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False representation

I bought an XBOX 360 at the best buy Laval center store. The seller told me it would be better to buy the extended warranty in case some accessories broke. He stated as an example that the controllers broke easily if they were accidentally dropped on the floor. He said it would then be exchanged, no questions asked! 3 weeks later, I accidentally broke the headset that came with the game and the director of the store wouldn't exchange the headset: since it was broken, it was not covered by the extended warranty. He said it was like this in case people broke their material on purpose. I couldn't believe it! Why would someone break their material to exchange it for the exact same thing??? I then asked the director to be reimbursed for the 79.99$ warranty since I was lied to. The director of the store would only give me 59.99$ back because I had a 20$ rebate on the XBOX. I then called the best buy customer service: they told me to go to another best buy store for a complete warranty reimbursement, and specified that it did not cover anything other than a malfunction of the hard drive, and even that under certain conditions. The customer service at this store is the worst possible service since they treated me like *** and used false pretenses to sell me a warranty that don't even cover the merchandise as they told me it would. Personally, I won't ever buy anything else there. I found another store (La Source) that actually honor the warranty they sell, and for a much better price also.
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Any Geek Squad Black Tie Protection at Best Buy covers internal damage including; heat build up, dust build up, normal wear and tear and power surges unless otherwise specified. Unless they tell you that it is an accidental service plan, it's internal damage ONLY. Now, on the other hand, if you go back to Best Buy and a cashier asks you if you would like a service plan, calmly tell them no thank you and don't get in their face about it...they are only doing their job.


I never intented to go to small claims. Just some common sense would of been appreciated from the director of the store.

They offered to replace it 2 days later but I already had bought another one at another store. BBY no more...I've learned my lesson the hard way.


Two points - I would NEVER listen to a BBY sales associate much less buy anything there. BBY would not be profitable if not for their "services." Pressure up and down the line forces store employees to say anything.

Your terms and conditions in the booklet do not list accidental damage - it doesn't apply to game consoles. You would lose this case in a small claims court - "sales" associates word of mouth is heresay.

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Montreal, Quebec
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Best Buy screwed me for my pre order

I preordered Call of Duty MW3 Hardened edition for xbox back in Sept, this being the hottest game of the year and with this edition lots of things extra I didn't want to pay for(dlc,elite membership,etc)... Well they process my payment every week(which I'm told is just to make sure I'll have the money to buy it,in store, when it comes out on the 8th) and this week try and process it and I'm short 13 dollars in my account,so I call their customer service number and they rep says she'll process it for now to buy my some time,not even 24 hours later I get a cancelled order notice... Great...So I call them back..apparently their automatic system decides to cancel it and there is no way in *** to reorder it,of course because the release date is in about 2 weeks and they can't just reissue the order I originally placed... I will never do any type of business with Best Buy ever again. Pissed doesn't even compare to the rage I feel about this.
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I learned a long time ago that Best Buys version of Pre Ordering a game or DVD is to take your money and then when you come in to pick it up walk over the the shelf and hand it to you. I would never, ever pre-order from them again. Luckily I they had the item I ordered in stock, but what's to say that it didn't sell out since they don't bother to keep them behind the counter.


Yes it is Best Buy's fault...end of story


So, it's best buy's fault you were short 13 dollars? Don't play the blame game.


Boy, I too would be angry if I couldn't get a video game to play in between my long hours of work both on the job and taking care of the family. I mean, a video game is just about the most important thing in anyone's life. Forget about the communist in the white house or the fact that our economy is on life support---just make sure we can get our games!!!

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Seattle, Washington
Purchased a LG Washer & Dyer a few years ago form Best Buy. The washer stopped working last week. Called Best Buy & was told that they were the only ones who could service the machine(wrong!). Said that the earliest they could respond was 5 days. We gave them the...
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Best Buy doesn't service anything. The Geek Squad is not an authorized service center for any brand. What a bunch of *** you were told.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

BestBuy Customer Run-Around/ misrepresent product

Pre-Ordered SWTOR CE(with time sensitive code), Arkham City, and 2 Nintendo DS(refurbished).Received a code for my swtor ce that was invalid for pre register, said was already in use. Called the toll free number was told I would get an email in 48 hours. I called back and was told another agent I could not contact, even though she gave me her extension(which i was then told they do not have)was working on my case. Then waited 15 days to get upset and call only to be told thtat the 24 hour customer service line has specific hours based on what department you want to contact. I have since received an email telling me my preorder for Arkham City is having billing issues and my Pre-order code for Swtor CE...god even knows about that. Faith in Bestbuy is destroyed, this is the LAST TIME I will ever make a purchase. My BB card is already cut apart
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San Antonio, Texas

