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How Best Buy broke my 13 yr old daughter's heart

My 13 year old daughter saved for 2 years to buy a laptop. Right after Thanksgiving she forked over her $400 to for an Asus laptop. ONE month later we're being told that her non-working screen was abused and will cost her $500 to repair. We're told that if there's problems within or after the warranty period, we should bring the product back to the "Geek Squad." I have gone up the customer service chain only to be told (finally by a supervisor in the Corporate Customer Service office) that it's past the 14 day exchange period, Best Buy is not responsible for consumer abuse (again, we feel it's a defective screen), and they will have nothing to do with this issue..go to Asus and complain...end of story..good-bye. Asus is a Chinese company and trying to start another fight with them is unreasonable. A nationwide well known consumer advocate told me (and America on his nationally broadcast show) that BestBuy is not known for being reasonable and fair to customers. All we're asking from Best Buy is to repair or replace the $400 laptop for our devastated 13 yr old girl.
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best buy does offer accidental service plans on laptops now.


Ah, in addition to the comment I just posted, I wanted to make one more comment. When I told ASUS how much Best Buy quoted ($500) to replace the screen, they laughed and said, "you have to be kidding...If you are responsible for repair, it shouldn't cost more than $175. Where in the world did they come up with that $500?" I'd like to know the same thing.


In reply to "hate incompetence" comment (and everyone else's). I ended up sending the laptop back to ASUS with the understanding that I would be responsible for any repair costs if it the damage was caused by abuse.

ASUS determined that the screen was DEFECTIVE and they fixed it at no charge under the warranty.

So much for the treatment by Best Buy and the "excellent" diagnostic work by the Geek Squad.

I will never set foot in a Best Buy store again. :(


Teach your 14yo how to handle electronics properly or buy an extended plan. End of story.


Well at least you learned from the experience. If you don't buy the warranty from the store and the computer breaks after the return period, the first thing they're going to tell you is you should have bought the warranty, the second thing they're going to tell you is to go to the manufacturer, the third thing they're going to tell you is goodbye.


This was a valuable lesson to learn about the warranties. When I picked up the laptop from the store (I ordered it online) I was asked if I wanted the extended warranty. I asked for the details and he handed me a brochure. When I looked at it, I didn't notice the "accidental" warranty. What I saw was details on the warranty that said if Best Buy determined the problem was abuse rather than a defect then the product wasn't covered.

It IS possible that all the warranties were described in that one brochure. I just didn't see it.

What also ticked me off was that Best Buy gave us an estimate of $500 to replace the screen on a $400 laptop. I had someone from Lenovo at my house to repair a bad WiFi card on my employer provided laptop. I asked him to look at the screen on my daughter's laptop.

He DID indicate that this appeared to be something my daughter did, rather than a defect, but he said $500 was an outrageous amount of money and that I should be able to find an **authorized** repair shop to fix it for no more than $170.

So while I am extremely upset at my daughter for telling me that she had not done anything to the laptop (and she is VERY careful about her belongings), I am also embarrassed about taking this to a forum such as this.

While I no longer expect Best Buy to fix this, I still am not happy in the way I was treated by Best Buy. I UNDERSTAND that they get a lot of complaints from people trying to purposely get something for nothing. But then they applied for and accepted the Customer Service job. Regardless of the customer they should be trained to properly work with the customer. I am an extremely patient person with customer service. I am in a Customer Support role myself so I am acutely aware of how important the quality of service is and the proper way a customer should be treated.

But to the point: Lesson learned on extended warranty! :-)


I work at Best Buy. Did your daughter purchase the PSP plan covering the item?

There are several that are offered on a laptop and 2 of them DO COVER accidental damage. The screen is the most expensive part of a computer to replace. Attempting to get one solo will most definitely cost more than a new laptop. (Factories buy them in bulk for assembly, they get them cheaper this way) For computers, there are usually 5 options.

1) is 1-yr accidental damage protection, 2) is 2 year repair/service (NO accidental), 3) is 2 year repair/service (WITH accidental), 4) and 5) are copies of 2) and 3) but cover for 5 years. Manufacturers don't build anything to last anymore.

If you need replacement/repair, they make more money. Better to cover the expensive items and save yourself hassle.


Yes, you are correct! The store manager told me I should have bought "accidental insurance" which would have covered my daughter.

When I picked up the laptop from the store after purchasing I was given a brochure on extended warranty. In reading it there was a line which said that warranty coverage would not be honored if it was determined that the problem was caused by abuse rather than a defect. So that got me wondering what happens if there's a dispute (like now) on whether a problem is a defect or caused by abuse.

I figured that they could continue to avoid costs in repair or replacement just by giving the "it's abuse" line. But you're right, it would have been worth it in this case to have bought it!



