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Best Buy chgs. $30.00 to update 2mo old

Best Buy charges $30.00 to update the firmware on a Insignia Blu-ray player.This is ***.They really should change their name to - Not the worst Buy. Yea you can spend 30 min. of you your time on the phoe with Insignia if they can even speak your language you might get a update cd in 2 weeks.Too bad Toshiba lost the war my HD DVD works great. I would hold off on getting any Blu-Ray purchases.You can go to the site if you have the correct dvd burning software to burn an ISO image.
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Haha, wow. Do you buy cars and not know how to fill your own gas tank?

Seriously. Learn how to use or research about the technology you buy.


In any service industry you are paying for what they know.


Dumbest complaint by far here.


I have that player..bought it for 159.99 at clearance..updated the firmware you want someone to wipe your *** as well?..learn to use the technology you

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#148933 Review #148933 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia

Best Buy / Geek Squad are frauds!

I purchased a laptop from Best Buy in Colorado Springs last year and also purchased the store's extended warranty. I was told by the sales guy that if the computer is brought in 4 times, I would get a brand new laptop. A few months later my computer started messing up. I took it to Geek Squad and 2 weeks later I got it back. When we checked it at the service desk, we discovered that it wasn't repaired SO they shipped it off again. They replaced the mother board and 1 week later I got it back. When I got it back I discovered that when you hit the numbers lock, numbers would appear when I typed "jklghf" instead of the actual letters. I didn't want to hand over my laptop again so I waited until something else went wrong so I could get it all taken care of at one time. I didn't have to wait long. It began to over heat within an hour after turning it on. The fan would eventually turn on then computer would shut down without notice. So without any further delays, I went back to Geek Squad and stood in line for 45 minutes. As usual they were rude and not very knowledgeable. They admitted that they had never seen a computer type numbers instead of letters when the numbers lock was on for keys "jklghf" so they sent it out on April 15th, 2009. On May 1st I called to find out if it was repaired and they said yes. I went to pick it up and discovered the computer had been back for 3 days and they hadn't bothered to called & inform me that it was back. I was upset but still happy to get it back. They had replaced the keyboard. I informed them that last time my computer had to be shipped off twice because they didn't fix it the first time. I made it clear to them that they had better fixed it because I would be upset if I discovered it was still messed up. They said to give them an hour & they would run a test on it to see if it was fixed. An hour later I came back & they said the computer had passed the test and all was fixed. I happily took it home and immediately discovered that they had NOT fixed it. The numbers lock was still causing problems. The very next day I took it back and spoke to the manager. I informed him that this was the 4th time I had brought it up & that I wanted a new computer as stated on the warranty. He told me that he wanted to reinstall the hard drive and that they had a right to try and fix it in the store. I was upset and told him that they have had it for 2 weeks and they had their chance to fix it. He said he understood my frustrations but to come back in 4 hours. 4 hours later I went back and found that reinstalling the hard drive it did not correct the problem. No surprise there. By then I was furious. I told them to replace the computer as promised in the warranty. The day manager had already left and I was faced with dealing with another manager. She said that they could not give me a new computer yet. She said that they would have to ship the computer off again to be diagnosed. She also said that once they decide that the computer cannot be fixed without further replacement parts then they would issue a store certificate for CURRENT VALUE of the laptop. I could then use the certificate to buy another laptop or a TV or whatever I wanted. Not once had that ever came up when I purchased the extended warranty. The salesman had told me that they would just give me another laptop if it was determined to be a lemon. He didn't say that although I paid 1,000 for the laptop, the value amount of the computer at the time it was to be replaced is all that I will get. I was pissed. Beyond upset. I was absolutely without a doubt livid. Sensing my impending fit, the manager gave me her personal cell phone number and said to call in 3 days that she should know something by then. Well 3 days later I call Geek Squad for a progress report. The girl who answered was there the night I threw a fit and she remembered me. She rudely informed me that they had to consult the manufacturer (HP) to see if they have any laptops of comparable value. Another words, they want to replace my laptop with a refurbished one! She said that these things usually take a week and that I need to be patient. A week?? The manager told me 3 days. And she never mentioned the HP would be consulted. All she said was that they would check to see if it could be fixed without replacing any other parts and if not then I would get a certificate. So they lied to me again! The next day I call the manager on her personal cell phone to see what was going on. The manager answers and is angry at me for calling her on her personal cell. Her exact words were "why would I give you my personal number?" She didn't even remember dealing with me 4 days earlier. She said that she has to deal with other people and that she shouldn't be expected to remember everyone. She looked up my file and the lady who I spoke to the day before was standing there. She informed the manager that she spoke to me the previous day which really upsets the manager. She tells me that they are waiting for a response from HP and that I need to stop calling them. HUH??!! She then HANGS UP ON ME!! It has been 12 days since she shipped it off the last time. 12 days ago they said I would know something in 3 days. 2 days ago I called for a progress report. Nothing. Nothing new to report. A lady told me she would call and get it rushed. She said she would call me right back. She never did. I have been without my laptop for a month now (it has been a month since they initially shipped it off for the numbers lock & over heating issue). I don't know what else to do. They are extremely rude when I call or show up. They don't know any details nor are they willing to call and get it figured out. I am simply left to wait it out. I will NEVER buy anything from them again. I don't care how big or little it is, they will not get another dime from me again. EVER....
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Your brain is what is fraud! :upset

