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Best buy is a joke havent bought a thing there in a year!

First best buy "repaired" my computer or so they say... i had problems and it over heated ... and finally quit.. best buy had my computer over 4 months in geek squad headquarters.. do you think they would have there *** together to call me.. let me know whats going on.. .NO... do you think that they would understand i need my computer.. after all i did have a service plan... well after months of battleing with them ..they finally offered me a computer compatable with my computer... GOOD news they gave me a piece of ***.... ASUS every heard of them no me either... its slow it is cheap and not compareable to my hp... i was so disgusted.. I have refused to shop with best buy.. my family refuses for the hassle they put me through.. however.. to them oh well but to me and others shaddy business. .. dont offer something and treat a consumer badly... i spend good money on computers i paid 1200 for my hp new and they gave me a 400 computer in exchange saying thats compareable.. .sure some spects were not the good ones... thats for sure..
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Roger, (LOL) Do you work for the Geek Squad? If not, you would be a natural!

You are a sarcastic p*ick and if I were a big black lady I would throw hot fried chicken and biscuits at your weaselly big (small-minded) head. :grin

This G

ASUS isn't that bad of a brand. When you get a cheap computer in any brand, it's going to suck. Know the specs (not spects) of what you currently have before they offer you a comparable exchange to ensure you don't get hosed.

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Best Buy/Pleasant Hills, PA

I recently bought a dvd drive from Best Buy, and paid a hefty sum for it. When I got home and opened the box (which was sealed) I found an ancient cd drive. I immediately returned to Best Buy with my receipt and guess what? After arguing with the salesperson at the return desk and demanding to see a manager, it was determined by them that I switched out the product with an old cd drive in order to scam Best Buy out of money. Well, go figure. I am SO pissed! With this current situation, I have no idea what to do or even what my rights are!
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Sounds to me like you bought a new DVD drive and thought you could pull a fast one by putting your old one in there and trying to get a refund. Nice try.

Bestbuysucks also tried this scam and was unsuccessful. His kids cannot eat because he was counting on the money he was trying to *** Best Buy out of.

Don't get mad at Best Buy for not falling for your *** job. Try being an honest citizen.


The same thing happened to me with a sealed Laptop Hardrive. Got the same treatment at BayShore, NY Bestbuy.

After getting no call back from BestBuy customer relations "Tina". I decided to report to my credit card co. and attempt a chargeback. I'll let you know the outcome in 30 days.

Meanwhile, please post as many complaints on line as your free time allows. I promise I will do the same. Thanks to Google search technology I'm confident that Bestbuy will feel it in their pockets sooner or later. Please pass the word along..

"Don't buy at Bestbuy..." there are many options online..,, Even Costco.

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Yeah unfortunately there have been times where enough customers HAVE switched stuff out and claimed what you are claiming that Best Buy will almost never do the exchange and will direct you to the manufacturer because if it came that way from the manufacturer, they should have to take care of it.

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10/15/2010 Best Buy Corporate Customer Care RE: Gurnee, IL Store #849 / Exchange & Return policy To Whom It May Concern: On 10/8/2010, my husband purchased an Apple iPad and various accessories for me as a birthday gift. After opening it and trying it out & I didn't...
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Not to be rude but who in their right mind thinks they can buy an item use it and return it without a restocking fee. It is a used item.

They can't sell it at the regular price any more so how can you return it at the regular price. Well at some places you can return an item if it is used. My dad bougt a DVD recorder. I used it a couple times.

It turned out he wanted one with a VCR also. We put everything back and taped it up and returned it. They didn't even check the inside.

We could have returned anything. That was around the same size or weight.

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Best Buy Deal Tree gives no money, misrepresents items received; Rip-Off!

I recently switched my cell service to Verizon from AT&T through Best Buy. While in the store, the sales people admired my AT&T Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and suggested I trade it in through their Trade-In program. During the process of switching plans, the salesman tested my old phone, transferred contacts and photo's, etc. Twice during this process, I received calls on the Sony phone. The next morning, I looked up the information as to how to receive a gift card from Best Buy by trading in the old phone. The online form asked for the make of the phone and model. Walkman was stamped on the side of the phone, though the manual had a number model on the cover; they were essentially the same phone. It asked if the phone was working; yes, as I had used it in the store the day before, did I have the power cords and finally, was there any water damage (no). The only flaw in the phone was the center navigation button was missing the tiny plastic cover; something the store even took note of but said made no difference as the button was functional. I printed out the quote for $22.00 for trading in the phone and shipped it out. A week later I received a reply telling me that they were giving me nothing for the phone and if I wanted it back, I had to pay THEM return postage and Shipping and handling charges that may exceed $48.00!!! They claim the phone was misrepresented by a wrong model number. As I said, Walkman was stamped directly on the phone and that it didn't work. I wrote back telling them YES it did work and who were they kidding. There reply was now that it WAS SEVERELY DAMAGED and I still wouldn't receive any credit for it and then rubbed my nose in the fact that they would charge me money to return it. DO NOT TRADE IN anything to these people. The whole program is a scam so they can resell or refurbish products at a 100% profit. They are liars and cheats!!! I have no problem with the stores; they are upfront and honest but you are sending your items to faceless *** men and have no retribution. Let this posting be your warning and PLEASE, PASS IT ON.
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Best Buy Runs a *** Job

