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On christmas eve, I read about this deal that best buy was giving on a Sony 40" LCD + Song BluRay Player + Sony 5.1 Surround Sound System for an amazing price of almost $1,300! I wanted to buy it right away so I called and the stores were closed so I call the 24 hour...
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Williamsburg VA Best Buy,

Same thing happen to me yesterday. I called the police and was told to take it to court.

something needs to be done about Best Buy. I've been a loyal customer in the past two months I know I've spent over $3000. I got my iwatch, Harmon Kardon head set, sound bar, another tv, etc... The sales clerk in that store know me.

I can't believe it!

I tried to call head quarters they said the manager in the location has to handle the situation. I'm in the military and don't have the time but I'm going to make the time to go to court $1542 is a lot of money to just let BB have.

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The Geek Squad is a rip off. They take advantage of anyone with a question. They treat their customers like prey instead of appricating their business. They tried to tell me I made a laptop crash after having it less than 24 hrs. I was sold a laptop as new that...
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The battery would be in the laptop if it was a Toshiba or a certain Dell model. I call *** because if the laptop was defective they would replace it. There is more to the story, such as damge orsomething.

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3 month old computer/best buy is a joke

purchased a computer in September, by December the motherboard and hard drive were fryed. Best buy said they would send it to HP to have it taken care of. A month later, we finally got the computer back. Heres where it gets interesting, first we paid for them to back up the computer and we needed that by the next day, they said no problem, well we did not get it for almost a week. then when e got the computer back the *** tried to say we owed money, i said for what, he tried to say they reprogrammed the computer however i knew they didn't because my husband had told them not to. the *** check and they did no work. so then i asked the guy if my original programs were on the computer the ones it was sold with, he said "NO" its empty. I started getting very anrgy, he said well you did not but there service package, I told him the computer should come back the way it was purchased, he got very rude and said contact HP. By this time I was pissed, I tolded him there practices are not right and they don't stand behind products they sell, he got even ruder, at the end of the whole thing, he had the nerve to say his exact words " SIGN THIS PAPER SO I CAN GIVE YOU BACK MY COMPUTER" indicating it was his, I went off on him, i hope this company goes under i will make a point to advise people to stay away from best buy, there a joke
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Looks like Best Buy has the Geek Squad answering back to the comments.Its already known Best Buy has *** customer service and social rejects for the Geek Squad. bottom line another customer bites the dust.


If you hear people yelling every time you go to Best Buy, it's probably not a good sign for us to be shopping there. I doubt someone expects instant repairs ---maybe quality repairs but not instant.


Yet again, *** tool blames ALL their problems on the people trying to fix them! I'll bet she SCREAMED for a brand new computer cuz' she spilled something on this one.

Every time I go to Best Buy there is somebody YELLING because they have to wait for somebody to fix the computer that they broke! Yeah, I saw the big sign outside offering "INSTANT COMPUTER REPAIRS" (Not!!!)


You seem to have that malfuntion tommie.


Just another *** wanting something for nothing.

Is that also YOUR malfunction, MAC? :x


"Jokes on you"? Sounds like a "best buy attitude".


Don't you think you should have paid someone to do your thinking for you BEFORE you fried your computer?

Joke's on you. :roll

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Best Buy Sells Faulty Computers!

This is the third and last computer I will ever buy from Best Buy! The first one crashed in 6 mos Best Buy could never seem to fix it. The second the mother board fried took them 4 mos and 3 times of sending it back to fix it paid for back up protection for pictures they forgot then charged me anyway for the back up. 3rd and last I had no choice to buy #2 froze and crashed got #3 had it 3 wks had to send it back they had it 6mos got it back it crashed that same night! In the 3 years I've owned it I have had it for 6 mos working properly. They dont honor Lemon Laws Ever!
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does best buy make the laptops themselves? no.

who does? the manufacturer.

who should you be angry at? the manufacturer.


I worked at BBY in a separate service center. It's expensive to run a service center and BBY was constantly looking for a less expensive M.O.

The fact is that customer service will always suffer with the monster-regional service plans. We used to call every customer and follow all the parts orders, expediting them if the part was on order over 48 hours, but this did not result in cost savings. My belief was we were doing the right thing by keeping the customers informed and advised, but let's face facts: that wasn't getting the units proccessed quickly or cheaply enough for their business model. Also we had been techs for a minimum of ten years, so we were well paid, but there's more expense.

That's why we all got "promoted to customer" and replaced by teenagers.

All businesses want it cheaper and quicker. And yes, some customers will get screwed in the proccess.