That's why you buy Best Buy's extended warranty

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Newport Beach, California

Best buy doesnt stand behind their products

i bought a computer and monitor from best buy. set it up and immediately noticed that the monitor had a crack all the way across it. i packed it up and returned it immediately and told them it was damaged. they insisted that i must have damaged it and refused a refund. i can assure you, i did nothing that would have caused the screen to crack and was as careful as possible with it. i paid $170 for something that i had in my possession an hr and never got to use! plus the insult of being told i caused it. i will never shop at best buy again!
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Well unless the monitor was Best Buy brand, why would you think they would stand behind it? They didn't make it! Talk to the people who made it.


I work for Best Buy. I would ask you to please see both sides of this.

VERY RARELY does an item arrive sealed in a box and is damaged on the inside. It just doesn't happen much. My best educated guess is that maybe it was very cold outside and you attempted to power it up right as you got home? Running power through it would cause it to heat up rapidly.

The sudden change in temperature could cause the screen to crack. If the monitor could be powered up to see the screen and there was a mark on it (usually pink) where something was resting on it, a geek squad agent would notice that as a pressure crack. Returns in this case vary from store to store and often come down to the customer service reps judgment because there's no real evidence either way. Taking someone's word is quickly vanishing because we actually do get many dishonest customers (and we know they are because we find some factual evidence that supports our claim) and they're ruining it for customers who are legit.

Without a lie detector there's just no way to tell. Try getting the PSP on it next time.

You may think you're paying for something you don't need, but when it does break and they fix it/give you a new one, you might be surprised. Best of luck!


they said since it was sealed when i bought it i must have caused the damage when opening it. i did not drop it,

bump it,or hit it and was careful in

removing it and setting it up. they described it as a "pressure" crack, so i dont know how it happened ...i should have opened the box inside the store b4 leaving


i purchased a computer and when i got home and monitor was cracked. took it back the same hour and they exchanged it, no questions.

so i don't understand why they wouldn't replace it for you. is there something that you are leaving out of your story?

why would they replace it for me, and not for you?


So... how did you crack the monitor?

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Los Angeles, California

TV Repair from best buy they put me off 4 time

I just want people to no that if you need your TV repaired,Don't call Best Buy.They were suppose to come fix my TV.Three weeks ago and every time they would call and change the appointment to another day they did this four times and then today they were suppose to come sometime between 12 and4:00 pm but never showed or called.That is really sad that we the consumer can't get these businesses to do there job.But I'm glad to have some where like this to post my complaint.Thank for be there.
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Douglasville, Georgia

Terrible customer service in dealing with a t.v. under warranty

My husband and I had purchased a 42 inch Samsung T.V. that was a just over a 1 1/2 years old. The t.v. started going bad and we had paid extra for the extended warranty so they came out. When they came out, the geek squad guy said he would order the part and that he would be back in 2 weeks. The morning he was to have showed up, he called to say that the part no longer existed and that we would get a new t.v. What they don't tell you, is that you then have to shell out another $200 for a new warranty on this t.v. To make matters worse, they lied that the part was no longer made, it actually is made but it cost too much for Best Buy to replace. They told us we were lucky we were getting a new t.v. but we got stiffed out of 2 years of the extended warranty because they did not want to fix the t.v. We exchanged the t.v., did not shell out another $175 dollars for a new warranty and after spending over $7,000 dollars at Best Buy on appliances in the past year, we are cancelling our credit card and will no longer buy from them. We now have HHGregg in our area and will try them. The customer service we encountered was terrible. The 4 year warranty is a scam! Best Buy sucks and they seem to be going the way of Circuit City. I should know, I grew up in Richmond where Circuit City started and had friends that worked there and they started going downhill because of the customer service.
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I completely agree! 4 yr warrenty ends 10/2010 and they are trying everything they can to milk not giving us a new replacement on a tv they is now having it's 4th repair...

Stated in the warrenty that they are suppose to but now they go through a review board?? total BS!

Im considering a civial lawsuit againt them.. worst customer service between geek squad and HQ!


Well technically you really can't say they didn't tell you that replacing the TV fulfills their obligation on the warranty since it's printed in the brochure they gave you.


We've been dealing with this same issue since last halloween (yep you know that holiday that was three months ago)42" plasma 3 yrs into 4 yr waranty having power problem.. Wait 2 wks for service call..wait 2 weeks for part...oops!.wrong part sent..wait 2 weeks for part..

OH MY! PART IN NO LONGER available(according to Philips it's still available....Best buy trying to pawn it off on Philips as a lemon.. IT'S not a lemon, it broke just once (not a single completed repair call as per their own language)and Best Buy says it can't( or won't) fix it.


says TV can't be replaced ,says it won't be refunded..This is not Philip's problem it's all Best Buy's.. small claims court here we go..(also seeking lost wages for all those service calls)

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Culpeper, Virginia

Best Buy - Bait and Switch on Sprint HTC Hero price

In the cell phone section of the Best Buy site, they have a featured offer - $99 for a Sprint HTC Hero. here is the link When I click on the offer, a new page opens that asks for my zip code. When I put it in, the price jumps to $179. What is up with that? I called their customer service. No help at all. instead they start asking whether i am a new customer to Sprint or an existing customer. Yet the price jumped just based on zip code. And to dbl-check that, I tried zip codes in Chicago, Wash Dc and New mexico. Each time the price went to $179. so where do you have to live to get the special offer?
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who would want a hero anyway ???????????? :?


