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Best Buy review in Oakley, California: 1 yr interest free turns into large charges

My fiancee bought three large flat screens for his new house on a 1yr no interest best buy account. The month that the balence was due there was a 1800.00 balance still due so in a consolidation loan he included the best buy account as not to accrue the interest charge. The payment went out to best buy and the same day that they recieved the payment they charged the interest. So now the card which should be free of a balance has 1600.00 of interest charges on it and they are refusing to remove it. He told them we will never buy anything from them and we are both canceling the cards. The cop world is a big world and we have both been doing alot of talking to our friends and co-workers. Best buy has made bad press for themselves hope they think it is worth all future investments.
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I buy everything this way. Even when minimum payments are not required you can't cut it sooooo close! It's your own stupidity!


Um did you guys make the minimum monthly payments at least, or did you wait till the financing ended. you have to make payments like any other credit cards, and if you failed to do so then its your own stupidity


Did you really wait until right before the balance was due to send off a payment?

If your Fiance knew he was going to be short 1800... he knew this a month or two before the due date. Should have gotten that loan a lot sooner


You know the banks control the credit cards right? The interest is from the bank (Chase or HSBC) that gave you the card, not from Best Buy.

You can't just cancel your credit cards and think your not going to pay for the things you bought. Maybe if you would have paid for it on time and read the terms and conditions you wouldn't be in this situation.

And do you really think you are going to really going to hurt their business with bad press and word of mouth? Your absolutely retarded.

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Best Buy sells USED merchandise and CLAIMS it to be NEW!

We purchased a washer from Best Buy on 8/28/10. While speaking with the salesman he informed us he had the same model we were looking at for $50 cheaper out of box. The washer has a small ding on the back so we decided to take it. While ringing us up i made a point to ask the sales man Steve (myrtle Beach location) if the washer was used. His exact words were "No Ma'm, Best Buy doest resell returned merchandise. Once the washer was installed i ran a load of water through and discovered fabric softener residue on the agitaor and the dispenser as well as the sides of the washer. It was clearly used! We called customer service who kept transferring us to other associates. After 20 minutes of being on hold a sales person got on the phone and told us there is nothing they can do but send us a new washer and charge us full price. I was furious. We purchased what we thought was a brand new washer and they bring us a used one. I dont see why we should have to pay full price. They are returning merchandise and selling it full price. The day we purchased the washer there was a woman and her son in the store complaining that they had purchased a game early that same day and when they were home and opened it, they found a bootleg copy of the game inside that their game device wouldnt read. I heard the sales associate say the same thing to them as Steven said to us..Ma'm, best buy doesnt resell used merchandise" Best Buy is Fraud and they have horrible customer service.
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The sales associate should not have told you it was new, but if you got 50 dollars off on the washer, and they told you it was out of box and dented, you should know you're getting a discount because it isn't new. It was obviously still in working order, as they inspect all returned merchandise (or are supposed to) before reselling.

They gave you the discount because it was open.

Your ignorance is no reason to complain. They may put a huge markup on accessories, and not perfect customer service, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it fraud.


I just installed a "new" Tivo, purchased from Best Buy for full price, to my television and was surprised to see over three month's worth of programming recorded by a previous owner. NO WHERE did Best Buy indicate that this was "Used", "Returned", "Refurbished" or in any other manner not spanking new.

The information on the previous owner, contained on the device, indicates that they live within the area of the Best Buy store I visited. So it seems unlikely that this was returned to Tivo, and just happened to be shipped back to the same part of the country.

This is my second encounter with Best Buy's fraudulent practices. After all of the work of cabling, configuring, etc, I am not very excited about returning the device.


Why shouldn't you have to pay full price for a new machine? You would have paid full price in the first place. "Open box" typically means it's been returned, and although the salesman shouldn't have told you otherwise, they are willing to let you return it and buy a new machine *as you would have done in the first place.* Just return the machine and get on with it--life is too short to complain about getting what we wanted in the first place.