Please save up and BUY A CLUE! :grin






It takes all kinds, I suppose... :roll


It also states that you would have gotten the most comparable model, but I'm sure you were too angry or upset to hear that....They did that to me and they ended up giving me a bit of a bonus on what my laptop was worth since I had the N wireless at the time. It also states you need to have 4 HARDWARE problems...again you should have read the warranty....some ppl


Screw the half eaten worm infested rotten apple garbage! :p

So Ksirrah24 yer first mistake was buying anything from HP. they are ***. Simple and easy. ***. Yer next mistake was not reading a contract that you paid for and signed. WOW suprise there.

Now did you google your model and try to help yerself or did you rely on someone else to do it for you? thought so.

What is wrong with the American people today? Why do so many people expect and wait for other people to do for them what they can do themselvs?

this past weekend I:

Did an oil change on my car

Changed the spark plugs

Changed the breaks

Changed the fan belt

Changed the gasgit for the oil pan

Checked all fluid levels

and washed my car inside and out.

I didn't go to a shop for that. I can do it myself and save the money. I spend a total of $150 and 4 hours of my time.

Basicly Ksirrah24 did you check the BIOS to see how the cooling fan was set? Did you google your problems? Did you ask friends? No you did not.

Your laptop was over heating because the fan was turning on too late. I just had a look at the google site and found a BIOS update that would have fixed that problem.

As far as the keyboard problem. Did you try the FN key and turn off the numlock feature? Did you google? Did you ask friends?

You are one thing that is compeltly wrong in America today. No self reliance. No more can do attitude that won WWI and WWI: No more dead and gone forever the very principals that made our country strong.


Shoulda bought a Mac! :grin


:cry Reading the extended warrenty would have helped before you decided to get it.

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#148809 Review #148809 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Best Buy Service Plan SCAM!!!!!

I was told that if my camcorder was not able to be fixed that i would get a replacement item of equal or better features OR if for whatever reason i am not happy with the replacement product I can get a store credit for the original purchase price. Now that my camcorder cannot be fixed and is no longer being made and I am not happy with the replacement model....Best Buy is only offering me a credit for the price of the item they want to replace it with...which is about $180 LESS....go figure. The big issue is that when i contacted several other Best Buy stores they all stated that if FOR WHATEVER REASON THE CUSTOMER IS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE REPLACEMENT....the customer can get a store credit for the original purchase price of the broken item. This is a total scam as they are telling the customer 1 thing but when it comes time to use the service plan they say another.
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Here's the clause:

"If we determine in our sole discretion that your

product cannot be repaired, we will replace it

with a product of like kind and quality that is

of comparable performance or reimburse you

for replacement of the product with a voucher

or gift card, at our discretion, equal to the fair

market value of the product, as determined by

us, not to exceed the original purchase price of

your product, including taxes."

Problem is, you'll never get the correct answer from a "sales" associate. They do NOT understand the terms either and ARE NOT legally considered experts on this topic.