All I can say is, that it's too bad Best Buy can't refuse to sell computers to people who breathe through their mouths, don't wear seatbelts, and smoke a pack a day while pregnant.


Yet more examples of inept people spending loads of money of things they have no understanding of, using terms they don't fully understand and thinking they are soooo right.

@gsdpero "Fried" your wireless?? How is that done exactly?

How do you "fry" a motherboard? I really need to know as I have been working IT for going on 12 years and have never had anything remotly like that happen to any computer I have installed, admined or supported.

Why does anyone pay for backing up their files? I just don't understand it. Buy a thumb drive or an external HDD and copy them there. Simple and easy.

As for crashing? What were you doing before a "crash" What OS, hardware specs, open and running services, extra hardware connected, ect? Answer those questions and I can help.


Another thought on Mom_of_4's geek squad complaint: Can it really be that the geek squad is that inept in something that they are touted at be so proficient in? Like Arsenio Hall used to say, "That's one of those things that make you go: Hmmmmmm?"


I had a similiar experience with BB, except they fried my wireless while doing some routine maint. that I was paying for.

It took several months and alot of hassle to get them to make it right. I believe, based on watching other consumer issues at the geek squad desk, that BB paints unsuspecting customers into a corner in order to tug at their purse strings.

I said then: "I'll never do business with them again," and I haven't and won't. Another to big for their britches big box company.

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Best Buy poor customer service

In November 2005 I purchased a 50" LG plasma TV from Best Buy in Dover, DE. (#842). In May 2008 while watching the TV there were three very loud "bangs" and the unit shut down. I called the warranty service and the TV was repaired ( cost of $ 700.00). On 12-27-09 while watching the TV there was a very loud "bang" and the unit again shut down. I called the warranty service and was advised that the extended warranty expired 10-31-09. I was very upset as I had not been afforded the opportunity to renew the warranty for this TV. I explained the situation to the warranty rep, stating the TV had blown up twice within a year and a half and I was not afforded a renewal on the extended warranty. Nothing they could do. The afternoon of 12-27 I went to the Dover DE store and requested to speak to the store manager. I was advised that the assistant manager was there. I asked to speak to him but he refused to come out and speak to me. He sent messages out to me via a store associate. I was told that there was nothing that could be done at the store level and that I would have to contact the corporate office. On Monday 12-28-09 I called the corporate office and after being transferred to the wrong department four times I finally spoke to a gentleman by the name of Tim. Tim advised me that there was nothing that Corporate could do and it would have to be handled at the store level (here comes the runaround). I then called the Dover DE store and spoke to the manager his name is Glenn Stitsworth. I explained everything to Mr. Stitsworth and he asked me exactly what I wanted from him. I explained the story to him and that I have been a loyal customer to Best Buy for many years and have spent many thousands of dollars with the company. Mr. Stitsworth advised me that company loyalty means nothing. Considerations of this nature are not based on loyalty of the amount of money one spends with Best Buy. He did however say that he would see what he could do and he would get back with me. He again asked why I thought Best Buy should help me with matter and I again explained that I paid $ 4000.00 for this television and it had blown up 2 times in a year and one half. I feel that this unit is defective and should be repaired at no expense to me. I also explained that I feel I was not afforded the renewal warranty due to a "payout" being made on this unit. He assured me that that was not the case. It has bee over 10 days and I have not heard from Mr. Stitsworth. I believe Best Buy should stand behind this unit. The overall cost to Best Buy would be in insignificant on the overall scope of things and would go to great lengths in restoring confidence in the company.
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Does someone HAVE your TV, or is it just looking pretty sitting on your wall? Also, is it the same part that was replaced (that you didn't pay $700 for) two years ago? Did that repair have any warranty? What you describe sounds pretty unusual for a plasma TV. Have you checked the Internet for bullitens or recalls by the manufacturer?

Because, honestly, I don't see that Best Buy's going to do anything for you at this point. They don't own the warranty, and from what I've been told get nothing on a renewal. I got no call on my TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, range, or other electronics. I don't expect to get one, either. About the only hope you have left, is that the manager might be able to give you a discount on a new one.

The only good part if this, is that you will be able to purchase a 50" plasma with better technology for a lot less than you paid for yours 4 years ago. I've seen them for as low as $700.

Good luck.


Thank you for reading my post. Perhaps I need to clarify a couple of things in my description of events. I was not charged $ 700.00. I stated that I called the Warranty/Service dept and the TV was repaired. It cost $700.00 for the parts and labor which the warranty/service plan covered. ( as I stated further in my post as a "Warranty payout being made".Historicaly, it has been my experience with most all of my extended warrantys/service agreements that as they reach their experation date I am contacted via mail or phone, if not both, inquiring if I wish to extend them.

