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Best Buy Battery Policy

Best Buy's policy with regard to camcorder (and other) batteries is a rip-off. I bought a new battery ($59.99) for my camcorder and a new charger to take with me on an international trip. The person selling me the battery and charger told me the items would "absolutely work" with my camcorder. Well - surprise! There is a problem with the battery - a Digipower, sold by Best Buy. I paid $59.99 for this little battery and then it's no good - can't charge it. The people at the Vancouver WA store told me there's "No manufacturer's warranty" on the battery - and that Best Buy will not accept a battery back after it has been opened. Now how the heck do you find out if a battery is good unless you open the package!!! Idiotic policy. Best Buy did not offer to test the battery or test the charger -- except to plug it in and the store manager said the charger indicated the battery has a full charge -- so he put it into the camcorder -- and (no surprise) - the battery doesn't light anything up. Best Buy did say they could sell us a much cheaper battery but none were in stock and would have to be ordered. I called Batteries Plus and they have the new battery (factory fresh - not refurnished) and will test the battery in the store before we walk out. I want my $59.99 back -- but no deal from Best Buy!
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Strange -- According to Best Buy (and Batteries Plus) Digipower doesn't have a manufacturer warranty on camcorder batteries.


Digipower batteries have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Best Buy Woodbridge VA

One of the worse stores is the Best Buy in Woodbridge, VA. I was very annoyed by their lack of service. I picked up my online order, which took a couple of tries from Tatiana and I asked her if she handles returns as well but she told me I needed to go to customer service. The sign hanging above her head said customer service but I guess she meant next window. She left and went to the back while I stood in line for about 10 minutes waiting for the only associate working that counter to be done with a customer from Geek Squad . When Tatiana came back, she called next in line which just so happened to be me!!! Guess what: she handled my return!! Why didn't she do it all when I asked instead of making me wait in line? Maybe a cigarette break was more important? Who knows!
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I have an idea. How about go to the sign that says store pickup


So you needed to return an item you just picked up?

Stop being a shopping bolemic. Problem solved.

John N

I was surprised to learn that 1. Best Buy is still open and not in chapter 7 bankruptcy and 2. People actually shop at Best Buy.

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Best buy the worst place to buy computers

in four years i had bought 3 computers a getaway , sony and asus and any of those work correctly and every time i take it to best buy they never find anything wrong,,,,,,,the worst company in customer service ever the warranty that i buy extra it doesn't mean anything,, is ok one time to have problems but i am in my third computer with the same problems and i don't understand how they can carry such a bad products and not be willing to help their customers is always the same,, this is the worst company to buy anything
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I went to Best Buy at Woodbridge Va to pay my account and gave the check to a female cashier and she denied the acceptance of check because the signer was not me. I explained to her that the signer was my wife and the bank account is under both my names.

She continued to deny to take my check, so I said to her that my wife was outside the store and I was going to bring her inside the store to pay. The second time a male cashier did the transaction and never asked her for ID or something else. He just took the check and did the transaction quickly.

My question is: Is this the Best Buy policy or it was an arbitrarily decision by the female cashier. The transaction took place between 10:00 and 11:00 AM on Saturday 1/21/12 and two cashiers were on board.


I too and dealing with horrible customer service. My lap top's plasma was broken and i sent it for repair and it was returned in the most apalling fashion.

The 4 (mount tacks or whatever you call them) seemed to have been jacked by a screwdriver. The whole thing was smudged and grimy looking. I was aghast to see my one month old laptop looking like it looked. To top things off Toshiba did not return my charger.

Anytime, I have called Best Buy the employees have no clue about what i am talking about. They do not record notes and they have a lackadasial attitude about pressing matters. It is ridiculous.

I am going on nearly 2 months of having my laptop repaired. I am waiting to see if they even make an effort to redeem themselves.


If you are having the same situation with each of the computers, I am sure it would not be a hardware issues unless it is an item you are connecting to it. Or some software you installed.

3 different computers, 3 different brands, equals 3 completely different stock hardware in the units. If you have a printer, scanners, plotters, ect plugged in by USB, that could be your issue.