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Best Buy review in Berkeley, California: Bad customer service

This letter is to complain about service and a product we recently received from your Company, Best Buy at the Pinole, CA location on August 24, 2010. We went into exchange a camera that had stopped working 37 days after we had purchased it. The first Assistant Managers (Earl) did not even want to listen to my concern, he simply stated your return police and that was it. All we want to do was exchange the camera. We asked for a corporate phone number and a District Manager name and number. We were given the 1-800 numbers but only the first name of the DM and no information on how to contact him. After spending an hour or more on the phone with customer service they finally sent another Assistant Manager (Joe) over to talk with us. And I could just read it on his face that he was going to tell us the same thing and state the same policy. He did listen to our concern about the product. But stated he was not going to do anything other than what the policy stated. At some point in the conversation Joe had the nerve to ask me if I had called Canon (The manufacture). I replied; I didn't buy it from Canon, I purchased it from Best Buy; whom I thought was a repeatable Company. However both ASM stated that they would send the camera in for repairs. We didn't feel that was fair, the camera stopped working 33 days after it was purchased, and had only been used 3-4 times. When we returned home we goggled the information that we had asked for. We found and called a district office in South Cal who gave us the phone number of the District office in Pleasant Hill, CA. I spoke with the DM Assistant Michelle who told me that she would have John North (DM) call me; with he did not. The next day, Michelle called me back and stated the same policy. The only different was that the store would supply us with an out of box camera to use while the camera we have purchased was being repaired. Just a note she also asked if I had contacted Canon the manufacture, I told her the same as I told Joe. When I took the camera back into the store Richard the store Manger told me that I would have to purchase the loaner camera. At this point needless to say, I was quite frustrated and fed up with the lack of customer service I had received from your Company. So with no other opinion I let them send the camera in for repair. On July 13, 2010 I purchased a Canon Powershot SX120IS Camera for $229.99. We took the camera on a family vacation on August 19, 2010 and after using it for one day it stopped working on the 20th, 33 days after I had purchased it. When powered on an error message appears on the screen and then powers off. Yes on your receipt it states no refund or exchange after 14 days. But what product stops working in 14 days? We were not asking for a refund, we only wanted to exchange the camera for the same item. We expected a much higher level of service from your company, and we are quite disappointed with the level of customer service we had received in your store and from a district level. We now feel that we cannot trust your company any more due to the inability to take responsibility for the products that you sell that may be defective. When the camera is returned to us we would like to be able to take it in for a full refund. Because of lack of customer service from a store level and the district level we feel as if the only thing your company cares about is getting the customers money, and then the *** with them if some things goes wrong with the product. We will be informing our friends and family about this experience. And we strongly have doubts about ever shopping with your Company again. The dollar is the only thing your company cares about, not the customer!!
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Actually, the return period is 14 days.


Really? Contacting the manufacturer is Best Buy's responsibility? That's naive and childish at best. Did Best Buy put together that camera? Did Best Buy test the camera? Did Best Buy even package the camera? No. They are simply selling a product that someone else made. The great thing about retail stores like that is that you can buy several different things from several different companies at one place. That's what a retail department store is.

Before you make an electronic purchase you should always do your research on the product you are about to purchase. You've proven you can use the internet to throw another temper tantrum about mean old Best Buy and how they wronged you, so use those same skills and research products, warranties, and return policies.

I know for a fact that Best Buy offers services that cover most products beyond the manufacturer warranty (usually 1 year) and against things like accidents, but you probably didn't want to pay the extra charge that was involved to insure you'd have a working product beyond the standard time frame.

Not their fault you didn't do your homework, protect your investment or that you don't want to do the leg work of contacting the company who is solely responsible for the product you purchased.


I just wanted to voice a little bit of my opinion here. As the name states, I work in the customer service department at a best buy. For once I wish the customer with an issue wouldn't take it out on us, we understand you are angry and upset however, we are just following policy. Possibly losing my job to give you what you want, is never going to happen. Yes products stop working days or weeks after you buy them. They are electronics, technology, it is possible to just malfunction. Best Buy know this! That is why we offer coverage outside the thirty or fourteen day return policy! Yes, it could be brand new technology that just hit the racks, but hey everything has its glitches.

Next, I do not know what best buys you have visited, but most of the "kids" in the store I work in knows there stuff pretty dang well. Yes, I have plenty of times where I'm told "I was sold the wrong item." but hello we are all human here, we make mistakes.

Lastly, when you come to the customer service counter throwing a fit and cussing us out, do you really think we want to cut you a break, go above and beyond the return policy and act super nice to you? My job or not, I most certainly do not deserve that attitude nor is it apprechiated, and yes I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you do not get what you want. Due to the fact that your acting like a child and can not control yourself, mostly due to own customer faultiness with product.

