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Best Buy Free delivery unflexible and not customer friendly

Best Buy offers free delivery on appliances but only on their terms. I was pushed out 1 week and told to wait for a call to set up delivery and then they had with no flexibility on a time slot. Not a time, a time slot. Otherwise you need to wait longer. I was offered only 1 -5 p.m which would not work. My option was to pick a new day with a new call and a new time slot. If that didnt work I guess I would have to wait again. I will not purchase an appliance at Best Buy, their attitude was "OK shop somewhere else". Absolutely no care about losing the sale, no compassion for the problem they were part of causing. They were quick to cancel the sale, that wont be a problem in the future, I will shop somewhere else.
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The way you described the delivery set up doesn't make sense. Best Buy uses a 3rd party to handle appliance deliveries.

All Best Buy can do is set up a day for delivery (usually a 7am to 7pm timeframe) and the 3rd party will call to narrow the timeframe down to a 2-3 hour window. That 3rd party has a route they have to follow with a lot of customer deliveries. Unfortunately they cannot work around an individual customer's schedule.

If the day and timeframe they give does not work for you, then you have to reschedule. You will be very hard pressed to find a company who sells appliances who doesn't follow this same outline to some extent.

John N

I have been getting my appliances from Lowes with their free delivery, which is the next day. So far bought a range, refrigerator and a washer/dryer combo.

Great service from them.

Lowe's prices are also very good and competitive. I stopped buying much of anything from Best Buy a couple of years ago due to their poor customer service and sill practice of putting their own "***" on some computers---which is very difficult to get rid of.

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Best Buy Customer Care

Unacceptable Best Buy Experience

Update by user Jul 11, 2011

I posted this complaint on the Best Buy Unboxed Forums, in which I got a response within a few days from one of their Community Connectors. He seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me with my situation, however, it was obvious that there was a limit to what he could do to help, as he passed my information along to the store\'s General Manager and District Manager.

This was back in early June.

I have yet to hear a peep from the people who are supposed to be able to help. I just find it funny how there is little that corporate could do to assist or mend my tainted experience with their store.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2011

Both my husband and I have been loyal Best Buy customers for more than a decade each. Despite us being able to purchase items online or at other discount retailers for remarkably less, we always purchase from Best Buy, and I mean that. Our most recent trip however, left the two of us utterly infuriated and speechless. On June 7, 2011, my husband and I were at the Eubank Best Buy location in Albuquerque, New Mexico perusing the DVDs. Many of the Blu-ray titles had promotional stickers on them advertising a "Trade & Save" deal that would allow us to trade in any DVD for $5 off select Blu-ray titles in the store. After seeking out an associate for more details on how this promotion worked, we were told that the details were as simple as the sticker would suggest. To avoid having to look through every single movie cover for a sticker, I asked for a list of participating titles. We were told that such a list didn't exist. In fact, we could trade in any DVD at any time to get store credit and not just the movies with the special stickers. On June 9, 2011, at approximately 6 pm, my husband and I returned to the same Best Buy location with a small stack of DVDs to trade in. We went to customer service, told the associate that we wanted to do a trade in, and asked again how the deal worked. We were told that each DVD would be $5 off a participating Blu-ray (the ones with stickers), but that we couldn't combine our credit to all go toward the same title. In other words, we would have to buy seven new movies to claim the money earned from the seven movies we brought in. Quite understandable. After noticing that she didn't have any coupons left at the register, the associate called a manager to ask if the deal was still going on. After confirming this with the manager, she proceeded to scan our movies, place recycling stickers on them, toss them into a recycling bin and gave us our coupon and receipt indicating that we had given them seven movies. My husband and I then spent an hour and a half going through all the movies in the Blu-ray aisle and carefully deciding which participating titles we wanted to add to our collection. When we went to the register, the cashier scanned the coupon and pointed out that it didn't work because the promotion had expired on June 4, 2011. Another associate was called over, who read the coupon and also told us that the coupon had expired. After telling him that we had just been given the coupon about an hour before, he told us that the coupon was only good for participating titles. We pointed out that all of the movies we selected had stickers indicating this, and that we were well aware of that stipulation. He responded by saying that he had to check a "list" to verify this, but that he could override the expiration date so we could get our $5 off of one of the titles. After clarifying with him that we had $35 worth of credit, he called over a manager. The manager looked over the coupon we presented, and also told us that the coupon was expired. She obviously wasn't the one who had given the okay that the promotion was still going on. We explained the whole situation again, and she responded with the same spheel regarding participating titles. She had the other associate go find a shipper to come up front to explain what this meant. When we showed her that all the titles we chose had the sticker, she assumed that we had merely picked out the "stragglers" of the group that they had not managed to sell. However, there must have been over a hundred still on the floor, and at least 20 titles that my husband and I had such a hard time only choosing seven. Being frustrated by how big of an issue this had become, my husband and I decided that we just wanted our DVDs back and didn't want to purchase the Blu-rays. We were told that we could not have our DVDs back because according to the coupon, we could not take the DVDs after trade-in. However, having not received anything for the movies we brought in to trade, we thought this to be quite unfair. After arguing with the manager, we were able to walk back to customer service, where our movies had to be picked out of the recycling bin and given back to us. And while this whole situation was frustrating, the most disappointing part was that no one we dealt with after the issue came about was willing to listen to my husband and I. Instead, we were treated as if we were trying to scam the store out of seven Blu-rays for a $35 discount off of a possible $180 purchase. We were treated rudely, and were cut off several times when we had tried to calmly explain our side of the issue. My husband and I put in a lot of effort to find out details of the promotion, yet, no one told us that the promo had ended until after we had been given a coupon "guaranteeing" a deal. At the end of our two hour visit to Best Buy, not once were we given a given a simple apology. My husband and I left with our DVDs in tow feeling like we had been the ones who caused the mistake. I would have been more understanding of the matter had a manager not given the initial associate we talked to an okay to accept our DVDs for trade in. If the promotion had ended, all employees, especially a manager, should have clearly known this before giving information out to customers. This Best Buy location clearly needs to fix its communication and managerial issues so it can provide better service to its customers.
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Best Buy Deal

