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Best on-line ordering worst ever

This has occured twice in the past year, I ordered a laptop on-line and I get an email that the product will be at the store on a specific date only to find out the store doesnt have it it at all. so I contact Best they dont know how to help me or missinformation and even disconnected me. What the *** good is ordering on-line when a bunch of idiots running it dont know how to help you. I have had better luck going to the store itself, the store personnel have helped me 100% better. No more on-line buying in the future for Best Buy.
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Cicero, Illinois

Do Not buy warranty from Best Buy

As i type this message, i have been on hold with Best Buy customer service for an eternity and here i am still sitting on hold. No-one will help me, they simply keep transferring me from person to person. I called to cancel my warranty/virus subscription with them because we no longer have that computer. The inital hold time was 20 hour ago. How hard can it be to pick up the phone and help a customer to simply void a subscription? They keep just saying sorry, please hold. Well sorry, i won't purchase another computer or warranty from Best Buy.
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When you call the number to cancel or the phone trunk for that option, this is hwat you get - why would they staff it with other than one person? You're better off emailing or sending a certified letter.


You have encountered the new Best Buy. You know, the one with NO customer service to speak of.

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Worst customer service

This store has the worst customer service...the manager does nothing to help the customer. I have been there a few times and did not have anything to complain about because i would buy a movie or something small, but i did notice that when someone would return something there was always a problem in customer service and i thought, hopefully i would never go through that. was a different day, it was my turn to be the victim of their horrible customer service venom. i purchased a protection plan on an item i purchased (before i purchase a protection plan i ask different associates including managers to verify that what they are telling is accurate towards the protection plan for the item, so there wont be any surprises after the warranty expires, but no matter who you talk to... i have learned today that unless you get anything in writing, your word means *** to them)....and like any other technology in the world my item broke. i went all confident to best buy to exchange my item and guess what....the item was discontinued...ofcourse...i had asked this question when i bought the protection plan last year and the MANAGER told me that if my item ever broke they would be happily to exchange it for the newer model or something similar...that was not the case...i got a value amount of what the item is worth now and they did not exchange it because to be honest with u, they just do not give a *** they tell u anything to make you buy their protection plan and a year later they change their story and look at you like you are crazy...i will copy and paste this where ever i can so that people are aware of this particular store in Hialeah....and to any of you that are loyal to this company...GOOD LUCK!!
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Knowing and experiencing the inept & inconsistent BBuy service (incl. the many /under-qualified "retail clerk" General Mgrs)--I would not waste 1 cent there!!

Do not fall for their service contracts(xtra cost) or credit card!

The item you buy will be obsolute soon-and BB always has some trick to get around helping you. They do not care.


It depends on if your product is serviceable or not.

If it is serviceable, then BBY sends it off to service to try to repair it.

If it is serviced more than three times, then it is replaced under the "no lemon policy."

Now if your item is not serviceable, then it is replaced the first time you have a problem with it.

You get to exchange it out with the same product (or one of similar specs)and the dollar amount credit you paid for your initial product is taken off the new product. Sort of like a regular exchange. If there is a difference, if the new product costs more, then you have to pay that.

The Protection Plan is allowing you to exchange it outside of the return policy (30 days or 14 days, depending on the product) in the first place. Without it, you couldn't have exchanged it in-store and would have had to go through the manufacturer.

If the product is discontinued (which is out of the hands of bby, the manufacturer decides to discontinue a product), then you can get a similar product and the credit of the old product added to the new purchase.

If you can't find or don't want a similar product...then you have the option of taking a store credit in the amount that you paid for the initial product.


tv was available in store. ordered online to pick up .

got email out of stock. call.called will ship. 1hr later they will will not give me a number to reach corporate, and no supervisor is available- this has been 54 min. supevisor called back and left message the item is now unavailable and they will cancell order.

called and still on hold for supevisor. HELLO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

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Miami, Florida

Best Buy Charges for Warranty after it is cancelled.

