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Best Buy new name is Good Bye

Three weeks ago, I boutght a DVD player from, to be picked up at the local store. I paid in full, including taxes, in advance, when I placed the order and I got an e-mail saying that I could pick it up at the store the following Monday. Seven e-mail messages later (three weeks later) I get a message saying that the item is not available and they offer me a refurbished player or to switch to a more expensive player. Another offer is to wait four more weeks (but they don't want to send me awritten confirmation about this offer) I check the besbuy web site and it still says that the item is available (I could place an order, no problems at all). When I tell B*st Buy that I will file a complaint with the District Attorney for deceptive advertisement, in a magic way the item is available at the local store (the one where I place the order to). I go to the office and they want me to pay again and they also want me to cancel the order. Fifty five minutes later, I get the item. For me, Best Buy has become Good Bye
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Your new name is "Won't be missed".

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Best Buy Employee Calls Customer a *** + ***

125 18th Street Jersey City, NJ 07310 (201) 792-**** I went to best buy today to buy a Desktop and Laptop. When I got to the computer section a employee approached me and asked if i needed help. I said "no". Same Employee comes back and I asked him a question on the processors. I asked if he know if it was a dual-core he said he did not know. Then walks away. I picked a laptop and he comes back and told me about Clear 4G . I asked how fast is the 4G he said " I dont know" then showed me a youtube video. He insisted I buy it and try it out. I said no. This is when he called me a "***" then walked away He then approached me again when I went to get a desktop. I asked him if there was and i7 desktops he said "no". Walked away and said *** Hole" He lied to me =( there were i7 desktops. Asus Once he called me an *** I walked out with my laptop. I had to get another sales associate to make my purchase. Employee name :Joven ( Not sure but I got a good description of him) Race : Looked Hispanic / Black Hair: Curly afo like He wore his pants baggy and had his pants below his waste. You could see his boxer when he walked. Shirt untucked. He also had a darker uniform pants than the other employees. Questions to Best Buy " Where do did you get this employee off the streets?" " Why dont your sales reps have basic knowledge on computers?" " Who do I contact to report this guy?" If best buy checks security cameras it will show he approached him several times. Each time told him I didn ot want the product / don't need his assistance. Can someone help me with this issue? I want to contact Human Resources or someone who can help me report him.
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@Best Buy how does he sound racist?

he pretty much accurately describe the employee.

His name is Joven.

He had other complaints from customers. Were short on staff and we only go through 3 day training.

If you want you can come bye at the Customer Service and I can help you file a complaint and have it sent to HR


@ Best Buy Dude seriously why do you care? Some people are not tech savy when it comes to certain products. That's what the employees job is to help the customer!


Questions for you:

"Hispanic/Black? WTF? You mean you can't tell the difference?"

"How many Hispanics do you know with afros?"

"Are you a racist pig? You really sound like one"

"Why can't you read the tags that are on the computer that will answer your processor questions?"

It sounds like you have a personal vendetta with this employee and you will not stop until he loses his job. Well maybe you should take your racist attitude to Wal-Mart and see how much their employees know about computers.

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Terrible sales people in the TV department at Best Buy in Cary, NC

Terrible sales people in the TV department at Best Buy in Cary, NC! I went in to purchase an AV Receiver to use with my new TV I purchased a few weeks ago at another Best Buy. I was approached by a female associate and was asked if I had any questions. I asked a...
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I have similar experience with sale people of best buy ,not only dont know nothing if not they dont attend you ,ahh and of course the manager always is in vacations.Compusa they are the same ***.I think that when you go to

work to one of this stores you receive a training or something .Aparrently more retard you are you are the best candidate to work in this stores.