Customer service is awful & so is their protection plan! | Best Buy review from Greenville, South Carolina

I HATE best buy. I have always purchased at best buy. I've bought 2 laptops, cameras, cell phones, etc. I have always purchased the black tie protection plan too. Well from now on, I will NEVER buy from them again as their customer service SUCKS. I purchased a laptop in June 2009. I purchased the BTPP that expires June 19, 2011. Early May, I brought my laptop to the store to order a new charger and battery. They coudlnt help me there because they said my BTPP# was showing 000000000 because their system was offline when it printed. They gave me a number to call and said they would be able to give me the number and put in the order for me. I called the number and for 2 straight hours I was constantly repeating myself to different departments I was sent to. It seems as if EVERYBODY'S system shows different things. Some told me it expired already, some told me they couldn't find it, some told me it expired 2 days after I purchased it, and some actually found it but had to send me somewhere else to order it. Everybody I talked to ended up not being able to help. I finally got a supervisor who found it, and tried to put in the order for me and I waited 20min listening to her breath and then she tells me it couldn't go through that all she can do is email Tech Support and they would contact me in 5 to 7 days. 10 days later, I was not contacted by anyone. I call again, and spend an hour on the phone repeating myself to different departments AGAIN. Finally, they try to order my parts and they dont HAVE them in stock. They tell me I have to purchase them ON MY OWN WITH MY OWN MONEY and to fax 952-430-7852 with my proof of purchase and my BTPP# and they would send me a check within 10 days of receipt. I told them I had no trust in them and I am very skeptical to use my own money as the trouble I have already had with them. They tell me they have never had complaints with it before so I purchased my charger and battery through and fax them the information on Wednesday. I called today, again sat on the phone and repeated myself to 4 different people. She tells me there is no way of them knowing if they received the fax that it is between them and the customer. Well I have no way of knowing either, I have no way to contact them if even THEY cant contact them so HOW IS IT BETWEEN ME AND THEM??? They havent contacted me. I paid $208 and she just tells me that it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks for my reimbursement. WHAT??!!! I am beyone PISSED. And I STILL havent gotten any confirmation that they are even working on it. And on top of that, I have to wait and listen to *** music FOREVER everytime I am transferred. I had to call to update my debit card for my cell phones warranty bill and had to wait 15min. I mean really? Don't YALL want my money??
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Before I correct Simon on his assumptions let me give an update. I did get reimbursed for my charger and battery after I had to buy it myself since they didn't have them in stock.

That was a whole other hassle. On top of that, I found my original receipt and my expiration is not until NEXT june 19 2012.

Now Simon, I took my whole computer to best buy originally because u it wasn't holding its charge not because I just wanted new stuff. I didn't even know when my expiration date was.

The guy confirmed it wasn't holding its charge and told me I should get both battery and charger. Also like I said they even lied the whole time about it expiring this year. I bought a3 year black tie plan for right at $300the so EVEN IF I just wanted to get a charger and a battery for $200 off my plan so the *** what? I've NEVER used it until now so how would that be ripping them off?

When I paid more for the plan that what I used. Dumbazs.


