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They do not show for scheduled appointments and do not call you back when they say they will.

Have scheduled service under a warranty and they show up and do not fix or not bother to show up at all. Have talked to 10 different people this week alone and still nothing. Then they try to charge $150.00 for service until you show the rip off service men a copy of the warranty. We have filed a complaint with a BBB hopefully we will get some action with them. My husband wants to call channel 4 news crew problem solvers maybe a little publicity will get them off their duffs to do something right to fix this.
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could you be a little more specific on your complaint? it is kind of vague.

what needs warranty work and why?

#182075 Review #182075 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kansas City, Missouri

Best Buy scams on warranties and new laptop sales.

My first problem with Best Buy was 3 1/2 years ago when I bought a Laptop. I bought the extended warranty and had the Geek Squad set it up (extra cost). When buying, they will put extensive pressure on you to buy the warranty and the setup. Second, when they set it up, they put their own? (or higher profit?) virus software on the machine. Of course, their warranty was very expensive. But I didn't know any better at the time. Second, when I had to return my Laptop for repairs, the Geek Squad manager of the store was incredibly rude throughout the entire process which took weeks despite other promises. I tried to call the store manager - and guess what - they don't answer the phone like the Geek Squad did not answer the phone. I will say that there was one person in the Squad that I finally found, realized the issue, and helped me out. They also figured out a way to charge me extra - which I do not think was valid according to how I read the warranty agreement. Of course, you have to be a lawyer to read it and truly understand it. My second problem was recently when in buying my new PC. It is a PC that for what it had, was at a great price. I had sworn never to pay them another dime and this is an exception because they have gotten an exclusive on certain PCs. Best Buy was the only place I could get this brand and setup. Pressure on to get the warranty again. I refused with difficulty. You do not have to buy a warranty from them. Go to, an independent warranty company that has about the best ratings I have seen for any such company. Many TV news and newspaper reporters have checked them out and report universally great reviews as far as I have seen. They have also figured out another few ways to get you. They now have software on the machine that gives you trial downloads that end up costing you a lot. I suggest you do not buy anything from them because it is probably less expensive and better elsewhere. They also offer you Microsoft Office Student (basic programs) for over $100. I include MS in this issue. What they didn't tell me, and I think an honest retailer would, is that Office 10 will be available for free online - with advertising. So what - Google does that. The cost to put it on your computer will be several hundred dollars I understand. The point -Office 10 comes out in June or July. You can do one of two things - use the trial Office 2007 on the new PC for the intro period, or download the Beta version from At least Best Buy didn't get another cent out of me. Remember: 1 - There is a reason that Consumer Reports rated them dead last of consumer electronics stores. 2 - If you buy a warranty or any extras, especially involving Geek Squad - I would guess that you will be paying considerably more money for considerably less value. 3 - In my case - going to the Geek Squad was a bigger headache than my PC breaking down. 4 - My guess, while not being in the industry, is that they offer good prices and make money on the warranties and other stuff they can sell you. So - save your self some money and the headache of dealing with them.
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I just bought the toshiba blue label laptop. When I was researching it everything looked good, until I started using it.

First came the blue screens of death (within the first week and it was not becasue of a virus), then push-to-tv not working, then freezing while surfing the web (it was the only program I had opened). They were good about handling my first two problems. But now that I am pissed about this I want it replaced, they are giving me the b/s about, well you are passed the 14 days and we cant take it back. Bottom line here is they know me by first name, I bought the computer from them, it is a piece of ***; fix the problem.

This blue label is so bad I won't even pick it up any more, instead I revert back to me nearly 5 year old hp. I have been working in customer service for alomst 10 years, after all the time and being with different companies at some point you figure out do whatever the customer wants within reason. I think my situation is within reason, regardless of their 14 day policy. Bottom line here is they sold me a POS and are not taking care of the issue.

After this whole thing is over I don't think I will Best Buy corporate will not do anything to help me.

What kind of business is this so called best buy. I think they chose their name as a PR ploy becasue they know they are a terrible company.