I hate Best Buy, and started a facebook group by the same name! Everyone should join as they are by far the worst company around!

GO to facebook and search I hate Best Buy.

The slogan will be Best Buy? Like *** it is!


Sprint don't care one way or the other. They don't allow customer service enough time to resolve your issue on the phone anyway.

They have a bunch of new people that can't resolve your issue due to lack of training.

So getting a new phone only means a new hassle with this Tragic company. GL you will need it!


you guys are idiots. complaining about Sprint, when it's best buy that pissed you off.


Yeah, I fell for that one too!! It seems like all cell phone stores can only offer the discount with a new two-year get the $99 price , you have to get a new 2-year committment to the carrier and then they pay for the discount on the phone. Either way, the $99 price IS correct.


"*After instant savings with a NEW 2-year agreement with the participating carrier and activation through Best Buy."

Pretty standard, and certainly not "bait and switch" stuff. :roll

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Chicago, Illinois

Bought 2 nx110 on sale 1 bad 1 good paid cash no record cannot exchange

after trying to no avail to get help about the baD PRINTER and everyone telling me i need a receipt to exchange the printer that does not work, which i paid cash for and they have no record that i bought the printers they told me in few words that is just to bad, they were on sale for 29.00 and change i bought 2, so after this bad experence i and my family will no longer shop at any best buy,why because yor service stinks and all of the people that work in the hospital with my son shall know about your service and all face book persons blogs where ever i can posty this i will, hopefully it will slow down your sales and maybe you will be a little more thoughful of your customers after all word of mouth is a grest defender for us poor folks a very unhappy excustomer rif4@***.net
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When you buy from any retail store you get a receipt with the details about returns written ON BACK (sometimes on front) of the receipt. If you do not agree with them, don't buy at the store. Saying, "don't they keep track of their cash sales?" is akin to saying, "when you pay cash, don't you KEEP the receipt?"


Well, from the 3rd DUH, you're lucky you got your money back. Most mildly intelligent people would realize that stores give you a receipt to prove you bought something.

It may shock you to learn that most stores won't just take your word for it. This isn't the old country store on Little House on the Prairie.


keep your receipts until you are sure you are satisfied with the product.

a receipt is not just for looks....


well duh best buy contacted me and guess what DUH they sent me my money back from company headquarters, DUH I guess when you speak with the right people good things happen, and DUH who has the last laugh now, a happy customer...


duh...they don't ask you that for a cash sale, or any other. They'll ask you if you're in RewardZone, and if not would you like to join.

If you're an RZ member, you get points on your purchases everytime they scan your card, plus is records all your transactions.

If you use your RZ card and pay cash they can reprint your receipt.

In the end, it's up to you to keep track of receipts, not the retailer. :roll


Um... they dont make receipts for you to wipe your *** with...

They are printed for a reason.


duh when you pay in cash they ask name,address,ph number for there records, i guess that they do not keep records of what they sell for cash, and any good store would at least give you another item for fair exchange, tell me DUH who keeps receipts for 2 months, maybe you because you do not trust anyone including yourself,so keep your bs to yourself, i thought you would at least be a little thoughtful in this matter8i guess your name DUIH really suits you


Why would you expect Best Buy to return something that they dont have reciepts for??? It is the responsiblity of the customer to hold the reciept.

if you dont have one it is not the responsibility of the company to maintain your records. You paid cash!

how do you expect them to track cash!! duh!

