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Best Buy doesn't deliver what you order

We ordered a washing machine from Best Buy and when it didn't arrive, we called the company and were told we had to go into the store. At the store, we were told that machine had sold out, so they tried to sell us a more expensive machine. Finally, they agreed to provide a similar washing machine for the same price. The manager called to the warehouse himself to make sure it was physically there. He promised to call if there were any problems. We were supposed to receive a call today to give us the window for delivery tomorrow. When no one contacted us, we called the number provided and were told that this machine had also sold out, so our machine was not arriving the next day. We were told to go to the store first thing in the morning. All of this after buying the "black tie" warranty service. We'll never order anything or go into Best Buy again. We've never had such lousy service and passing of the buck before at any retailer. It's now been 3 weeks without a washing machine.
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Best buy return policy

As had been noted in several complaints here, Best Buy's return policy is not customer friendly. My advice, after having been screwed myself, is either (1) don"t buy anything from Best Buy or (2) only buy what you will open and try out immediately since after 30 days, they will not give you a refund even if the item is warranted by the manufacturer for, for example, a year. You have to deal with the manufacturer. If you add the return shipping cost and the time and hassle, it is a fairly raw deal for consumers. As I said, know your store and if you do not like this policy, don't buy and for sure, don't let the item sit around unused for 45 until you find out it is an unreliable and worthless product. I suggest you vote with your feet. Mel Mench
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Best buy just sells the product, they do not manufacter it. Therefore, blaming them for a bad motherboard it ridiculous.

That's very obviously a manufacturer defect, hence the manufacturer warranty. Seriously.


i wish i would have researched this tv prior to getting it. have had the tv for 106 days and it has no picture.

the *** that came out yesterday to fix it claims it is the mother board already???? people please be advised if we continue to let best buy get away with this *** they will never stop! File a complaint with the FCC write to the NJ state attorney general and complain complain complain!

this is the only way for the consumer to be have some way out. it takes a little more of your time but it is worth it if the fcc and nj attorney general gets enough complaints from us consumers,then BEST BUY will be forced to pay one way or another.there is a complaint form online that you can print and send in for the FCC and NJ Attn General.

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Sue the Bastards | Best Buy review from Nashville, Tennessee

Best Buy. Hughes Net. DirecTV. Sprint. I have sued or threatened to sue all four of these companies in various small claims courts in Ohio, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee in the past three years for one reason: ABUSIVE, SELF-SERVING "CUSTOMER SERVICE" POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. I have won out-of-court settlements with all four companies for a grand total of about $9,000 in goods and services and cash. When you're right and you have exhausted all options without satisfaction, small claims court is the way to go. It works. I will have more to say about this later.
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Steve A

This thread remained inactive for a month until another disenchanted Worst Buy customer posted today. Isn't it interesting that not one of the three posters whom I accused of being corporate shills ever disputed that charge?

Not one protest. It's one thing I suppose to pose as a consumer.

It's another thing to lie about it when you're exposed as a fraud. So...rather than lie, they stopped posting.


I almost sue worstbuy when they refuse to take their defective product back. I know I'm right and their wrong, they probably realize it when I told them that FCC will deal with their crook policy.

Steve A

WTF? Does EVERYONE on this site work for Best Buy? NO, You Suck, I am not on unemployment. I probably make a lot more money than you do. I make my money making music and if you're under 80 years old, you've heard it. You've probably bought it.

You are another corporate shill, like Simon and Svetlana.

I'm going to give you just one small way that your company and most big companies screw consumers.

Rebates. They promise you a rebate, but they say "allow up to 12 weeks to process your rebate." Why does it take 12 weeks? It's an electronic transaction. It takes one keystroke. But no, they keep YOUR $100 or $200 or whatever for up to 12 weeks so THEY can earn interest on it.

I say "NO. You can't keep my money for 12 weeks. I want my money now." They say "That's our policy." So I say "You policy sucks. Give me my money."

