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Best Buy- Springfield, PA - Disaster

Purchased a Toshiba Notebook for $493.97 in October 2010. Found out the hard way, 3 months later, that Best Buy will only stand behind its product for 30 days, despite the $89.99 warranty I paid for. Best Buy had to ship the Notebook back to Toshiba for 4 weeks of repairs. Now they want us to pick it up and try working with it again. I want my $493.97 refunded. Best Buy's version of "customer care" was to tell me (1) how busy they were after the holidays so their Geek Squad was overwhelmed, (2) that 30 days is all they can do and (3) I should have known the risk I was taking by purchasing a computer and expecting it to work after 31 days. Trust me...if you are thinking about a computer you MUST go to Apple or Dell. Best Buy is totally disinterested in you once they have your money.
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I am puzzled. Due to several inconsistencies with your issue I'm forced to assume on some statements in your story. Firstly, Best Buy has stood behind your product from the very beginning. The terms of said "standing behind" were directly available to you via a small pamphlet containing the terms and conditions concerning Best Buy's position on your protection plan. This pamphlet was to be read and understood in full before purchase and to verify your understanding as an Informed Consumer, Best Buy had you agree to the terms and conditions via a small touch screen located near the counter for your convenience. I assume at the current time, legally, you and Best Buy are bound by a contract regarding the service of your product which I am sure is in working order.

Second, It seems acutely clear that you were surprised about the wait time for your item. This is an issue clearly available to you as an Informed Consumer to research in your protection plan pamphlet. Best Buy has the ability to send products covered by protection plans to several authorized repair centers. With plenty of Best Buy locations stateside and abroad these service centers can reach capacity very quickly and customers can experience a longer wait time for their covered device. However, there are some instances when sending a problematic device directly to a manufacturer. Wait times can be even longer than 4 weeks for a particular problem. I believe that 4 weeks isn't necessarily a long time to wait for a device easily available at a public library.

Finally, expecting a new device like a laptop to work 30 days after time of purchase is a realistic expectation, however, expecting each and every laptop from Toshiba's assembly line to work after 30 days is not. Some units come to Best Buy with Hard Drives missing and units come dead on arrival. One has to understand that as a major retail electronics store, Best Buy cannot truly guarantee that each and every product they sell will work 30 days out of the box. They do not manufacture any product and will only authorize a 30 day in store warranty. Given the circumstances regarding computer manufacturers I assume that at least 10-15 percent of laptop computers and desktop PC's will fail prematurely and within the manufacturers 1 year limited warranty. In light of this Best Buy has established itself as an authorized warranty repair center depending if you have purchased your product with them. They have a contract with several major computer manufacturers that allow them to perform PC repair on units within their 1 year warranty at no extra cost to the consumer. The contract allows them to send your unit off to a repair center without you having to mail it directly to the manufacturer.

It seems to me that Best Buy is still interested in you as a customer even after they received your payment considering that they performed what was(I assume) major repair on your unit at absolutely no charge to you. This is why I stress that we become proactive about our shopping experience with major retail stores like Best Buy by reading their material posted on receipts and other literature they provide. It allows us to protect ourselves from embarrassment,incorrectly placed anger, and ensures a healthy relationship with those stores.


Can you name one store that would allow a refund on a computer after 3 months? Didn't think so.

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Best Buy - Return Policy

I recently bought a IPAD for my wife. At the time of the purchase, I specifically asked the sales associate about the return policy. She replied "30 days from the day of the purchase". Since the purchase was for my wife, I wanted to make sure that she likes it and I have an option to return it in case there is a problem with it or in case my wife feels its not for her. Since the purchase, the device constantly locked up during operation. My wife was not satisfied with the purchase and wanted to return. I took it back today for the return (winin 30 days) and was denied any help. Now the manager told me that the return policy is 14 days and not 30 days. I was denied the service even after I informed the manager about my prior understanding of the 30 day return policy. Now i am stuck with a product I am not really happy with. I have decided not to do business with best buy in the future and cancel my credit card account unless best buy honors my request and returns the product. adnan wazir
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Ma & Pa and 100% customer service = closed forever.

Megastores and 100% policy = thriving more than ever.

It's no mystery which store customers prefer. I wonder figure it out.