I believe I am clear as far as the dates are concerned. Unit was purchased in Nov. 2005. First problem was in May 2008, covered under ext warranty/service plan. Second problem with unit 12-27-09. That would equal 1 year and 7 months. The unti failed twice in less time than it took for the original failure.

Perhaps I am not as articulate as many but you have the full story. I am not pulling any fast ones here. And as of this writing I STILL do not have any response from the store. Perhaps I am asking too much.


First of all, explain to me why you were charged $700 for service in May 2008. Secondly, did you bother to read the terms of your agreement?

The time frame of how and when things happens to anything you connect to wall current not withstanding, you had four years to figure out when was a good time to renew a service agreement (not an extended warranty)

Aside from that, you compound the confusion by stating "the TV had blown up twice within a year and a half", when by your own admission it was well over two years before you experienced your first problem...and then PAID FOR IT? Was there some service performed outside the warranty terms?

Something tells me that, once again, we are not getting the whole story here.

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Best Buy Manager

Fraudulent price guarantee at Best Buy

I saw a 52 inch TV on sale at Best Buy for $1,799.00 and saw the same TV on sale for $1,599.00 at a competitor's website. The sales manager at the Surrey Central Best Buy location in Surrey, British Columbia refused to honor Best Buy's price guarantee even after I provided him with a printout of the competitors price as proof. The manager's excuse - the competitor's price was below Best Buy's cost price, so he was not prepared to honor Best Buy's price guarantee. No other manager was available so I sent two e-mails to Best Buy's customer service - to date, they have either refused or chose not to respond. I will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB, Consumer Protection Authority and the Competition Bureau for Best Buy's fraudulent marketing practices. Never buy from this business again.
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I tried to do the same thing at my Best buy and they said, "Can't do it" , but they explained why... The website I brought the ad in from, on further investigation, is an "Authorized Re-Seller" meaning they sell "refurbished" items, NOT factory direct "New" items.

I asked the Mgr. about the quality of refurbished and he said "Most of them are great, but, when you buy "sight unseen" from the web, you can never be sure of the condition, how long it was used BEFORE it was refurbished, and who do you deal with if it fails again?. They offered me a substantial discount on a similar but better model (matched a local dealer even tho' the closest store had sold out-but a store 45 minutes away still had some)just to get my business. I thought they handled the issue professionally and with a great deal of tact.

I'm sure they get TONS of people wanting to match prices on "iffy" on-line merchandise and I bet it gets old really quick, but in my case, they did right by me. Just sayin'..........


Hey Alan Z; match a price on what, and from whom? WTF?

Give us some legitimate details to look at!

Jim, I have never been refused a price match at my Best Buy. Maybe I am just lucky, huh?


Hey ***

Have you ever read the notices right as your walk into a Best Buy that says they reserve the right to refuse business with anybody they see fit? Have you ever read the fine print of their price matching guarantee?

Or were you just naive enough to think that there were no details, no stipulations, no exclusions, and downright no way for a manager to deny a sale? If you've made it far enough in life to be able to purchase 1600 dollar TV and not have learned that lesson by now, well congratulations, you're the luckiest human being in history.


Same problem with Bestbuy in Commack, NY. Went into the store with a local competitors ad and they refused to match the price.

I had the newspaper in hand. I was told the price was below their wholesale price????? Who cares if Bestbuy cannot obtain the item cheaper then the other store. The policy states, bring in the ad and we will simply match that price???

I called Bestbuy main office and no one could tell me why the store did not match the price.

Great customer service. I will buy my electronics else where.


By policy (and general rule) Best Buy doesn't pricematch competitor's websites. If a store's manager decides to do so, that's up to them.

Good luck with your complaining.

Best Buy Retail Store Price Match Guarantee...

If you find a lower advertised price on the same available brand and model prior to your purchase or during the exchange and return period, we will match that price. Simply bring in the ad of the local retail competitor or Best Buy, while the lower price is in effect and receive your price match.

The guarantee does not apply to our competitors' website pricing and the guarantee does not apply to our or our competitors':

Offers that include financing, bundling of items, free items, pricing errors and mail-in offers

Items that are limited-quantity, out of stock, open-box, clearance, Outlet Center, refurbished/used items and items for sale Thanksgiving day through the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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Best Buy Website

Best Buy in Charlotte, North Carolina - Laptop purchased online and not received!

