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They Lie Cheat and Just Don't Care | Best Buy review from Asheville, North Carolina

Lied about repairing our Netbook! They did not inform us of the repairs and lied about the actual repair...would not reinstall the operating system. Had to resend it to the manufacturer to reinstall the operating system...Best Buy wanted to charge us! Best Buy is generating money by replacing the operating system...however the service from ASUS, Toshiba, HP, and Dell all repair their products for free which is included in their warranty service. NOT BEST BUY! BEWARE...when you buy from this group you are risking your money and possibly throwing it out the window. Our computer is useless after the repair!
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Well you just said that the manufacturer will reinstall the operating system. So how is the computer useless?

And why was it taken to them to get repaired? Because they're not going to reinstall the operating system for free if you got a virus.

Now if it was a hardware problem they will if it's in a warranty or service plan. I think you're not telling the whole story, or you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Bad computer; poor service | Best Buy review from Honolulu, Hawaii

Purchased the computer/virus protection recommended by Best Buy Sales Associate since I will be out of the country for a year and need a good computer to work from as I teach online. Got on the road and after half an hour of use the computer would no longer connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Ended up at BB in Conway, AR--they said they tested the software and that the problem was a defective Wi-Fi Card. They shipped it from there to be sent to the BB at my next stop. When I picked it up, the computer was scratched up and missing one of the feet on the bottom and the problem was still not fixed. BB says they are not responsible for the condition of the computer since it was shipped from a different store. The computer is still under manufacturer warranty and in addition I had purchased the two year Black Tie Service Plan. Now for my year abroad I am left with a dirty, scratched, wobbly piece of *** computer--not to mention the hassle of having no computer for nearly a month while they fooled around with it. I will NEVER deal with Best Buy again!
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Best Buy Price Match (if corporate feels like it)

When the iphone went on sale for Buy to see if they would do a price match. I checked their price match policy online, and it stated that as long as the customer brings an advertisement with the price on of a local competitor, they would price match. I even called up the store I intended to go to JUST to make sure. The person I spoke to on the phone informed me that yes, they will price match. Just to make sure, I asked him again whether they have enough phones in stock since I won't be able to get to the store until 2 days later, he assured me, "we have enough". 2 days later, I walked into the store, with a printed ad from Walmart in hand and asked them if I can take a look at the iphone, and explained to them that I had spoken to one of their employees on the phone and was told they will price match. (BTW, no one actually offered to help me. The employee was sitting right in front of me, and continued doing some busywork as I stood there waiting to get her attention.) The girl looked confused at first, but said that they do have phones in stock, and if i had an ad with me, they will price match. Then another employee walked up to her, and quickly said that they can't price match anymore. Shocked, I asked why. He said that they received an email from corporate as of 12pm that day to say that they will no longer price match Walmart's iphone price because Walmart's sale was over, the phone is back to the original price. (That price was NOT an "on sale" price, Walmart lowered their price, and they did not anywhere stated that the sale was for a limited time.) I told them that I JUST looked up Walmart's website and the price is still the same, and asked them (nicely) if they could look it up again on their computer, in case I was wrong. They looked it up, whispered something to each other. I heard the girl asked the guy what she should do, and he repeatedly said, "we can't, we cant". Even though I specifically requested to see the screen to see if the price is still the same, they averted my question, and refused to show me the screen, and simply said they will no longer price match. Disappointed, I walked out. Then I came back later that day (wasn't ready to give up), and asked to speak to the manager. He again, gave me the same reason- that Walmart's iphone sale is over. I had my friend showed him on his (iphone) that Walmart's website has not changed- the price is still the same. Following that, his next excuse was that they're taking a loss by selling it for that price. Following that, he said that they will not price match out-of-stock items. I asked him where does it say that on their policy, he pointed to me the bullet that had that information. The manager asked me to show him a store where the iphone is still in stock at Walmart at that price. I told him that if i called every single store, i'm sure ONE will have it in stock, will he price match it then. He didn't say anything. The manager and 2 other employees just sat there and looked at me. They were EXTREMELY rude throughout this process, never offering me an alternative (such as introducing another phone). Also, if they TRULY did not price match because of out-of-stock items, why did they sent out that email at 12pm that day? Shouldn't that be in their policy since day one (Walmart had already sold out most of the phones within the first couple hours of their price change announcement)? It baffles me to think that between 12pm and 7pm (when I came in that day), every single Walmart in the country had no iphone left in stock. It was obviously just an excuse. Corporate just decided that they will not price match anymore, and probably told their employees to deny the customer using whatever reasons they can think of. I cannot argue with the fact that their policy (I did not see this stated online, and I was NOT told this earlier) states that they will not price-match out of stock items. If they were courteous and had just told me that in first place, I would have been a happy customer. But they were very rude and basically tried to give any excuse they can think of to deny their price match ***. He even had the audacity to tell me that I can come back when THEY lower their prices. Well I told the manager this, and I'll say it again. Bestbuy probably avoided having to take a loss by price-matching the iphone to me, but they lost a customer for life. I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BESTBUY AGAIN. Plus, anything that is available at bestbuy can be purchased online for a cheaper price. I advise anyone planning on buying something at bestbuy to compare prices online first. I recently bought a flat-screen TV, and even WITH shipping, it was still less than WorstBuy's sale price.
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Best buy doesn't match and it has to be IN STOCK at the LOCAL STORE for them to price match.