Needless to say, I got my money and no, I did not have to sue them. Did you get yours? I doubt it. Whether you are one of them or not, you obviously have no balls.


I'm guessing you also live off of unemployment as well?

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. Wasting people's money by "settling out of court" can be quite an exhausting way to get money. ***.

Steve A

Yvette, I repeat: Svetlana and Simon are company shills. They are here to mislead us pissed consumers and to head off potential lawsuits.

They will deny it, but it's obvious to me and to anyone with half a brain. Don't waste your time trying to reason or argue with them.

Steve A

Man, these two company shills have gotten me riled up and now I\\\'m on a roll. When Best Buy Corporate Resolution Officer James Schmidt called me to offer me the $1400 laptop in question at no cost he apologized profusely for the mistakes his company had made and he admitted (this was three years ago) that the company\\\'s online and brick-and-mortar operations were poorly integrated and that in my case, in particular, it resulted in great and unwarranted distress and financial damage to its customer.

He promised to bring this problem to the attention of the CEO. He did. Today, Best Buy has incorporated some of the suggestions I made at that time, and Mr. Schmidt credits me for that.

The other three suits were equally valid and justified and the attorneys for these companies admitted their liability, admitted their mistakes, and offered me fair compensation for it. Now Svetlana and Simon, do you still want to defend your indefensible positions? For a minute I felt like splitting.

But a minute later I thought \\\"Wait, I would just be leaving the poor sheep on this site vulnerable to these wolve\\\'s in sheep\\\'s clothing\" and I changed my mind. Maybe it\'s the ADD.

Steve A

Ahhhh, one more thing. Yvette is another true pissed consumer.

Read her comment again, Simon and Svetlana. She speaks the truth...and I speak the truth.

The two of you? The devil in disguise.

Steve A

Judging by two of the three commentators so far on my post, I believe that this site is infected with pissed retailers in disguise trying to defuse the real pissed consumers with company line propaganda in order to avoid these lawsuits. Therefore, I am dropping out.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.


On the surface, you make a good point, Svetlana22. However, if I were to detail each incident and explain why I felt justified in taking these companies to court, you would have to agree with me on all four counts.

In the end, even they agreed with me! I was and am a TRUE pissed consumer.

However, I have neither the time nor the inclination to do so right now. By the way, the very name of this website is a profanity.


P.S. Profanity is a sign of an uneducated person.

It lessens your argument.

There are many tactful (or even colorful) ways of expressing anger and disagreement. :)


Not only are you wasting the time of the retailers but you are clogging up the court system with lawsuits. I would understand if you were legitimately wronged and sought out compensation.

But the fact that you sued FOUR large businesses shows a pattern of abusing the system and indicates that you are just out to make a fast buck. It seems as if you are the "self-serving" one.

Steve A

Thank you, Yvette. Simon is not a consumer; he's a retailer, He's a shill, and he represents the views of the retail industry, not ours.

It's obvious. I'm going to ignore the *** now.


So, like I said, you effectively raised prices for all of us.

Please throw yourself off of a bridge.

Steve A

I guess The Pissed Consumer doesn't like profanity. What I said, Simon, is that you should take a thin sharp object that fastens thing together and insert it into the body cavity responsible for disposing of the waste matter that your brain is obviously made of.

Steve A

I sued them because there were screwing me and costing me money. I got my money back and then some, but the money didn't make up for the time I lost hassling with them.

So *** ***.


So the rest of us consumers get to pay higher prices for your bs lawsuits? Awesome. Speaking from consumers and retail outlets everywhere, we pray for you to die quickly so the world can be a better place.