Best Buy: Accused of Breaking Kindle by Manager

Bought Kindle less than 1 month ago. Got 2 year protection plan. Yesterday screen froze on me, during the middle of reading. Was not dropped or damaged. Could not fix even with Amazon support. Today manager told me that "you must have damaged it somehow, which means we will give you another one, but your 2 year protection plan is void." Wouldn't give me a refund either, because I was expecting them to eat the cost on a defective product. Two lessons learned: buy Kindle straight from Amazon (they will replace multiple times if defective)and don't ever shop at Best Buy.
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It costs us a lot of money to buy you a new Kindle which you only paid 30 dollars for a replacement for. Go *** yourself.

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Twin Falls, Idaho
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy refuesed my check for no reason

I went to Best Buy to purchase a flat screen tv for my 90 yr. old mother. I tried to pay with a check drawn on a joint acct. for my mother & me. It was denied. There is no legitimate reason for the denial and when I asked the store mgr. for the reason it was denied, he was unable to supply the reason. They have a "machine" at the check out that accepts or denies a check when it is put through it. The mgr. does not have the authority to override the "machine's" decision. So a word of caution. If you go to Best Buy and want to pay by check they may decide they do not want your business and deny payment.
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The store I work for is the same way as Best Buy. IF the machine denies a check I have no way of knowing why it does that.

For all we wrote 30 checks that day and your bank finally caught it and said STOP!

Maybe they thought it was stolen? WE just dont KNOW WHY so we cant do anything about it.

We cant wiggle our ears and get it to go through...that is between you and the bank you use.


Its their bank that denies it dumb ***, try balancing a check book once and a while


Due to privacy laws, the store personnel will never know why your check was rejected. That is SOP and has been for years at all retailers.

Best Buy contracts with the third party and purchases over a certain limit, usually, $200, are heavily scrutinized.

The parameters are set by BBY corporate Loss Prevention.

Could be many reasons why check was rejected; that does not necessarily mena you have bad credit - BTW, Why wouldn't you then pay on your credit card and your mother/you write the check to reimburse you?


Best Buy uses a third party which checks your credit to see if they can trust accepting a check from you. If you have bad credit, then there is a higher chance of you writing a bad check.

So if your check was rejectd, it is because you have bad credit. Pay your bills.


Most customers are idiots.


I give up. People are just *** ***.


Best Buy (like most places) uses a third party to determine what checks to accept. They have no control over what checks go through.


Checks are not considered legal tender. No private sector business or person is obligated to accept a check as payment. Due to the increased incidence of bad checks, many businesses no longer accept checks from anyone.

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Rochester, New York
New Reviewer


My laptotp was still working when i took to Besty Buy in hamilton place, chattanooga TN, I passed part of my documents and pictures in dvd or any space available at home, took it to best buy to copy everything in a external haddrive i bought rightaway, warning the customer service employee Mark Brown to copy documents before hardrive chrashed, he said do not worry we have many ways to do it even the harddrive crashed, he told me we call you later today to pick-up the external harddrive, nobody call me, i called they said work was not ready. a week later a lady from the store, ask me to bring recovery cd and you can pick-up your pc in 4 hours after that. Manager in the sore told me the person called me gave the wrong information, it will take 4 to 5 days !!!...also the external harddrive was still in the original package!, was I was expected happened....NOBODY COPY MY DOCUMENTS TO THE EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE, they gave the bad news a week later when finally i received my laptotp with a neW harddrive and EMPTY !!!...THEY REQUESTED TO GET THE OLD HARDDRIVE WITH MY DOCUMENTS FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF COURSE...I RECEIVED THE MONEY BACK OF THE FIRST JOB THEY DID NOT COMPLETE BUT THEY REQUEST MORE MONEY FOR RECOVERY MY DOCUMENTS..I AM THINKING I SHOULD NOT PAY FOR A MISTAKE THE GEEK SQUAD MADE. Representative in the store explained me, they try to copy documents before computer crashed, well I DID NOT BELEIVE IT, becasue external hard drive was new in a package a week later. I BELEIVE SOMEBODY FORGETT OR DID NOT CARE ABOUT A CUSTOMER, I TOOK ONE HOUR OF MY JOB THAT MORNING TO DROP THE PC TO BEST BUY TO SAVE MY INFORMATION Y COULD TAKE TO A CLOSER PLACE TO MY HOUSE AND SAVE MY DOCUMENTS, I TRUSTED THE GEEKSQUAD BUT I RECEIVED A BETTER BAD SERVICE !!
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this mdamewo guy is *** weird lol not only can he not spell, it seems like he can't spell his userame. I'm sure his laptop is fixed, he probably just doesn't know to use it since he thinks it's called a laptot.