Best Buy's customer service is not the only thing that's a joke now. I bought a pair of skullcandy headphones from them and purchased a replacement warranty for them. Three months later, one of the buds falls off. So I go into Best Buy to replace these headphones and the customer service rep sends me off to grab a new pair. While I was gone, his supervisor had come up from where he was lurking and informed the rep that they weren't touching the replacement on the buds because clearly, since the other bud was still intact, there was no way it could have possibly fallen off on a defect. Seriously? If I had purchased these buds through Skullcandy, the manufacturer themselves would have still given me 50% off if they didn't think the buds were defective. I have electronics purchases upwards of $2,000 planned out, but it's nice to know that a $30 pair of headphones was totally worth the rest of my money.
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This G

Well this is adorable. It seems a troll took up both names at some point and created an argument that is quite funny to a point.

I only posted the first time, the other times were by someone else.

Troll 1, You 0. Well played.


As I remember it, I gave you my opinion of this situation. I didn't call you names or insult your intelligence. You're response was "Get a life". So, don't get all high and mighty and act like you didn't provoke all of this.

"A typo while calling you boring and annoying doesn't prove this point you're trying to make where you seem to think I'm a ***." - Read that sentence over again. I don't think you're a ***. I know you are.

You need to take and English class and take better of your things. Best Buy doesn't refund items that are broke due to abuse or negligence. Learn from it, get over it, and move on.


A typo while calling you boring and annoying doesn't prove this point you're trying to make where you seem to think I'm a ***.

Trying to berate me isn't working because I graduated high school and you're acting like a 14 year old.

This is really pathetic. Move on already, please.


I assume you are trailer park because I'm a pathetic *** (pot, meet kettle) who has nothing better to do than blah blah blah... It doesn't work? What doesn't work? How is it supposed to work? What does that even mean?

I'm boring any annoying?....ok then

I understand now. You're 9 years old. Ok, well when you get to 10th grade English class you should learn how to put together a sentence.

Also, by that time you should be mature enough to take care of your things and not try to scam Best Buy.


First off, don't presume I'm trailer trash just because you're some pathetic *** who has nothing better to do than try and rip people apart online. It seriously doesn't work.

Secondly, nice try with posting that under my username.

Go find one of the other billions of people logged onto the internet and pester them. You're officially boring any annoying.


I have also learned that there is a difference between someone not believing my story and being attacked. I guess I'm just a drama queen. Sorry everyone.


All right, so I broke them. I was hungry so I decided to chew on one of the ear buds so I could snack on some ear wax.

They broke and I tried to see if Best Buy would give me a new pair for free. When the manager saw the teeth marks he wouldn't give me a refund.

Thats when I decided to throw a temper tantrum.

I just feel like a *** over this whole thing. Next time I'm going to take better care of my things.


What kind of loser breaks their things and then tries to *** a store to pay for their negligence? Trailer trash.

Next time take care of your things.


It really doesn't matter if you believe me or not considering there were people present to back me up.

What kind of a loser trolls these sites to find someone to attack anyway?


I did read your story. I just don't believe it. Neither did the manager. That is why you didn't get a refund.

You broke your headphones and decided Best Buy should give you brand new ones free. It's not going to happen.

Like I said, next time take care of your things.

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Back in 2007 I had purchased an Acer Aspire 3680 laptop from Best Buy. The salesperson asked me if I wanted the laptop to be "tested" - I accepted. After using the laptop for a while I noticed that the wireless Internet connection would drop sporadically. It wasn't...
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You sir, are correct. When they are offering to test the laptop for you, it is because 9 times out of 10, they are trying to sell you an already opened model.