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My company purchased a HP computer from Best Buy in 2010- Within a year, it broke down-- GEEK SQUAD charged $100s extra to supposedly save my important files. I got back NOTHING! -- Same with my DELL computer that I turned in simultaneously. $100s more- DOWN THE DRAIN! In the meantime, I was ripped off by their rep who sold me a Samsung computer with USELESS GEEK SQUAD BLACK TIE PROTECTION for $1600 + (and a GUARANTEE it wouldn't break down) which broke down in a MONTH's time! Now everything's lost on THAT computer. Furthermore, on my HP- they didn't reinstall Microsoft Outlook/PPT/Word, etc- despite agreeing to do so. Now, I just called 888 Geek Squad- for the 6th time- mind you.. and EACH time - it's a different disappointment. The company knows NOTHING about Customer Satisfaction! Each time, the reps are RUDE - from the beginning with the 3rd degree given by the so called operators- to the PATHETIC service given by the so called technicians. BTW: Once there was advice- guess what it was? TAKE IT BACK TO THE STORE AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK because I DON'T KNOW! This is after the BRAND NEW SAMSUNG malfunction in the middle of SAVING a completed presentation-- which was lost and I wound up having to recreate it for $100s more at Kinkos in the middle of the night- and, then, do the presentation on no sleep. I am DISGUSTED by BEST BUY and I will do EVERYTHING I can to save the buying public from their corruption and fraud. 888-GEEK SQUAD is USELESS. They are RUDE and provide ZERO service. Do NOT buy products from BEST BUY and AVOID GEEK SQUAD AT ALL COSTS! (Their new ad campaign makes me want to throw up. You'll throw up too if you get ripped off by them and purchase ANY of their services. IT IS a SCAM!
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I am neither a Best Buy nor Geek Squad rep. When dealing with retailers the shopper must have a grain of common sense. It seems to me, you do not. First off, why can you not back up your information on your own? That was YOUR mistake.

Computers sold anywhere are all the same. How can you claim it is inferior? Please tell me how the hardware compares to one purchased directly from the manufacturer? So you are telling me computers should never break? Ideally we would like them to last forever, however, nothing is perfect. THINGS BREAK. Your ignorance to assume nothing can ever break is childish.

Did you cry as a child when your happy meal toy broke?

Backtracking a little to your backup you paid 100 for. Do you know what a file structure is? Perhaps you should do some research.

In case you are wondering, I am a Chef with no computer background. When I cook a dish for someone, sure I can mess up, I might over cook or under cook your porterhouse steak. I may make the Alfredo a bit too rich, however, there is no reason to claim incompetence. Especially when you couldn't do it yourself


The last two comments were probably posted by a Geek Squad or Best Buy rep since I emailed them the link to this site. Trust me, people, do not buy a computer from Best Buy-They are overpriced and inferior quality.

Do not purchase Geek Squad services- That whole department is run like an incentive company's disclaimer department. They'll do anything and everything to make you pay more- and they will only make your computer problems worse.

Their customer service department is NON-existent. All they want when you have a problem is for you to go away.


I think this is your own fault on this one... Some people are so willing to blame others for their own mistakes.

Ignorance is bliss, yes?


Sometimes the users of the computers are the ignorant ones.


Watch the YouTube videos about the kids at Geek Squad who "repair" computers. A news station did an under cover story Geek Squad.

Instead find a local "mom and pop" place with techs who have been repairing computers for years.

Geek Squad's prices are also highway robbery. If you only knew how easy it is to recover files off of a hard drive.