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Baltimore, Maryland

Absolutely Ridiculous Customer Service

I purchased a Toshiba Satellite a505 laptop online and since it wasnt available to pick up at any store near me i decided to drive 70 miles to get that laptop since i wanted to gift that to one of my closest friends who was going overseas next day. As per the online purchase thing i waited for 2 emails( first to confirm inventory and then second email confirming that product is ready for pick up). i drove an hour and half away to get to POTTSTOWN PA store. After waiting over 2 hours in the store and in those 2hours i was continuously told that there staff is looking for my laptop and also they have received the email and acknowledged it. Well u guessed it.... after 2 hours of wait the customer service girl came to me and said that i dont know how u handled to wait for this long if i would be at ur place i would have left by now but anyways u r gonna have to leave now anyways cuz they r telling me to tell u that we dont have it. I got pissed and asked WHO THEY and she said my manager and i said where is he himself. she went on to call a manager for me...... here we go again. 3 guys passed all wearing manager name tag but refused to talk and told the girl to call someone else. finally one SO CALLED MANAGER "CHRIS" came in to talk to me. Talk to me ......what the *** only to tell me that he cant do anything they dont have my laptop and since its an online order jut call 1888bestbuy to cancel my order. I asked him that i want to talk to the GM. he said he was the GM and he already told me what to do and he left. I held my anger back and left that store and called their SO Called CUSTOMER SERVICE..huh....after 3 times explaining my problem to 3 different people the fourth one was kind enough to atleast dont hang up on me and listened to what i wanted to say and went on explaining me that it happens sometimes that store doesnt have inventory. I said really so that means that ur online emails mentioning "checking inventory at store and then ready for pick up is all fake". Like wise he got trapped and didnt had anything to say. I said i need ur corporate number. he said that i can call anywhere i want but its not gonna make any difference and only thing he can do is to offer me a discounted price on a different model. I badly wanted a laptop so i looked on their website and gave him a different model. Found it in a different store and went to pick it up. Wish Would have never done this mistake again Went to pick up at the store only to find out that instead of getting a discounted price i have been overcharged. It was for $599 listed on the website and i was charged $699. don know how and don know why but it was there. called back and cancelled the whole order and came back home pissed to the extent u can imagine. I am really really looking for a way to file a complaint against this company. If anyone out there knows a way or knows any way that i can reach out to their CEO or anyone of same designation pls reach out to me at luvchatts@***.com. I would really really appreciate it.
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If you're driving 2 hrs each way, you may want to call first. When it's all said and done, what did you want "Chris" to do?

*** you a laptop? He didn't have it, what did you want him to say?

"Chris" didn't email you. Get mad at yourself for not calling and the website people for having a *** inventory system.


I hope Sirrus doesnt work the P.R. for Best Buy.

You suck at it.

What did you resolve with that *** response.1 you admit your company is and was at fault. 2 instead of resolving and making things right for customer , you preach at what he should have done and try to make it the customers problem to deal with in your own known defects.Now the internet world knows how truly sorry your service is by your own admission .Yet you go even further giving the customer more runaround.Fix this..You Idiots.


I work for Best Buy. I apologize for your situation, I don't know if they're aware of the bugs with the .com thing or not, but believe me I gripe about it to a manager every chance I get.

If our inventory system is off by even 1 (which most of the time it is), then the .com will say YES it's in the store, whether it physically exists or not. But very rarely will you receive a 2nd confirmation E-mail without someone physically finding the laptop, scanning it, putting your name on it with our giant green label and placing it behind the back counter. That's procedure and your E-mail doesn't get sent unless that takes place. My guess is the laptop actually was there since you received the 2nd E-mail, but someone misplaced it.

I agree, you shouldn't have to call and double-check. But driving 70 wouldn't be a bad idea. Tom is correct. District managers don't give handouts.

Store managers have 99% of the power to award or keep. Regarding the overpricing. I've been battling this since I started. The website usually shows a cheaper price than the in-store.

However, you usually get that price if you order it for shipping to your home. Add shipping and handling and it is cheaper to go to the store. In the future, call (enter a department number, any number, it's hard for 1 phone rep to get all calls, better to be routed to the right source). Ask if it's there and someone can physically see/touch it.

Pay over phone or just ask for a 24-hour hold and pay in the store.

Use Reward Zone card, earns you points and saves your receipt in our system for returns. Best of luck and sorry about your experience.


Tom's advice of calling customer-dont-care won't get you the CEO or someone of that level. It is just a maze of people who try to annoy you to the point of giving up and going away.

I'm not sure if he is being sincere in his advice or not, but you shouldn't have to call to double check what they are telling you online. Why do we have to do everyone's job for them???


1-88*-***-****, ask for customer care.

Next time just call the store you're going to and pay by cc over the phone. Using the .com really can muddy the process, because of going through the extra steps. :sigh

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Easton, Pennsylvania
Best Buy Manager