Act like an adult, you shall be treated like one. Be nice, and I will go the extra mile give you the most I can for the situation at hand. We like to be treated as people. And hey if you think your cool and can *** an attitude at me, expect one right back.


It is unfortunate that you had issues with you cameras. You will notice in the box with the warranty paperwork it states to contact the manufacturer (Canon) if there are issues with the product.

These policies that Best Buy are enforcing are also agreements between the two corporations in order for them to remain an authorized reseller of their products.

I hope this will help you in the future!! :D


If some of you are BBY employees and you are responding like this, than you are dumb and you dont have good customer service! It takes an aproximate $19 to satisfy a potential lost customer and over $1000 to get one new customer in the store.

It's not worth losing a customer! I'm in school for business management.

Yes, there are policies, but it isn't worth losing the customer over. :zzz :?


1. Was it 37 or 33 make up your mind?

2. Policy is policy it's there and it can't be changed overnight. As stated earlier, all kinds of places have these policies. if you want to fix them write letters to the companies.

3. Best Buy employees do know more than the average person about electronics, good job if you can find your info. Just let those employees know that you know what you want, they might have some insight that others may not have.

So as a closing thought, if you want to wax intellectual about something look into it and know what your talking about please. It's not Best Buy's fault and it's not your fault either. Best Buy just want to help you get it fixed, but there is only so much that Best Buy can do.


Best Buy has a 15 day return policy. After that, any problems are between the customer and the manufacturer.

Best Buy is certainly not alone in this business practice.

Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc have the same policy. Outside of their return window, any problems need to go through the manufacturer.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm just saying that's how it is.


The point is that Best Buy is the seller. If something goes wrong with the product, they should be responsible for contacting the manufacturer and fixing the defective product.

If the buyer had wanted to call Canon directly, they could have purchased the camera directly from Canon and saved any middle-man fees. We pay a higher price for these products by buying from Best Buy, and that additional cost is SUPPOSED to be paying for good service - the problem is that Best Buy is not delivering the service they claim to have.

It is not the customer's responsibility to call the manufacturer, it's Best Buy's, no matter what their policy says. That's basic business rules.


I replied; I didn’t buy it from Canon, I purchased it from Best Buy; whom I thought was a repeatable Company.

I am sure the workers knew you didn't buy the camera from Canon, but Canon is the one who made the camera, so they would be able to assist you further then the place that just sells the cameras... Next time you buy an item that does not work, take it to the people who makes it, not the ones who sells it.


I just noticed what THIS site is doing - every time there is a complaint about a particlar item; whether it be camera, furniture,etc., they have an advertisement at the bottom for that type of item. That is pretty scuzzy.

Hmmm.... :x


As disgusting as the policy is at most electronics stores, you must now contact the manufacturer - not the store at which the purchase was made; they are no longer "responsible" for the *** merch. the sell!!!

Sorry for your bad experience.

These stores should all be ashamed. It's all about taking advantage of the consumer - no more customer service...they want you to drop your money & get out of their store.



You are an *** for getting upset when the manager asked if you've contacted Canon about the issue. That is a reasonable, logical, and usually only (excluding side purchased warranties) way to go about your past-30-day malfunctioning camara. You're one of those customers companies dont like and would rather not have.


@ TomBBY: Mentioned the return policy??? The only thing that BB employees 'mention' before you buy something is a list of at least 5 or 6 catastrophic events that your amazing warranty/protection plans cover. I shop at BB all the time, for probably 15 years or so and have NEVER ONCE heard a BB employee mention the return policy when purchasing something and you know it. Yes, of course it's printed on the back of the receipt. And I understand perfectly why this person was denied an exchange/refund - but please, don't make $&!t up.

@ the rest of the BB employees: This customer isn't mad that they can't return the camera - they're mad because BB managers talk like robots to them when explaining what happened. If the managers explain why they can't deviate from the policy, it helps - a lot.

Sorry guys, but most of you really do operate like car salesman. 1)You're all smiles until there's a problem, then you enter robot mode (are you trained to do this?). 2) With about 10-15 minutes of online research, I always end up knowing more about the products I'm looking at than you do 3)I've come to not trust a single thing anyone in your store says to me, and things work out much better that way.


Digital cameras/camcorders (and some other products) have a 14 day return/exchange policy. That's clearly stated on the back of your receipt, and I'm sure it was mentioned more than once before you took ownership of the camera.

After that time, unless you purchase the GSBTP, you will be dealing with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty. It's their product and they built it....NOT Best Buy, or any other retailer who sells them.