They're right, you're wrong.


You know not even Wal-Mart matches there own online prices? I'm really wondering why you were trying to badger people at Best Buy.

Just go to AT&T and get it. Nobody was stopping you. There price match states A LOCAL COMPETITORS PRICE IF IT's AN IN-STORE PRICE AND STILL IN STOCK. Why is it so *** hard to understand that?

It wasn't in stock, not an in-store price or the in-store sale ad expired, and the local store didn't have it. You're a little cry baby.

Jim H

It's hard to fathom how anyone could think Cheruble is "abusing" Best Buy by asking them to live up to their price match guarantee. Yes, there may be sound business reasons why Best Buy can't match WalMart in this case, with WalMart perhaps selling the IPhones (and only a few, at that) at a loss to get traffic in the store.

I get it. But Best Buy doesn't advertise, "Gee, we'll price match when we can, when it's profitable to do so." If it's going to advertise a price-match guarantee that leads consumers to believe it will match Wal-Mart's prices, then it ought to do so -- or give up a marketing claim that it can't make honestly and still make a profit. The fault is Best Buy's here -- it advertises a price-match strategy to gain a competitive advantage, and to appeal to the "greed" of customers like Cheruble. The idea that he or any other consumer should concern himself with whether Best Buy makes a profit on a particular transaction is outrageous.

They are big boys; they can figure out how to make a buck.

I just ask that they do so honestly, and live up to any of their advertised claims or policies... that they keep their word.


Please think harder about whose fault these situations are before you complain. Think outside of your own personal bubble, in which you would have had to spend a few dollars more of your expendable income on what is effectively a luxury item. I see a person complaining about the money you weren't able to save by abusing the system in place at someone else's expense.

Best Buy price-matches whenever they can, in order to help you, the customer, save money. However, Walmart takes advantage of competitors who have price-matching policies by running absurdly cheap prices on items which they know they will have an extremely limited supply on. They don't have the same contract with Apple that Best Buy does; they carry much lower quantities of Apple products. I highly doubt you would have found a Walmart nearby that had a single iPhone in stock, you're just making that assumption without doing the legwork. Why didn't you go to Walmart to begin with for your iPhone if the price was so amazing? I can guess the reason; they didn't have any in-stock, which either means you're lying through your teeth for your argument's sake about being able to find one, or you're just running your mouth over a few dollars without taking into account the business aspect of it. I know for a fact that the Walmart stores sell out within the first couple of hours at all five locations within twenty-five miles of the mid-western city I live in. The same midwestern city has one Best Buy store which carries more iPhones each week than the five Walmart stores combined. You should be thankful Best Buy made a much stronger effort to have iPhones in stock for you than Walmart did.