I purchased two smart phones from Best Buy with the Best Buy warranty service. After a few months we started to have trouble with one of the two phones. Best Buy did not replace it with new but a refurbished model that had lots of other problems. Every time it was worked on we had to wait weeks. After a year I wanted to cancel the warranty as new phones were costing about what the warranty cost. They were unable to cancel. Again I attempted to cancel and they kept charging. I went to a store and canceled with the manager listening on speaker phone. 5 months later I get a collections letter for the warranty. The company tells me they can't do anything about it but not to worry since they cancel all warranties after 2years. Thanks a lot! How about rebates for the months of charges after I canceled? On and the best buy card says they can't do anything about it because the charge was made by the store. FRUSTRATED!!!!!
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I am kind of confused. You were charged for a warranty?

The phones come with a warranty. They are usually a year and you don't pay for that if it is a defect in the phone. You will pay for insurance. If you are paying monthly for the insurance it is a part of the total on the bill.

I am not sure how one part of the bill would go to collections. Is there something you are leaving out?

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Overland Park, Kansas
New Reviewer

Best buy refuses to repair on guaranty

I have paid 200$ dollars for a best buy guaranty for which serves me absolutely nothing. My laptop was brought for overheating several times and repaired. As procedure, the laptop was verified and everything worked (the keyboard, the screen etc.). When I got it back with a new cooling system and a new hard drive (because that was going to break too by my surprise), the keyboard did not work at all. Beforehand, there was liquid that went on the keyboard but it never stopped working, and to repeat: it was working perfectly when I brought it to best buy. They said there was no problem, they would fix it. Five weeks later, I got no phone call, or any news about my Toshiba laptop so I went to best buy myself to know what was happening. It was only then, and not five weeks ago, or 4, or 3... weeks ago that they told me they would not repair the keyboard because there was liquid. They called me a liar when I said the keyboard was perfectly fine and working great when I first brought it in and they gave it back to me non-functioning. I even brought it back the same day because they did not even take the time to show me everything was working at the store! However, I was told it was my fault that the keyboard was non working because of the liquid and that I should have accepted to pay 100 dollars to clean it at first. Why would I have accepted to pay this amount when I knew my keyboard was working perfectly (not even sticky!). After this, they refused again to let me pay for the 100 dollars to clean it and imposed me a 250$ fee to replace the keyboard entirely instead! What a rip-off. Paying 200$ for a 2 year guaranty, only to be called a liar, and asked to pay more than the actual guaranty price is a joke. Don't ever trust best buy
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Montreal, Quebec

BestBuy cracked my windshield on OnStar FMV install

Warning about using Best Buy for purchase and install of OnStar FMV. My first purchase was from Z Tech in Kokomo, IN. Great service on install. Z Tech provided high quality work. Second vehicle taken to Best Buy. Fifteen minutes into the install the Best Buy employee is telling me he broke my windshield. Forced to call company to come to Best Buy to replace my windshield. Loss of vehicle for two days and extra money spent on car rental. I am still trying to get reimbursed. Only after I called my credit card company 27 days later to advise issue and request my credit charge be reversed did I receive contact stating Best Buy will investigate. Horrible Best Buy experience.
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Deceptive Return Policy and Practice

Purchased a Dell All in one Computer online on Sept 30th and received on Oct. 5th. Started having "no video" problems on very first boot up. Contacted Dell on the 10th of Oct. and began troubleshooting issues for over a week till Dell recommended I return it to Best Buy for refund or replacement. Contacted Best Buy and received assurances that they would email me a UPS shipping label within 24 hours. A week later still haven't received shipping label. Called Best Buy and was informed that it was no longer under their return policy due to time passed even though I contacted them initially within the return policy time length. Best Buy's practice is to put you off with false information during phone contact long enough to last until the warranty/return policy stated on their website expires.
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Why didn't you just take it back to a local store? They could have done the return or exchange for you. Not only would you have been within the return policy, no fuss, but you wuold have gotten it taken care of much faster.