Hey Noize, eat ***. When people try to rip stores off, prices rise for all of us.

If you don't like my comments, don't read them, it's as simple as that. If you had your way, everyone would think exactly like you, isn't that right you fascist ***?


You know what Simon, go to ***. I've looked through several Best Buy complaints and noticed one constant thing, you being a troll and calling everyone an *** because they learned that your beloved Best Buy, who I wouldn't be surprised to find out is paying you to do it, can't be trusted.

And I'm aware that this comment is probably in violation of posting rules, but so are 90% of yours. This is a site for people upset with businesses and how they handle things, not for trolls to come and tell them they're *** for being upset when they have reason to be.


Best Buy has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with!! I bought a $600 Evo cell phone there a year ago and (STUPIDLY) agreed to their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection for $10/month, being promised that absolutely any problem you have - even if its your own fault, as long as you can bring us the phone (i.e.

not lost or stolen), we will immediately replace it. I brought it in because the phone kept randomly shutting down and repowering for no reason when the battery was fully charged. They told me if I wanted it immediately replaced (which I have been paying for this service for over a year) that all they have available is a downgrade to the Evo Shift. No, I dont want that.

Well, then it has to be "repaired." They sent my phone out for repair for 2-5 WEEKS and as part of the $10/month that is also supposed to include a loaner phone. What they don't tell you is that the loaner phone is a 1995 flip phone! So you're supposed to give up a $600 cell phone for a month (and still pay your cell carrier the full data charge etc.) and get this when it was originally sold to me to be an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT? Not only did it take almost 2 hours of paperwork dropping the phone off and 2 hours picking it up when it had been "repaired," but my phone wasn't even fixed!!!

The same problem was still happening. I asked to speak with a store manager and all he offered to do was exactly what had originally been offered - exchange for a downgraded phone or send it in for repair for 2-5 weeks and hope they get it right this time! He said it would take FOUR QUALIFYING REPAIRS (FOUR times sending your phone in for 2-5 weeks per time with each time the phone being sent back to you, the issue not resolved before you would actually get a new phone). Do you believe this *** So, obviously, I was not satisfied with those results and continue to tell him how upset I am of this service and in the middle of speaking to me (this is a manager) he says, "Ok, this is enough at the store.

If you want to talk any further, you'll have to call our 1-800 number," and shoo'd me out of the store. Absolutely appalling. I hope he gets fired because that is the absolute worst customer service.

Also, I told the store manager (above him) about this and all she did was say sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Please don't buy anything at overpriced Best Buy and DEFINITELY do not buy their service contracts!!


Wrong Lewis.

The warranty is in place IN CASE something breaks. It's not intended to give you brand new items every 2 years (right before expiration). It would be like using a warranty claim on a TV right before it expires to replace lamps that are currently working. I highly doubt a laptop warranty stated that you get a free battery in 2 years, regardless if it breaks or not. Get a clue, Lewis.

It is fraud. Actually, you're the one who doesn't know ***, so shut the *** up.


I find it disgusting that your comment on his problem has to do with him using a warranty for its intended purpose. People like you need to stop thinking that people are taking advantage of the system and stop being so *** cynical. The fact that you claim that what he is doing is fraud just proves more that you know nothing.


I find it funny that your warranty expires on June 19th and coincidently, you're trying to get a free charger and battery right before your warranty expires. That's called fraud and I'm so glad it blew up in your face. Serves you right.

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Geek squad unresponsive | Best Buy review from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I turned in my Nikon camera for repair on the 17th, it took until 6/6 for it to arrive at the repair facility after I was told it would take 10 days to repair. I have spent 45 minutes, 3 phone calls trying to get an answer when it would be ready. They promised to call back with a date after telling me they could not repair it and it was sent to Nikon for repair. Today I was told that it was being repaired by Precision and would be ready on 6/12 with 3 to 5 business days. I will not do business with Best Buy again based on this customer service experience. Totally frustrating, ineffectual Geek squad.
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Never again to Best Buy!

I have NEVER encountered such a lack of customer service as I did today. I wanted to get a new HD for my MacBook. I brought my old HD as a sample. I waited in the store for 15 minutes - still no help. I asked for assistance...nothing. I looked for a HD by myself and found one - I was unsure of the connections and asked a representative if this HD was compatible with my old one. He said yes. I asked if I could open the box and make sure that the connections are right - he said NO. I told him that if he is right and the connections fit, I will buy this HD. His answer was NO, you are not allowed to do that. Fine. I went to Computer Advantage and bought my drive there,. NEVER EVER WILL I GO TO USELESS BESTBUY again. - I have spent around 10.000 there (office supplies, PCs etc) No more....NEVER AGAIN. Best Buy is USELESS!!
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When the day comes that you own your own business you can choose to allow customers to open factory sealed items before purchase if you want. Until then, smart businesses will require they remain sealed until purchased.