"Fair market value" = depreciated value.

Lesson learned. EVERY single service plan is not worth the paper it is written on.

Stay clear of BBY and shop at warehouse clubs or Amazon. Peace of mind and no nonsense.


Read your contract, it's all there in black and white. And if all it takes is a phone call to prove otherwise, get in touch with your states Atty General office. :x


you get a comparable model... technology changes, and unfortunately your $200 6 megapixel camera from 2007 is probably worth about $90 today, so you get $90 for a similar product... pretty easy to understand if you ask me


I've never read in my warranty about that, but I have been offered store credit towards a better product or something else. I would say try a different store

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#148683 Review #148683 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Best Buy Replacement

Return Policy

I purchased a power adapter for my laptop which broke after the 2nd week. I broke down and ordered one from toshiba which was considerably cheaper than the one I purchased from Best Buy. By the time I got the original packaging for the one from Best Buy and returned it I was at 35 days. It wasn't just the fact that they were forcing me to buy something else from them. It was also the fact that the clerk who claimed to be of management team kept posing the question " So do you want your store credit"? Well heck no sweetie.... you have already blanked me without kissing me.... go ahead.... keep the card too!!! Was she serious??? Needless to say, some poor sucker is going to get that Best Buy card as a gift. They have lost me and anyone who will listen to me as shoppers!
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So, you were willing just to let them have the extra $90 you spent, and NOT accept $90 in store credit that doesn't expire?

You're nuts! :upset

Next time, take it back in 28 days and then buy a new one on a new receipt. All it takes is a little thought, people...


to azrun2win when ever you run into any employee of a retailer who is a manager, or claim they are a manager ask him/her for his/her District Manager contact info if he/she ask why let him/her know that you would love to give him/her praise because their advertising drawed you in to spend money, but their actions persuaded you to keep your $$$ in you're pockets & that you are truly greatful for that & if he/she does not understand let him/her know that his company spends millions of dollars on advertising just so that his/her attitude would persaude you to go to his competitors then smile & leave Don't take his actions personnally because if you think about those facts After many years in Retail sales & management I could assure you his/her days would be numbered


Consumers please understand that most of these companies are buying goods manufactered outside of the U.S & then sell them to us & even though they hook us by offering a low price up front ,but if you add in the cost of their extended warranty well what happened to that low price, and many companies are doing the same look at the Men's Wearhouse they show this comparison price 650.00 then there price 375.00 now if you go search the malls you would not find that same vendor in their then if you require alterations they charge you for it adding 8 .00 to 45.00 to the purchase per suit or Sportscoat /Slacks Buyers beware means shop for quality & becareful where& who you're spending your hard earned $$$$ with.


so it took u 20 days after the power adaptor broke for you to return it?...follow rules and you wont have any problems..

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#148633 Review #148633 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Diego, California

Best Buy - Service and Warranty Scams

I contacted Best Buy on March 18, 2009 to report a problem with the Panasonic Plasma TVI purchased on January 17, 2008. A Geek Squad technician was sent to diagnose the problem on March 21st. After a diagnosis, he determined that a major component had to be ordered and replaced. After two weeks and many failed inquiries on the status of the ordered part, the technician returned on April 3rd. He then informed me that another large component had to be replaced and that the repair can only be done at the service center. He also told me that someone from Best Buy will contact me to pick up the TV. More than two weeks have passed since he told me that Best Buy will call me. My wait continues. In the mean time, I've contacted customer service numerous times and spoken to two different supervisors and a few Geek Squad agents. One of the supervisors agreed to submit a replacement request and assured me that I will be contacted with the decision. I am still waiting. Soon it'll be a month since I first contacted Best Buy with this problem and more than a month without a working TV. During this ordeal, while dealing with customer service, I've spent a lot of time being on hold and explaining my problem to every agent that was connected to me. Furthermore, because of the distance from work to home, I was forced to take a couple of hours from work to meet the technician on April 3rd. Needless to say I'm frustrated and angry. I shelled out over $200 for the protection plan. If I had known it would be this difficult to get just a response from these folks, I would've never purchased the TV let alone the plan.
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I really hate it when this kind of thing happens. It's not your fault certainly, and it's tough to put it back on the retailer, who's trying to please both customer and vendor.