A business cannot stay in business if there are no customers paying into it BECAUSE of said policies. There has to be a balance of policy and exception. There are two spectrums of the scale:

Ma & Pa = 100% customer service

Mega Stores = 100% policy

The failure to define a middle line is what gets corporations into trouble. While it's true that a company can lose too much money by bending over backwards for EVERY customer, a company can also lose too much money by following their policies too closely.

Rules -HAVE- to be bent in customer service. Put away your pride as an associate and put yourself on the customer's side. Throw the book only at your more irrational, ruthless, violent, abusive customers and do your best to provide a satisfying service to the other customers.

Most are simple enough they misread something, misunderstood something, or honestly didn't see it. It's happened to me a few times too. Outside of work we're all customers.

Customer Service didn't die, it just became precious (think diamond) in a world full of narcissism and legalism, so it's rarer.


yes best buy's policy's are on the back of the receipt or hanging high on the wall in small print.. I do work for BBY and brought that store's policy should be brought down and posted where they well be seen..

I was told something I already knew..

and training on policy needs to be done better with workers at BBY.. I for one if i'm not sure I track down the answer..


Maybe you should have read the terms and conditions for returning the item before you spend your precious money, not just demand whatever you think you are owed just because you bought something


I work for best buy. I personally thing the return policy is just. If you are willing to spend that much money on an item it would be in your own best interest to do the research and make sure you are purchasing something that you will use and enjoy.

With that being said the employee who misled you should have face some sort of consequence. No the return policy on any computer based item is not 30 days it is 14 days, if defective. Also, you will have to pay a restocking fee. Best buy does not make any profit on these items They are being sold for the customer not for best buy to make money.

The customer when making a purchase that size should find out all of the necessary return information BEFORE making the purchase and not just going by the word of the front counter person who doesn't personally sell computers. Next time ask the person who sold you the item, they will know the return policy on the item they are selling.

Just be smart with your purchase. and don't blame 16 year old kids for your poor judgement.


So, the days of "Customer Service" are over and now we only follow policies. I dont agree with that but lets just say (for an argument) this is how it is.

There is still an issue when a sales associate misminforms the customer on the policy. My mistake was that I did not read the back of the receipt once I had a face to face conversation with the live person. I wonder how many people do the same.

And when I returned, I was called a liar instead of accepting the agents fault. Now I do have a big problem with that....


awazir: Ma and pa shops used to bend over backwards to please customers, even if it included them taking a loss. Do you know what happened to them?

They went out of business for losing money instead of making it.

Now, it's either follow policy or too bad. Like it or not, it's just the way it is.


Simon: Its real simple.... It all boils down to the concept of "Customer Service".

Its not the matter of an Ipad anymore. If I own a business and a customer comes in and complains about a product which I sold him / her. I better make sure that the customer goes back satisfied or I lose that customer forever. $600 is not a big $$$ if you look at what Best Buy sells in 1 day.

My problem is with the impression I got the moment I showed up at the customer service desk with my receipt and the product.

There was no effort to help me from the start.

They tried everything to push me away.... and they succeeded.


You might have been happier buying an Android tablet instead.


It's real simple. You cannot take a brand new, high priced item, use it and return it.

What is Best Buy supposed to do with a used Ipad? Send it back to Apple? What are they supposed to do with it?

My car had 5,000 miles on it. I think I'll call the dealer and see if he will take it back because I'm not satisfied.


I agree with you Simon. However I think that consumers should be more proactive about their shopping experience with major retailers, especially when it comes to important clauses in return policies and protection plans.

Some stores like Best Buy in particular have a large placard that displays their warranty limitations and is there not only for decoration but for customer education as well. In relation to this incident it seems that Best Buy's position on the issue stems from a lack of clear definition of "PC, Notebook" group of electronics. A tech savvy individual would likely place the iPad in the "PC, Notebook" group given that it functions somewhat similar to its PC counterpart.

I'd go as far as to say that most shoppers would say that an iPad is similar in function to iPod Touch and would classify the device as member of the "everything else" group. I'm sure that if this issue was reported to top Best Buy execs then this clause would be re-written to include tablets; sanity permitting.


I don't think we should only return defective goods. Many retailers accept returns for no reasons.

Though we should not take advantage of this, it always happens that we buy something wrong and we need to return it.

What is more important should be the policy.

Customers should follow the policy. On the other hand, retailers should keep their promise (policy).