Dear Fred,I am sorry you can not understand my english, I am going to do a translation for you, Spanish is alright?

I am old enough to run my own business, so I do not need to get a job from you!, also I am blessed I can express my disconfort when some computer geeks do not do their jobs, and just an updated of my case, my laptot never worked the same as before, I bought a new one, and this time I have a protection plan with, I was very pleased with them when they reinbursed my broken tv.


Mdamewo: How old are you? Your whole complaint doesn't make sense because you do not have a comprehension of the English language.

Because of all your spelling and grammatical errors everyone who reads this complaint thinks the same as I do...

No way you would ever work for me. Grow up.


You may not believe it but its true. We have a device in the back of our precient that we put the failing hard drives into.

Then we transfer all the data to the machine so that it can be saved. Obviously your hard drive was unreadable.


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Baltimore, Maryland
RE: Order # 00767-9****7484 Oct. 12, 2011 Dear Messrs. Schultze and Dunn: Over the years I have shopped at Best Buy numerous times and spent thousands of dollars with your stores. (Check phone # 404-456-**** if you care to see the record) Overall my experiences have...
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So I looked up your service order at work today. It looks like you were trying to get a computer that was TWO years old fixed under the persona that it was still in the manufactures warranty.

You have two separate yet very similar laptops. One purchased in 2009 and the other last year. The one you brought geek squad was purchased in 2009. Therefore it is out of the warranty period. I also saw in your service order that you verbally abused geek squad agents when they called you to clarify the situation.

So in a nutshell you have no case whatsoever. Stop being an ***.

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Naples, Florida
New Reviewer

BestBuy-Worst Experience! 10/13/2011

I pre-ordered the iPhone 4s for my wife for her birthday. I specifically asked the sales associate not to contact her by phone or email at all because it was a surprise. She seemed to be uninterested, but said OK, and handed me my receipt and instructions on getting the phone. I then went to look at tvs, I'm in the market. I looked for 20 Min's, had half a dozen or so sales people walk by without even an acknowledgement. I decided to leave. As I got to the door I noticed in the instructions that I would be called once the phone arrived, only I realized that she never even asked me for my phone number, and my wife's number was still listed. I then spoke to another sales person that assured me she wouldn't be contacted. And he took down my contact information. I got 3 minutes from the store and my wife called and said she just received an email from Best Buy in regards to an iPhone order, and asked me if I pre-ordered the iPhone in her name. Thank you for ruining the surprise Best Buy. I'll absolutely never shop there again! Tyrone store St.Petersburg, FL.
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You're kidding for posting this. Number or email on receipt - they call or email.

They are not your personal concierge. You paid for something. It arrived on a timely basis.

They contacted your home. I don't don't shop at BBY, but this incident is not a reason to abandon, lest show the world youhave nothing better to do than post ridiculous anecdotes.

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Tampa, Florida

Best Buy or Waste of time

My wife bought me a Sony camera as a gift. The Best Buy salesman told her this particular one was great. After wasting hours with Sony, I learn Best Buy sold a "open box" with parts missing and other parts that weren't for that camera. The salesman could tell my wife was not a technical person and hoped he could unload this camera that someone had taken parts from. Now it's a time wasting hassle to get a refund. I'm sick of companies pulling this stuff & then acting like it was a mistake. It wasn't a mistake.
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They are still doing it. Even after they pretend that it was a mistake, they will try to sell you the inaccurately described product. It has gotten really bad.


I got a good idea. Dont let your ignorant wife shop for electronics. Also Sony is most likely lying to you so they dont have to deal with you.

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#267600 Review #267600 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Sacramento, California

Best Buy Black Tie Protection

Best Buy Black Tie Protection - what a ripoff. Advised it would cover all accidental damage, but when my daughter dropped the phone into a toilet, we were advised this was complete submersion and would not be covered. If it fell on the concrete beside the toilet and was destroyed, it would be covered. Average cost of this phone was like a $50 per month rental plus the bill! And to obtain this fine news, I spent well over 1/2 hour on the phone, getting tossed to 4 different people and getting disconnected once. If you can go anywhere else, go. If you must go here, either be very careful with your phone or buy cheap throw away models. If you see it falling towards water kick it into the wall - at least they'll cover it then
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yGG, Geek Squad or Best Buy employee....They screwed me too. After they robbed me of 2 1/2 years of $20 a month payments, they refused to give me a new or replacement phone when mine went nuts.