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Best Buy - return policy

what is new - Best Buy holds their ground on returning a product purchased outside their 30 return policy. I purchased an antenae for a non-cable ready television. When i attempted to connect it and operate it, I found out more than this devise was necessary. Due to a hectic business travel schedule, the only opportunity to return the unused product was beyond the 30 day period. Upon arriving at the store, I presented the boxed product asking for a refund. The clerk check and immediately responded, "you know your purchase is beyond our 30 day return policy. There is nothing I can do for you." at that time, she handed the product to me saying "have a nice day." Have a nice day is not going into a Best Buy. The price on the product was $19.79. This was not a 52" Flat screen, but a $19.79 item. Best Buy management hard nose decision of holding the line has lost a customer. My intention of writing this complaint is to spread the news about Best Buy....buyer beware! Anything you purhcase at Best Buy is yours even if is does not work. Best Buy management needs to take note, Circuit City had a similar return policy- 30 days or it's yours. Now where is Circuit City Today? My only wihs is Best Buy continues down that same path as Circuit City. I know I will assist them in that effort, I WILL NEVER STEP INTO A BEST BUT AGAIN! Will you, I hope not. Let Best Buy join the junk yard of broken, bankrupt companies.
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Simon feels that being condescending and adding negative, insulting adjectives from behind his keyboard increases the value of his reasoning.

Simon has never run a business for if he had, he would something called being accomodating and understanding to a valued customer.

Simon prefers everyone live in a black and white world; 'rules' are binding by the power of the Universe. They are not to be questioned or adapted, EVER!


the customer is not always right. best buy has rules too.

like simon said if they broke the rules for you they have to do it for everyone and then best buy would go out of business. that's the way retail is unfortunately.


ccountry sounds like an employee of Best Buy.

I had an experience where I purchased a new computer and as a precaution purchased an unopened cable for transferring data from one os to another.

I didn't use it, but was out of the country for 3 3 weeks, and even though the box is unopened and they could sell it to others, they refused to return my money or give me a gift card.

They have lost a customer. Whatever happened to the 'customer is always right' good customer service mentality?


i wouldnt have returned it if it were within the return policy


See you in Best Buy next week.

"I'm never shopping there again!" That's what they all say...


30 days means 30 days, princess. How is your hectic schedule Best Buy's fault?

If they made an exception for you, they would have to make it for everyone. So, sorry to tell you, this is one time in life where you are going to be treated like everyone else, despite your objection.

You bought an item you didn't need. That is YOUR FAULT. You didn't return it within the clearly posted return timeframe.

YOUR FAULT. Stop acting like a spoiled princess, admit it is YOUR FAULT and move on.


Policies are for all of us, unless of course YOU'RE SPECIAL.

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Best Buy mislead me and tried to rip me off

I brought my laptop computer in to be checked as it was overheating. I still had a 3-year black tie warranty in effect. The "Geek" who helped me told me it would be $250.00 to just look at it. I told her I still had a warranty. She said that was only good for a broken mother-board, or damage due to dropping it. I informed her that those are what is NOT covered! Basically, they did absolutely nothing to resolve my computer issue, and in fact were as ignorant about computers as they were about their policies.
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It sounds like you are the ignorant one. Just by the way you type I can tell your ignorance, bravo.

How good are you at active listening?

Because it seems to me you only listen to what you want to hear. That is a growing problem in society.

Alan C

You're right, for the standard plans anything that doesn't work is covered as long as it's not physical or liquid damage. BBY, though, is obligated to mail it out to the appropriate service center at no expense to you. Anything else - scream bloody murder and mass emails to corporate, executive resolution team.

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Best buy does not deliver on sale items!

Their sale started on Sunday and by Monday, none of the computers on sale were in stock. I was told to come back tomorrow as a truck would be arriving. It never did. The chase is on. Bait and switch. Their sale started on Sunday and by Monday, none of the computers on sale were in stock. I was told to come back tomorrow as a truck would be arriving. It never did. The chase is on. Bait and switch. Their sale started on Sunday and by Monday, none of the computers on sale were in stock. I was told to come back tomorrow as a truck would be arriving. It never did. The chase is on. Bait and switch.
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1 comment

this is the same tactic the car dealers use, they have one item for sale stock number xxxxx but guess what that one is already sold but there is this one here that costs twice as much. most of the time the employees buy up the one that is in sale before it actually goes on the shelf so they are guaranteed to get it.

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Best buy equals no buy!

