called the next day and after an hour on the phone they told me that there was a computer glitch and I cannot have the tv I ordered, as its out of stock. They told me if I buy with the next model (ln46b650)which was priced at $1359that they will give me a discount of $250. This model # has the same spec as ln46b640 1080p&120HZ, but with a red color border and a chin at the bottom part of the tv. In effect I paid $1100 for the same wine in a different bottle. I got the tv delivered on 12/11/09 and I was still satisfied with my purchase as I got the tv even if I paid a little bit extra. At least that's what I thought until I saw the bestbuy's sales flyer. I found that the tv came with a free blueray player+ free blueray movie (Hangover) and the price dropped to $1279. I called to at least get the blueray player. I was surprised when the CS rep told me that her supervisor denied to do so. I called again after a few days and got the same answer that they cannot honor the promotion as the TV has been delivered. I felt that I have been screwed over by bestbuy. I am going to return the TV as I still have 8 more days to do so. I am probably going to sears and getting the deal as they do price match. I am learned it the hard way that will not price match there own promotion even if its with in few days after the item is delivered. I have been a bestbuy customer for a long time and a premium silver member, but from now, bestbuy is not going to be on the list of my "Place to shop"!
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Tom is probably the rep that messed up. Poor Tom.


Kinda same deal I bought a Dell XPS laptop with unconditional DickSquad warranty..I am studying for CCNA so I have an idea about computers..DickSquak IMMEDIATLY started telling me reasons why the COULDNT cover this..The manager got ivolved the decded to run the diagonostics on the computer. The motherboard was bad, The exchaneged ONLY for computer of LESSER value..I paid 850.00 for the Dell walked out with a piece of *** HP that sold for 700.00..They "exchanged technology for technology" no refunds..

Screw BestBuy of Spartanburg SC and DICKSQUAD service. Next time its Dell.Com all the way...


Your just mad because the only job you can get is working for Bestbuy. Get a life, the only thing you have to do is set in your mon and dads basement and play on your computer. I forgot to add it was the Bestbuy of florence Kentucky


@ Tom

I don't know what your agenda is but here is the situation. I paid $100 more and not $10.

And the $200 off wasn't for the that TV.

It was a compensation for the Bestbuy employee screw-up, which made me drive 20 miles to Brooklyn and wait for 2hrs and 15 min at the register for a store pickup and not get the item. I don't know how you value your time, but for me 3hrs is worth more than $200.


Not only did you get a better TV (100k contrast vs 80k, and the additional features; including Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! Widgets, You Tube, Rallycast, Blockbuster On Demand, and eBay) but the price difference is AT MOST $200! So, they sold you that TV at almost $800 off list! (your math - not paid $10 more for a better model!)

So, you get a better deal on a BETTER TV (which nobody else got, I'M SURE), and you're going to post them up over a lousey DVD PLAYER? It's called double-dipping. I wouldn't allow you to do it, either.

Now, if you REALLY want that free DVD player, I'm pretty sure they would be willing to renegotiate the price you paid for your TV back up to the level where you would qualify for it, but it would very likely cost you more than the DVD player is worth! The price you paid for the TV is STILL less than the difference with the cost of the player removed, or don't you see that?

Please burn your "Premium Silver" membership card; you're not qualified to use it.

Oh, Jeff...MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Look into it. It doesn't matter what price you paid or what the model is, DEFECTS IN WORKMANSHIP has you covered. Best Buy would have sent it back to them for free, and you would have been made whole by now.

Think much?


Hi, I had the same kind of thing happen to me. I bought a new HP computer the day after thanksgiving and they were sold out in minutes.

It was screwd up from the start, hard drive was bad and maybe the mother board.

They would not replace it because it had a different model number and they wanted me to pay over $400.00 more for the same computer with different model number or they would give me a smaller computer instead. The computer they offered me you could buy at Walmart anyday for a cheaper price.

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#165051 Review #165051 is a subjective opinion of poster.
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Will not shop at Best Buy AGAIN!!

"I purchased 2 of these laptops. The first laptop was purchased early December from Best Buy online. Shortly after, I was having issues with the screen and mouse freezing after I open the lip. It seemed to be an intermittent issue but after a week of having it - it became more of an inconvenience. Under the impression that it was just a isolated incident I advised the CSR what I was expriencing and my full refund was provided with no questions asked. The second laptop was purchased a week after since it was sold out at all the local Best Buy's. YET AGAIN, I was experiencing the same issue with the screen freezing. This time, I attempted to get the issue resolved with technical support - to no avail. Not only was the issue causing me a lot of frustration but at this point in time, I had spend about 2 hours with un-help desk. I went to the store to return the laptop. The Geek Squad would not refund me in full and wanted to charge me with the 15% restock fee since we could not "prove the issue we were experiencing". How do you prove an issue that is intermittent? Aside from spending hours on end until it occurs, they refused to give me my full refund. I dealt with 2 managers. One of which did not speak to me in person the other one stated that he would waive it only if I purchased a laptop today. SO, the restock fee could be waived at the discretion of the manager only if a purchase was made? Sounds like a bribe. Nonetheless, after spending over an hour at the Geek Squad desk, we just took the hit of $85.00. I am extremely unsatisfied with this laptop and moreso with the Customer Service of Best Buy. We will not be purchasing any future electronics here again and we will definitely share this experience with family and friends. What's really upsetting is they will resell this defected laptop and if that consumer wants to return it, they will have to pay the 15% restocking fee since they will not be able to prove an intermittent issue - unless of course they are lucky enough to have it occur in front of Best Buy."
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Any new laptop returned has a 15% restocking fee if it's a straight return. Unless there's a defective issue.

Since you had 2 of the same laptop and had the same issue, it's one of 2 possibilities. It's every laptop on the entire line of that model number (which would be all over the Internet and there would be a recall) or it's the user/their software. Those are the only 2 constants in this situation and logically, since you had 2 of the same situation, it's one of the two constants. Managers do have the authority to wave the restocking fee IF you buy something else...anything else...equal or greater to your purchase price.

Laptops are expensive to return to the manufacturer. If there is an issue, they never go back to the floor, it's sent to manufacturer. If it's proven to be working and in pristine condition, then it MIGHT be sold open-box with your issue listed in the comments. Manufacturer will do the same thing Best Buy will in that first year and won't charge you shipping to the service center, mac.

We don't building these things, if they're broken when we get them it's not our fault. If they become broken in a customer's possession it's DEFINITELY NOT our fault.

Swap for a different model next time. Get the GSBTP so all repair is covered by Best Buy, they'll fix you up even after that 1 year is over.


don't take it back to best buy for service. big mistake to do that......go to the manufacturer for help. second mistake ---- buying a second one from best buy.


Like this board is an accurate sampling of anything? :x

I have no problem with posting complaints if they are legit, but with this site you get to post whatever you want and ignore the facts.

I merely try to bring a little reality to the discussion.

Now, do I tend to be a little RUDE? Have you read some of this ***?


Tom you must work for best buy I've seen 3 or four posts where you seem overly offended by someone venting over them. I agree with you on one account, but everyone can't be wrong about them.....


First of all, Best Buy only charges a 15% restocking fee on laptop computers that are new in the box when purchased, and then returned without another unit purchased to replace it. Open items and display computeres sold do not get a 15% restocking fee when they are returned.

Likewise a computer that has ben "pre-set" by the Geek Squad prior to purchase.

Secondly, electronics is not a perfect science; especially when you factor in the human element.

Just because you can't understand it, doesn't mean something is or isn't as issue. And re-purchasing the same item expecting different results isn't always the wisest course of action.

Maybe you should do a little more research before buying a computer next time.

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