Also original salesman outright lied when he told me if I had the Black Tie coverage and my phone needed sent out for repair, "I would be given a loaner phone equal or better than the phone that was being sent for repair." Not true at all. No loaner phone period. I was told "That policy changed 2 years ago. You should have gotten an email or letter." So I attempted to cancel 3 times before having to have my bank stop payment on their charges.

Thieves. *** Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

I hope someone files a class action suit. I'd definitely be in on it.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry



The same thing happened to me. My son dropped my Blackberry in the toilet.

The guy that sold us the phone assured us that EVERYTHING is covered. Dumb me trusted him and didn't read the contract as we were rushed - other people were waiting.

Now they are telling me it's not covered. And they won't let me out of my "protection" contract ($9.99 per month until May 2014) even though I don't have a phone.


Sorry, I'm with OP on this. Intent of plan is to cover physical and liquid damage.

If it were called in as "I spilled my iced tea on it," call center rep would accept. Therefore, the plans are solely based on the whims of the call center rep and what they hear.

In fact, outstanding customer service would be to TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER, not look for an excuse to say NO. If you are the business owner and just lost this customer, how would you feel.

This is EXACTLY why BBY is losing record amounts of business to Amazon and other etailers.


I realize that the salesmen at Best Buy are lying *** but it's up to you to read the paperwork and know what you're getting into.

Accidental damage isn't covered for obvious reasons. Otherwise, any time you wanted a new phone, you could just give it a bath and take it in.


Lets review.

1. You bought a accidental damage plan from best buy. IN the terms and conditions it states only during normal usage.

2. I am pretty sure swimming in a toilet does not constitute normal usage.

3. Make sure your daughter does not do this again. Why people let small children play with things astounds me.


So, approximately 5 seconds after googling black tie phone I got to best buy's site for the geek squad warranties and ctrl f submersion yielded

This Plan does not cover:

ï‚· Damage to your product caused by accident (unless you have purchased the optional ADH Coverage),

abuse, neglect, intentional physical damage, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by

anyone other than an authorized service provider), unauthorized modification, viruses and/or spyware

(unless you have the Vi-Spy Coverage), performance failures due to not maintaining firmware updates,

extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), external condensation, complete

submersion in liquid (e.g. pool, bathtub, etc.), lightning, fire, flood, insect infestation, rodents, war, terrorism,

computer software related failures, Acts of God or other external causes.

Read the Terms and conditions before buying plans on stuff.

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#267430 Review #267430 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Best Buy does not deliver

Ordered a stove with a delivery date 3 weeks away. Sat around waiting and there were a no show. Emails to customer service were not returned. I got a person on the phone and they changed the delivery date another 3 weeks away. So I have waited a couple months trying to get my stove. Today I received an email from them stating that due to a system error my order was canceled and I would have to start over. Not bloody likely. It is not worth trying to save a few bucks when dealing with this company. I ordered the same stove from Lowes and it will be here next week.
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Exact same thing happened to me. BS.

#266816 Review #266816 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Columbus, Ohio

Best Buy screws older employees

I've worked for Best Buy's corporate office for 18 years, through many head count reductions and once all of us having to apply for our jobs again to stay there. Suddenly, just before my 67th birthday I was moved to a department into a position I did not qualify for (40% difference in job means it has to be posted and people interviewed) with a new manager who was very controlling. A month after my birthday I suddenly began having shooting eye pain and after an MRI was put on drugs to control the pain. I didn't miss any work but five weeks later I was put on an action plan to get rid of me, lies were written on the Performance Evaluation and Action Plan by my manager. Nice way to destroy a career of 18 years of hard work, and it was done in a way that I'd receive no severence pay and they will fight any unemployment claim. What a wonderful company, they will throw you to the sharks if you are older and/or if you have a medical issue your manager doesn't want to deal with.
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I'm sorry to hear that.


Ha. Sucks to be you.

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Best Buy Manager
New Reviewer

Your credit card was credited

Order Number: BBY01-4169****6548 Dear Alan: There's been a change to the status of your order. Your order has been canceled at your request. The credit card (or other payment method) used for this order has been credited. If you used a gift card and no longer have it, please call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-88*-237-****) and we'll send you a replacement. If you used a Reward Certificate for this order, points will be reissued to your Reward Zone Program account within 3-5 days. No, IT WAS NOT watch out for these guys....i dont think they give a damn
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6 days to return the money.


no, i sent them a letter and then wished for the best. of course i called them.