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New htc-surround phone no help

i was given a phone for birthday 3-20-2011 bought on3-15-2011 and activated a week later.i overnite charge and phone dies on 2 calls or less of 10 + minutes.i took to best buy and asked for any help but told 'WE SELL NOT REPAIR OR REPLACE".YOU NEED TO RESOLVE YOURSELF !!.I AM IN NEED OF PHONE NOT BUY EACH MONTH.I WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO THIS TYPE OF ROBBERY.I ASKED FOR BATTERY,''NO' WAS THE REPLY.I WAS TOLD TO CALL HTC OR AT&T THEY MIGHT HELP BUT WE CANNOT!!!.i have never made over 3-4 calls a day and this phone is in car in daytime and inhouse on charge at nite.please tell me this phone can be used more than this!
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Best Buys price match policy sucks

Best Buys touts their price match policy as a reason to buy from them. Just bring in the paper where you saw it cheaper and they will refund the deference and more. I recently bought a camera and in order to take advantage of a saving on a lens I had to buy a package. 2 days later the same package was 50 dollars cheaper in a local store. Best Buys response " we don't price match packages" although it was the same package they sold me. I think this is underhanded to a point of a scam by Best Buy.
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I purchased the ipad 2 five days before the black friday. Guess what best buy lower the price for $45.00.

I went to best buy demanding my $45.00 but they did not give it to me because of black friday 3 days discount price and not fair for people staying in line to buy the ipad 2. I told the manager this is not my fault, it is your fault by lowering the price. I am demanding my $45.00.My ipad 2 is still under 14 days return policy but I have to restore my ipad2 and return it. It does not make sense.

I wish the hire smart manager at best buy or the best buy policy is ***. I returned my ipad 2 for full refund and purchase the same one at the same store and they gave me a new one. Best Buy management, do you think this is the smart thing to do, explain it to me if you read this comment. Do you think you are the only one player?

We have fry's which have better service and policy and better management. This is going to be my last shopping at best buy. If you have better price than Fry's all I have to do bring best buy ad to frys and for sure they will match the price without giving a hard time.

I read number 6 comment by the best buy, I am not sure who is the person responded to these comment but let me tell you, your answer is worse than 5 years old kid. If you read my comment, the local best buy manager is worse than 5 years old kid.




I purchased a computer at Best Buy for $1100.00. The same computer went on sale at Best Buy ($100 Cheaper) 13 days after my purchase.

I returned to best buy on day 16 for a price match. Was told that I only have 14 days for a price match and I was outside my warranty period. Wow..

Sams, Walmart all have 30 days or more...Best Buy.......... What a RIP OFF!!!


I thought we were talking a "Best Buy scam here"?

You're such a ***


I have had a number of exchanges with Best Buy in the last few days and I am happy to say that this problem has been satisfactorily resolved. I must say that they listened, investigated and decided based on the information at hand and the staff at the local store that Best Buy should Match the Price at the local store. I am very satisfied with their response.


Seems like very few of the Best Buy employees know this fact that Best Buy does not price match packages, as the sales person that sold me the package explained that they would price match it if I found it cheaper. So they don't even make it clear to your own employees. Or are we talking a Best Buy scam here?


We don't match packages. We thought we had made this clear.

Most 5 year olds would understand that.

"underhanded to a point of a scam by Best Buy." Yep, you caught us.

This was underhanded to a point of a scam. You got it...

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Best Buy Rudeness

I needed a Mac cable so I walked into the Minnetonka, MN location of Best Buy with my laptop under my arm. I asked the man at the entrance for a piece of marker tape (they use the tape so as not to confuse customer property with the store's inventor). He glanced at the laptop (2008 MacBook Pro) and said "You don't need a marker for that. We don't sell relics here", turned his back then laughed LOUDLY with two other employees. How do you they find these guys? Is there a stipulation that you must be void of courtesy to work at Best Buy? I try not to shop at Best Buy because the customer service is so poor, but I was in a rush for a VGA adapter and they were on the way. The adapter worked well as I gave a presentation (on my relic) to a University of Minnesota class filled with engineers and technical communication students. They are also consumers. I opened the presentation with "I just bought this adapter from Best Buy. Here's what happened when I walked in to their store..."
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Thanks for the nice post, Geek Squad.