If the unit was not sent off to the service center and only diagnosed in store, then there could be something else they are over looking. No sure what symtoms you are having, but if you posted that up it would help inform me what is going on.

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Best Buy review in Staten Island, New York: Worst Consumer experience ever!

I have to say that my experience with Best Buy has been the worst consumer experience I had thus far. I feel as though the employees, and perhaps upper management, at store #469 were playing games with me and other consumers. On August 19th I went in person to the store to purchase a HP touchpad and they told me that they shipped them all back to HP. Then I read in online articles that they actually have the item and will sell them in stores. I called my local store and was told to check either Thursday or Friday. On 8/25/11 I called in at 10:30 am to find out if they were going to be shipped in and the very rude employee said "No, I don't know who told you they were coming in today, but we won't be getting anymore in;" then, I check in store at 4pm to find out they received a shipment at 1pm and sold out by 3pm... why the lies! I will never shop at Best Buy again, you have lost yourself a future customer.
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oh my goodness. i agree with joe.

something little like this and you're "done with best buy"? im pretty positive a lot of customers on this site exaggerate to make people feel bad for them.

i can almost garuntee that you will be back to best buy when you need something that no other store offers. good day to you.


Hmm. sounds a little whinny. One bad thing happened and you are so quick to write them off.


So why do you think they have these items and yet refuse to sell them to you? There's more to the story than you're telling or you don't know the whole story.

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Best Buy Sucks

Puchased a desk top from best buy. No Wireless Card, but Mall of American - Dean stated that it had wireless and was all ready to go. Got it home and they never validated the Norton Antivirus. Now they want the computer back so they can validate the Antivirus. So I have to drive one hour out of my way to fix there problem. After 14 days if it gets a virus I have to pay more to get it fixed. Wow. I vowed 2 yrs ago never to go back to BestBuy. Now I know why I said that. Rewards Program ! Yeah Right bought a 5,000 TV and never got a reward. No record of my purchase.
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So you get a virus, probably cuz you clicked on some dumb sh1t you shouldn't have, and somehow that's best buys fault? How does that make any sense?

Isreal E

You can probably contact them and get them to give you the credit to your rewards program card if you speak with them nicely and can show the transaction on your credit card, they should have no problem giving it to you. Call customer support and see if they will accept that.


Don't get a virus and you won't have to worry about it. No warranty covers viruses because they are the fault of the user.

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Best buy geek squad black tie insurance vimal kumar