For example, your local Walmart store may receive (for example) ten iPhones a week, and sells them for $XX below cost because it brings the customers into the store to spend money whether they have any left or not. Each Best Buy store is likely to get five or six times that quantity twice each week, and would receive the same $XX loss on each iPhone sold. Instead of one store losing XX dollars ten times per week like each Walmart store is, they're losing XX dollars 100 to 120 times per week instead, which is an extremely unintelligent business decision to adhere to in this situation. They have to impose these restrictions on an estimated 1% of items or less, because of advertising schemes from larger retailers like Walmart. In your scenario, Best Buy either loses a lot of money by honoring the price match on every unit sold, or they lose the selfish, ignorant customers like yourself who don't make an attempt to understand the situation from a common sense perspective. If Best Buy honored some of these prices which would otherwise cause them to take losses on the items they sell, they wouldn't be able to help customers by providing price-matching on the other 99% of items they carry.

Now, here's the part that makes me sick about your entire argument; you want a business to take losses during a poor national economic situation to save a few dollars on a luxury item. If Best Buy price-matched every iPhone for unappreciative customers like you, they'd have to cut the hours of their employees as a result of the decrease in profit. They definitely used the word 'can't' instead of 'won't' for good reason. Of course the people who looked up the price online for you said they can't honor it; they know that if they aren't making money on items, the store won't be able to provide enough labor hours for the store employees to pay their bills each month. If I were a Best Buy employee at that store, I would have been rude to you too, since you were taking advantage of a pricing loophole which is being enabled by the people who set Walmart's sale pricing. I would bet my wages that the Best Buy employees didn't care whatsoever that you wanted to be able to show off your iPhone to your friends as a status symbol, after having exploited them in order to save a few dollars on one of the most expensive phones on the market. Heaven forbid that they were more concerned with making enough of a profit for the store to be able to afford the manpower which allows them to buy groceries on pay day. Quite frankly, if I worked for Best Buy, I'd know that it's better for all of the employees in that store if you never shopped there again, as opposed to having you *** and moan every time you can't take advantage of them for selfish gain. Good luck finding an iPhone at Walmart, you'll need it.

It's pathetic that you felt the need to complain about a company like Best Buy, who was only looking out for itself and its employees, because they wouldn't accomodate your desire to buy nice, shiny things for less than they're worth.

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Best buy

Beware Best Buy sales men will tell you one thing to get you to buy ( in my instance a high end home theater system) Only to find out when the "geek squad" comes to install the system which was supposed to be at no additional charge. Once they get into your house, they tell you that it will be hundreds of dollars for all the extras that the salesman said was part of the deal. Then they attempt to negotiate with you like you were in a cheap used car lot. I have heard from several patients that they have experienced the same situation which tells me that they do this routinely.
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Best Buy ... NO NO NO!!!!

I have purchased a Sony Hi-Definition camcorder on 08-06-10 at Best Buy # 488 Chattanooga, TN. Salesman assured us that HDMI cable was included in the box but when we open the box at home there was no HDMI cable in the box. I went back to store and asked for the cable; customer service called the manger and told him about the issue. He refused to solve the problem despite he said no one told me that it comes with the cable and walked away. His behavior upset me so I wanted to return the product. I was told I have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I called the 1800bestbuy number and talked to customer relation department after listening to me put me on hold to talk to the manager. After talking to him she told me that she does not have any authority over a manager and she can't do anything about it. I spent $600 at best buy hoping that if I had any problem they are at five minutes drive so they would help me out. I could have bought same camcorder (Sony XR150) online a lot cheaper. So on behalf of my experience I concluded that; 1. I would not buy anything from best buy again nor would I recommend anyone. 2. Once you buy anything from Best Buy "forget about after sale services". 3. After my experience I found 773 reviews of customers on the web; I wish I had read those reviews before my purchase, as Best Buy customers' rating is only 1.92 out of 10.
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Sorry to hear about your ordeal with BestBuy, as they are the worst store I know of and will never shop there! I had read on the internet that they predetermine the customer they will help in their stores, which is a married couple with children.