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New York, New York

Best Buys from ***

A while ago I purchased a computer package for about $1000.00 from Best Buys with a fourteen days return policy. That evening I installed the computer, the next morning I set up my internet account and started to use the computer. few days later it become sluggish and erratic and it stopped doing anything at all, then the mouse stopped moving and moved to the edge of the screen. I contacted Best Buys and told them about the problem, they said to bring it back since it was still within the 14 days. I said to the Best Buy that I'll pack it and bring the next morning she said no problem and got her name. At the store the girl was there she processed the return with a receipt, and then called for someone to come and verify. The "*** *** M*THER f*CKER" named LAN TAN refused to sign the ticket without any *** explanation what so ever. I asked to speak with a manger they said the manager was not there. So I decided to leave the *** computer there to shove it up their BIG BEST BUYS ***. I also notified security on the way out. I called my credit card co. and disputed the charge, they did but the M*ther F*ckers at the BEST BUYS from *** refused to either resolve the issue and never offered to fix the computer or exchanged it they just kept it while they refused to process a return. So a warning for everyone who does business with BEST BUYS FROM *** is be extremely careful when buying from these M*THER F*CKERS and specially that M*OTHER F*CKER *** FROM SOUTH EAST ASIA THE SO CALLED LAN TAN, THIS GUY IS A *** breed from ***, his MAMA must've been pleasing the master of *** when he was born, he does look like he has too big HORNS FOUND ONLY IN ***. For that I will not shop again at BEST BUYS from ***, I am trying to warn everyone so you don't get ripped off, but if you enjoy getting *** in the *** you would shop at BEST BUYS from ***...... my message to BEST BUYS is go to *** *** where you came from...coz I will make of it...
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i like it when he curses jensen eat a pig snout and by snout i mean ***


best buy:1

this guy:0


do you have a mental problem you swearing ***??????????????????????? :zzz :upset :eek :( :x :? :cry

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#180898 Review #180898 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

Asus netbooks

asus netbooks are a ripoff. keep getting an error message that says "ntldr is missing" and says to hit control, alt, delete and that does no good whatsoever. netbook is 5 months old and twice this has happened and best buy cant fix it. i can't restore it. you have to take it back to the geek squad at best buy and they can't fix it either. they just had me switch to another netbook the first time. now the netbook is five months old and they will no longer do this again. if i send it back to asus they will lose it or it will get broken, so there is no point in doing that. really really sucks. $300+ down the drain.
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ummmmmmm Joyce I am not the one here *** about something you could have fixed on yer own. Or blaming the wrong company for your short comings. And I am the ***?

Yah OK.

Women and computers is the same as oil and water.


first of all it is not an acer, it is an asus netbook and i knew it was a part of windows since i did google it. second of all the first hit did not tell me what the ntldr is, what it does or what to do if it is corrupt or missing. you're an ***.


Doy ou even know that the ntldr is? It is not Acers fault at all as the ntldr is a part of Windows and nothing to do with hardware.

Have you had a look at google?

Funny how the very first hit tells you what the ntldr is, what it does and what to do if it is currupt or missing.

*** people like you should be banned form buying computers.


please contact me about any comments on this article. thanks

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#180644 Review #180644 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Bellevue, Nebraska

Best Buy dvd player had *** in it!

I was in Eden prairie, MN to visit my girlfriend. I decided to take her 3 year old to buy a Disney movie and some HD cables. We found an "Open Box" dvd player and bought it. When we got home there was a disc in the player. I removed it and threw it in the empty box not knowing what it was. The 3 year old then went into the box and took it out without any of us seeing her. She put it in the dvd collection. We discovered it later when ALL 3 kids where there. Best Buy refused to donate to a charity protecting children from ***, and sending these 3 kids to summer camp after providing them with the chance to see ***. They offered a $75 gift card. They dont care about their customers. They obviously dont check their returns(as per their policy) before they resell them. Please do not spend money at Best Buy!
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First off an open box is when someone takes it home so the *** ( idk why you block it out its not a cuss word) must have come from the sick perverted and beyond who bought it the first time. Best Buy isnt responsible for that.

From what it sounds like you tried to sue them and failed. "Oh noooo they didnt donate money". Well thats because you should keep your kids out of the trash can to keep them from finding *** that you threw away. How is the company supposed to know you didnt just stick it in there and now you want money?