To whom it may concern, I have purchased many items from Best Buy ranging but not limited to a simple power inverter to multiple computers. My local best buy store is number 599, I have become familiar with the store and see most of the same faces there while shopping; I have also referred many of my friends and family to purchase various products and services including approximately 6 cellular provider lines of service. My experience starts off quiet pleasant, as my mother and I travel to the local best buy to upgrade the entire family's cellular phones since we were entitled to an upgrade. Upon arrive at the store, we browse the various mobile devices and wait to be approached, I must mention that the best buy mobile in this particular location was quiet curious as well as helpful, the only downside was a slight wait, but this is of course expected and bearable when receiving good service. I was offered the geek squad black tie protection and even presented with a follow shopper who was coming into the store to get her blackberry replaced due to water damage. I took the information on this protection program and was told I had 14 days to add it from the current purchase date. The following week I returned to the store and happily purchased the geek squad protection, after being told that I can come into the store at anytime and they will take a phone out of the storage case and hand it to me I was pleased and understood exactly the service that best buy was rendering. The price seemed fair, as 11$ with tax included was double the price of the providers insurance however they were rendering a service that guaranteed a new phone as long as you had the previous one in hand. After approximately 4 months my phone started freezing and lagging and I arrived at Best Buy 599 and was greeted by the same sale person who had sold me the phone, who now had been promoted to manager, who apologized to me and told me they did not currently have any 9700 Blackberries in stock and I would have to wait for it to get shipped to my house in 2 business days. I agreed since there seemed to be no other option and I still had my old Blackberry to use as a backup. I was not pleased with this hiccup however it was not affecting my daily business and was once again bearable. 2 days passed and I did not receive a package from best buy, at this point I place a call to geek squad to find out the status of my repair and after 45 minutes on hold and speaking to someone on the phone who judging by muffled noises in the background was either in a car or a workshop I was told that someone from the store was going to call me later, and my unit would be available for in store pickup before closing time. Now, imagine my surprise, I have to drive to the store to get the phone that I was supposed to be handed at the store 3 days earlier. This was a mediocre experience with the best buy geek squad team, however I did get my new phone and refrained from writing any negative feedback since their advertised service was completed, though in a sluggish ordeal. 3 months later I again returned to the Best Buy store 599 and was greeted by the same manger that I had seen numerous times in these past few months due to family members upgrading their lines and other various purchases I had made in best buy. I explained that my phone turned off while I was speaking on it wasn't responding to the power button. The manager proceeded to tell me that geek squad no longer offers " rapid exchange " and I explained that when I signed up for the service that was the main selling point and I was not informed of the changes to my protection plan by any member of the best buy team. The manager took the time out to tell me that since it was my first rapid exchange they would be able to process it, however the 9700 I possessed was no longer available and I was going to have to take the 9800 torch. To most people this would seem like an upgrade but the torch was available for the same price when I purchased by 9700, and the reason I didn't buy the 9800 was because it was bulky and I used my phone for its purpose and not its aesthetic appeal. Needless to say I needed a phone to use the next business day and at this point it didn't matter what kind of phone it was as long as I was able to sync my contact and emails and take on the business day as I normally would. To my surprise once again the manager comes back to inform me that they are out of torches and will not have any available until the following business day. I inquire about what measures I can take and explain to him my dependency on my phone for work and he suggests that the other nearest store Best Buy 1886, located on Gateway drive, a mere 30 minute drive has 7 of these blackberries in stock. I reluctantly take the drive and arrive at the store at 530PM, I walk right to best buy mobile and explain the situation, reference the manager from the previous best buy and explain what he instructed me to do. Before I finish my inquiry with the sales representative he calls over a manager who expresses no desire to be of any assistance and informs me that he is not obligated to honor the requests of any other best buy personal and is most defiantly not obligated to honor a rapid exchange request from a costumer. I explain to him that I am in need of a phone a purchased this protection plan only for its rapid exchange policy, and he aggressively explain that he will not do the exchange while also confirming that the their store does have 7 of the units in stock and that he is interested in selling them to new customers. I request for him to call the manager from the other store and he agrees to do so from the privacy of his own office, as well I request to call geek squad while I wait. After a wait of about 15 minutes I finally get to speak to a person from geek squad who explain to me that the store has the option to honor my rapid exchange and that he would be more than happy to speak to Vimal Kumar the customer solutions manager at the location and see if there is a reason for him not honoring this rapid exchange. Once off the phone Vimal, explains to me that the geek squad protection plan is liable for change without any notice to the customer and that he will not exchange my phone and there is nothing I can do about it, he goes as far as telling me that he is getting paid for being present in the store while I am wasting my time. Needless to say I did not return to this best buy store and this experience with someone who's sole responsibility is to be a customer solutions manager has reflected poorly on best buy as a corporation and I have not returned since. If I was looking to get a phone mailed to me, I could have simply called my service provider and received a phone in the mail under warrantee, since all the events described occurred within the first 8 months of my owning the cellular device. Black tie protection was a falsely advertised protection plan which cost me money every month and provided virtually nothing more than the manufacturer's warrantee and the staff at location 1886, specifically Vimal Kumar the Customer Solution Manager, greatly impacted my perception of Best Buy, needless to say I will not be returning to shop at the store and am currently receiving cellular protection from my service provider for a notably lower fee. Dmitriy
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Whew! I made it through that bloated novel. You do realize that whole story really only needed a couple of paragraphs, right?

A simple google search of "best buy black tie warranty" would have told you how much of a ripoff it is.