Nightmare experience at Best Buy

I originally purchased a Sony Bravia Television model KDL46W5100 on 12/3/09 at the Lancaster, PA Best Buy. The TV came as package with a Playstation 3 and a game and movie The purchase just by itself was a nightmare, I called in to the store earlier that day and was told they would put everything on hold for me, so I could pick everything up after work. When I arrived I went to the customer service desk and told them I had a TV package waiting for me, they looked at me like I was a ghost and said they had no idea what I was talking about. Over an hour later of getting pushed to different employees and departments, I was told they did not have any more in stock, but then after complaining about the situation they "magically found one" and I was finally able to purchase the package. I received no apology from anyone for the delay, mix up or the complete waste of my time. The TV worked great for a little more than two weeks and then started turning itself on and off every few minutes. So I called the Lancaster Best Buy after waiting through ten minutes of just listening to a phone ring waiting for someone to pick it up. The employee that answered(who I later realized completely lied to me just to get me off the phone) told me that my model TV was not in now, but that it would be in the next few days and I could exchange it then. So I waited for two days without being able to enjoy my recent purchase. In the meantime I called the Black Tie protection plan I purchased with the TV and the representative I spoke with informed me this was very rare and he thought I was given a floor model. Which makes perfect sense due to them telling they were out and then magically finding one in the back. When I attempted to call back into Lancaster I again waited for over ten minutes before anyone decided they wanted to answer the phone, I informed the employee of the situation and he said they are backordered on my model TV and have no idea when they would get more in. Starting to get upset I asked to speak to a manager about the situation and I was transferred to the home theater section, which of course came with another very long wait!! When someone finally answered I asked again for a manager only to get put back on hold again. My timer on my phone was at almost thirty minutes by now!! I finally got a customer service manager named Ray Dremoved per forum guidelines I say his name because his service and complete lack of help or respect for me or the situation have completely turned me off from ever going back to the Lancaster Best Buy again. I admit I was upset when I finally got to him, but rightfully so, there is no reason someone should get the run around trying to exchange a two week old defective product. I told him the customer service in his store is horrible, and no one should have to wait that long to speak to someone and that I have been on the phone for almost half an hour now. Ray gave no apology and simply said they are just too busy right now. (It makes me wonder what kind of company he is hoping to run and model to his fellow employees when you have no time for customers, who kind of are the reason a retail store is even able to be in business). I told Ray my situation and he said that because there are no more TV's left I would have to wait for more to come in or just return it and there is nothing he can do right now. I told him that it's unacceptable to have a broken TV after two weeks and for you guys to not help is ridiculous, I should be receiving a comparable model to fix the situation. We went back and forth over the matter only for Ray to tell me I was being "hostile" and to complain to 1-888-Best-Buy. I never once swore or threatened him so calling me hostile is a joke. At this point I asked to speak the GM, however Ray refused to transfer me or give me the full name of his GM only telling me he goes by Steve. I asked Ray what is your last name because I'm calling back in for your GM to tell him how you have treated me, he refused of course again and said that I needed to take my complaints to 1-888-Best-Buy and that the call was over. I called 1-888-Best-Buy and lodged a complaint with the customer relations department. The representative called the store back(which must of took her awhile to get someone to answer the phone there, because it was a very long wait until she got back to me). Once she finally got a hold of Ray we were on a three way call where he offered me a lower model TV (Ray offered me a V series and have the W series) BUT he wanted me to pay $100 for the exchange. I become very upset for two reasons. First off I told him that the TV he is offering me is lower end model than what I originally purchased. Ray however, tried to lie and say it wasn't, before I told I'm on the Best Buy website right now and it says so right here. Ray still being the non helpful "manager" he is would not offer anything else or even a simple apology for the his actions towards me, trying to lie to me, or situation I was in. I told him I'm not looking to take advantage of the situation and get a higher model TV for free but I want something comparable. He finally offered another series TV but wanted $300 for the difference stating he was giving me a deal. I told him this was ridiculous, I didn't break the TV and I was given a defective product. Since you don't have any more of the same TV you should be taking care me of and fixing the situation instead trying to get me to pay even more money to fix your problem. Ray didn't budge and basically said it was either buy the other TV, wait till a new one comes in, or just return it. Ray said he would try to check stock with other stores to see what he could find and call me back in a couple minutes. He called back and found nothing but would not replace the TV unless I put out more money. I realize there are differences in prices with different TV's however a customer should not be told you have to wait until who knows when to get a new replacement or shell out more money to fix the defective product we gave you and apparently don't even stand by. At this point any credibility Ray had with me was completely out the window now, after him trying to lie to me and basically saying either return everything or wait for however long to get a new one. I tried to call Ray the next day only to again wait for someone to pick it up. After about ten minutes of just ringing I decided to call another location. I called the York, PA Best Buy and guess what, they picked right up right away. The associate was very helpful and transferred me to a manager right away. The manager I spoke to this time was Jeff Gremoved per forum guidelines and he was the one of the most helpful and friendliest managers I have ever met. After explaining the situation to him, he apologized repeatedly (something Ray never once did, he just refused to help) and told me he would do whatever he could to fix the situation and take care of me. Jeff informed me the only model TV he had left in stock in the Bravia 5100 series was a Z series the highest model they in that series. Instead of telling me I needed to pay a couple hundred dollars for the difference to exchange their defective product he instead said he would do everything for only $50. I was shocked at first because the customer care I received with Ray had turned me had all but completely turned me off from Best Buy all together. Jeff however just said he wanted to take care of me as a customer and fix the situation. So long story short I was able to exchange the defective TV for a new one , and I was sure this one was not a floor model! The associates Angel and Janelle in customer service were extremely helpful and did the exchange with no problem. One of the other associates who I won't name asked me about the TV and what had happened, after telling him about Ray Dremoved per forum guidelines, he informed there have been a lot of complaints about him from other customers and fellow associates. This was a relief to me to know that I was not the only one, but also sad that more customers have been treated so poorly by Ray. I live in Lancaster if you didn't guess, however I will only go to the York location which is out of the way, but at least I will be treated fairly and taken care of, I will never step foot in the Lancaster location again. The GM can thank him for losing my business as well as hurting their reputation. A company's best form of advertising is word of mouth and let me just say I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about how bad the service was at the Lancaster location and how rude and disrespectful Ray Dremoved per forum guidelines was. The service I received in York however was amazing, especially the service from Jeff Gremoved per forum guidelines and he kept from returning everything and never shopping at a Best Buy again. Jeff went above and beyond and for that I am extremely thankful
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Always remember that you have a 30 day return/exchange period at Bestbuy, and it can be handled at any of their stores.