Im surprised they offered you a gift card. You should have bought it new and pornless.


i think i agree with jeb. the story just seems a little fishy if you look at the details.

and if you are reading, he is also saying he wants Best Buy to donate to a charity, and send his kids to a camp for the summer. he is unhappy because they wouldn't do that and only offered a $75 gift card (which is probably more than the cost of the dvd player)

i don't know, but i would like to walk into a store, claim that they caused my kids to see ***, and then get them to send my kids to summer camp. (then me and my girl are rid of them for the whole summer so we can do whatever we want)

if it really did happen, this person is still asking too much. but it does sound odd, considering the details.



so you found a dvd and you didn't even look to see what it might be?

and then you threw it away? why would you do that when you had no idea what it was? what if it had been a cool dvd? then you would have been happy. it just seems weird that you wouldn't check it at all and just tossed it out.

and then your 3 year old took it out and put it in you collection without anyone seeing? so how do you know the 3 year old put it there if no one saw her it. how do you know it wasn't there before?

maybe it was yours or your girlfriend's (or even someone else's?)

so let's see: best buy offers to give you a $75 gift card, but won't send your children to a summer camp? and this without any proof but based only on what you are claiming?

i should buy a dvd player and claim it had something so i could get a $75 gift card!

sorry but the whole story seems fishy, especially because you are trying to get so much too. i believe you are trying to work a *** maybe?


Well if he described what the people were doing on the video we would know exactely what he is talking about. Give details, what actions in the movie made you believe it was a ***?


His children saw people a man and woman playing "rock the castle" together. You would expect him to be a little angry.

If your children saw people humping each other on used DVD you bought I am sure you would be sickened that your children's innocence was taken away by showing two people doing the do. Think about it people, *** obviously stands for p0rn.

Like Trevor said it is not him using ***, it is the site filtering. Try posting f-u-c-k, without the spaces and see what happens.


I was not going to make a profile for this website but after reading this review I have to comment. Honestly I really just feel sorry for the employee that had to deal with you when you walked into that store.

And then after that every employee who tried to explain how to resolve the issue.

I am assuming from your lack of detail and use of *'s that you really had no idea what was going on. I weep for our youth.


Just be glad that you did not send the movie to camp with them not knowing what it was. Otherwise you would be in big trouble.


Janell, nothing to do with whether this person is adult enough to write what *** means or not, if certain words are filtered like other's have stated than they come up as ***. Not the OP's fault at all. Yes, from experience p0rn is filtered.


Or could *** stand for p-o-r-n? that too is filtered.

I think he bought an used DVD player, it had a DVD in it and the DVD was a p-o-r-n-o. For the OP, send it to me if you still have it.


probably s-h-i-t Janell, this site has filters for even the c-r-a-p and p-o-o-p

However even without knowing what *** means this letter looks like it was writting by a nine year old failing the fourth grade.

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#179996 Review #179996 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Madison, Wisconsin
Best Buy Gift Card

Best buy: why dont they stand behind what they sell

I purchased laundry (lg)products from them and after a long and agrevating ordeal with their (geek squad) and all affiliated personel,they never repaired the products,they called their supervisors,and with the product malfunctioning infront of them,and their supervisors,and all upper management not standing by their motto,THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS CORRECT,AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT THEY HAVE: So what is a consumer suppose to do,they totally disapointed my spouse,possible new customers,and other possible business aspects by not properly repairing their products,warranties,and what appropiate store managers have told the consumer. So as i understand their policies,procedures,repair procedures,and aspects of consumers that may want to try repeat business in these troubloed economic times. My interpertation of their warranties is as follows,after the product is delivered set up and they leave. My interpertation is as follows as the delivery personel leave and say good luck: their warranty should be stated as follows,your warranty willibe in effect for 30 days,30milrs,30 feet,or 30 seconds what ever comes first; Will i spend my hard earned money in a best buy ever again and have people close to me disapointed by this retailer again,no,never again
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I am not surprissed 10 yrs ago i purchased a product that was packaged wrong, had packing seals broken and was told it was not their responsibility take it up with the manufacturer.. my error was walking out the door before realizing somthing was wrong an turning around to have it corrected..

cost me $90, consequently i have never returned and told my story many times.. The product was handled by them only, up to the check out..

perhaps i should have contacted an attorney at that time but i had more pressing issues at the time an not enough $$.. I would hope that it was the people who worked there at the time an not Best Buy but wonder after all i have read here an else ware an still will refuse to shop or advise anyone else to..

#179751 Review #179751 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Livingston, New Jersey

Watch out for debt cancellation

If you use purchase debt cancellation when you make you best buy credit card purchase and decide to cancel the service YOU will be charged for it! There is a fee that will be charged to your account although you see a monthly charge it doesn't get paid until the purchase as it is an amount that gets tacked on to your bill that won't go away. Even after cancelling it the monthly charges stop but it's still there. Unless you're in a position where you're about to become unemployed or disabled i'd avoid it at all cost. BEWARE!
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I have had a Best Buy Credit Card for over five years. I never signed up for debt cancellation - and although I saw the charge on my bill, called "Va.