By them "opening it up and testing it for you," you are getting charged full price for something that you should be getting at a 10% discount. The other 1 out of 10 times is because there have been known issues with that model of laptop and they don't want the hassle of you coming in the next day with a broken computer

#201912 Review #201912 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sold defective item and worst customer service | Best Buy review from Newark, New Jersey

I bought a refrigerator online and it was defective since I plugged in. Called Best Buy customer services explained the weird loud noise the refrigerator was making every 20 minutes or so and they said someone would contact me within 5-7 business days. On the 5th business day someone named Samantha (Best Buy .com supervisor) sent me an email saying they cannot process an exchange due to the model no longer being available in my area and giving me 2 options. 1) keep the refrigerator and get a 10% damage/defective discount or 2) schedule a pick up of the item and receive a full refund. I replied to her email saying none of the two options were to my satisfaction because I was not interested in any discount but a new working refrigerator and in order for me to buy a refrigerator from a store other than Best Buy I would need the refund on my card, which means I would have no place to keep my food fresh for who knows how many days so I asked for a similar refrigerator from a different brand. Samantha did not reply to my email nor to a second email so after 7 days I decided to call customer service. I was astonished to find out that they did not have records of my emails under my case number. To them, it looked like I never replied to Samantha's email and they were still waiting for my decision. The person I talked to could not offer me another refrigerator just the same two options their supervisor had given me. I asked for Samantha or some one with the authority to make such a decision to call me back but I'm still waiting... I have not seen such a poor customer service and little willingness to satisfy customers. I think they new this item was defective because they didn't even bother to send a technician to look at it and thought I would be happy with a 10% discount.
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Best Buy Parts Dept.

I own a Sony 42" projection TV, that had a lamp burn out. When I contacted Best Buy, where I purchased the TV, they informed me my extended warranty had expired.(just my luck!). I was then transferred to the Parts Department to order a new part, which I could install myself. I spoke to the rep who ordered the part, and the transaction was completed. I was then told I would receive the part on Tuesday the 12th. I asked if it could be shipped any faster & I was told yes, for an additional fee, & was promised it would be delivered "tomorrow the 8th". When the part didn't arrive today, I called to have my order tracked and was told they couldn't find my order!! After speaking with 2 reps, they finally found my order, and while waiting for this information I discovered by going online with my bank I had been charged twice!! So, now I'm out $400.00, with no part in sight!! I was promised I would be refunded one of the charges, but it will take a whopping 72 hours to see the credit back on my account! I was also told my order would not arrive until Tuesday, because Monday is a %#&$$ Holiday!! So not only was I given a promise for delivery that they could not keep, but they billed me twice for a part that is nowhere in sight! I have purchased 4 TV's + numerous other electronic equipmentfrom Best Buy over the years, this is the last time I will ever shop at this store. Customer Service is the worst I've ever experienced! It's a big steaming pile of caca!!
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#201849 Review #201849 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Buying online from Best Buy

I will never again buy online from best Buy. They charge your card right away and then you won't see your items for some time. Plus they will lie on the phone when you call. I paid for the fastest shipping but 4 days later I had nothing and am still waiting. They tell me that the item has shipped but I have received no tracking #. When I called I as told that they mistakenly put it for ground shipping. Then they said it was fixed. The nest day I heard nothing and then nothing again the next day.
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I will NEVER purchase from Best Buy again. I ordered a Samsung TV online that was delivered late, then was broken when I opened it.

It took the customer service reps about an hour before making a decision on what to do. HMMM Maybe send a replacement out ASAP to keep your customer happy?

Instead I had to go to a local best buy store, purchase it AGAIN, its been 2 weeks and i am still waiting for my credit from the original TV. I'm currently on hold for 20 minutes...estimated wait time 2 minutes

#201402 Review #201402 is a subjective opinion of poster.

What Customer Service? | Best Buy review from Plainsboro, New Jersey

Lazy as the day is long, that should be their motto. I went to buy a camera and accessories. I waited for a half hour, and no one from Best Buy came to me and asked me if I needed assistance. I got tired of waiting, so I went down the road to PC Richards. Within 2 minutes (I timed it), a sales person there came to me. I saw the same camera and mentioned that I was just at Best Buy and they had a lower price. The sales person at PC Richards went online and was more than happy to match it. I see no reason why I should not follow the same process for everything I buy.
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This G

To be fair, most of the time I've seen employees standing around BSing instead of helping people. So it's half and half


I agree with Drakan. Quit being lazy and approach a sales rep.

I'll bet they don't ignore you then.

I'm sick of people bit*hing on the Internet about how *** other people are, when they themselves are just as bad or worse.


well doofus, you stood around looking like a tard, Best Buy employees are busy helping people and making sure items are stocked, they have bigger stores than pc richards, next time approach an employee and quit being lazy

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