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Redding, California
Best Buy Replacement

Best Buy Sucks

Today I tried on line at best buy numerous times to get a gift certificate for my grandson, the site is very slow and I was not able to purchase anything. I called their customer hot line several times but they kept transferring me around to 16 yr. old kids who didn't know or care about anything.The gift card section on their website kept going on hold and blanked out numerous times then the whole site went down. For an electronics company their site is pitiful. When it comes to customer service, there is none. Never buy anything there. Finally, I went to Best buy sucks big time.
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Naples, Florida
Best Buy Website
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Best Buy Screwed Up Home Delivery TWICE!

This is the letter I sent Best Buy today. Some personal info was deleted. November 2, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: My name is Brittany. My order number is BBY01-. 2 months ago, I made the mistake of ordering an LG washer/dryer unit on your company's website The website offered me the option to pick the date for which I would like my purchase to be delivered. I selected October 13, 2011. On October 12, 2011, I received a call from a Best Buy representative confirming my scheduled delivery for the next day. On October 13, the delivery never came. I never received a call or email from Best Buy...the delivery just never came. After waiting several hours for my delivery, I finally called Best Buy and spoke with a very apologetic representative (who's name I did not think to write down) who offered me a $50 credit, along with a rescheduling for the delivery of the washer and dryer. The Best Buy representative informed me that the unit I had purchased on your website would not be available until November 2, 2011 (which was news to me at that point), and so we scheduled the new delivery date for November 2, 2011. On November 1, 2011, both my husband and I received a confirmation call from Best Buy in regards to the delivery scheduled on November 2. I crossed my fingers. Today is November 2, 2011. I just got off the phone with a nice woman named Civian who works for your delivery agency, 3 P D. She just informed me that the product to be delivered to me, an LG Washer/Dryer unit, has not been delivered by Best Buy to her warehouse so that they could deliver it to me. She suggested I call 1-888-BEST-BUY. This time, the first time I called 1-888-BEST-BUY, I was on hold for several minutes, and then the call dropped. As I am writing this to you, I am in the middle of my second attempt (I spoke to a perky young lady named Kristin) to reach a "customer care representative", and I have now been on hold for 15 minutes. I have been inexplicably routed to Bobby Wide (who also told me that he "wasn't allowed to give me his employee number") in online support, who told me that "the systems were down" and he could not transfer me back to the correct department. So I now have to call 1-888-Best-Buy back a third time just to speak to someone about this issue. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, I am now speaking with Hazel Hollingsworth. She has been very helpful. She informed me that my case number for this whole debacle is 918--67. I told her I was fed up with how Best Buy has been treating me and my order, and I informed her that I wanted to cancel the order and get my money back. I also let her know that I wanted to talk to her supervisor, and waited while she transferred me. I am now speaking with Hazel's supervisor Deborah (Employee #: 515883). She was very apologetic and offered me a $150 gift card to Best Buy, which I accepted, even though I feel that $150 is a paltry sum considering all of the wasted time and energy that has gone into me attempting to purchase a washer/dryer from The order has been cancelled, and I am getting my money back. I am shocked that it had to come to this. My husband and I will go another week without a washer and dryer, and we will have to find one someplace else. I wanted to inform Best Buy Corporate of Best Buy's many missteps, and to also inform you that I will also post this email on every news outlet, website, and business bureau (including the BBB) that I can. A bad review like this on alone can be very bad business, even for a huge company like Best Buy. If my experience can even dissuade one person from ever buying a big ticket item online from Best Buy and expecting prompt deliver and excellent customer service, then it will not have been in vain. Perhaps I'll take my money to are notorious for their excellent "customer care." Sincerely, Brittany Behrens Marcus
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Similar thing happened to us in Dec. 2013 regarding an electronic item ordered on The Home Delivery co actually avoids getting a bad mark on their record by noting it as a refusal.