It doesn't matter what you FEEL you deserve, or what you THINK should happen, so grow up already. :cry


Problem is all the people that use camera for a 14 day vacation and take it back and say is doesn't work...never heard of that one did you smart guy. Read the policies on the wall pin head before you buy and stop whining.


Best Buy's return policy is 30 days. An exception is not going to be made because you're special.


You can whine, cry, throw a fit, but at the end of the day, you will not be refunded or allowed an exchange. You need to call Canon and deal with them to get the camera repaired.


I believe you mean "reputable" and not "repeatable" lol.

and "googled" not "goggled"

additionally, that's why they offer the black tie protection on cameras. It's Canon's responsibility call them.


Is they are just going by their policies and he should to to the manufacture after this.

@What this 9 year old needs to

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! Do not ever buy from Best Buy.

They are the worst business for customer service. If you buy something from them and it doesn't work they will not entertain a return or exchange. When it comes to a simple return or exchange, the process is a nightmare!!! I had a cable for a tv that I bought from Best Buy that they advised me to buy for installation.

Geek Squad, whom they employee, could not get to my house until three weeks later. When they arrived, they said the cable was not needed. When I went to return it, Best Buy said that the return date had expired and they would not accept it. When I explained my situation, they still refused to accept the return despite the fact that they had originally told me to buy it for the installation regardless of the fact that their people didn't come to my house to install until after the two week period.

Completely unreasonable and incredibly poor business. I will never return to Best Buy and I have conveyed this message to all of my family and friends.

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BEST BUY in Boca Raton (or anywhere??)

Buyer Beware!! Do not depend upon BEST BUY for follow through on deliveries or any promises in that regard. They are unreliable, disinterested, uninvolved, deceitful. Sales assistants are pleasant enough but hardly professional and basically, ineffectual. You may wait for up to and even more than, 5 days for a promised delivery, each day another missed appointment. Installations are not synchronized with deliveries. More headaches. Warehouses are not aware of what they are housing!!! Who's in charge??????????? Phone calls are unending, upsetting and unfruitful. GO ELSEWHERE or I promise hair-tearing stress and tremendous inconvenience. No complaining to corporate offices. I'll be spending my wait time (5th day) posting as many of these as humanly possible.
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This G

First, citing the business week versus the normal week isn't a clever response.

Second, installations and deliveries don't always sync up, it's a lack of proper communication on a case by case scenario.

The delivery system is the absolute worst because the warehouses(not the warehouse in the back of the store, mind you) are often not smart enough to execute properly. I can tell you from first hand employee experience that a lot of deliveries were screwed up because the warehouse, not the store, made an error.


sorry for your problems sir, but have you noticed 5 days is not exactly 5 days, best buy follows the business day rules M-TR, fridays thru sundays are weekends so your package should of came in the following monday, and other then that whatever you wrote has no sense to life whats so ever. thank you have a nice day

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Best Buy Managers are complete idiots! San Diego Ca.

They do not price match the products if the other stores, have the products below Best Buy cost. what a bunch of *** They are really no clue on how to manage their stores. This happen to me at the best buy in Chula Vista California, where a duchbag name Martin, told me he could not price match after he made her salesman call Fry's Electronics. After I asked to speak to the general manager, he refused to let me speak to him and appearently the Geneal manager was listening to the whole conversation. Worst costumer services there period.
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I read your piece, if you want to do more than *** about the BB think on this

This G

The price match policy is only followed by local competitors when the item is in stock. A lot of Best Buy stores do NOT see Fry's as viable competition.

And just because there is a Fry's near another Best Buy does not mean that another Best Buy down the road will price match. They tend to stick to immediate surrounding areas.


WHAT is on the list of high end competing companies?