It's also very likely they'll run out of promotional TV like your Sony, because everyone seems to want one. They don't make them in the stores or at the warehouse, and when that happens you have to look for alternative ways to solve a problem like yours. They also just don't store extra boxes and packing material just in case they need to sell a display TV, and to sell a used on as new is illegal.

Maybe the better way would have been to return the whole deal?


It's been my experience that the vast majority of Best Buy salespeople will go to great lengths to take care of you. I have absolutly no electronics experience and feel very overwhelmed when going into any electronics store, but every time I go into a Best Buy store (4 near my home), I have been treated with great care and respect- they never talk down to me and make sure I am following their conversations.

I came here to complain about my microwave oven and the difficult way it operates and now feel I may just need some "tutoring" on how to work it. Seems like a lot of these posts are from folks with a "chip" on their shoulder and would not be happy at ANY retailer..





I do that whenever I am mistreated by salespeople or customer service staff anywhere and I get results. BE A PITT BULL. BE RELENTLESS. REPORT THEM TO ANY CONSUMER CENTER AND ALL OVER THE NET.

If you did nothing wrong and are treated like dirt, go for the jugular and have the *** fired. Make sure you let everyone you deal with know you will report the TRUTH to family, friends, co-workers and the internet. If it's a SERIOUS ISSUE like you have been cheated financially, TELL THEM YOU ARE GOING TO THE MEDIA AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND MAKE SURE YOU DO IT. It is the only way to get rid of scummy salesmen who lie, abuse and and treat customers like trash thinking they can get away with it.





I HATE BEST BUY. I almost cried when Circuit City went out of business.

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Manheim, Pennsylvania

BestBuy Store Card

They charged me $35 (twice) saying I paid late. I actually paid on time but they said it takes an extra 5 days to clear so technically its late. Then they asked me to pay $109 which I did to bring my account back in good standing, they didn't tell me they were going to take $15 of that as a fee for taking the payment over the phone! They refuse to refund any of the fees. As soon as I get my tax refund check, I'm closing this account. Don't shop bestbuy, they'll ruin your good credit and rip you off.
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Hey, don't shoot the messenger. Its pretty much common knowledge that payments on a credit card will never go through as soon as you make them.

Even if its in person. Next time read all the paperwork and legal jargon next time you apply for any credit card and you won't get ripped off. Credit card companies hope you don't read the fine print. Thats how they make money.

If anything the Best Buy card (HSBC Card) is one of the best ways to build up your credit.

0% financing on most, if not all, purchases, and there are no penalties for paying it off early(god forbid anyone in this country ever do that). The lesson here is READ THE FINE PRINT and stop pointing fingers at your mistakes.


SO what if it says Best Buy all over it?

HSBC is giving the credit to be used only at Best Buy. That is why it says Best Buy all over it. HSBC is not giving you credit to use at any other place.

And Best Buy isn't giving you any credit at all.


Hopefully you'll one day calm down and hear how unreasonable you sound. Best Buy doesn't operate the credit card, they pay somebody else to do that.

Get mad at HSBC. Best Buy didn't charge you anything.


Typical Best Buy Response, Move the blame. It has BEST BUY all over the store card and you can only use it at BEST BUY.

Take some responsibility!!!

I do hold HSBC accountable, but I also hold BESTBUY equally accountable. I will NEVER shop bestbuy again, and I've persuaded many of my friends to avoid bestbuy also.


The "Best Buy store card" is owned by HSBC. Complaints about their billing practices should be directed at them. This is all explained in the paperwork you were provided when you signed up for the account.

Fortunately, there is no penalty for paying off your account early, as there is with some other cards.

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Best Buy doesn't honor online installation prices

I recently got a holiday gift that requires installation. I looked online and Best Buy was offering installation services for around $100. It looked so convenient - just add the installation to the cart, pay online, then go to the local store to get the work done. Except that when I called to confirm and get an appointment for installation, they informed me the charge would be around $300 - about 3 times the online price. When I complained, Best Buy's corporate office called to inform me they do not honor online pricing on installations. Each store is permitted to determine pricing on the spot, regardless of what prices and services Best Buy has advertised or even pre-sold online. Fair enough, but then isn't it illegal to advertise or sell installation services online? Thank goodness we learned of this policy before we ordered anything large or expensive from them! We declined to have the item installed at Best Buy and we'll never shop Best Buy again.
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Discount services on things like a TV installation usually happen at the time of purchase of the product they are intended for; not as a stand alone item. Check the ad again, or provide us a link so we might discuss it further.