I also learned a lesson on BestBuy today. The receipt says PC and NoteBook and several other electronics could be returned within 14 days, all others could be returned within 30 days.

I bought my iPad 20 days before and now I wanted to return it, no matter what's the reason. What happened is that I was rejected. The manager said they have additional policy which says iPad follows 14 days rule. I argued that I only accept the policies they put on the receipt, because that actually is a formal agreement between BestBuy and me.

The guy just stand there and said "I can do nothing."

Should iPad follow notebook's policy? Maybe.

But if the receipt says clearly 14 days is the policy for iPad, I won't go to argue with them. When that manager said "this is the rule, you have to accept it." I felt so bad because I was at disadvantage and had to accept the "rule".


To nita: The fact that the user isn't smart enough to use the product doesn't mean it's defective. If the purchaser felt it was defective, the store would have to be able to reproduce the malfunction.

The OP either didn't mention it was defective or couldn't reproduce the error.

Since the item wouldn't have been considered defective, it would have been put back on the shelf. You should try checking the facts before you become a full blown retard...nevermind, it's too late.


Don't ask the kids in blue polo's about facts like return policies and protection plans. They only want you to spend money and go away and they'll state as many unreasonable "facts" as possible to get you to do so.

What kind of business strategy makes money in that they're store managers would honor a 30 day return policy and a refund at that? Go straight to the source and read their return and protection plan policies fully before purchasing a $600+ item. If you know what you're buying and all of the risks included with that purchase then if you run into an issue you know they can't argue against paper.

I find it a sort of challenge to trust a 16 year old acne ridden child's dissertation of a return policy. I find 30 days for a return policy(not an in store warranty) is absolutely ridiculous and unheard of in this day and age.


Thanks everyone for comments. I guess, it all boils down to the customer service (or lack thereof).

Best Buy pretty much called me a liar and I dont apprecaite that. There was no intent to understand my situation help me from the start. I know that I may be out of luck....bust buy will lose a customer forever... not a good business decision....

i am buying a $1500 projector setup for my media room.... guess where I wont be going.


To Simon. Returned items that are defective are not put back on the shelves for other consumers. Try to check on your facts before being judgmental.


The employee misinformed you, however the policy posted in store, on the back of the receipt and online states 14 days.


Best Buy is brutal, I purchased a TV, printer and a laptop there. The laptop went on sale for $400 less than I paid for it less 15 days after I bought it...

I went back, and asked if there was anything I could do, and they referred me to their manager, a 400lb sloth who said "Whatever, our policy is 14 days, not 15, looks like you're out of luck." I will NEVER buy anything from BestBuy again... This was the Ottawa (Nepean) store in Ontario...

Bad name for all Best Buys. WARNING: Best Buy also owns Future Shop, so I don't go there either.


I bet you wish they would have given you a full refund so they could put the item back on the shelf and someone else could pay full retail for your used Ipad. Nice.

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Best Buy Sales Manager

Sold computer without speakers | Best Buy review from Reston, Virginia

My neighbor bought an HP Pavilion s5704y and the salesman said it didn't need speakers when she asked him where they were. She hooked it up and no sound. We spent the morning on the phone with salespeople and the Geek squad trying to figure out why she didn't have sound. In the end a salesman confessed she needed speakers and they wanted to charge her $20 more to get speakers yesterday. How could they sell a computer without sound? She bought the speakers at H H Gregg instead. I'm glad she didn't give Best Rip-Off another dime of her money.
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Same thing happened to my grandfather but at Staples!!!!


The real question should be why would HP a computer with out sound since they are the ones who biult it. YOu my friend and your neighbors are complete idiots.

Do the research. Don't blame the sales person for your lack of for sight


Because Mac's have inter-built-in speaker systems?


Shoulda bought a Mac.


Goggle.... lul


A classic. Absorbent consumer VS Exuberant salesman.

It takes not but 10 seconds to research this model of slimline desktop to determine the absence of an integrated or supplied speaker system; internet and Goggle access permitting. It takes not but 5 seconds to skim across the box in which the unit is packaged to determine said supplies and even less time is needed to read Best Buy's product display tag. All in all the issue stems from the customers willingness to believe everything that they're told and to disregard any text on the item or the items display tag making for a lulzworthy event the next morning. In the end the salesman gets a nice $400+ sale and the consumer a lesson in salesman methodology and a nice pair of computer speakers from H.H.

