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Best Buy - Premium Delivery - Dont bother!!

Be warned that the $99.99 "Premium Delivery" package does not include whole room setup. We purchased a Sony home theater package ($2000+) and nothing was setup when it arrived at our home. Have spoken to several people (1 whom said that yes it does include setup, yet the store we bought from says no) and even viewed the Best Buy website ( Long story short: I'm not going to purchase from Best Buy ever again. Waste of time and full of dishonest people.
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Terrible Geek Squad Customers | Best Buy review from Gainesville, Florida

I am a Geek Squad Agent who frequents this site to read all of the ridiculous rants of customers who feel entitled. First of all, just because you bought said item from Best Buy a year ago does not mean we will do whatever you want to fix it. Especially computers. If I had a quarter every time a customer came in and demanded I fix his/her virus infested laptop because they bought it from my store six months ago I would probably be living on a yacht. Lets get the who virus problem straight. Its YOUR fault, not best buys fault that your ten year old son decided to download tons of *** onto YOUR computer and now its going to cost you money to fix it. The service isn't even that expensive. People complain because it costs 200 dollars but they don't realize that they get UNLIMITED virus removal, diags, operating system repairs, tech support for an entire year from geek squad. For just the measly price of 200 dollars. Do people really expect service to be free? It boggles my mind that customers think I am going to do hours of labor and not charge them for it. I also do not understand why customers feel that once best buy sells them a product that best buy somehow OWES them tons of things. Like fixing it, or replacing it outside of the return policy. People are just ***, stop complaining when its YOUR fault. Every.Single.Time
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Why should they fire someone who's jsut telling the truth? Did you not read what he posted?

Customers infect their own computers, which has nothing to do with best buy or geek squad.

How is that best buys responsability? Explain that to me, so I can understand where you are coming from, cuz as it stands, you make no sense.


its not geek squads fault people are *** idiots. if you dont know how to use a computer simply dont buy one.

you break your stuff, you have to pay for it. they dont make the rules, they're just doing their job.


I've never used the "geek squad" and if this is what their attitude is I never will. best buy should find out which of their moronic employees keeps posting here and making them look like ignorant trash. If I were your boss you would be gone.

Thanks for warning me off your disservice.


i have been serviced by the geek squad several times and let me say i will continue to have them service me. Their personal service leaves me breathless and full of satisfaction.

They take their time and always meet my every need. Their knowledge of my needs always exceeds my expectations.

:grin Sometimes after a long day with everything going wrong, i find it comforting to know that the geek squad is on my side! :p


If you have had a bad experience with one of the Geek Squad employees you should contact customer service instead of posting on this website.


All of the GeekSquad workers I've met are fgts anyways. I went to BestBuy a few days ago and the GeekSquad personnel I dealt with was very rude and was lucky I didn't punch *** in his face


What you wrote makes no sense. I never talked about a camera and if someone gets a protection plan from us I will help them.


@RE: Terrible Geek Squad Custom

What you wrote makes zero sense. I never talked about a camera and if someone buys the Protection plan (not a warrenty) then I will help them more than someone who does not.


Yeah, except it's a camera and he bought a warranty. You diverted the focus to make you look like the victim even though he bought a warranty from your service and then got swindled out of his money.

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Best buy This was the worst retail experience of my life!

I went to best buy to buy 3 sets of speakers to replace the factory speakers in my truck as we would be leaving for a month long road trip I had a sales person look up what I need and help me pick them out, Asking about installation I was told it would be $59.95 I was not told that would be per-pair of speakers and when I finally got to see the install guy I was told it was $89.95 per pair. it was 10am I was told the install guy would be in at noon so I waited around for 2 hours at noon they told me he called in sick and I had to come back tomorrow. I was in at Noon the next day, I was the only person their all days it was 3.5 hours in that time I found out I was sold the wrong speakers on one set, and best buy did not have what I needed, And of the other 2 pair only one works it was 2.5 hours for him to put one pair in the doors, he never checked anything just said it was the radios fault they did not work. And it would be another 2.5 hours to take them back out of the doors at this point I paid for speakers that do not work, because I did not want to sit their for a total of 6 hours. And you claim Expert installation, one of the door panels fell off the next day the power looks do not work, nether panel fits any more, on my dash he cracked it in two different places, and broke one of the vents. Between waiting for the install guy I have 5.5 hours invested to get one pair of speakers working, had to pay for one pair because I did not want to wait anther 2.5 hours on top of what I already had!
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Best Buy Installation

Cashed975.00 without id fraud | Best Buy review from Coudersport, Pennsylvania

someone hacked my bank account and cashed 975.00 check with no id assuming cause it wasnt me that did it now my checkin is screwed PLEASE CHECK IDS !!!!!!!!!!! some had to notice whta th eheck was goin on come on it was a freakin starter check at that so im askin please check ids im in anther state this happen in state im moved out of months before hand please notice wht yall r doin pay attention this culd happen to anybody out there manger please do yur alls job ids ids ids fake checks please and thanks !!!!!that all i got to say
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Best buy doesn't except starter check. Just FYI.