Since the unit is so new, it's likely that the replacement parts required aren't readily available. They will either have to wait for a "donor" or direct OEM parts off the assembly line.

The good news is, that by the time you read this (if you read this) Best Buy will have most likely totally replaced your TV.

#147774 Review #147774 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois

Worst Buy, even worse service

I purchased a Best Buy computer and a year and half later I needed to bring it in to their "Geek Squad" because it wasn't powering up. After waiting two weeks I was told it was the mother board and it wouldn't be cost effective to fix. While I was waiting for them to run my credit card two other people had come up and were told the exact same thing as I was, "it's your mother board, not cost effective to replace". They charged me $70 and sent me on my way. I just had a gut feeling that I was being taken. I brought the computer to a small computer shop in my home town. Come to find out it was actually the power module that required replacement. Total charge parts and labor $65. Needless to say I was pissed. I called the Best Buy store immediately and in so many words was told tough ***. I wrote letters to their customer service department, no reply. I even managed to do some research and got the CEOs contact info and sent a letter, no reply. Needless to say I haven't stepped foot into Best Buy since, that was over five years ago. In this time of mass consumer volume business, stores like Best Buy don't give a *** about customer service. I don't despise much in this world, unfortunately I do despise Best Buy. I wish they would have gone under instead of Circuit City. Nearly forgot, last year someone purchased an air conditioner as a gift for me. I took it out of the box put it in the window, all it did was blow ambient air, the compressor would not turn on. Asked them where they purchased it so I could return it, you guessed it Best Buy.
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Walmart knows jack *** about electronics!! good luck lol


Just because you dont see a girl working in Geek Squad in one store doesn't mean there are no girls in the Geek Squad in other stores. That is rediculous to say that you don't know why they put girls in the add under Geek Squad...are we not an equal oppertunity country?

As far as your problem goes to having the computer charged 70 just to be diagnosed.. I completly agree that is a lot of money just to say "oops cant fix it" and of all things to have the wrong information about it needing to be fixed. Did you talk to thier general manager? Unfortunatly mail doesn't seem to get points across anymore.

Walmart is good for groceries and odds and ends, they usually offer a lot of good prices on things of that nature but as far as installations and getting a personalized set up for the electronics I would not go to anyone else but Best Buy. I have never had a problem with service at a Best Buy but I suppose different stores different people.

Good luck with your future purchases but I deff. recommend raising the issue with the GM at the local store.


Walmart blows for electornics.

Yeah like I'm gonna buy a television or video game console from some retard in the electronics dept. with his name tatooed on the side of his neck and wearing 5lbs of gold chain itching his ***. Yeah, EVERY Walmart I've been to employs those types of retards into their low paying associate store positions.

BTW....sorry to hear about your frustration from the "Geek Squad" .....having a computer background and knowing ppl that worked for the Geek Squad, i can say that Best Buys PC maint. policies are usually spot-on with your local PC repairman. They are a bunch of good guys (yeah, guys....I don't think I've EVER seen a girl in the Geek Squad dept at a Best Buy. Not sure why they put Geek "girls" in their paper ads and commercials...makes no sense) who do a great job fixing computers. I'm located in the Columubus, OH area and haven't had a problem with any Best Buy stores.

Sorry about your luck!


At least Walmart listen to its customers..maybe that is why they are so who is calling someone a duma$$ redneck...*** ***...


You wont be missed keep goin to walmart for all your electronics needs just as every duma$$ redneck does.

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#147574 Review #147574 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jersey City, New Jersey
Best Buy Gift Card

Poor customer service meriden ct

two seperate occasions at Best Buy Meriden Ct. One in Nov 08 and another today Apr 09. Two sepearte issues and two different salespeople. Both visits to the store left me wondering what happened to customer service. It was apparent from my interaction with their salespeople that because I had already purchased the laptop and cell phone that I was having problems with on the two seperate occasions my current dilema was a waste of their time. Unfortunately for them with this economic downturn if the empoyees of Best Buy Meriden Ct continue to strive to disservice the very people who keep them in work they will find themselves without a job. Unfortunate yes, but after years of purchasing from Best Buy I will look elsewhere for future electronic needs. Afterall it is my money and I will take it somewhere that I am appreciated.
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Customer service nightmare at Best Buy Meriden store. Man named Jose claiming to be store manager not only left me standing there for thirty minutes as he tried to prove I had somehow sabotaged the printer I was attempting to return with receipt, but berated and insulted me in front of customers.