Gregg. A good day.

"How could they sell a computer without speakers?" An atrocity. How could they provide an unwitting consumer a computer without a pair of magical sound boxes.

They should be hung for their obvious contempt for people with ears irregardless of the amount of common sense in their consumers possession.

I for one am a proud owner a computer from which sound is produced from a pair of cylindrical sound tubes and a somewhat large box also from which sound emanates from for only $19.95 at Wal-Mart. Such gracious individuals there.


If your neighbor just bought a computer, why are you posting?

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I recently purchased an ASUS G73JH-BST7 Laptop from, as a refurbished item. When I opened the box and set the computer up, everything worked with the exception of the power cord and brick. I contacted the customer support and after 25 minutes of being...
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You're an ***.

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BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD worst place on planet to repair PC.

Best Buy offers Geek Squad service for repairs, and this my story. If you do not know were to repair your computer Geek Squad is last place on planet. They care less, love money up front. I turned in PC for simple clean up, got back PC that I can't even turn on...Store manager would not return my -99.99 dollars. They removed the viruses and broke my computer. Now I am fighting to proof - one employee has on written down it was in working condition, next employee when I picked up witnessed blank screen. Store manager Henderson NV location just goes whats on paper.
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1 comment

Guessing by your language skills, you are probably a child. Have your parents talk to the manager. He will probably respond better to an adult than a 9 year old.

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Sold me a Damaged Television | Best Buy review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I bought A Sony Television and took it home before inspecting it, Big Mistake!!! The screen was completely damaged. BestBuy refused to take it back and put the blame back on me. I tried to use the AccountShield(protection from the bank that handles the credit line)protection and they turned me down and said the issue had to be resolved with BestBuy.I opened up a credit line of $5000 the night of purchase eventhough I only spent $1000 and the first time I have a problem this is the treatment I get. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they were the biggest joke of all. BestBuy just said they weren't wrong and the BBB said "o.k". I will never shop at a BestBuy ever again. I would also like to mention that I have served in the US Army for the past twenty years and this is a slap in the face on so many levels, the biggest of which is that they question my integrity.BestBuy is the biggest scam out there!!!!!!
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Army...*sigh* always whine about every little thing...marines don't have that problem. :grin


What in the blue *** does you serving in the US Army have to do with anything? I'm so sick of people trying to use that as a ploy for sympathy.

I thought military people were supposed to be tough. I served in the Army so I should have immunity from any kind of unfair treatment by stores forever. Wah wah wah... I guess you want people to think "If Best Buy did that do anyone else fine, but a military person?

That is heart-wrenching. Boo hoo" You should be ashamed of yourself for using the uniform to get people to feel sorry for you.

You probably damaged the TV taking it home, unloading it, or taking it out of the box. Then you want Best Buy to take a loss for your negligence.

Sorry pal, it's not going to fly. If Best Buy, your credit card with Account Shield, and the BBB said "too bad" it was probably your own fault anyway.

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Products are pieces of *** | Best Buy review from Houston, Texas

have bought two stereos. Reason for second one was because the cd player quit did the second one. Bought two dvd players..first one *** out because cd tray would not go back into player. They said I must have put something heavy on top of it. It was in a special compartment especially for dvd players so nothing COULD have sat on top. Second player just quit working after 6 months. Now, my mother is having a lot of problems with a side by side fridge. They just have *** merchandise and I will never shop there again and tell everyone I know to do the same.
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It seems like electronics may not be your thing. Maybe you should try a coloring book.


Maybe you should quit sucking the Best Buy ***


Kathy, I was unaware that Best Buy themselves manufactured each and every prodcut in their store? Perhaps you should not be a cheap *** and spend a little bit more and buy a better brand and not just stick with the same ol' MANUFACTURER that has poor quality products. Better yet, step into a Walmart or a Costco I'm sure a WHOLESALE store such as Costco knows quality more than anyone else does.



The problem is "They Don't"!!!