You probably just want to blame best buy so your bank will give you free money and oyu get to keep whatever you bought.

That sh1t happens all the time. Scam.

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Best Buy has decided that in a state of emergency for the state of NEW YORK (which is under a hurricane watch) that it will keep its doors open until regular closing time (9pm) instead of taking the humane route that most other retail companies decided to take, thinking of their employees. Most of the employees here have yet to prepare for the hurricane because of the fact that they have had to work all day. Best Buy in Patchogue, NY especially. This shows us that the company does not care about the employees, the people who make them money, instead they care about the people who could potentially give them money. They are putting their employees in harms way and I find it appalling. THIS ACT DISGUSTS ME NOT ONLY AS AN EMPLOYEE BUT AS A HUMAN IN HARD TIMES!
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O, Simon ... ?


Oh Simon ... ?


Don't generalize your store with the rest of the company because I also work in a New York Best Buy and our store closed very early for preparation and stood closed the following day, As did all stores in our district. If your store stood open it wasn't because the company said so.


You cost money. Customers give money. Guess which one is more important.


It's not like the hurricane formed over NY. You had days to prepare!


A watch is possibility that weather will occur. If every business closed for just a warning, the heck, that is sad.

I live here where tornado warnings are very common and according to the National Weather Service, a warning means the same, a possibility. There is nothing inhumane about trying to have business as normal, if you really think about people need batteries in such cases.

Wait, Best Buys sells them! Why did you even care to show up to work with that attitude!

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Best buy screwed me up

BEST BUY JUST TRIED TO SCREW ME OVER : i went in on the 22 of Aug to buy 2 HP touth pads for me and my wife and i was shocked to find out the price was down from almost 500 to only $99 but the girl said the store was out of them and that i needed to order them " they will be delivered on the 27th she said " , so i said it is fine, but what if best buy runs out of them because of the very low price. She told me not to worry because the warehouse had thousands of them and that she alrady reserved 2 for me...i went into the store to pick them up today .The manager siad they ran out of them ! i go how when you reserved 2 for me She said she does not know why but that they never guaranteed delivery , then she said they only have the 32MB now but she never offered to give me 2 of those instead..she never offered me anything accept my money back..i got very upset, told them i will take them to court and left the store .. i believe this is very bad customer service, the least they should do is offer me a free upgrade to the 32 MB or offer me different touch pads becuae they screwd up my chances of buying them at that low price from other stores when they were available at the time . I will never go to best buy again . I also forgot to mention that the manager admitted they had 2500 of them in the warehouse the day i made the order .!!! so where did mine go .
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our store didn't even let anybody order them we just pushed them out on a cart and got rid of them as fast as possible to avoid issues like this o ya we were told to tell everyone that we didn't know when or if they would come in and to check back the day the truck came in if they wanted one


First of all you are an ***. I know for a fact that employees did not sell them to friends.

If the employee wanted a touchpad. They had to clock off and go stand in the back of the line. It is a simple communication mistake. If you insist on taking them to court go ahead.

Good luck fighting a corporation. good talk


Now you expect Simon to be a lawyer? When hyou spudit people learn and quit bothering him?

The man works day and night 24/7 and still you persist in shopping and posting to He can't understand why you can't wise up. The man is as dedicated as any person and tries to correct you, and yet you persist in going to stores and complaining about them. Give the guy a break.

Listen to him and the world will become the place the is trying to make it - just, decent, fair and mature. Poor guy. Si - look, even if they won't listen, I will. I know you are pure and good and your intentions are just to make consumers more informed by correct them with the names you call them.

And now, what do they want?

To drag you through legal advise, too. Will this insanity ever end?


You will take them to court because they didn't have an item you reserved, so they gave you your money back? Let us know the outcome of your lawsuit.