But, in my experience, that level of poor customer interaction is inordinately high compared to other companies. I think the amount of Best Buy complaints found on this board and the seven others I posted to attest to the same experience. Customers will have complaints no matter where they shop...but they're about product, or warranty or something tangible - almost never with the staff's attitude.

And business plans fail based on the answer "don't shop at that location again." Don't ask the customer to repair the problem.

Thanks again for the response. Geek Squad has helped me (and my company) with a number of computer situations.


I do not think that is very common. Sorry about the rude customer service.

I know my store our manager gets upset if a customer is upset. So dont shop at that Best Buy again but do not let it ruin your image of Best Buy.

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Sold me a bad tv

i bought a insigna tv from best buy in nov. we took set to lake house and used it for 4 days. we disconnected tv (as adviced) and closed up house. the house is climate controlled.we return in april, reconnected tv. set was not able to get signal. finally after talking to geek squad the set got a picture. the problem was everyone was green. there was no red in set. we return to best buy for a exchange but manager was rude. best buy shipped the set away for repair. so now i have no tv for 30 days or more. read the details of your 2 year buy does not stand behind their own brand, we will not buy from them again. beware best buy
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They are sending your TV away for repairs. It sounds like they are taking care of you. It's not like they told you to get lost.

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Don't buy ipad 2 from Best Buy

i was told i had to pre-order ipad 2 and give $100.00 deposit and i would be contacted when arrived. i asked the girl how long the wait would be she said she didn't know. i said, "do you think it will be a month?" she immediately said, "NO!" Now Over a month later I'm still waiting. I called after 3weeks to see where i was on the list and was told there were 3 people on the list and i was number 1 so when they came in i would definitely get one so i said o.k. then i saw that another store had the model i wanted and asked them to call and see if i could have that one and they refused so i called and was told they were holding it for an event. so i called today because on the internet site it said they had my model in was told they didn't and when i asked where i was on the list-just to double check- i was told i am now number 4 of 5 people waiting. When i asked how i went from number 1 to number 4 the employee was rude and when i asked to speak to someone else she slammed the phone down in my ear and hung up on me. They are totally unprofessional and I can't understand why they are still in business-- i will make it my goal to close them down!!!
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why does best buy have so many refurbised insigna products. just maybe insigna=junk. if you do business with best buy, beware the fine print


I think you are too nice in your story telling. I bet when you asked her if it would be a month, she responded with "NNNNOOOOOOO YOU *** *** ***!!!!! STOP *** BOTHERING ME YOU PIECE OF ***!!!!!

That sounds more believable. Also when you politely and innocently asked to speak to someone else, she yelled FFFUUUUCCKKK YOU!!!! into the phone and slammed it down.

Keep us updated on your goal of putting them out of business. I'm sure they will start reporting record decreases in sales once you get your hands on them.

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Orlando, Florida

Advertising phone calls

We have received two calls - less than 5 minutes apart from foreign call centers - during the dinner hour. We will not shop with you until you bring these jobs back to the U.S. Your call centers hang up before we can register our phone number for removal from your call lists. This is totally disgusting. We have our own business and pride ourselves with our customer service - all native Americans and of course English speaking. You are not saving dollars by using foreign call centers - you are losing a customer base that is totally disgusted with large corporations taking their customer base for granted. Even if we could understand what these people have to say, we would not be interested in their promtional dialogue.
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Mckinney, Texas

Very poor customer service, they did not listen to your complaint.

Very poor customer service, did not listen to the problem, and did nothing to help resolve the problem. Manager was a joke,. Just wanted to sell software. Laptop had issues, Best Buy stated they found no virus but Windows7 corrupt and needed to be reinstalled for $ 130. No way, Laptopis only 4 months old. Was not happy, and stated so many times. Left unhappy. Took laptop elswhere, two virus found on laptop, and windows 7 was just fine. I wonder if they even looked at the issue. Will not do business with them again unless required with warranty, if forced to do so.
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I suppose Best Buy put those viruses on your computer as well?