They delivered our item to another home. They went back and brought it to us, but told us the other customer had already had it out and put it together. We called the manager, Tony, who said, ok so you are refusing service? We said we want what we ordered, a new tv, not one that has been in someone's house that we have no guarantee as to what happened with it. Tony told us we had to call customer service and re-order. Customer service said they could only tell us the refund policy, and they don't handle online stuff so there is nothing they can do. We would be refunded and lose the sale price we got on the tv when re-ordering.

The Home Delivery Co knows exactly what they are doing to protect their mistakes. Figuring out how to get the right managers at Best Buy to take note is where the problem lies.

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Houston, Texas
Best Buy Customer Care
New Reviewer

Best Buy - Renewal Subscriptions

I never gave Best Buy the authorization to renew software but last year they did renew one that cost me $43.07. I called to cancel and they put me through a bunch of steps but 25 minutes later I thought that I got it taken care of. Today... a year later the same charge showed up. I got pissed... I tried to call the company this morning... and got the initial lady who said I had to talk to software renewals... she transferred me and 65 minutes later no one was on the phone. I called back in the afternoon and after 47 minutes they finally got me someone. I had to argue and tell them that I had taken the program off my computer a year ago after I told them that I do not want the renewal charge. Best buy does not deserve my business with customer service like this. I don't believe that they cancelled my service even now so I am going down to the bank and change accounts so that they can not continue to steal from me in the future. I used to like Best Buy and their customer service....NO LONGER... We are parting ways.
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I have the same problem


When you sign up for the antivirus it will automatically renew read the terms and conditions before you complain or sign anything


Can you be a little more specific with what software your complaint is in regards to? I am unaware of any software that has a recurring payment system with best buy. Are you sure you called the right number?


it was probably kaspersky. BB will renew this charge yearly if you don't cancel it. If you renew with kasspersky and pay them directly, BB will still charge you!


Best Buy no longer has customer service. At least none that is worthy of the name "customer service." They are now the WalMart of customer service, ie., ***

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Bellevue, Washington
New Reviewer

Best Buy? Worst Return Policy Ever

Purchased a GoPro Video camera as a Christmas gift for my son in law, on Oct. 9. Then found out he already had one, went to return it on Oct. 29. Best Buy Refused to accept return of unopened and sealed unit, because it had been 20 days since purchase, and they only accept returns for 14 days!!! No one had disclosed this absurd & unreasonable return "policy," but it is mentioned in very small, fine print on the backside of the receipt, but of course they only give you the receipt after they have your money, and after you have concluded the purchase. I urge anyone reading this to avoid Best Buy. Their "return policy" is an insult, carefully calculated to screw the consumer. Any retailer who rigorously enforces such a consumer-hostile policy does not deserve our patronage. I have purchased several thousand dollars of good from them in the past, but I will never shop at Best Buy again. If they treat consumers in such a hostile and shabby fashion, they deserve for us to take our business elsewhere.
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Most electronic retailers have gone to this 14 day policy to reduce the amount of individuals buying items, using them for an event and returning. It is unfortunate that you did not read the fine print on the reciept or think to ask about it.

I experienced the same type of situation at HHGregg and felt upset as you do. I did argue it hard enough with a manager that he gave in as I was only one day past and I was able to argue by showing them my license that I lived an hour from the store. So they were not convienent to make it back within 14 days. thats a harder arguement with best buy as they are all over.

I hope you were able to sell it without much of a loss.


Whatever happened to the art of "regifting"?

Stop taking your unwanted *** to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and expecting them to bend over backwards even though you have no proof that you purchased the product there. If you have your receipt and you are compliant with the policy, make the return at the store. If you are looking for someone to take your worthless *** from you, try Goodwill.


Big Bruce, are you an ***? Did you even read this?

She has the receipt.

The art of regifting? I doubt you even have any friends.