Best Buy has left me with the worst experience shopping online I've had. After purchasing a laptop online, I was sent the UPS tracking number for someone else's shipment and never received mine. It's been over a month since I reported the problem (and I've made over 10 phone calls on the issue!) and they have not refunded my credit card. A card I opened with them! All the customer service reps can plainly see that they package was not mine and was not shipped to me, yet they can't seem to get it resolved. I will never give another dime to Best Buy.
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"...the package was not mine and was not shipped to me..."

Well, if it wasn't yours, then it SHOULDN'T have been shipped to you! :grin

srly, dude...just drive down to the store and have them help you out. :cry

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Best Buy in Chelmsford, Massachusetts - BestBuy employees ill-informed

I have been told buy Best Buy that the TiVo $100-off promotion has ended: Quote: "I have researched the promotion and it has ended" However, when I go to the web site it still shows the offer: I have talked to at least 5 people at Best Buy that told me that there is no and never was such a promotion... I found one store manager who told me the offer only started after Dec 26th. However I received an email for the offer on Dec 10th. I have been told by customer support that the offer is for only. But right on the web site it says: "Offer available only at Best Buy stores and" I still cannot get a straight answer from anyone I talk to.
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maybe someone should tell the employees at the best buy store what tom found out.


Yep...promotion expired. The link still works, but you can't pull it up on any of the current offers.

"Savings will be reflected in your cart when all offer requirements are met.

If you remove any of the qualifying items from your cart or cancel all or part of your order, you will not receive the promotional savings. Valid on in-stock items only. Items may ship separately.


Nice try. :roll

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Fraud of the Day!

Last week a found that Best Buy had put the Apple Magic Mouse on sale for $59. You could not order it on-line but could pick it up from a store. From Las Vegas the nearest store was in New Mexico. (No one has had a Magic Mouse for weeks even the Apple Stores.) So this week I went back on-line and the sale is off. Bait and switch or just plain be the judge. Now how can you have a sale when you don't have the product. You can't fix *** or Best Buy.
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Was the item an "Outlet Item" or just a sale item? Outlet is completely limited to "while supplies last" and limited to the locations that have one.

Basic sales are in fact, week-to-week. Every Sunday a new ad is released nationally, with new items, new sales, etc.

Why not call the store that so far away and ask if they'd ship it to a closer one?


sales end you know. and one best buy might have different stock on hand then another best buy store. lol, too funny


You are the living proof that you can't fix ***. Read up on fraud (and bait and switch) BEFORE you start yelling fire in a crowded theater.

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Best Buy NOT Best Buy

Y I don't shop at Best Buy anymore - 1) Condescending sales people: Consistent and across the board either treated like an ***, or given miss information due to lack of knowledge. 2)Doing me a favor attitude: terrible non-verbal, poor explanation or hidden costs not fully explained or divuldged only after questioned. 3) Geek Squad station in consumer area: Geeks checkin email, talkin story, when asked for help, they point to a blue shirt employee in another area (u want me to spend $ or wat?). 4)Magnolia Section Bad Customer Service: No one there, or I stand in front of the wait counter with 2 Geeks and 2 Blue Shirts on phones and register for 10 minutes without a single one of them asking if I need help, or to at least recognize my presence? Managers need only to walk in as a customer in disguise to experience their own lack of training process. Apparently,30 billion a year suggests they have no problem? Care to comment about your employee training program Tom?
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you know, sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, even though they don't have a customer in front of them, they are still working on something for a customer who probably wants something done RIGHT NOW! - just like you.

i know you think you are more important than other customers, but try to realize that there are other people out there.


Lookie, here... you cowardly, constantly complaining dipwad with not balls enough to put your name on anything you post... You think Best Buy got to being #1 in the game beacuse of their pretty blue shirts? If you have a legitimate gripe about something, then BRING IT. Mostly, you need to bring it up with the store manager, their superiors, the local TV troubleshooter or YOUR MOM!

Stop posting about something you know so little about, because you are only embarassing yourself and wasting valueable bandwith! :x

1) ...kinda tough to be "condescending" AND not know what you're doing. But, I'm sure you're an expert in that! :grin

2) ...and you shop there because...? :x

3) ...ever think they might be taking a training, or even (God forbid!) looking up something to help another PAYING customer?

4) ...not all stores have a Magnolia section, or a musical instrument section, either. But, if those folks are assisting other customers, maybe you could just ask them how much longer they will be, so that you can spend your money at Circuit City. :upset

Finally, you would know training if it wasn't for your Mama buying a case of Pampers every month! :grin

I anxiously await your response - NOT.

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