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Best Buy worst company ever- That is saying a lo now adays

As I sit here holding my breath waiting for the Best Buy Store Manager to get back to me, (funny that the store acting mgr told me he would not be in till tuesday) I figured I would post something to see how long it would take for them to pull it off. Once done here I will be posting on the MANY, MANY Best Buy sucks websites if not satisfied. Issue: Bought a laptop from Best Buy and it froze on the 17th day. Just 3 days out of the 14 day return policy. 1st they tell me it will take 2+ weeks to send back and get fixed. Unfortunetly that was the Good News. After simply stating that it seemed a bit silly that it will take longer to fix than I had owned it, I gave it to them because I had no other choice. I can assume because I had the crazy idea to note my displeasure they looked at it in store and told me today that in order to fix it I would need to pay an additional $130. By the way I stupidly purchased the exrtended warranty as well. There answer is that since it is most likely a virus, they will not stand by anything. I asked if it is a software issue that happens again a week after I spend the $130 what then? I was told there is nothing I could do but keep bringing it back and spending $130. So the bottom line is that I bought a $500 laptop from BB the day my old one broke because I can not be without a computer/ now here I sit 17 days later $500 poorer/ no laptop/ and held hostage forever because they will not stand by the product they sold me. You can all save the CS circle talk about how 1,00's of customers every day want you to do something outside the lines. Heard it for 2 hrs today. Here is what I promise BB if this situation is not made right. (1st let me say that this is the 1st time I have ever complained on a website about anything,I am not the guy who never complains about his food or service in a restaurant, I am just the quiet guy who will not come back). 1) I will come to your store every free moment I have when in the area and tell this story to anyone looking at computers. 2) I will tell every neighbor/member of my small group from church and for that matter anyone who will listen not to shop at BB. 3) On every sales call I am on with my reps across 5 states I will use this story as the ice-breaking small talk with customers. All this could have been avoided if the store simply re-set the computer to the factory settings which might take all of 30 seconds for free, and this story coulkd have been about me telling all the above listed people how BB went out of there way to make a bad sutuation a bit better. Seems like a pretty easy business decision to me.
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If he got a virus, best buy has nothing to do with it! it's not a defective product, the customer is the cause of the problem.

If a customer gets a virus do to neglect like Robert said and not have anti-virus, that is their fault. If they do have anti-virus but were on unsecured sites or downloading things they shouldn't, which is probably the case, then why should best buy have to deal with that? they are not obligated to fix that issue. If that were true, geek squad would have rows and rows of computers to work on, with no compensation.

You are ridiculous. Seriously.


I didn't say he sounded whiney. I said repeating this story over and over again would sound whiney and it would.

I'm fine with posting complaints, but telling anyone who will listen? It may takes several years of therapy, but the OP really needs to chalk it up to "lesson learned" and move on with his life.

I guarantee you Best Buy is moving on with theirs.

I respected your opinion also until you suggested that Best Buy is doing this for PR (hinting that I am damage control). Now I think you're a complete tool.


While I certainly respect Simon and Robert's opinions, I do not share them. In fact, hearing this story ensures I will not buy a computer at Best Buy.

I did think about your arguments, but I disagree that he sounds whiny. I think it is ridiculous to purchase a $500 item of any sort and have it last less than three weeks and then consider the person 'whiny' if they are unhappy with the state of the situation. Especially since the guy needs this computer. It is very independent-minded of someone to 'not let anyone tell them where to shop', but, in fact, I believe it is simple common sense to listen carefully to someone's experiences with a business and take it into consideration before buying something expensive there.

As I stated on another post, I was close to buying two high end appliances from Best Buy when I stumbled onto this website. More than the original complaints, it has been the responses that have most turned me off to the company. If these are employees of Best Buy, they are showing an absolute disregard for the many bad experiences at this business. I realize everyone has difficult and unreasonable customers, but I am becoming convinced through the comments that Best Buy actually hates their customers.