Galute1, you're just a *** ***. plain and simple.

next time you buy something like that, check the return policy. 14 days is standard for electronics for a lot of stores. I'm so sorry that you have to follow the rules like the rest of us. I guess you think you're better than everyone else, huh?

if you didn't know your son in law had a camera already then you must not spend much time with him or your daughter. I'm surprised you didn't blame them because it seems like you want to blame everyone other than your dumb, selfish self. I'm sure Best Buy doesn't want to see you anyway because how are they going to see another cent if all you probably do is return merchandise because you fail to notice anything around you. and OF COURSE they're not going to give you a receipt until after you pay, that's common sense.

how the *** are they going to give you a receipt for a transaction that doesn't even exist yet?? *** ***! just stop being such a loser and admit that YOU made a mistake.

as for Anna, you're just a dumb *** you probably tried to return a product a year later that they don't even sell anymore.

as for you christy, I'm ashamed to see a *** like you lives in same state as me. you could have just given them the info for the return.

what are they gonna do with your friends phone number? give her a call to buy a new computer? yeah okay. you're lucky they even tried to help you while you were probably throwing a tempter tantrum which is expected from a *** like you.

and no, they can't just "scan the UPC" to see if they sell it. UPC stands for Universal Product Code meaning every store sees that UPC if they sell that product. if you don't know what Universal means then you just should stop shopping at stores. a UPC helps because it helps the manufacturer of the product.

but there's something called a SKU number which ONLY applies to the store selling the product. but they only put that on major electronics like computer and printer boxes for example. not little camera bags.

so get a gift receipt from your loser friend next time or let the store help you further instead of being so stubborn. and trust me, stores don't mind losing customers that just want to return things left and right.


what return policy, I just tried to return a camera bag that I received as a gift, it turned out not to work with my camera, too small. I didn't have a receipt B/C normally you dont need one these days, usually companies can scan the upc to ensure it was purchased from them and not a competitor and I only wanted store credit to put towards another item anyway.

They wouldn't even give me store credit wiithout a receipt. That's ridiculous! The same bag was hanging on the rack behind me, all I wanted was credit to put towards something different, I'm still spending money in their store and the merchandise was still tagged and never opened, where is the company loss that would prevent them from issuing store credit. They told me if I wanted to give out my gift givers info, like telephone number etc.

to look up the purchase then maybe they would give me credit. So I'm just supposed to start rattling off someone's private info. I will never even consider purchasing an item there again, and of course, I'm spreading the word, I'm not sure how this company is going to stay afloat considering all the internet competion on electronics, they are certainly not anything special.

Thankfully, I told my friend, they were upset about the so called policy, called american express, disputed and received credit for the purchase (amex is great like that) and we reshopped. Now best buy lost at least two customers (x everyone we tell) and actually won't get paid for the transaction either.Hmmm.


Actually, whoever claimed that the return policy is on a huge sign, is mistaken. There is no such sign at the local Best Buy, and no notice aside from the fine print on the back of the receipt, which is, of course, not given to you until after they have your money.

I stand by my original rant. Besides, Best Buy rarely has the best pricing, so why shop somewhere that is overpriced and rigidly enforces a consumer-hostile return policy?

As to the Geek Squad comment, the GoPro camera was in its original, sealed, unopened box. Best Buy will never see another cent of my money.


I agree. Best buy has the worst return policy.

I never opened the package but they said it does not matter. I will never buy anything from that store.


It's not like the writing on the back is in "Fine Print" it's there in black and white, clear as day. How about you make sure the recipient of the gift doesn't already have that product.

Poor planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on theirs. The dude abides....


Its your respocibility as the consumer to READ YOUR RECIPT


Shop at target. You have 90 days to return things...that is their policy and the thing can be opened.

I have never had a problem and every time I shop there the sales people remind me that I have 90 days to return it. Much better service than best buy!