The man was downright hostile. Worst experience I have ever had in a retail environment.

Even people in line attempted to comfort me and tell me he was perhaps simply having a bad day. It was awful.


I have noticed pretty much the same about Best Buy, plus poorly organzed and dusty/dirty shelves and merchandise. I have made almost all my electronics purchases over the past 5 years or so from either or or Costco and have found all three terrific to deal with. Plus, their prices are almost always cheaper than BB's.

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#147058 Review #147058 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Meriden, Connecticut

Left without TV at Best Buy

I went to Best Buy in Green Bay, Wisconsin to purchase a TV and computer that I had researched last weekend. After standing in the Tv section for 77 minutes, not one person said a word to me. I then walked over to the computers and sat for 15 minutes before going back to the TV's. Maybe it didn't look like I had 3000 dollars to spend. Finally I decided to let a manager named Bryon know that I was taking my money elsewhere. I explained what happened and how upset I was. I also said that no matter how busy a store is, it is customary to at least acknowledge a customer and let them know they will be with them shortly. His response was to say sarcastically, oh well, have a Great Day! I said, "excuse me?" So he repeated it and then asked if I wanted his business card. Horrible customer service. They need re-training!
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Perhaps a dumb question, but did you ask for assistance? Maybe you have not because you ask not.

Yes, they are supposed to ask you, but if you were really serious, you would have found someone in all that time.

The manager was rude, but in my experience, you don't try to keep customers who don't want to be there. You just let them go with a smile as that situation can never be good for either party.


LOL, so? This is hardly a complaint. You get *** employees everywhere.


yep! same here it was around christmas time they lost several thousand with me..Oh well maybe they be going down the drain like circuit city....

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#146772 Review #146772 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bestbuy Worst Lie

I bought a laptop from Bestbuy 2/19/09 and on 3/09 09 it quit working. Took it to them and they said they would be happy to send it back to dell but would not exchange it for a new one. It was my 3rd pc from them in 9 years....and will be the last anything from them...EVER!!!!!!!! They sell it but wont back it up. It would be easy to take consumers side but will not because there is more money for them to screw us and if we keep lining up they will keep grabbing the hog by the ***. send a message. E-mail bestbuy and tell them no purchasses until return policies change.........
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You mean they didn't just give you a new one?

Don't they know who YOU are??

3 PC's in 9 years... that's a LOT!! If it weren't for you, Best Buy would go out of business!

Oh yeah, that "return policy"... don't worry about that... Not YOU. Your special ;)


They have a point, outside the 30 days you have no option to go under the manufacturer warranty. Its a lot easier to have them deal with Dell than for you to deal with Dell.

At least they speak English! Dont be angry cuz the person told you what would happen, its stated on every card in the store.....


All you had to do was talk to a store manager. They would have honored the exchange.

3 in 10 years? Sounds like you get your moneys worth.

I have purchased 5 laptops and 3 desktops in that time period from BB and I unlike you understand their policy and if something breaks after the return policy it is under manufacturer warranty, hence sending it to the manufacturer or to Geek Squad City to fix. Frankly if you didnt buy any additional warranty, they are doing you a favor.


You guys are tough, maybe he bought 3 computers because of buying for others in the household -or like myself, I have a laptop and my desktop -wonder what type of warranty they offered but they should have done something if purchase was only 3 weeks


The third pc in 10 years from Best Buy.....that should tell you something!!!

You must love being taking for a ride!!!