Just to test this accusation, I have gone to a WorstBuy three times, and each time, every sales person would walk right in front of me, without any offer to help! What a great concept to ignore every single person who could be a potential buyer. I also purchased a small computer, took it back, and after a half hour of them ripping it apart, I was finally offered a credit.

Why does anyone shop at their stores, when you can buy on-line at much lower costs. I only shop Amazon anymore who sells from other vendors.

Forget Monoprice, they sold me two defective HDMI cables!


your mad over a cable, you must be rich to be mad, otherwise loser a hdmi cable for a camcorder only costs 5-10 dollars.


I am not going back to Best Buy anyways. My point is to raise voice so people should know one more time what to expect at Best Buy.

By the way if someone can buy $600 camcorder, he can buy a cable too. :)


Way to go loser. You just wasted a few hours of your life complaining about a 5 dollar cable you can buy from

Next time you go to a big box store you need to remember that the high school kid working there for $6.50 an hour doesn’t know jack about what they are selling. If you want knowledgeable salesmen then next time go to a specialty store.

No more pitty party for you!

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Best Buy Manager

Incompentant repairman can fix our fridge | Best Buy review from Saint Louis, Missouri

Bought Samsung fridge in 2005. Broke 2 times in 8 months. Company replaced in when parts were going to take months to come in. Fridge side stopped cooling in May. Called Geek Squad to fix it. Ordered new sensor but repairman put it in the freezer side. Fridge side stopped cooling again 3 weeks later. Called for appointment, waited, and repairman said it needed a sensor in fridge. Part came and was put in on 7/21. By 7/25, fridge stopped cooling. New repairman said sensor is bad (new part was bad or old part was put back in by mistake. New part will not be in until 8/20 - over 3 months without it. Now supervisor wants to refund our money so we will go away.
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The same thing is happening to us wiht our Samsung refrigerator. FOr about three weeks now, they've been sending a repairman who doesn't know anything about Samsung.

Replaced the door seal which didn't help. For awhile the freezer was working, but now they've turned it off completely and said they would order a part "rush" which meant 4 days. I said why not overnight? Our company doesn't do overnight.

So, now supposedly he will come on Monday and in the meantime we have to carry everything up to a small refrigerator on the second floor, or store in cold boxes with ice. Boo!If they offered us the money, we'd take it.

No more BestBuy. The repair company is A&E Factory Service.


"Now supervisor wants to refund our money so we will go away." If that Is the case, Take The Money And Run. Consider it a blessing.

That's right go away, go far far away from Best Buy.

There are better retailers out there who sell the same products and give better service. Best Buy needs you, you don't need them!!!

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Geek Squad and Best Buy

Best Buy Complaint I am very angry over the time is has taken to get my 37 inch INSIGNIA LCD TV repaired. I took it in to the Store to be repaired on June 25thand did not receive it back until July 15th. When I took it in I was told that since it was larger that 32 inches it would have to be shipped out to be fixed. I was never told that the Geek Squad had limitations. It took five days before the TV left the store I was told it would be a minimum of 2 weeks before being repaired depending upon the availability of the parts. In the meantime I am without TV and no way getting a loaner or nothing I was told by the agent be glad you have a service plan because your TV is out of warranty last week. Luckily, I had read the reviews that the motherboard was defective in the sets. I can't believe this company wants consumers to return and support this kind of customer treatment. I expect a TV to last a long time because the price is a large portion of my income and not something I plan too buy every year. When I brought this one the salesperson lied stating that Insignia was a brand made especially for Best Buy. I regret that I spent my money with your company. I am forwarding a copy of this statement to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else who will listen because I don't want any one else to be treated like this and be deceived that Best Buy treats their customers fairly. Category: 37" LCD TV INSIGNIAManufacturer: INSIGNIAModel Number:NS-LCD37-09Serial Number: R3294JA003302Accessories Checked-In: NonePayment or Coverage Type: All or partially covered by manufacturer warranty DateTimeStatusDescription07/15/107:46pmPicked Up and ClosedCompleted product has been picked up by the customer07/15/101:53pmReceivedRepaired product is ready for pick-up at the Geek Squad Precinct within your Best Buy store07/08/102:49pmShippedProduct is complete and has been shipped from the repair location back to the store. Depending on the type of product, shipping may take between two and seven days07/08/102:04pmFinal Inspection, Awaiting ShipmentProduct is ready for final inspection and shipment06/30/106:53amParts OrderedAwaiting arrival of parts ordered from the manufacturer or approved parts supplier for repair. Depending on the supplier, parts arrival may take between three and ten days06/30/106:50amIn RepairProduct has been assigned to a Geek Squad Agent or a certified technician for repair or upgrade06/28/107:26amShippedProduct has been shipped from the store to the repair location. Depending on the type of product, shipping may take between two and seven days06/25/101:35pmChecked InProduct has been checked in and is awaiting shipment
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I am so tired of their "customer service." I know it hasn't been the "estimated" two weeks but I sent my computer out on the 27th of June 2011, and it was received at the service center on the 30th. I was pretty excited it was gonna get in get repaired and get back to me.