Hey, all you have to do is contact Simon. Man, he knows everything and he'll help you because he knows everything about Best Buy. You're welcome.


Oh, Yeah? Well Simon doesn't &ukc and you need to shove it if you think so.


Court over a touchpad.. c'mon buddy!

It's an obsolete tablet, it failed miserably hence why HP slashed the prices to rid their hands of them. As for the crazy mix ups, poor communications between HP and Best Buy corporate are to blame. Store employees were literally told one thing, which by the end of the business day had completely changed soo yeah. The distribution center was poorly represented as a warehouse in the back of the store.

The overwhelming amount of online orders bby recieved that also are taken from that distribution center stock causedhuge issues w in store orders bc nothing was updating properly.. sooooo long story short you were part of a mob trying to get their hands on an item with limited stock. As for the TouchPads, kiss them goodbye. They won't be making another appearance in best buy stores.

So if you still really want one, I'd cancel the lawyer and put that money towards one on eBay or *** by a reputible tablet that's gonna be around next year, with updates and services and support. I'm jumping to conclusions here but I figure if you have the money for a frivolous lawsuit you can afford a full priced tablet.


Best buy employee

I understand exactly what you said , but on the other hand their mistake cost me about 900 dollars extra .. The day i went in to buy them the lady told me they had thousands of them in the warehouse and she assured me i will get mine, based on her promise i never even bothered to go to a different store to buy them, they were available at a few stores , Best buy was not the only one that had them..but waiting for 6 days is the reason i was unable to find any . So i think Best buy should at least offer me one free upgrade ..any way i took them to court and we will find out i guess .


Best buy

Do you see why i don't want to shop at Best buy any more ?

It is because of your *** attitude and the attitudes of employees such as your self .

i promise you that will do what ever i can to make Best buy pay for the cost of the new one's and i will keep you updated .



You aren't getting anything for free. You already said you aren't going to shop at the store anymore so shove it.


The whole Touchpad price drop was a mess from the get go. HP told us to send them all back to them for credit, then later that same day, they told us to go ahead and sell them.

We sold all of ours that afternoon. There was two days where you could order them and have on hold, but that was on 8/21-8/22. The company could not guarentee delivery on specific day. Then the day they released them from the warehouse(no back of store) and the truck arrived, they gave out ticket numbers and if you had a ticket you could get a product.

Problem was, due to high demand, and so many hold ordered went into the system company wide, the system did not accurately put the correct number on hold at each store. I never was able to get my own and mine was on hold order and I work there. But you have to face the fact that when something like this happens where a high demand from something like this occurs, there will be issues.

Just like there was with the Apple company when they ran out of iPad 2's when they was released and could not restock stores for over a month. Now all stores have more stock than needed.



I never thought the warehouse was in back of the store, they said it would take 5 days to get them , she also said they had thousands of them in the warehouse, I really think that the best buy employees sold them to their friends ... it should never be first come first serve when ordering from the ware house ..if they have it in stock they should reserve it , if they don't they should tell you they don't but they should not take your money and make you wait a few days then tell you they were out..tha screwed me over big time , because that day many stores had them for the same price and they had them in stores not in their warehouses...i just *** up that i trusted my community bestbuy ..


Don't know what you are thinking that they would reserve something like a hp touchpad, I don't even think that they do that. From my knowledge it has always been first come first serve and wait in line with everyone else. A little info for you, when people are talking about the "warehouse," that is usually where they are being shipped from, not in the back of the store.

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Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Battery Policy

Best Buy's policy with regard to camcorder (and other) batteries is a rip-off. I bought a new battery ($59.99) for my camcorder and a new charger to take with me on an international trip. The person selling me the battery and charger told me the items would "absolutely work" with my camcorder. Well - surprise! There is a problem with the battery - a Digipower, sold by Best Buy. I paid $59.99 for this little battery and then it's no good - can't charge it. The people at the Vancouver WA store told me there's "No manufacturer's warranty" on the battery - and that Best Buy will not accept a battery back after it has been opened. Now how the heck do you find out if a battery is good unless you open the package!!! Idiotic policy. Best Buy did not offer to test the battery or test the charger -- except to plug it in and the store manager said the charger indicated the battery has a full charge -- so he put it into the camcorder -- and (no surprise) - the battery doesn't light anything up. Best Buy did say they could sell us a much cheaper battery but none were in stock and would have to be ordered. I called Batteries Plus and they have the new battery (factory fresh - not refurnished) and will test the battery in the store before we walk out. I want my $59.99 back -- but no deal from Best Buy!
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Strange -- According to Best Buy (and Batteries Plus) Digipower doesn't have a manufacturer warranty on camcorder batteries.