Well live and learn....but with you I don`t think that is possible!!!!! :cry

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#146192 Review #146192 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Diego, California

Best Buy and Geek Squad

I purchased a car stereo from Best Buy online and waited 90 minutes for Geek Squad to install it only to find out that they did not have all the parts to complete the job. I was then referred to another locations who did not have the parts either. Fortunutely I called the next location instead of wasting my time. I then called the Best Buy consumer relations department to file a complaint and to see if the needed radio harness was available in the metro area. It was not and the only solution suggested by the respresentative was that I see if another business could install the radio... da heck with Best Bunglers and Geek Squad
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used Geek Squad to replace my lamp assembly and they sent it to a third party to have it fixed and charged me $$150 to pick up set and a additional $400.00 for parts and labor. When I called Best Buy they offered me a $50 gift card for my troubles. I will never use Geek Squad again to repair a tv.

#145847 Review #145847 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lowering Credit Card Limits

I went to the store in Winston Salem, NC to purchase a $34 dvd and was told at checkout that my Best Buy card has been declined! I had a $2200 limit and over $600 available credit, so I immediately called their toll free number and was advised that my credit limit had been lowered and I had an available credit of $9! I have had this account for over two years, always paid double the amount of the minimum amount due and have an excellent history with them, which the customer service rep on the phone verified. They are lowering limits to just above what is owed on the charge cards and I find this outrageous....I have closed my account with Best Buy and recommend you do the same. The do not value their good customers and do not care if they are damaging your FICO score, so I may as well close the account and shop somewhere else.
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If you have bad credit on any other credit or even mortgage accounts, they will lower your credit limit. It's not their fault you have bad credit.


Household runs the credit accounts not Best Buy read your bills right broke@$$.

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#145085 Review #145085 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Greensboro, North Carolina
Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy Warranty is a JOKE

I spent $429 for a "No Lemon" item. I have had the laptop back 7 times now and they still not will replace it. Best Buy continues to say it is software when the same software works on other computers. How does software make the computer do "Ghost Like Behavior". Geek Squad agent had the computer do the "Ghost Like Behavior" in front of him. Then when he saw his boss and told him what the computer did he called the agent a liar. Never buy anything from Best Buy again. Best Buy agents have seen the computer act "Crazy" but tell me that while I am standing there watching computer that I do not see what I "See". Go to Office Depot they stand by their warranties.
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You don't "no lemon" on software issues, it has to be qualified repairs. :roll


I guess I would say take care of your products better. As for the ghost behavior I got nothin.

Thats why the damage plan is great....drop it on the ground and then take it into them. You cant fix whats Fed up!!


No lemon is on the 4th time it goes bad. Get your math right and learn to read what you pay for.


So I bought a HP laptop from Best Buy and it's back in for repair for the third time. Is there anyway to get satisfation? I purchased the extended warranty for $179.99 - what a joke!

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#145080 Review #145080 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Greensboro, North Carolina

Beware Best Buy service/replacement plan

After 4 attempts at repairing my TV I was given a replacement code to exchange my TV for another "comparable" TV I bought a 60" sony for $3800 and was offerred a Mitz for $2000. I made the mistake of buying to many items at Best Buy over the years the salesmen were so convincing the service plans were reputable. Now, amnesia sets in and Best buy will not replace my TV. I am on my way to small claims court. Has anyone else suffered this sad Bad Buy legacy. I am rolling the dice with court for 25 dollars, in hopes of getting a fair exchange, any advice is welcome.
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I agree. Best Buy never offered that you were getting your purchase price back after the required repairs, so if you want to go into small claims court, waste everyone's time AND more of your own money, so be it. :roll


I have to agree with the last comment. I used to work at Best Buy and standard practice was to look for a comparable model as far as features go. Size, connect-ability, resolution, refresh rate and etc.


Keep in mind that products, especially electronics go down in price. Did the Mitsubishi have comparable features?

I bet it did! You just want something better than what you purchased, not equal to.

The plans don't cover upgrades, which is what you would get if it was based on price instead of features. You're going to waste your money by going to court, this is standard practice.

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#144944 Review #144944 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Randallstown, Maryland

The worst cust. service and interests. BEWARE!