A week later, things stayed there. NO change in the status at all. I tried the online support, and calling the 1-888 number. both said to call the store and talk to them that they WOULD know more.

I called the store and they told me what I already knew. Finally a the next day something changed and they parts were in. It sat there for another 3 days then no change. Because I had used all my allotted minutes on my cell phone calling around on a wild goose chase, I used the online service again.

All I got was that they had NO contact with the repair center. I found this odd and ended the conversation. But mysteriously, the status changed that same day to "final inspection waiting for shipment." it has now been 2 days for "final inspection" and nothing has changed...Now what i don't understand is what company sends their products to a repair center they have no contact with?

I worked (and was a manager) for a somewhat small nationally known electronics company and we had direct contact with ALL our repair centers. BestBuy needs to find a way to get the customers to ENJOY their experience and not make the customer worry bout their products.


FYI Insignia is a Best Buy house brand. Same as Rocketfish, Init, Geeksquad, and Dynex.

Don't buy those brands when the sales people force them on you.

Accessories have a small mark up, but if it is one of those brands, they make a huge profit on margin and at the end of the day, that is all they care about. With the exception of the Geeksquad brand, they are all garbage products


Now you know not to buy anything with the Insignia brand or better yet, don't buy anything from Best buy...period!!! Best Cry does not care about long term customer loyalty, just the most money they can rob from the customer and the sale of worthless service plans they can sucker each customer Into buying.

Don't believe their hype, Best Buy Is a scam!! They will be the next chain to go under soon!!


when you go cheap and purchase off-brand merchandise, you can expect longer delays as repair facilities don't usuually stock those parts...why, because they are shoddy and are often not backed by a warranty from the manufacturer to the wholeseller

you can also expect more failures for the same reason...shoddy parts that have a higher failure rate

next time, stop and ask yourself why this set is so much cheaper than the name-brands...because now you know

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Best Buy Lemon Policy I love Best Buy......anyway I used to. I purchased a new laptop on Valentines Day 2010, coincidently, that was the END of my love for Best Buy. The next four months my new laptop found another temporary home at the Geek Squad at Coconut Point...
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You're all cry babies! Read your programs idiots!

Yeah best buy builds to shiva laptops retard! You make me sick!