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Best Buy had no Ipads - Deceptive Advertizing

After reading the Best Buy ad this last Sunday, I went to my local store to buy an Ipad2 that they said they had in limited quanities. The sales person said they did not have any in stock. I said your ad stated that you had them for sale today. They said their store did not recv any and neither did the Reno store. Just happens my son-in-law in Los Angeles, Calif went to 4 differnt stores and got the same story. These guys are real slime balls. I will never buy another item from that store..ever.
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I agree with the above post. Almost every company ad is created in advanced as agreed upon with the manufacturers.

The manufacturers pay to have their product placed in those locations in the ad.

If the company were to "change" the ad to reflect that product they have in stock, they would no longer have the backing of said manufacturer. It is regrettable that the company can't control natural disasters and can not ignore the poverty that just struck so the iPad could be conveniently available, but unfortunately, it is a reality.


Ads are created in advance in accordance to agreements with the manufacturers of the products. Too bad the natural disasters put a wrench in the production of iPads. This is something that no one had any control over and at the local store here they allowed to reserve one for when they are available again.

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Never shop at best buy...Major rip offs!

CONSUMER ALERT!...... ATTENTION ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMER'S!..NEVER SHOP AT BEST BUY! I went to Best Buy in Jordan Landing to purchase two big screen TV's, a muli speaker stereo system an other electronic items for my Yogurt Shop. I paid Best Buy the $99.00 fee for Geek Squad to come out to my shop and give me the estimate for all the wiring and all the electronic devices that I was interested in having installed. Little did I know, that when the time came to have it all installed, they would not answer my phone calls or emails. They had told me to give them a call before my drywall was installed, so that it would be easier for them to run the lines. Call after call...NO return message. Email after email...No return message. After waiting along two in a half months. I had to go through another company to get the job done. To This day, Best Buy refuses to refund my $99.00 fee that was suppose to go toward my install and purchase. I have made a trip to their store a number of times, and get the same young unprofessional management team, who yells at me and refuses to refund my money. Very hard nosed and unexperianced associates to say the least! I think it's just a matter of time that these jerks will be out of a job when the business goes under due to all the customer complaints. So stay away from BEST BUY at all costs. Unless you want to feel taken advantage of.
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Couldn't agree with you more. Best Buy has been sued in the State of Ohio for putting damaged goods back on the shelf, selling it to new customers, and then trying to sell the long term warranties on the products (which is where they make their big money).

Bought a new stereo system for my daughters car. After installation she picked up the car, and brought it to me two days later as she felt the speakers sounded funny. I got into rear panel to find that one of the speakers was blown and damaged. The speaker definitely had "long term wear" as well.

I took it back and they accused her of turning it up to loud and blowing the speaker. I asked them why there were scratch marks and dirt in the speaker cone and told them they had put in a damaged speaker, not the ones I bought.

They wanted to charge me a "re-shelving fee" and then wanted me to pay for another speaker (obviously I didn't buy their 2 year warranty). After many complaints to the attorney general, state of Ohio, they filed a lawsuit against Best Buy and won.

What did customers who complained get for winning the suit??? Discount coupons to Best Buy !!!

Buyer could be buying damaged/used products from Best Buy. Wouldn't step in the store if they were selling products at half off.

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Best Buy Black Tie is a load of ***

The sales clerk sold us on the Best Buy Black Tie Protection telling us that it was so superior to ALL other protection plans because they covered EVERYTHING expect loss. He told us that we had to recover the phone at all costs, he even went so far as to tell us that if it fell in the toilet we had to fetch it. The clerk (with the big, huge, ear lobe expanders) said they would replace it no matter what. Guess what, my husband dropped his $600 phone in a puddle. I figured no big deal, we have insurance, guess what!! Surprise, that clerk with attitude told me in such a snotty manner there was no way they would even look at a phone with water damage. When I challenged her she said that if I knew the name of the clerk that "lied to us" she would have him clarify his statements. This is *** we pay over $30 per month for our insurance and now we still have to pay over $600 for a new phone. Oh but, we could for ONLY $150 buy a "loaner phone" this is bull. Don't buy into the black tie protection. Go directly to whatever service you want ie sprint, verizon, att, etc.
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I also bought the black tie protection plan on my cell phone. The sale's associate from Best Buy informed me that after the two years is up, best buy would buy my cellphone back and give me a gift card for Best Buy in the amount of $ 250.00.