Debt Cancellation", I truly thought it was a Virginia tax (since everything is taxed!. However, when the credit card guidelines came out in Feb. 2010, it stood out, and I found out what it was.

Well, I have been unemployed for over a year - but they WILL NOT EVEN GIVE ME THE MEASLY 10% OFF MY BALANCE because they (and I mean India, which is where the debt cancellation is based out of) informed me that I had to advise them within 180 days of being unemployed. WHAT A SCAM!!

#179550 Review #179550 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Oak Forest, Illinois

Paid for in Full - Never Delivered -

Never delivered, I purchased a Refrigerator from Best Buys in mid February with a delivery date of mid March. Not having received a phone call to confirm delivery I called the store and spoke to a young clerk who checked the delivery sheet and confirmed my delivery was set for noon to 4 pm that Saturday. At about 3:30 PM I called the store to check on delivery status and was informed that my item was on back order and they could not give me a delivery status. It is paid in full on my Best Buy card. Two months later still no delivery and I requested my money back and I was informed store policy was that they could only give me a " store credit " only . The item is still not delivered and I was informed it was no longer manufactured even though their web site indicated available to purchase. I dont need a $ 1458 store credit, I want my money back for item that cant be delivered.... I feel ripped off, filed complaint with department of consumer protection, better bureau and am scheduled to go on air with Television to promote Best Buy rip offs ...
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It's been 5 weeks. our money was taken and still no fridge.

Called Customer service SO MANY TIMES! this is a horrible online company.

#179501 Review #179501 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Concord, North Carolina

Best Buy falsely accuses/bans customers

I went to Best Buy in Harrisburg, PA a couple months ago and as I was browsing around, I noticed an individual hiding some DVDs under a shelving unit. I waited until a few minutes after the man had left that area and I went to see what he hid there. I noticed it was DVDs and I left them there and didn't tell anyone about it. I went back there last night with a friend and my 6 year old daughter to find out about the new movie Avatar that was coming out today and the security employee was telling me just how good he thought the movie was. After that, I proceeded to continue to browse around the store and noticed the shelving units were empty where I remembered those DVDs were hidden a couple months beforehand. I walked over to the shelves and checked under them and sure enough the DVDs were still there. I looked at the titles and pulled one out of that spot and then noticed it was way over priced. I put it back exactly where I found it at and then wanted to leave since it was close to closing time. I walked around looking for my friend that came with me and found him. While I was looking for him, I noticed 2 employees back by those shelving units where the DVDs were hidden at. After I found my friend, the 3 of us left the store. I went back there today with my wife and bought Avatar on blu-ray. On my way out the door, the new general manager stopped me and asked if I was there last night. I told him I was there last night and he said that last night I hid a bunch of DVDs there and by doing so I was acting inappropriately and he has the right to ban me from the store. I told him that I did no such thing and he offered to show me the video of it. I told him that yes I would like to see the video. He said that he didn't have time yo deal with this and now I wasn't allowed to see the video. He said that if I didn't leave the store at that moment or ever went to that store again, he would have me charged with criminal trespass. I told him that I just found the hiding spot a couple months ago and was trying to see if everything was still there. He asked why I didn't tell anyone about it yesterday and I told him that there were 2 employees there so I didn't think I gad to tell anyone since they already knew about the spot. He told me I was lying and I had to get out of his store. I told him I wanted to return the movie I just bought from there and he said no and I had to leave. So I left. I called 1888BESTBUY and asked to file a complaint about this. They said too bad and that I couldnt do anything about it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the man on the phone said OK. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I hung up the phone. I called back a couple hours later and asked how I could return the DVD since it was still brand new and sealed and I have the receipt. They said that I couldn't return it and I wasn't allowed back there again. And all this time, I still wasn't able to speak to a supervisor. I told them I'm gonna be filing a complaint with my local Better Business Bureau and with the Attorney General's office and my bank and I hung up the phone. I will never buy anything ever again from there. They are completely ridiculous there. I will be boycotting Best Buy and plan on having this on the news later this year on Black Friday. They treat their customers like *** there and don't deserve to be in business anymore. I can't wait til the day they file for bankruptcy because that entire company is nothing but junk.
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Are you serious with this?! All you had to do was report someone trying to STEAL when you saw it, and it would have been their problem and not yours.

By letting another person get away with the first step in stealing, you were in fact an accessory to the crime. If you saw someone breaking out a car window in a parking lot and digging around in the car, would you wait for them to leave, then go over and see if there was anything in the car you wanted?!