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Do NOT have Best Buy put an InvisaShield on your phone

Best Buy, Thousand Oaks CA I bought a brand new Iphone 4 two days ago. I spent hours getting the thing set up just the way I wanted it. Today at lunch I went to Best Buy and purchased an Invisashield screen protector and the person working there said that it was difficult to put on but they would do it for $7.99 and it would be perfect. Ok. I had them do it. 15 minutes later, I get my phone. I press the ON button and it is resetting. It then gives me an error message saying I was trying to put an accessory on it that was not compatible. I look into the dock port an see that the WATER sensor is RED meaning that the internal phone parts have been in contact with water. I know from previous experience that the warranty is VOID if these sensors are RED. Even if a completely unrelated problem occurs and the sensors are RED I'd be SOL. So they basically voided my warranty. I go back to the person and show it to her and she says that it should be OK, only 1 sensor is showing red...the one in the headphone jack is not. I demand to speak with the manager....manager tells me that I must take the phone back to Apple Store where I purchased my phone, it is out of their hands. Firstly, Best Buy is an Apple Retailer. Second, Best Buy ruined my phone...not Apple. Thirdly, my lunch hour is now over and I need to go to work. The final resolution is that APPLE agreed to replace the phone...but even they were aghast that Best Buy would handle things the way they did. I have spent about 4 hours so far driving back and forth from Best Buy, Apple Store and my office....and my new iphone is having syncing who know how much time this will take. Lesson Learned......DO NOT EVER HAVE BEST BUY DO ANY REPAIR WORK FOR YOU...better yet....DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEIR CR$#$PY EMPLOYEES.
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best buy would screw up a cup of coffee and you let them have your phone

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Best Buy & their Warranty/Service Plan bull

My TV stopped working. Purchased 4-20-08 for $1000. They guy there sold me on the ext. Warranty which quote" OUR SERVICE PLAN IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. DONT GO TO FRYS. OURS IS IF IT DOESNT WORK BRING IT IN THIS VERY STORE AND WE WILL SWAP IT OUT FOR A WORKING TV AT THE SAME PRICE. " So I called the Duluth Store was told bring it in. Brought it in. They Laughed at me!!! The Services Manager at store 504 told me" well if you leave your tv here we will throw it away." then walked away from me. Whats funny 2 years ago their service plan was different and he said now its different. I dont care since i bought it then not now! The person a head of me in line swapped his plasma he had for over a year right there and then. Never had issues until then he stated. And they helped him out. So i was ready to be helped as well. Luckily I brought a buddy of mine who used to work there and knew what needed to be done. Well they ended up doing nothing at all. I have to wait 3 weeks for someone to look at it... Are you serious I said. The warranty/service plan $ i could of went to a repair man and got it fixed for less and less hassle. Whats really funny is i am a tier 5 customer which is what you look for i guess. still no help. So I thought ok if I was gonna be treated like this I will cancel all my service plans with Bestbuy. I did and walked out with $300 of my money back. I explained to the Services Manager that hey I am the IT person for Remax Greater Atlanta that has over 6500 Real Estate Agents and I was going to tell them to stay away from Besbuy and t got ot Frys for now on. He didnt care. So I decided today I am writing the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, blanket the buyers forums with this warning of fake service plans. So I am out a TV for 3 weeks and really pissed. Our company was doing business with Bestbuy for years but since I am the main systems admin we wont be anymore. You lost a loyal customer and a huge base of consumers all for what? A TV that should of been swapped out and a purchase of a new plan + a new surround sound system. Silly Best Buy.. Train your people cause competition is a snot here in GA.
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you can make a legitimate complain to BBB and I hope they would fix it.


I am about to embark on the same thing. I bought a DLP TV before the LCD's came down in price.

It was either that or a Plasma. The salesman even said that it was a smarter choice. They first ordered the part then they repaired it but the part still is defected. Now they are saying they don't make that part anymore and its going to need to be replaced.

WITH a Plasma which is 800 bucks because they said my TV has depreciated.

Forget that. I'm going down there tomorrow skeptical of getting anything done but I won't leave until I do.

Something has to be done.


I faced the same issue today at Best Buy - I HATE that place!!!


Today, the guy is trying to give me a $675 TV in exchange for a $1800+ TV I have bought with full 4 year extended warranty!!! They are cheats - and the manager says, this is your only choice because the tech that came home to repair cannot get the parts!!! What type of a choice is this - I need help, any suggestions. This does NOT end here!!! I refused to accept a lower value TV in exchange for what I purchased!!!


take them to court *** bestbuy i used to like them now i hate them so much fry's is a lot better

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