Best Buy of Richmond Indiana, brand new store, went there today and 40 freaking people working, but no one on the *** registers to check out. One girl who worked there kept walking by us in line, like no one was standing there! One guy in front of me even had a big flat screen he was buying, but did they care, One guy up by the front door standing with his thumb up his ***! Is there a *** Manager at that store? Save your money, I won't be back! Guess I will try HH Gregg still! Best Buy will die!
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I'm not the one complaining about the long lines, genius.


Simon, why don't you put in an application and help be part of the solution as well?


Why don't you put in an application and you can help run the registers? Even better, you can share your vast knowledge about store management and make it a better place for everyone. Be a part of the solution instead of just complaining.


You and your princess attitude will not be missed.

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#251330 Review #251330 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Best Buy harasses its employees

I've worked for Best Buy in central IL, while we are continually #1 in our attaching services, etc. we are treated like *** by management. It's a very small store so the managers are able to stalk around and watch everything happening at once. They are constantly talking over our headset radios to make sure customers are never left alone, credit cards are offered, services are sold, and so on. And there is definitely *** to pay if these results aren't met. I know this is our job, but it feels like harassment! Our jobs are threatened all the time. Whenever we do accomplish anything, it's always pointed out that it wasn't good enough. On top of all this negativity, they don't schedule enough coverage! And when they do, they send people home early all the time. Which leaves the rest of us scurrying around and stressed. We might get results but we have the lowest morale ever!
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Hey Simon - What's up dude? Can't answer?

Man, I got a pair. What's your problem?

Try manning up. you didn't have a problem so far running everyone else down - so why is mum the word now?


Hey, Dude. Can't answer?

Try manning up. I got a pair.

What's your problem? You certainly didn't have any problem when it was you running everyone else down.


Oh Simon, "Tell It Like It Is", bro. You worked for a conglomerate and you are the man when it comes to telling the little meaningless workers how to march to the correct tune!

"Now That I've Found You, I won't Let You Go". After all, without you, who will keep us in our place? Not Tasha. Her job is to tell us how old we are.

It's your job to tell us where to go and bra, we really look forward knowing just how far off the beaten track we've marched. Thanks, Pal.


"I've worked for Best Buy in central IL, while we are continually #1 in our attaching services, etc."

You're #1 because you have a good management team. It's not a bad thing for your bosses to expect the best from you. If you don't like it, go work at McDonalds.


i completely agree with you. its the same way at my store.

not enough converage. management doesnt do anything to help out. i keep telling myself to try my best because hopefully it will get better and it never does.

the only time management has something to say its always negative, and theres never any recognition when you deserve it. sorry we try our best and cant always get people to apply for credit cards and all that nonesense.

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Best Buy Manager

Clothes damaged due to incorrect water hookups | Best Buy review from Houston, Texas

I purchased a new Washer and Dryer combo from Best Buy in November 2010 with an initial delivery date of 12/27/10. This date was missed as were at least two subsequent attempts. The set was finally delivered and installed in February 2011 by Best Buy's delivery company JB Hunt. The installer connected the hot and cold hoses up backwards at the time of installation. My wife washed her good clothes in HOT/HOT instead of COLD/COLD resulting in damage to approximately $2,000 to $3,000 of her clothes. JB Hunt sent out an investigator who determined that since I had fixed the problem myself (reversed the hoses) that they hadn't done anything wrong and denied our claim. I pointed out that the hoses look exactly alike, no special markings for hot or cold water, and taking a picture before or after I fixed it proved nothing. They still denied any responsibility. Best Buy was contacted and their response was that they had no responsibility and that they had discounted the cost of the set as a means of satisfying us. Bottom line, $500 discount for my trouble is a long way from $3,000 of replacement clothes. Best Buy refuses to do anything about JB Hunt and stated that there is nothing they can do to force JB Hunt to perform.
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You would have noticed the problem after the first wash load. It is not possible to jam as much as $3000 worth of clothing into a single wash load. You are not telling the truth.

#251186 Review #251186 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Best Buy Installation