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Goleta, California


I have been a Best Buy customer for many many years. Not just any customer, but a loyal customer. When it comes to electronics, toners, accessories, etc… Best Buy was my one stop shop. All that changed on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011. On Feburary 6th, 2010 I made a rather large purchase (according to my standards). I purchased an advertised "bundle." I received an ASUS desk top, monitor, key board and mouse; a Gateway Notebook, a Gateway Netbook, and a wireless home makeover. This was like a blessing from GOD when I saw this advertisement. It addressed all the things I was considering at the time. Well I also purchased a second Gateway Netbook, wireless mouse, surge protector and antivirus software. I purchased Microsoft Office and paid for Best Buy to install it on my devices. And a few days later I returned and bought a new printer and toner (because my all-in-one wasn't compatible with Windows 7). I thought life was good. On Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 I went into the Best Buy in Novi, Michigan on Haggerty Rd with my three sons expecting a smooth interaction with the "Geek Squad." It was the worst service experience I have ever had. I was bringing in my ASUS monitor, ASUS keyboard and Gateway Netbook for repair. The monitor went out. The keyboard was malfunctioning and the netbook stopped working after my son tried to download a homework assignment. When I made my purchases in February 2010 I bought warranties for everything. I actually believe in warranties. I believe in protecting my investments. I had no problem spending the extra money, so IF I ever needed to use it, we would be protected. The rep and store manager proceeded to inform me that my monitor was not covered by any warranty. The warranty I purchased was specifically on the CPU ONLY! Eventhough I bought an ASUS package/bundle (whether Best Buy put it together and sold it or ASUS shipped it to you to sell that way) it was presented, advertised and sold to me as a package/bundle! When I purchased the warranty, the salesman NEVER said I needed a separate warranty for EACH and every piece of the ASUS products. Had I been informed and given the option, I would have spent the few extra dollars to insure my purchase. While I was waiting I called to Ann Arbor, MI and spoke to a manager at the store I originally purchased all the items from. She went on to explain to me that in 2010 when I bought my items, Best Buy didn't even offer monitor or keyboard warranties; that is new this year. She went on to say if the items had been packaged in the same box, then I would have been covered. I stood there at that darn counter in front of my three sons crying. Because I have always taught them to deal honestly in business and you will receive honesty in return. How could I look my sons in the face after that exchange and stand by what I have been teaching them all their lives! You destroyed so much on that day with your callous disregard for any of us. I walked out of that store feeling SUCKER PUNCHED, SCREWED OVER, HUNG OUT TO DRY, BAMBOOZLED, DUPED, LEAD ASTRAY and my confidence BETRAYED. Then I was told the manufacturers warranty was expired as well! The fun didn't stop there. In regards to the netbook, I was told I had purchased the "accidental damage" warranty. If my issue turned out to be software related, I was on my own! It could be repaired of course but I had no protection! Again, had I been informed and given the option, I would have spent the few extra dollars to insure my purchase. Well two days later I was called and told to come and pick-up my netbook. And low and behold the rep said it was a virus on the system which would be software related. I could have Best Buy fix it $199/ 1 year plan or $299/ 2 year plan. I was told I would probably need to re-install the Office software. I told the rep I had the disks and product keys. I also informed her Best Buy installed the software (which I paid for). She said it didn't matter. It would cost me again for them to fix it. I stood there in that store in total disbelief! I carefully placed my broken netbook in its case and walked out. I don't like presenting a problem without also presenting a solution. What would have been acceptable to me? There should have no haggling what so ever. In good faith I bought the warranties that I thought would protect my investment. The monitor and keyboard should have been replaced without question. The netbook should have been repaired without question. The warranty I purchased for it would have replaced a damaged or broken device. My device needed less work and would cost less to repair. I spent over $2700 for the items. I hope the loss of a loyal customer and any other customers I can persuade not to do business with Best Buy is worth it.
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Your case sounds so similar to mine! I have told everyone of how no matter what warranty I have it is always something that is not covered.

The way I solved my problem was to buy my next computer through Apple. The no questions asked warranty means exactly that and I have always been satisfied when dealing with them. Furthermore when my iPod broke way after the warranty was up they couldn't replace it for free but they offered me 20 percent off of whatever I wanted to buy to replace it!