If you aren't smart enough to know if the new hard drive has the right connectors, you aren't smart enough to install it yourself anyway.

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I purchased a Blackberry in mid-December at the store in Wyomissing Pennsylvania. The selling point of the Blackberry over any other smart phone was the fact that Best Buy offered a replacement warranty, not a service warranty. They did not offer you a refurbished...
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this guy doesn't make much sense. he's from the same area as me. he probably lives in the ghetto part of Reading.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy-Geek Squad rip off!

Best buy's reported company watchword is: "Thousands of possibilities" If this is so why has it been impossible to get them to stand behind their extended warantee. I have been unsuccessful in getting my computer fixed. I purchased an HP PC at the recommendation of a sales person since my laptop my only computer was going to be out of commission for two weeks. (It was being sent out to repair facility for repair) The HP PC has been in and out of the Geek squad repair service since November 2010 through June 2011, over 5 times for the same problem. I was sold Windows 7, new router, wireless booster, something new every time. Geek squad always finds a way to charge for something. I was told that I had to go back to Vista operating system by factory repair. Never should have had Windows 7 installed and besides Geek Squad Folsom CA store didn't install it correctly according to the Factory Geek Squad technicians. No two geek squad technician's agreed on what was needed to effect repairs on this computer that has never been functional for more than a month. Rude Geek Squad technicians. Corporate office ineffective. Only listen long enough to refer back to the offending store for assistance. No place to submit a formal complaint through corporate. I resolved my issue by going to Fry's Electronics in Sacramento and purchased a Lenovo PC. I will boycott Best Buy and HP for the rest of my life. It has been a nightmare!
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went to Best Buys SARASOTA on Sunday 6/5/2011 to purchase a Palsma TV sales man was very frindley and helpfull when he recommed a samsung tv was at a sale price of $1249.00 I said ok I'll take the tv and audio dept sales manager said that was a tupe error and the price now is $2150.00 We complaine dlike *** but manager would not hourner the price this is bad business practice We wll never shop at best buys but will also complain to BBB. We have delt with Best Buys befor but never like this I think the store amanger is very rude.
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It sounds like an error was made, I don't think it was any type of a scam. You're making a big deal out of nothing.

If he had told you that there was an error and the TV was $700, would you still be crying?

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy

Decided to purchase an ipad 2 3G while in the US, and went to the Best Buy in Baltimore. I was worried about the name, "ipad 2 Verizon", so I asked if it would work in Canada--was assured that it would! I cannot buy a dataplan for this device in Canada, and now there is no way to refund the $800 spent on this purchase!! I tried exchanging it at Best Buy in Canada, but apparently they are not linked to the US??? I tried calling the US customer service, but they will do nothing for me. I am not impressed. I will not buy anything from this store again.
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Pressured? Don't you have enough balls to say no to a Best Buy salesman? Oh yeah, you're Canadian, so you don't have any balls at all.

I am unequivocally not impressed.


Unfortunately I didn't come across the verizon model in my quick look to see if the ipad2 worked in Canada. I read that the AT&T model works fine.

I was pressured into making this purchase by the salesperson, who should have told the truth, or said that he didn't know. I am equally not impressed.


Yeah, they should give you $800 for your used Ipad because you're too dumb to buy an Ipad in Canada that you want Canadian data service for.

I am not impressed.

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Refused to honor credit card for $.27 over limit. | Best Buy review from Palm Springs, California

went to Best buy to purchase GPS unit(Magellan 5045LM). credit card refused for $.27 overage! of course I did not purchase the $152.27 item. with customer service? like this you will soon go the route of Circuit CITY et al! and furthermore I found identical unit online for $10 cheaper. I think you know what you can do with your credit card. I have never missed or been late with payment,yet I am restricted to $150 limit. but this is ok. other retailers have identical items at competative cash prices. online retailers have much better prices and offer home delivery.
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I don't have a job and don't like to work. Best Buy wouldnt take my Bridge card to let me buy an Xbox and stereo so I can lay around all day and play video games and eat cheetos while productive people are working.

This is all the company's fault! Sue them!


You just said you were OVER THE LIMIT!!!! LIMIT = the MAXIMUM you are able to finance.


That isn't Best Buy's fault if you can't afford the item. I agree with Simon.


You are such a *** retard.

Maybe you can stop being such a degenerate and wait until you can pay for things before you buy them.

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Best Buy Credit Card