9 times! not including the 3 or 4 times i just couldn't wait on hold. even talked to a guy from the "back office" and he told me if i sent the case to them it may "take longer". seriously?

essentially telling me if i attempt to resolve it quicker it could take longer? if they simply told me that it may take a few days for the credit i would have waited until i was credited. instead, i went to Lowes, dropped off a new refrigerator told me about the features, gave me an owners manual, knew almost everything about the model i have. I will not be shopping at "Best Buy" again.

Best Buy? worst service


Uh, did you try calling the help number?

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Hopewell, Virginia
Best Buy Gift Card

They did not a thing for me an had someone help me that worked in games not laptops i was told late

iam not happy with best buy in akron ohio ! i feel like they just took my $ 1,500. an say bye ! they walk away when you are asking a qu: i was told later by the head manager that the kid that helped me sould not of helped me because he works in the game dept: i was getting upset with him i almost left and whent some where else !! i should have my laptop is 2 mounths old an has been sent away to be fixed an still is not right i called best buy corp: office an the girl i talked to agreed with me that it was to soon to be sent for work on it already !! from day one i have been telling bestbuy that there were things that was not right with my laptop that i would like it replaced it dose not feel new to me now and now my battery keeps telling me it is not good it only 2 months old !!! i am very very up set and mad as *** an pissed off the way i have been treated an i get told i will get a call acall not and email from best buy corp: offic with in 24 to 48 hours no call that is so not buss: like !!i have called dell and i am wrighting best buy and dell a letter .i think my lap top should be replaced to a new one that what i asked from the start .! i even had my 71 year old mother buy a lap top and other things from best buy and there were people that would not listen to what SHE WANTED ! JUST LIKE ME SO WE GOT THE HEAD MANAGER TO HELP HER THEY TOLD ME THER WAS NOT ANYTHING MORE THEY WOULD DO FOR ME !AND WHEN MY MOM PICED HER LAPTOP UP THE NEXT DAY THE GIRL JUST HANDED TO HER AN SAID BYE !AFTER THEY TOLD HER THEY WOULD EXPLAIN THINGS TO HER JUST THE WAY THEY DID ME AN SHE TOLD THEM HOW SHE FELT ABOUT IT.NOW I HAVE A MESS:ED UP LAPTOP .. I JUST FEEL THAT I WAS WAS NOT TREATED RIGHT FROM THE START I SOULD HAVE LEFT AN WENT SOME WERE ELSE .I GOT A LAPTOP AN A WIRELESS MOUSE A CARRY CASE AND A SONY CAMERA AND A HP PRINTER COPYER AND PICTURE IT TOOK ME 4 YEARS TO GET ALL OF THIS AND IT HAS BEEN A BAD BAD AND I MEAN BAD TIME FOR ME THER IS SO MUSH MORE THAT HAS HAPPENED I TOLD THE LADY FROM YOUR COPR: OFFICE ALL OF IT SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON THAT DID LISTEN AN AGREE WITH ME BUT I NEVER GOT THAT CALL BACK ! And my laptop needs to be replaced that all i am asking for ! I PAYED GOOD MONEY FOR ALL OF THIS AN I THINK MY LAPTOP SHOULD BE REPLACED !!!!IT IS TWO MOUNTHS OLD ..This has maded things in my home life upsetting .I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE FROM YOU OR MY FAMILY IF THIS IS NOT WORKED OUT !! i have been treaded like i don't give a DAM ABOUT YOU ! WE STIL OTHER BUYERS ! cheryl phelps..
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@Anonymous: It would have helped if you had used proper English. Or, if English is not your first language, use your native language. It would definitely have made it easier to read your complaint.

Having said that, it is no surprise to me that you did not get good service from Best Buy. They refuse to pay anyone but managers more than $10 per hour, and actually fired several hundred employees just because they made $11 per hour!

The only competent Geek Squad people, in my experience, are the older persons who have retired from another tech job and are working part-time just to have something to do, or college students getting a degree in computers who took the job to put experience on their resume. Even some of the managers in the computers department are ignorant.

Also, you should probably have called Dell instead of taking it back to Best Buy. Dell provides on-site service and support as part of their warranty, if the problem is a hardware issue. I'm actually one of the Dell technicians in this part of Texas.

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Cleveland, Ohio