Digipower batteries have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Best Buy Woodbridge VA

One of the worse stores is the Best Buy in Woodbridge, VA. I was very annoyed by their lack of service. I picked up my online order, which took a couple of tries from Tatiana and I asked her if she handles returns as well but she told me I needed to go to customer service. The sign hanging above her head said customer service but I guess she meant next window. She left and went to the back while I stood in line for about 10 minutes waiting for the only associate working that counter to be done with a customer from Geek Squad . When Tatiana came back, she called next in line which just so happened to be me!!! Guess what: she handled my return!! Why didn't she do it all when I asked instead of making me wait in line? Maybe a cigarette break was more important? Who knows!
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I have an idea. How about go to the sign that says store pickup


So you needed to return an item you just picked up?

Stop being a shopping bolemic. Problem solved.

John N

I was surprised to learn that 1. Best Buy is still open and not in chapter 7 bankruptcy and 2. People actually shop at Best Buy.

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Best buy the worst place to buy computers

in four years i had bought 3 computers a getaway , sony and asus and any of those work correctly and every time i take it to best buy they never find anything wrong,,,,,,,the worst company in customer service ever the warranty that i buy extra it doesn't mean anything,, is ok one time to have problems but i am in my third computer with the same problems and i don't understand how they can carry such a bad products and not be willing to help their customers is always the same,, this is the worst company to buy anything
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I went to Best Buy at Woodbridge Va to pay my account and gave the check to a female cashier and she denied the acceptance of check because the signer was not me. I explained to her that the signer was my wife and the bank account is under both my names.

She continued to deny to take my check, so I said to her that my wife was outside the store and I was going to bring her inside the store to pay. The second time a male cashier did the transaction and never asked her for ID or something else. He just took the check and did the transaction quickly.

My question is: Is this the Best Buy policy or it was an arbitrarily decision by the female cashier. The transaction took place between 10:00 and 11:00 AM on Saturday 1/21/12 and two cashiers were on board.


I too and dealing with horrible customer service. My lap top's plasma was broken and i sent it for repair and it was returned in the most apalling fashion.

The 4 (mount tacks or whatever you call them) seemed to have been jacked by a screwdriver. The whole thing was smudged and grimy looking. I was aghast to see my one month old laptop looking like it looked. To top things off Toshiba did not return my charger.

Anytime, I have called Best Buy the employees have no clue about what i am talking about. They do not record notes and they have a lackadasial attitude about pressing matters. It is ridiculous.

I am going on nearly 2 months of having my laptop repaired. I am waiting to see if they even make an effort to redeem themselves.


If you are having the same situation with each of the computers, I am sure it would not be a hardware issues unless it is an item you are connecting to it. Or some software you installed.

3 different computers, 3 different brands, equals 3 completely different stock hardware in the units. If you have a printer, scanners, plotters, ect plugged in by USB, that could be your issue.

If the unit was not sent off to the service center and only diagnosed in store, then there could be something else they are over looking. No sure what symtoms you are having, but if you posted that up it would help inform me what is going on.

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Worst Consumer experience ever! | Best Buy review from Staten Island, New York

I have to say that my experience with Best Buy has been the worst consumer experience I had thus far. I feel as though the employees, and perhaps upper management, at store #469 were playing games with me and other consumers. On August 19th I went in person to the store to purchase a HP touchpad and they told me that they shipped them all back to HP. Then I read in online articles that they actually have the item and will sell them in stores. I called my local store and was told to check either Thursday or Friday. On 8/25/11 I called in at 10:30 am to find out if they were going to be shipped in and the very rude employee said "No, I don't know who told you they were coming in today, but we won't be getting anymore in;" then, I check in store at 4pm to find out they received a shipment at 1pm and sold out by 3pm... why the lies! I will never shop at Best Buy again, you have lost yourself a future customer.
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oh my goodness. i agree with joe.

something little like this and you're "done with best buy"? im pretty positive a lot of customers on this site exaggerate to make people feel bad for them.

i can almost garuntee that you will be back to best buy when you need something that no other store offers. good day to you.


Hmm. sounds a little whinny. One bad thing happened and you are so quick to write them off.


So why do you think they have these items and yet refuse to sell them to you? There's more to the story than you're telling or you don't know the whole story.

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