Best Buy does suck. HSBC is the bank they deal with to run their credit card. Not only are their interest super high, they have VERY FEW options for paying the bill. They NEVER work holidays , so even when I was trying to make and on time payment ONLINE it was late! As a result of that, the interest would skyrocket as well as LATE FEES which are ridiculously high as well. They also take way too long to take the payment out of your bank account, resulting in the person forgetting about that payment! Not to mention the annoying aspect of their non-english-speaking costumer service dept. SUCKS!
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when i first opended an best buy account,i made it clear that my payments would be on the first or second of the month.

come to find out they have been charging me $35.00 a month on late fees.

my minimum payment is 40.00 a month.i pay 150.oo. a month,so i can pay of this account faster.yet i'am late on my payments.even though.i have not missed on payment.i am late.35.00 a momth.

in late charges. what a ripoff.

#144580 Review #144580 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Orlando, Florida
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Best Buy Cape Girardeau, MO

At the end of July 2008 I purchased a Blackberry Curve from Best Buy in Cape Girardeau, MO. Toward the end of November, I picked up my phone and it felt very hot. While trying to hurriedly get the battery out, my phone quit working. I tried to call Best Buy numerous time on a mid afternoon and the phone was never answered. (According to manager that is a constant problem). I then drove to the Best Buy store and it was sent off. I had purchased the Best Buy warranty at $7 per month (which is useless - $125 deductible plus add your $7 per month and you can get a new phone cheaper). Corey, the wireless manager, stated I would get it back in 30 days. I stated I felt it was unrepairable and he said will see. After hearing nothing for 35 days, I called the store. No answer. Finally stopped by the store and Corey said he knew nothing and apparently did have the time or the care to find out what was going on. I called the store and actually got a person who also stated she knew nothing and suggested I call 888BestBuy. After holding for 15 mins, a person with that dept stated my phone should be repaired by 1-23 - a full two months after I brought it to the store. On 1-9 I called the 888 line because no one returns my call from the local Best Buy, and they could not get anyone to answer as well ! On 1-14, the 888 line got ahold of Corey and he stated he had emailed his district manager and told them he would call me next day. He never did. On 1-19, the 888 line got ahold of Corey, he was in a meeting with District Manager and "Promised" the 888 line he would call me back. He never did. On 1-20, the 888 line person called the store and asked for a manager, she was able to connect me to a Justin. I explained to Justin I was simply trying to find out what was going on with my phone that I have been without for almost two months, etc. He was rude and stated I would need to come to the store and speak to him and Corey. Corey was off that day and I was told to come in the next day after 3:45. That is today. I went to the store at 4:10 and was met by a rude manager-Justin. At this point, I am insulted by the amount of time I have spent trying to simply find out the status of my phone. Both AT&T and Best Buy 888 line says I would have been better off to have not purchased the Best Buy warranty. Justin states that my phone was not repairable so they sent it to the manufacturer. He has no idea how much longer it will take nor does he offer to find out. Why I had to come to the store to find out this information vs him telling me on the phone the day before is unknown. He also has the nerve to tell me Corey has called me numerous times. I told him that is not true and he has never left a message. 888Bestbuy has everything logged and knows that is not true but they are worthless too. At this point I simply want my money back so I can purchase a phone elsewhere. I spoke with AT&T, and they have noted on my account that when I return phone, they will make me eligible for upgrade so I can purchase another phone elsewhere. It has been an insulting and degrading experience dealing with managers Justin, Roman, John, and Corey as Best Buy in Cape Girardeau, MO. I called again tonight the 888BestBuy number, they speak with Justin, and I am told I must contact the manufacture regarding my phone - not them. They can not give me a phone number to call. I call AT&T and they give me the number for Blackberry. Blackberry, of course, can really not assist me because there is no tracking number. She can not believe I have been without my phone for two months now. She states repairs are done within 10-12 days. I do not know what else to do. I want my money back now - not the phone. I never want to experience this rude, insulting, degrading, appalling customer service again. I just want this over. Oh, and when I did purchase the Blackberry Curve, Corey, the manager, transfer all my information from my old phone to my new Blackberry. He did not save the numbers (250 business numbers) to the sims card so I lost all my numbers as well. I called Better Business Bureau today and filed my first claim on a company. Over the last 3 years, 11903 complaints have been filed on Best Buy. Best Buy will not supply me with a district managers name and number nor will the 888 line. I am throughly disgusted and do not know what else to do.
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