You should have reported it when you first saw it. If I was a best buy employee I wouldn't believe your story, in fact I don't believe your explanation anyway.


If you see another customer hiding movies why would you have not done the right thing and just reported it to an employee instead of snooping around yourself. Please use common sense in regards to what the employees see and would think when you are the one lifting tiles doing things you are not supposed to do. I fail to see how you are wasting so much energy and time on this.




Well honestly if you are a normal consumer and shopping around you shouldn't care what is under the displays and all. That isnt your job and it looks VERY suspicious from the camera view when every time you go into the store you look at the DVD's JUST to see if they are there. :| if you never messed with it at all or had just reported it when you saw it then you wouldn't have had this problem :|

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#179420 Review #179420 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Baltimore, Maryland
Best Buy Manager

Worstbuy store(they call best buy)

i took my truck(2010 F150) to worstbuy store for a amp/sub install they did the worst install posible. when i complained I was told that i did not pay for good install i paid for a sh***ty install. they did not return the left over equipment. they installed the sub in a "fire to be happen way". they did not test the system. they charged $ 400.00 and my system is not working properly, the driver door has a rattling noise, one speaker has no sound after 2 wks install. i contact corporate office just to be told that they are sorry... but not regrets or way to fix the problem other than take it back to the store... ever again i am going to step in any worstbuy store in the world. geek guys are only that clowns that rip your pocket with the ilusion they will fix your problem. it happen at Spring Hill FL store. Make your live easier never take your car to a worstbuy store...
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I definitely not going to deny that they overcharge for their car surface and most of the employees who work in the car install are ***. At my store we just happened to get lucky and get a guy who has been working on car electronics his whole life.

I just tell all my bodies it is way cheaper to go down the road to a local guy who installs for half the cost.

To have 4 speakers, new car deck, 2 twelve inch subs, a capacitor, a 4 way channeler and a 1000watt amp installed they wanted to charge me near $800. I was able to find an amazing installer who actually also taught me how to install everything as he went along for an even $200 something best buy could never even come close to matching.

#178875 Review #178875 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Anderson, South Carolina

More involved with each other than customer

I went into the Loveland, Colorado store in the Centerra Shopping Center to exchange my Blu-ray player, but was unable to get any real assistance. A female began assisting me and after a few minutes she called in her manager. This manager approached in a very intimating manner and placed himself in front of her. I am thinking "okay, this is weird" and after explaining the issue that I was having with the DVD player he directed someone on his ear piece to assist me and left with this female employee. Needless to say, no one ever showed up in the electronic department to assist so I headed to the desk where I found them snuggling and all involved with each other, while I am trying to correct this simple issue of an item exchange. So much for being a PREMIER SILVER MEMBER. I am left to believe that the fact that I inquired the manager's girlfriend to assist a customer in his time of need meant that I was banned from any assistance. Took my service to FORT COLLINS, COLORADO.
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From the tone and remarks your stating in your story one must wonder how you acted to the employees in the store. Since the manager came over and stood in front of the employee I am assuming then that they were called because you might have been a bit of a handful.


I highly doubt that they were behind a desk snuggling...

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#178561 Review #178561 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy

Stopped in Best Buy in Mankato, MN to purchase a Nikon D90. The sales person working with me couldn't get logged into the computer. Promised to call me back in the afternoon before I left town. After 6-hours and return trip back to the store, someone else took the time to located a camera at another store. It seems the staff wasn't interested in selling me a $2,000 packaged deal. I received an email a few days later saying the camera was ready for pickup. I made a special trip only to be told they have to trick their computer system into thinking it was at the store. They were sorry that no one told me I would be receiving a bogus email from the company. They would not offer a small discount on camera accessories, I was told if I wanted to file a complaint against the store it wouldn't go anywhere. A manager agreed with my comments that I was "*** out of luck" and needed to buck up and shut up and pick the camera up after they call me. If they weren't the only rodeo in town where I could purchase a Nikon D90 I would not be buying from them.
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#178417 Review #178417 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Madelia, Minnesota
Best Buy Deal
We decided to upgrade our Sprint cell phones thru Best Buy because they offered a much better price than Sprint. They talked to us about their wonderful "Black Tie Protection Plan" that they offer at $10.00 per phone per month. It sounded great as we were promised...
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Just purchased a Best Buy extended 3 year warranty for over $300. On my $800 laptop purchased in 2010 and a couple months later I have a blue screen on my laptop.