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Best Buy does not care about helping their customers get a great value

I get really annoyed with stores that wont accept manufacturer coupons. I wanted to get a dvd with a coupon but they wouldn't accept the coupon because the dvd was on sale. That shows me that they don't want the consumer to get a great value. They get reimbursed so why wont they let me save the extra money? I'll go get the same deal at Walmart and they WILL allow me to use the coupon. i will only go there again when I want testosterone guys that think they know everything helping me find something but then not allowing me to get the best deal because they don't want to do the paperwork of mailing the coupon in.
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How about before you walk into a store READ the coupon before you try to use it. Of course you cannot use the coupong with sale items, that is double dipping my dear.

But go ahead.

Walk into a walmart and get shot down there too. Cheap ***.


*** it martimoo, I wanted to point out what a retard the OP is, but you beat me to it.


Its not generally up to the store whether or not the coupon can be accepted. READ the bottom of the coupon....many say it CANNOT be used in conjunction with sales items. lots of times it is up to the manufacturer if the coupon can be accepted

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Best buy, buy the extended warrenty or dont buy at all

to bad best buy spent the money for insigina hd radios, their own brand, they are so uncertain of their producrs, they only give a 90 day manfactuer warrenty. long story short, if you want new technology, best buy is the place for retail brick stores, just add the price of the extended warrenty into it. the extended warrenty is considered the worst purchase you can make in things i read most about products, i think i will choose to wait until costco or walmart offers the product, they know how to back up what they sell. good luck, and keep spending your money where they appreciate, this means i do not reccomend best buy ever
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Maybe if you spent 1/2 the time reading the Terms and Conditions that you do complaining you would not be in this situation.

All you people think you are owed the world because you have an extended warranty, but I bet you even now have not even taken a glance at the service plan. And yes if employees had there own way they would tell you to **** off and punch you in the face, you and all your little complaining buddies


You’re the type of customer Best Buy doesn’t want there anyway. Most office retailers have that same warranty package.

Companies like Costco may gain a few more customers each year but loose millions of dollars by having to return products that the “actual manufactures don’t hardly guarantee”. Stick to Costco, I’m sure best buy doesn’t like to have to listen to you complain.

Do you know why employees in retail smile even when you’re *** about stuff that’s not even their fault ….because they have to? I’m sure if the Best Buy employees had their way they would push you out the door, flip you off, and help you fire up your broom stick so you could fly to Costco.


"i think i will choose to wait until costco or walmart offers the product, they know how to back up what they sell."

LMAO! That is funny.

Wal-Mart knows how to back up what they sell?

LOL! You truly are clueless.

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Best Buy Sucks

Best Buy customer service sucks! It SUCKS! It *** SUCKS! My kid's laptop and our microwave, which were both purchased at Best Buy about 7 months ago, failed within days of each other. The laptop failed because it got contaminated with viruses because Best Buy sells you a sorry-*** third rate anti-virus program (Trend) that cost $30 and only lasts 6 months! So, I take the laptop and the friggin over-the-range microwave (that was fun) back to Best Buy. Well, it turns out the *** 3-year warranty we purchased for the laptop for $300 *** dollars was only for hardware problems: the software wasn't covered at all. You have to fix it yourself, using those sorry-*** handmade recovery discs they give you, that are hand labeled with a marker "1,2,3," (Unless you want to pay EXTRA extra for them to transfer your data off of the virus-contaminated hard drive, because the recovery discs WILL erase everything on your hard drive) So I said "Fine, whatever". Fortunately, I knew how to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it in one of my other computers, and transfer the documents and other data to that computer so I could recover it later. God help someone who didn't know how to do this. This was my first trip. The next day, I decided to try and use the recovery discs they give you. Well, none of them would start. I called the store and they said I had to change the boot sequence for the computer so that it would read the disc first (again, God help you if you don't know how to do that) Finally the recovery discs started to work. Took about 4 hours. Now, here comes another nightmare: whatever Geek *** that installed Microsoft Office 2010 on the laptop when we bought it forgot to write down the *** product installation key! All there is is this little Microsoft card witha product PIN number, with a space to write in the product installation number, and that space is blank. So Microsoft tells me I have to go to Best Buy, have them login to Windows Live and retrieve whatever product instlalation code they got from 7 months ago. So I go back to Best Buy and tell them the story. At first the guy gives me the "Well, that was too long ago and we wouldn't be able to go back that far" routine and then I am getting ready to tell him that is too *** bad, I paid for Office 2010 and you had better just download a new version at your expense, when one of his fellow geeks offers to try and find the product key and install it overnight. That was my second visit. I go back the next day (third visit) to get the frigging laptop and bring it home. When I look at the Office 2010 product sheet, I notice that the CD installation code has been filled in, but the *** handwriting is so bad that if I ever need to re-install it I'm going to have to take it to a federal code-breaking agency to figure out what it says. My microwave MAY be done in 7 to 10 business days, because god-forbid that Best Buy ever replace anything, even under factory warrranty, without them trying to fix it first. Ever try to get by without a microwave and 2 kids? It's a *** nightmare. *** if I will ever buy anything from these *** again. (Miami)
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'Well, it turns out the *** 3-year warranty we purchased for the laptop for $300 *** dollars was only for hardware problems: the software wasn't covered at all.'- um maybe you should read the Terms and Conditions you *** cow, before you spend your precious $300.00 like a smart person would.