Fry's Electronics? You mean the place that sells USED computer hardware?

lol. Yeah, they aren't going to pricematch your third world flea market ad either dum dum.


sorry for your problem sir, but best buy only does price match with high end competting companys, "fry's electronics" does not follow that list.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy review in Stone Mountain, Georgia: Car Radio/CD Player

Purchased a new car radio/cd player and housing in Nov. 09. Radio keeps beeping even though that feature is turned off, CD will not advance between tracks without pressing the next track button, and the radio is separating from housing and the housing from the car. All elements were installed by Best Buy. Even though the unit is still under warranty Best Buy refuses to replace it. Best Buy wants to send it to Sony for repair and leave a me without a radio for who knows how long and a gaping hole in my dash. Not a good idea in Atlanta traffic.
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Those crooks in the car-stereo section wanted about $30 per fifteen minutes, just to LOOK at a car stereo issue I had, even though I was going to buy new equipment from them. Bunch of criminals, never going back there again


maybe next time instead of being cheap and buying a *** radio for $50 you should spend that extra 10 bucks on buying the better version, usually if u buy cheap *** u get cheap quality, cuz the radio i bought from them has no problems what so ever and it was installed by them, quit being spoiled and buy something good, spend some cash u cheap ***

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Best Buy review in Lexington, Kentucky: Z1015 Kodak Camera

In looking for a camera I decided to go to Best Buy for "Best Buy". I have it for about 1 1/2 years know. The flasher doesn't work know. I went back to "Best Buy" to get it fixed. They didn't want anything to do with it. They dodn't work on items that don't have warranties. In thinking that "Best Buy" did not have the best buy. They don't care about customers as long as they sell "Best Buy" items. I will not be buying from "Best Buy" anymore. Same to you "Best Buy"
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This G

Hubba is right. Kodak is the brand so many people know because the name has been around cameras for so long that everyone thinks they are the best.

In fact, Kodaks are only good from old people and first time camera users because they are so ridiculously user friendly.

My 50 year old mother bought a Kodak, learned the technology and realized it was *** after 3 months. If you stayed with it for a year and a half, I'd say it's because you love the punishment


1. You bought a Kodak.

They're cheap. Did you really expect it to last forever?

2. Why would Best Buy pay to fix your camera when you were to cheap to buy a warranty? Nobody is going to fix your camera for free.


3. Learn proper English.

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Best Buy review in Atlantic City, New Jersey: Worst customer service

This store in Manahawkin NJ has the worst customer service. that I ever experienced. When a customer returns merechandise they do not check the product and just put it back on the shelves. I bought a Pro 9000 webcam and when I got home the disk was missing and the usb cable was undone. When I came back to complain and get a new box they all thought it was a joke. Most of them snickered and laughed when I told them how unprofessional it was to put the returned merchandise back onto the shelves. The Manager tried to blame the manufacturer, that it was shipped that way. Bull!! I tried to write the review but they would not post it. I will never shop there.
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1 comment

yo seriously man, you obviously bought an open used item, obviously u saw that this price was 10 dollars cheaper then the other one and decided to be a cheap ***. OPEN MEANS MISSING STUFF, use ur head and spend an extra ten bucks on buying the newer one.

instead of complaining about how cheap your life is.

use ur *** head and realise you bought an open item thinking ur special cuz its cheap. ***

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Best Buy review in Asheville, North Carolina: They Lie Cheat and Just Don't Care

Lied about repairing our Netbook! They did not inform us of the repairs and lied about the actual repair...would not reinstall the operating system. Had to resend it to the manufacturer to reinstall the operating system...Best Buy wanted to charge us! Best Buy is generating money by replacing the operating system...however the service from ASUS, Toshiba, HP, and Dell all repair their products for free which is included in their warranty service. NOT BEST BUY! BEWARE...when you buy from this group you are risking your money and possibly throwing it out the window. Our computer is useless after the repair!
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Well you just said that the manufacturer will reinstall the operating system. So how is the computer useless?

And why was it taken to them to get repaired? Because they're not going to reinstall the operating system for free if you got a virus.

Now if it was a hardware problem they will if it's in a warranty or service plan. I think you're not telling the whole story, or you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Best Buy review in Honolulu, Hawaii: Bad computer; poor service

Purchased the computer/virus protection recommended by Best Buy Sales Associate since I will be out of the country for a year and need a good computer to work from as I teach online. Got on the road and after half an hour of use the computer would no longer connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Ended up at BB in Conway, AR--they said they tested the software and that the problem was a defective Wi-Fi Card. They shipped it from there to be sent to the BB at my next stop. When I picked it up, the computer was scratched up and missing one of the feet on the bottom and the problem was still not fixed. BB says they are not responsible for the condition of the computer since it was shipped from a different store. The computer is still under manufacturer warranty and in addition I had purchased the two year Black Tie Service Plan. Now for my year abroad I am left with a dirty, scratched, wobbly piece of *** computer--not to mention the hassle of having no computer for nearly a month while they fooled around with it. I will NEVER deal with Best Buy again!
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