I had a similiar issuea year earlier and the fan was replaced a the computer was restored. This time I stood a the counter for 45 minutes while the very rude salesperson looked for Tech Support coverage which, as it turns out, I did not have. The year prior I had both a hardware issue and a software issue and they fixed both under warranty without mention of having to have a tech support warranty. Now their telling me I needed to have tech support warranty coverage for them to fix it.

I was so upset the manager said he would fix the software issue as a "courtesy." A week later I receive a call telling me there was an issue with the fan and it has been repaired so I can come pick it up. I get there today and watch as the salesperson opens it and it starts up and crashes to a blue screen again. After embarrassing myself some more by emotionally reacting to a rude, incompetant and lazy salesperson I got the manager, Jason. After some more waiting he agreed to correct the "software" issue as a "courtesy." I will be grateful when my computer is returned to me working order again but I am fearful of future incidents in the next 3 years.

I really feel cheated and so disappointed in Best Buy for their sneaky sales tactics. I just bought 2 air conditioner units and warranties for both.

I am considering getting my money back for all my Best Buy warranties; I currently have 4. If anyone knows a better warranty company I can use, please let me know.

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#178224 Review #178224 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Richardson, Texas

Best Buys Screwed Up And scratched and Gouged my Laptop Top

I bought a lap top from Best Buys. It was about 6 months old at that time. They scratched and gouged the top while working on it. They sent it off to replace the top. When they did they sent it back with a broke latch. So I again had them look at it. They again scratched the top. Now it has a broke latch and a scratched top. So they sent it back. Best Buys from Bowling Green, KY called me to let me know it was in again. Now mind you I have to drive 1 hour and about 1 and 15 mins out of my way to get there. I asked over the phone it it was scratched they said no. So I brought my mom for the drive thinking I was running the store then back out. She is on oxygen but the drive was a good thing to get her out. After I got to the store the same top was still on the computer and still scratched and the latch still sticky. Now they refuse to fix it. They say they don't fix cosmetic problems. I called a Tina, (no one gives me last names) at phone number 612-292-**** She said she would get it fixed, the next day Best Buys from Bowling Green calls me to tell me my computer is back in. After asking to speak to a manager, named Jody, he said he looked at it and it had no scratches. I drilled him for over 15 minutes he said it had some minor scratches. And they didn't repair those. I bought it new had NO scratches on it. Let a lone gouges on it. They were made by Best Buy, they admitted it on paper and now refuse to fix them.
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#178070 Review #178070 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Jose, California

Best Buy does not care about customers satisfaction

I purchased two Magellan 1440 GPS systems at back in November. I have returned the two systems a total of 5 times due to defects in the product. When one of them went out yet again, I called Best Buy to arrange to take the product back into the store and get a credit toward another product. I was told in no uncertain terms this was impossible. I had to deal with the .com department. When I called them for a refund, I was told that even though the product had been returned numerous times, they had a 30 day return policy and therfore I was out of luck unless I wanted to do a no receipt return and take a $40 loss. The fact that they sell this poorly designed product is one thing but they seemed to find it humerous that I was stuck with it. Oh and yes, I did call Magellan and they also have a 30 day return policy for refund. I can however keep returning the product for replacement for another 6 months until my warranty expires. FORGET IT! I will never shop at Best Buy again and advise anyone who considers it to be sure of the return policy and GET IT In WRITING!
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Why do people always assume since they buy two of something they can create their own return / service policy.


I bought some appliances from best buy and explicitly selected the delivery date by clicking a day on the calendar on the bb site that said the appliances were available.

Ten days later, on the day of delivery I called about the expected time frame and was told that the appliances would not be delivered because they did not have them in stock.

I could not believe my ears! Not only will I not have appliances for an undetermined time in my new home, but no one from bb notified me of this debacle. When I called their customer service number, to get some answers and a resolution, the supervisor wes terribly rude, unprofessional and hung up on me.

I am going to contact the C-Level executives from Best Buy and unless they rectify this horrendous situation, I will NEVER shop there again.


I bought a washer and dryer from Best Buy (worst mistake I ever made). First quote was next day delivery.

Delivery was in 2 weeks do to back order. Then when the delivery came the hardware to install was on back order. Installers did not speak English. So they left the boxes in my living room for Easter.

They came back again with the wrong hardware and blamed it on the sales rep for ordering the wrong one.

Now they left the install up to me I went to Lowes and got the right hardware first time.

Never again will I buy appliances from Best Buy. This was the worst buy ever.

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