This could be a good moment for a competitor to jump in with another big box store. Best Buy may feel they are on top of the world right now and not have to care about their customers, but even Walmart is experiencing a downturn. If Best Buy continues to be this hostile to customers, I cannot see how they can last. I do believe this computer problem had more to do with the computer itself.

I don't think it is necessarily Best Buy's fault. However, I just don't like the tone of the responses to these complaints in the comments, and they sound as though they are coming from employees and managers of Best Buy. Note to corporate: If this is your idea of battling these complaints, it is a bad one. It doesn't look good.

It makes you seem callous. If it is employees acting on their own, perhaps Best Buy corporate needs to discuss this with their employees. It would be better if Best Buy were dealing with these unhappy customers privately in the store or when they call corporate---before they load all this onto the internet for all to see. Why aren't they taking care of these complaints??

Why does their only response appear to be waiting until the customer gives up trying to deal with them to find resolution and then slamming them when they get on the internet as a last ditch effort to voice their displeasure?? If this is Best Buy's best effort at PR, it is a dismal failure.

Perhaps it is because this company is probably run only for a select group of shareholders and has nothing to do with customer satisfaction. That can be the only explanation for what I am seeing here.


It sounds like you have a Virus. Did you use anti-virus protection.

If you are neglectful of your device and don't protect it, who should take the fall for that. Just think if you own a company, lets say you own Best Buy. Your first thing you might say is " Well If owned Best buy this would never happen" But once you see the whole picture you start realizing differently. If you have 14 day return policy and people start wanting to return thing 3 days late, then 10 days late, why not 100 days after they bought it?

People would then just be using it and returning it and never pay for anything. Honestly some people are like that. I have worked enough retail to see that. And you then customers get a virus on their computer and expect you to remove the virus for free, and you are mind you have to run a budget and labor is a concern, otherwise prices will have to increase.

So now you are removing everyones virus for free, employing lots of people to do this and you end up going out of business like ultimate electronics. Time is money, money is time. Policys are for a reason. If you went into my business and you decided you were bvetter then my policys then you dont have to shop with me.

I am not making exceptions other wise I will go out of business. Its reality. You screwed up your own computer and now you need to take responsibility. If you shopped at Target, Amazon, Walmart, you would be in the same position, except I doubt those staff are trained as well.

If you dont like it run your own Electronics company. It is life. You sound spoiled to think a company should extend their policys for you. You are lucky too that Best Buy has a Geek Squad, I bet at walmart they would tell you you were SOL because its out of policy.

Btw if you dont get your way and then post all over that Best Buy sucks, and tell this to everyone, your a little obsessed.

Certainly because you are in the wrong. Admittance is the first step.

Peace out Bro.


"1) I will come to your store every free moment I have when in the area and tell this story to anyone looking at computers."

You will be escorted from and barred from the premises.

"2) I will tell every neighbor/member of my small group from church and for that matter anyone who will listen not to shop at BB"

I have never had anyone tell me where not to shop. I would ignore them if they did.

"3) On every sales call I am on with my reps across 5 states I will use this story as the ice-breaking small talk with customers."

You will lose a lot of customers that way. The story really isn't all that interesting and you would sound really whiney repeating it all the time.

Next time you buy a computer, read the return policy and your warranty information first. Best Buy didn't make the computer, so they didn't create the problem (you probably did yourself) and they are simply following the policies outlined in your warranty information.

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Best Buy review in Washington, District Of Columbia: The worst GM (Raymond) and worst display of CS I have witnessed