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Best Buy Installation

Best Buy warranty means nothing

Bought a Sony 60" projection TV from Best Buy April 2004. With warranty and extras it came to $6800. TV is out for the 5Th time. TV will not last a yr without going out. Was told from their repair people, these TV'S were defected and after the 3rd time, we would get another TV. Best Buy, Sony or the warranty dept. could care less. Our warranty is out this April, so you know what Best Buy is doing. They do not CARE about customer service. I do not recommend anyone buying from BEST BUY. Their warranty means nothing.
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I have a 50" HP TV that i got at best Buys. Over the last ten years i have spent alot of money there, but never again.

The TV has been out for 55 days. Three trips with three different parts to fix it didn't do the trick so the service company took nthe TV and sent a part to be rebuild and was to take two days. This was 3 wk and 2 days counting. The warranty department lost the part and the TV can't be replaced without the part being in the TV.

for best buys to replace the set it has to be in tact. Now the part has been found and is not fixed but they are sending it to the service center were the TV is so they can but it back together and return it to me so i can take the Tv TO BEST bUYS to exchange it for another TV The thing is i live 42 miles away from Best Buys and the service center is in the same town down the street from Best Buys. Makes no sence. But i have a feeling it well never get exchanged for i have been told so many lies by every one in every department This is the fourth time they said it would be exchanged so i don't belive it.

I couldn't even start to write the whole story and every lie i've been told. DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM THEM, IT WELL ONLY CAUSE YOU TIME , MONEY, AND MAKE YOU MAD!!!


"Going out" means a lot of things; can you be more specific? If you are talking about the bulbs, then I believe you might be part of a Sony class action group - you might want to check into it.

Best Buy's warranty only covers one bulb replacement, so if this is what your complaint is based upon, you're out of gas. :sigh


As much as I would LOVE to bash Best Buy, I have to call "bullshoot" on these people and their warrenty expectations. The warrenty from the manufactures covers "MANUFACTURERS DEFECT ONLY"- that is, stuff that was built wrong at the factory- it DOES NOT imply working forever!!

ALL electronics will fail eventually...they wear out! The fact that some retailers (Best Buy included) offer supplemental coverage at an additional charge on certain products (for things that aren't covered by the man. warrenty ie. heat, power surge, "wear and tear in normal use",etc..)is mind-boggleing to me- if you can guarantee that you will get X amount of years of use rather than "roll the dice" without it-who in their right mind would turn it down.

In my CC days, we had some issues with the vendors not backing up the warrenty and pissed off a very few customers- in hindsight, it would have been a smarter business decision to just take the hit and take care of the customer, but retailers are NOT a non-profit business! I am FAR from a Best Buy fan, but in this case, I have to side with the retailer- If you CHOOSE to buy a "Chevy Cobalt for $8000, you can't complain when it doesn't perform or last as long as a $40,000 Mercedes!!

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Reston, Virginia
On christmas eve, I read about this deal that best buy was giving on a Sony 40" LCD + Song BluRay Player + Sony 5.1 Surround Sound System for an amazing price of almost $1,300! I wanted to buy it right away so I called and the stores were closed so I call the 24 hour...
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Williamsburg VA Best Buy,

Same thing happen to me yesterday. I called the police and was told to take it to court.

something needs to be done about Best Buy. I've been a loyal customer in the past two months I know I've spent over $3000. I got my iwatch, Harmon Kardon head set, sound bar, another tv, etc... The sales clerk in that store know me.

I can't believe it!

I tried to call head quarters they said the manager in the location has to handle the situation. I'm in the military and don't have the time but I'm going to make the time to go to court $1542 is a lot of money to just let BB have.


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Punta Cana, La Altagracia

The Geek Squad

The Geek Squad is a rip off. They take advantage of anyone with a question. They treat their customers like prey instead of appricating their business. They tried to tell me I made a laptop crash after having it less than 24 hrs. I was sold a laptop as new that wasn't because the battery was in the laptop when I got it home, after second time it was turned on,it would not boot up. Tried to charge me a restocking fee and 30.00 diagnostic fee. Best Buy and Geek Squad are off my list of business.
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The battery would be in the laptop if it was a Toshiba or a certain Dell model. I call *** because if the laptop was defective they would replace it. There is more to the story, such as damge orsomething.


I work for Best Buy. I cannot speak for your store, but it's simply not true in our store.

Our Geek Squad guys actually like fixing computers and receive no commission/incentive to prey on customers. First-hand, most of our customers are uninformed, or worse, they think they're informed. A diagnostic does not lie. It simply tells what the issue/status is.

If you took home a computer in the box and bring it back 24 hours later and the hard drive is shot, who can really say who's fault it is. If it was open-box, a diagnostic is run before it's put back onto the floor and 90% of the time, open-box computers of any type are sent to the manufacturer, not re-sold. It's also important what you were trying to do on the a game, online game, watch a movie, install software...? Very possible the hard drive was defective, but not likely if they tested it.