'because god-forbid that Best Buy ever replace anything, even under factory warrranty, without them trying to fix it first.' why would Best Buy replace something

that's not even covered by them and it is not there fault it is broken how foolish can you get.

'Ever try to get by without a microwave and 2 kids? It's a *** nightmare.' Ever try using an oven?

' *** if I will ever buy anything from these *** again'' I'm sure the employees don't want to see your ***-*** again anyway


So you're saying that the laptop is Best Buy's fault? Thats funny.

I've bought 2 laptops from Best Buy in the last 9 months and have been fine. You would be too if you would have paid attention when making your purchase. They don't just stick you with Trend antivirus, you had a choice of 3 different softwares. Not to mention yes you got 6 months free, but you could have not been such a cheap *** and opted to maybe get a years subscription, or the two year?

Then you may not have had so many problems 7 months into your purchase.

Even if you didn't want to purchase that day, you could have gone out at the end of your FREE 6 months and purchased more software (maybe a better brand) or renewed with trend online. This is ultimately your fault, maybe if you weren't so ignorant you'd still have your laptop minus all these problems you went through.


@ MeMayMyMowMoo are you serious? buy already offered to replace your speakers. its fine if you don\'t want to drive for an hour to another best buy store but to not even have the patience to wait for them to get a new set of speakers for your spoiled *** now that\'s just plain ridiculous.

your speakers wont magically pop out of a best buy just because you wish it to be so. it takes weeks to get another merchandise from another store because they got enough needy dumasses like you rushing them to pick everything up everywhere and frankly. there is not enough manpower to cater to everyones needs at a snap of a is better off with one less spoiled needy assmonkey.

and im pretty sure they are not gonna be going bankrupt anytime soon because one or two turds chose not to shop there. enjoy walmart where you belong.


That's really sad you have to rely on a microwave to get by. what, you feed your kids nothing but hot pockets all day?

ever heard about home cooked meals? and like Simon mentioned up there, you wont get viruses if your using your computer properly.

(not downloading or watching illegal stuff)you can even get by without any anti virus programs as long as your using your computer the way it should be used. its not best buys fault your a lazy and irresponsible parent.


I agree with you 100%! Best Buy's customer service out here in Virginia is just as bad!

We purchased a surround sound system in November. The speakers went out over the holidays at the end of December. So we took them in and they sent them to be repaired under warranty. No problem.

They called at the beginning of February to say that all the speakers had been fixed except one of them, which qualified for a free replacement. No problem. The customer service rep then said they would have to order a new speaker which would take a few weeks, unless WE wanted to drive 1 hour away to the only other Best Buy nearby that had them in stock. Are you kidding me???

Why aren't you just shipping it from that store to your store???

Anyway, we won't be buying anything from them in the future. Enjoy bankruptcy Best Buy!


Maybe your kid should stop surfing the *** sites and maybe you wouldn't have such a virus problem or you could be a better parent and put some parental controls on the laptop. Oh wait, that would mean that some of this isn't actually Best Buy's fault? Gasp! No warranty covers viruses genius.

It really isn't Best Buy's problem about your Microsoft Office product code. You could have easily gotten that off of your computer before your kid screwed it up. You can easily do it now and write it down. You are hilarious for even thinking Best Buy was going to give you another copy at their expense. They aren't responsible for making sure your kid uses the computer properly. I think that actually may be YOUR job.

To sum up your story: My kid broke his computer, Best Buy wouldn't fix it because it was the user's fault, they wouldn't teach me computer basics to fix it myself, so wah wah. You've got nothing.

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