I never buy from BB anymore and have told all my family and friends my story. Don't worry theIr sales were down 30 percent last quarter

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Detroit, Michigan

Computer repair representative promised service in a timely manner

I was told the recovery of programs from my laptop would be done within 24 to 48 hours from Saturday, 10/22/2011. The service order: 00489-9****9978 has an estimated completion date: 10/25/2011. I went in on 10/27/2011 and was told the computer wasn't done, and that I didn't pay for the express service. I need the information from the hard drive enough that I bought a replacement laptop while I was at Best Buy and prepaid for the service that same day. I resent being lied to and taken for a fool by your Geek Squad. When they promise service in a specific time frame, they need to follow through and make sure it happens. I spent over $800 that day, and was under the impression that I had covered all expenses. Inform your Geek Squad that completion date does not mean start time. Maybe they need a refresher course on using a calendar, and dealing honestly with customers.
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Best Buy Blacklisted!

I went to my local Best Buy to purchase a Xbox Live 3-Month Membership Card. Upon arriving, the cards were out of stock. No problem, as they had a kiosk where I could order my card and receive a code in my e-mail. I was assured the code would be in my e-mail inbox within 24 hours. Well 2 months later, I still have no code. I opened a complaint case with Best Buy, spoke with costumer service on 7 different occasions and was even offered 10% of my next purchase. Each time I talked with customer service, I was told I would receive the code within 24 hours. The last agent seemed to have given up and told me there is nothing she can do. It has not been an issue with my e-mail, as they have not even sent one. I am returning to the store tonight and hopefully receiving a refund on my purchase. Best Buy has made it my blacklist and I will never again be making a purchase at this horrible store again.
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Worst dont buy anything at "Best Buy" they do not stand behind it and will nickel and dime you to death.


So glad you are not going to shop there again. They do not stand behind their products or their service.

I only wish I would have found these complaints on the Internet before I purchased something from them.

There are pages and pages of complaints more than any other business. Live and learn!


Well, you have probably already figured out by now, but according to their policy they are not allowed to return cards. Maybe if you throw enough of a hissy fit, they'll do something for you.

I was always with the way of thinking, if I am going to pay for something I want to walk out of the store with it. Don't be mad with them because you were impatient....


Agreed. Worst customer service there is.

Have been on the phone for over two hours with India about problems with rewards card. No luck, do not ever buy from them.

Called corporate, same run around. Only buy fromCostco!

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Albany, New York
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Bestbuy bad customer care, dont buy from bestbuy

Good Morning Is very sad for so many customer leaving bestbuy to be able to received better services and customer care in much high demanding, The services is very bad, customer care is terrible and returned policy is the most horrible I have in many years, The reason I buy 2 notebooks Toshibas, great deal and price, to be able to give my nice great gift, when my nice open de box and before set up the name, she notice the screen is crack in half, well to make short, I try to notify bestbuy in Longwood, the manger to me to go to another bestbuy where I have previously buy from, 30 minutes past and my gas in my car...the assistance manager told me unable to returned bc I need buy the insurance before leave the store, well I guess is my responsibility to open the box inside the sore before I turn the computer right, because if the computer don't work will be my fault right???? well the bottom line is the manger told me to call Toshiba, Toshiba told to call bestbuy cooperated, well I call my credit card, I received my full refund and I am so glad to have, and glad to never more coming back to bestbuy, I guess the economy is no so great to you guys..., appreciated to facebook, and other social media, to be able to express my concerned and notify everyone about the bad business coming from bestbuy, and notify everyone about the great and simple the best Wal-Mart store ...the large customer care and returned policy in the world, Go Wal-Mart, show them and teaching all the bad company about customer care and deal with honesty business, and appreciated from all great credit cards business for refund my money back, I try to returned this notebook, before the 14 days police, everyone refused, I guess so many more customer will be losing. Almost forget ... Wal-Mart has much better price from all the comparators.....
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This person needs to learn how to speak English !!!!!

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