The battery was probably in the laptop due to them running "Optimization" or a "Standard Security and Performance". Is there an orange sticker on the side of the box from Geek Squad?

That would tell you if they opened it or if it was an open-box. More info please.

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3 month old computer/best buy is a joke

purchased a computer in September, by December the motherboard and hard drive were fryed. Best buy said they would send it to HP to have it taken care of. A month later, we finally got the computer back. Heres where it gets interesting, first we paid for them to back up the computer and we needed that by the next day, they said no problem, well we did not get it for almost a week. then when e got the computer back the *** tried to say we owed money, i said for what, he tried to say they reprogrammed the computer however i knew they didn't because my husband had told them not to. the *** check and they did no work. so then i asked the guy if my original programs were on the computer the ones it was sold with, he said "NO" its empty. I started getting very anrgy, he said well you did not but there service package, I told him the computer should come back the way it was purchased, he got very rude and said contact HP. By this time I was pissed, I tolded him there practices are not right and they don't stand behind products they sell, he got even ruder, at the end of the whole thing, he had the nerve to say his exact words " SIGN THIS PAPER SO I CAN GIVE YOU BACK MY COMPUTER" indicating it was his, I went off on him, i hope this company goes under i will make a point to advise people to stay away from best buy, there a joke
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Looks like Best Buy has the Geek Squad answering back to the comments.Its already known Best Buy has *** customer service and social rejects for the Geek Squad. bottom line another customer bites the dust.


If you hear people yelling every time you go to Best Buy, it's probably not a good sign for us to be shopping there. I doubt someone expects instant repairs ---maybe quality repairs but not instant.


Yet again, *** tool blames ALL their problems on the people trying to fix them! I'll bet she SCREAMED for a brand new computer cuz' she spilled something on this one.

Every time I go to Best Buy there is somebody YELLING because they have to wait for somebody to fix the computer that they broke! Yeah, I saw the big sign outside offering "INSTANT COMPUTER REPAIRS" (Not!!!)


You seem to have that malfuntion tommie.


Just another *** wanting something for nothing.

Is that also YOUR malfunction, MAC? :x


"Jokes on you"? Sounds like a "best buy attitude".


Don't you think you should have paid someone to do your thinking for you BEFORE you fried your computer?

Joke's on you. :roll

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Elk Grove, California

Best Buy Sells Faulty Computers!

This is the third and last computer I will ever buy from Best Buy! The first one crashed in 6 mos Best Buy could never seem to fix it. The second the mother board fried took them 4 mos and 3 times of sending it back to fix it paid for back up protection for pictures they forgot then charged me anyway for the back up. 3rd and last I had no choice to buy #2 froze and crashed got #3 had it 3 wks had to send it back they had it 6mos got it back it crashed that same night! In the 3 years I've owned it I have had it for 6 mos working properly. They dont honor Lemon Laws Ever!
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does best buy make the laptops themselves? no.

who does? the manufacturer.

who should you be angry at? the manufacturer.


I worked at BBY in a separate service center. It's expensive to run a service center and BBY was constantly looking for a less expensive M.O.

The fact is that customer service will always suffer with the monster-regional service plans. We used to call every customer and follow all the parts orders, expediting them if the part was on order over 48 hours, but this did not result in cost savings. My belief was we were doing the right thing by keeping the customers informed and advised, but let's face facts: that wasn't getting the units proccessed quickly or cheaply enough for their business model. Also we had been techs for a minimum of ten years, so we were well paid, but there's more expense.

That's why we all got "promoted to customer" and replaced by teenagers.

All businesses want it cheaper and quicker. And yes, some customers will get screwed in the proccess.


All I can say is, that it's too bad Best Buy can't refuse to sell computers to people who breathe through their mouths, don't wear seatbelts, and smoke a pack a day while pregnant.


Yet more examples of inept people spending loads of money of things they have no understanding of, using terms they don't fully understand and thinking they are soooo right.

@gsdpero "Fried" your wireless?? How is that done exactly?

How do you "fry" a motherboard? I really need to know as I have been working IT for going on 12 years and have never had anything remotly like that happen to any computer I have installed, admined or supported.

Why does anyone pay for backing up their files? I just don't understand it. Buy a thumb drive or an external HDD and copy them there. Simple and easy.

As for crashing? What were you doing before a "crash" What OS, hardware specs, open and running services, extra hardware connected, ect? Answer those questions and I can help.


Another thought on Mom_of_4's geek squad complaint: Can it really be that the geek squad is that inept in something that they are touted at be so proficient in? Like Arsenio Hall used to say, "That's one of those things that make you go: Hmmmmmm?"


I had a similiar experience with BB, except they fried my wireless while doing some routine maint. that I was paying for.

It took several months and alot of hassle to get them to make it right. I believe, based on watching other consumer issues at the geek squad desk, that BB paints unsuspecting customers into a corner in order to tug at their purse strings.

I said then: "I'll never do business with them again," and I haven't and won't. Another to big for their britches big box company.

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Saint Louis, Missouri