Raymond (GM at this store) I hope you read this because you totally suck as a GM and as a person. I am not one to do this (actually never wrote a negative review on the internet) but this was easily the worst showing of customer service I have ever seen in my life. I consider myself a nice, calm guy, who usually goes with the flow and never lose my temper. A little background: I bought a touchpad 16gb as a birthday present for my brother online and ordered it for in store pickup at this store. One day passed and did not hear anything about the status of my order so I called since my credit card was charged the full price ($434). Apparently they liquidated the item (I paid $434) that morning and did not know what to do about my order. The lady on the phone (who was very friendly and understanding to me) said that she had one more left from a customer who did not pick up their item that morning. She said she would put that one on hold so I could make the 30 minute drive to the store. I politely thanked her and took the commute down to the TO best buy. I arrived at that best buy and was greeted by a nice kid working customer service who took sympathy to my case. He said he would get the manager and see what they could do. This is when Raymond came along, the GM of the store, walking up to me the last thing he wanted to do was talk to me. The first thing he said, without me even uttering a word is "there is nothing I can do, they are sold out". I told him of my ordeal and he simply said "that sucks" and continued to say he couldn't do anything about it. Not once did he ever say the word "i'm sorry" or even care to check their stock . I told him one of his employees said they held one for me and made me do the 1 hour commute there and back to pick it up. His only response was "there is nothing I can do, best buy is sold out of them" even though I saw 2 touchpads sitting right on the shelf behind him. I asked him, "so what are those touchpads?" and his response was "oh those are accessories" even though he was blatantly lying to me. I told him it was a little ridiculous that I placed an online order yesterday at full price and never got a pickup confirmation but they would sell the product the next day for 1/4 of the price and not even notify me. His response again was "there is nothing I can do about that and you should have asked for a manager before you came in". The whole time I asked questions, perplexed what was going on, I could not believe this man had the audacity to stand there with a rude smirk on his face and not even offer a single apology or even try to help me in the situation. Does Best Buy really want a man like this running one of their stores? It really makes the company as a whole look bad and I will never, EVER, buy anything in store again. This was the worst display of customer service I have ever encountered and I hope to warn shoppers to be aware of this when shopping at the TO best buy because if you ever run into a problem, you WILL NOT BE TAKEN CARE OF. Not to mention the fact that I called best buy corporate to complain and was put on hold for 45 minutes and then they hung up on me (I was not as mad at that since the telephone people are friendly and courteous). Raymond I hope you read this and realize you are not God and you should treat people how you would like to be treated.
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I am looking to buy two large appliances in the next week. I found some very good pricing at Best Buy online.

However, I wanted to be sure about customer service, as this will be an outlay of a large sum of money. So I checked customer complaints regarding Best Buy before actually purchasing anything. Glad I did. The person writing this obviously wrote it because they could not get any private response from this company.

He sounds very reasonable. I do understand that the item sold out, but I do not understand why he was allowed to purchase an item online--with his credit card charged--only to find that nobody there had tagged one model as 'sold'. I can only surmise that those who buy something online are taking a wild chance. It appears they can charge you and have you come to the store and only then will you find you have not purchased this item at all.

This would only scare me away from online purchases altogether, but if this response above is truly from the store manager Raymond, then I am worried about an in-store experience as well. Raymond's response, if it is real, only proves this writer's complaint. The store made a mistake. They could have apologized and credited this guy's account, and perhaps offered him something similar.

I once had a store make a similar error, and the store made things right for me by giving me a slightly better item than the one I had bought. I came away from that experience a very happy customer despite the mistake. I do not live near this particular Best Buy, but I worry about a company that promotes and stands behind a manager of this sort. It sounds as though every other employee he came in contact with was professional and courteous.

I would think the store manager was overwhelmed, busy and having a bad moment when this customer arrived, but if this above response is Raymond's then it appears he thinks nothing of customers. I've worked with the public and I know it's difficult sometimes. Still, it is the customer who keeps the business afloat. Look what happened to Circuit City.

There is no way in this economy I would be this derisive to my customers if I was in their place. Raymond may be one manager, but why on earth would corporate be so unresponsive? I'm glad this guy took his complaint to the internet, as it has helped me know exactly which company to avoid now. Lowe's prices are a little higher, but I'm thinking it might be worth the extra money.

Thanks for posting this.

You did a public service. You probably saved me all kinds of money and trouble.


HAHA. This Raymond guy sounds like a small *** diouche bag.

The world would be a lot better without his kind. Enjoy your retail manager duties.


What do you want me to do? Sell you an item we don't have?