My contract expired in May of 2014. I go to Best Buy and pick out 2 cell phones and start the paperwork on my new contract. The sale's associate tells me that my cellphone was only worth $80.00 and that is all I'm getting. At this point I'm fuming.

Now I have a manager calling me a liar and telling me that one of his employees would have never told me this. At this point I'm calling the manager an As#$%^&. I go home without a new contract and contact Best Buy corp.

Let me tell you, As$%^&* stick together. I hope this review will help you decide not to purchase the Black Tie Protection Plan or anything else from


I've used black tie , and had a water damaged phone replaced no problem twice .. took weeks to get the job done though as always. i live in CT


How does it cover water damage when you clearly stated that it doesn't if you drop it in a lake, ocean, puddle??? Doesn't make sense, if this protection says that it covers water damage it should be cover no matter what. All this protect plan is just a way to lure in money.


I bought a verizon droid 3 at bestbuy to avoid all the rebate *** with my carrier and signed up for some cashback program where I can trade in my phone for cash which came with a free month of black tie protection for my cellphone that would replace my phone if damaged, not, lost or stolen. The thing is I wanted to cancel it before the month was over so I called their number and over the course of 12 calls I've been on hold for about 3 hours total and have yet to speak to any representative to cancel this *** plan and now I just got automatically charged for another month. The nerve of bestbuy to scam their loyal customers like this!


Best Buy has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with!! I bought a $600 Evo cell phone there a year ago and (STUPIDLY) agreed to their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection for $10/month, being promised that absolutely any problem you have - even if its your own fault, as long as you can bring us the phone (i.e.

not lost or stolen), we will immediately replace it. I brought it in because the phone kept randomly shutting down and repowering for no reason when the battery was fully charged. They told me if I wanted it immediately replaced (which I have been paying for this service for over a year) that all they have available is a downgrade to the Evo Shift. No, I dont want that.

Well, then it has to be "repaired." They sent my phone out for repair for 2-5 WEEKS and as part of the $10/month that is also supposed to include a loaner phone. What they don't tell you is that the loaner phone is a 1995 flip phone! So you're supposed to give up a $600 cell phone for a month (and still pay your cell carrier the full data charge etc.) and get this when it was originally sold to me to be an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT? Not only did it take almost 2 hours of paperwork dropping the phone off and 2 hours picking it up when it had been "repaired," but my phone wasn't even fixed!!!

The same problem was still happening. I asked to speak with a store manager and all he offered to do was exactly what had originally been offered - exchange for a downgraded phone or send it in for repair for 2-5 weeks and hope they get it right this time! He said it would take FOUR QUALIFYING REPAIRS (FOUR times sending your phone in for 2-5 weeks per time with each time the phone being sent back to you, the issue not resolved before you would actually get a new phone). Do you believe this *** So, obviously, I was not satisfied with those results and continue to tell him how upset I am of this service and in the middle of speaking to me (this is a manager) he says, "Ok, this is enough at the store.

If you want to talk any further, you'll have to call our 1-800 number," and shoo'd me out of the store. Absolutely appalling. I hope he gets fired because that is the absolute worst customer service.