Excuse me while I wave my magic wand and make one appear. You are a real ***

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Best Buy review in Pawtucket, Rhode Island: False Advertising!

I bought a "3rd" generation 8gb Ipod Touch AS IT WAS ADVERTISED but instead I ended up getting a 2nd generation Instead. It says 3rd gen on the receipt! So after a year I noticed something the 3rd gen could do but not the 2nd gen so at that moment I went to check what generation my Ipod was which I shouldn't need too if I expect to get what I'm getting in the first place! So low and behold it was a 2nd generation Ipod touch, and noticed that best buy falsely advertised a 3rd generation Ipod touch! So what I did was go to the store they said nothing could be done, ok alright, my next step what consumer relations. They TOLD me that IT WAS MY FAULT FOR REALIZING THIS A YEAR LATER. Well I wouldn't have to realize this if your product wasn't FALSELY ADVERTISED! It even says 3rd generation 8gb Ipod touch on the receipt!!!! So they said they couldnt do anything about it. Now im stuck with a product that I NEVER intended to buy!
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Really it is a little late. I could see if you came back the same day, they should do something about it.

But you think that people might try and pull a scam like that. They have no proof so long after. Be careful when buying anything.

Nothing is perfect. Take it as a lesson.

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Best Buy needs to drop off the face of the earth

I recently wrote to best buy, and promised to post about my terrible experiences with them everywhere I could find. Here it is: Why you have lost my business: First, my son applied for a best buy credit card online. The card had not arrived but when we called the store (twice, to double check) they said they could look up his card number and he could make his purchases at that time. This was a lie. He wasted multiple hours and $20 of gas. I also called the store manager, left a message but he never called me back. The card never arrived, and the trip for which I needed a car stereo is tomorrow. We have been checking the mail, since it said it would be one or two weeks, and it has been three weeks. We called, and they said the card had just now been mailed out. Plus, they had added an annual fee when there was not supposed to be one. So, I needed to buy the stereo myself. I called the store to make sure it was in stock and they had time to install it today. I went online and found the correct item and installation. I called to make sure the order would be available to be installed right away. The person told me to place the order over the phone with him, and it would be available immediately. My son once again wasted multiple hours and $20 in gas to drive to the Melbourne FL store, only to be told that the order was 'processing' and would not be available for up to 72 hours. That delay was never mentioned to me before I placed the order. I called your 800 number and was connected to a remarkably rude woman who told me there was nothing that could be done by anyone and I was stuck, and if I wanted to be irritated with her I needed to call someone else. I cancelled the order. I then called the store, where my son was still waiting, to see if there was a way to work through the issue and complete the purchase and installation today. The person told me that if I were in the store it would be no problem but since I was not there it was impossible. I expressed my frustration and conveyed that this was not the first, nor second, nor even tenth time something had been screwed up by best buy. The person said she was sorry but nothing could be done. I asked if she would prefer to try to work something out or if she would prefer for your company to lose my business entirely. She did not choose the first option. You have lost my business, utterly and permanently. I am beyond angry, and I will be most happy to find every single customer alert board and blog, and post about my experiences with your excrescence of a company.
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"The card never arrived, and the trip for which I needed a car stereo is tomorrow"

I agree with above post, but I am unfortunately not drunk. You would think that if something you wanted or needed you would buy it yourself instead of having your son fiance it. Your are probably one of those people that return things after you have used it.


Life Happens. It isn't Perfect.


Im sorry that you had a bad experience with Best Buy but it seems like all of your "efforts" were from the couch. If your son (and not you) actually applied for a credit card then the check out process would have been painless because an ID is all that is required to use the credit card.

What blows me away though, is the fact that you invest so much time by writing about this *** on the internet and dealing with your problem via typing on random internet forums. . Oh it also blows me away that you want to finance a car stereo purchase. (thumbs down).

Anywho, before you criticize me and say something like, "hey you are on the internet too complaining about stuff and things", just know that I'm drunk and googled the words "*** people who complain about *** on random internet sites". Low and behold your "incident" was the first one to appear.


You expect me to care about you and your stereo?

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