Also, I told the store manager (above him) about this and all she did was say sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Please don't buy anything at overpriced Best Buy and DEFINITELY do not buy their service contracts!!


i've heard alot of people really bash the black tie protection, but it's been really valuable to me. three months after i got my 8 gig iphone 3GS, it started having problems charging.

i brought it to best buy, told them about my problem, and they sent the phone off to be fixed and gave me a loaner phone (at no charge. i've heard of them asking for a $50 refundable deposit for a loaner phone - never $150 as some people are saying - but you get the $50 back). in four days they called me to say that my phone was ready to be picked up. i went to best buy, to find out that they had sent me a 32 gig iphone 4!!!!

it wasn't a mistake - because the guys checked because they couldn't believe i had an 8 gig 3GS and they sent me a 32 gig iphone 4. they said sometimes they do that to keep long term customers happy - we've had our 5 lines for 12 years, so we spend quite a bit of money with ATT. so - all the stories aren't bad ones. i've never had a problem with any of the three iphones we have on our account getting immediately fixed or replaced through the black tie protection.

it isn't so surprising that bestbuy asks for a deposit for a loaner phone, if you break it or lose it, they have no recourse if they don't take a deposit from you.

$150 is too steep yes, but $50 is reasonable. if you borrow a phone from someone, you don't have to pay anything when you send your phone off - the only charge is a deposit that you get back IF you need a loaner phone.


They are doing the me.


It sounds like you had bad customer service. The Geek Squad Black Tie Protection ADH for Cell phones will cover water damage. However it wont cover water damage if you drop in in a pool, puddle, lake, or the ocean.

If you spilled water on it however, you would defiantly get it serviced. Go into another store, and tell them your husband was working at home and spilled his glass of water over the phone.

The Geek Squad BTP is actually really valuable, but you have to pretty much lie to the Geek Squad agents as to how your phone was destroyed.


Employees will lie to get the Black Tie plan sold knowing people aren't smart enough to actually read it.

No warranty will cover physical damage or water damage.

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Grand Forks, North Dakota

Got me twice,Shame on me!

Well first time was shame on them. Second time is shame on me. First they could not deliver an undamaged AC Unit. Then even after I had paid for one they said they were out of stock and would not get anymore until next season. At that point I had to get a refund. The whole ordeal took over two months. Well today after waiting in line (I was the first person) for the store to open so that I could get an IPad that were advertised as "limited quantity" I was told they had none. I was asked to fill out a form and would be called when they arrived. OK so far? Well next they wanted one hundred dollars down and could not say when or even if they were getting them at all.
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Best Buy- lies about service, then says buy a new product

I purchased a camera at Best Buy a year ago. I was told by the sales person that if I buy the Geek Squad warranty I would be covered for any reason for four years. He also stated that all of the repairs are done in house. I fell for both lies. My camera's auto focus stopped working. I took it to the Santa Rosa, CA store where I purchased it. I was told they ship them out and I would have it back in 4-6 weeks! Since then, they have sent my camera off, received it back, discovered that no one had looked at it and sent it away again. It will be a month on Tuesday and STILL no one has repaired it. The technician got it yesterday 04-15-11. I dropped it off 03-19-11. The Geek squad agent I spoke with last week told me that I should buy a new camera! Isn't that why I bought the warranty? I spoke with a manager who also told me to buy another camera and if I wanted he "Might" be able to credit me back for my old camera, without the restocking fee. What a guy. Never buy from Best Buy unless you have done your research. Don't get the warranty. Never go through Geek Squad. I will be telling everyone I meet. I have the email the girl sent about the mix up. I will be happy to post that also.
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I am absolutely disgusted with the whole operation. My poor husband spent $300 on a Black Tie warranty which was to cover everything from head to toe.

When it malfunctioned, of course that didn't cover a virus, only the hard drive. I spent another $200 to cover three computers for viruses. Of course, I was called to say I needed to buy some Disk from the manufacturer. I said wasn't that covered by the Black Tie but no, it didn't.

The second computer I took in for a virus problem was not covered as I again needed to buy a disk from the manufacturer.

I gave up and will NEVER go back to Best Buy. We were really taken by this whole outfit.


Don 't worry I will help you spread the word because I have been dealing with the exact same senareo. I have told all my family friends and coworkers and after my nightmare not one of them will shop there

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