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Best Buy has a hidden 15% restock fee on refunds

I thought everyone should be warned about Best Buy. They presently have a 15% restock fee on any returned items, and the terms are on the back of your receipt. Who reads the back of a receipt!!!! And your refund is issued by Corporate which takes 7+days, but it doesn't take them 7 days to charge you or take your money. This is a rip off so everyone be forewarned and ask the return policy before purchasing anything. Walmart and Kmart refund no questions asked, and they don't charge restocking fees. Definitely BUYER BEWARE!!! Ask before purchasing!
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i didn't know that i ordered an item off line and i was told that they would just give me my money back, i asked the represenitive would it be a charge or restocking fee and she said no so i will see. thanks


Tvs don't have a restocking fee. Only items that an employee most likely has to spend time deleting stuff off of (computers, cameras, etc.). Returned items are also sold at a lesser cost than unopened items.


A restocking fee is put in place to ensure Best Buy isn't treated like a free rental store. If you open an item, you must pay a restocking fee.

If not, you could purchase an item, use it for 10 days and get all of your money back. One day, ALL retail stores will have a restocking fee.

It isn't "best buy worshipping". It's common sense.


Obviously more best buy worshipers. Any restock fee has, and always will be total ****.

Just another way for stores to steal $$$ from customers. They should give up the name considering they are NOT always the best buy.

Most of the items they sell can be found elsewhere for much less. Same exact products.


Actually, the restocking fee isn't on everything. It's on computers, cameras and TVs.

And that's only on opened, non-defective things. So if you buy a camera, snap two pictures with it, then take it back, it's gonna cost you.


Don't you just hate people that can't read.


Who reads a back of a receipt? Smart consumers.

The same people who learn about a store's return policy BEFORE purchasing a high priced item.

Don't blame Best Buy for your ignorance.

It's on the back of your receipt and posted on a big sign by customer service. That policy is not hidden in any way.


Trying to use Walmart and Kmart as your basis for argument is a moot point. Kmart filed bankruptcy in 2002, clearly they weren't doing things correctly.

Walmart can return anything they want because the cost doesn't hit them.

Bottom line, the policy is posted in multiple locations. It is not hidden, you are just an irresponsible consumer.


Not only was it on the receipt but it was also posted near the register when you paid. The policy is in your face when you pay and it's in your hand afterwards, what more would you like? A small sit down lecture where someone reads you what's already posted to inform you?

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Ocala, Florida

Best Buy Suck? Tell their top investors!

Best Buys return policy is devised to milk customers out of their money. If you have experienced this - call your state attorney general's office. After a multitude of these complaints - they WILL look into it and probably slap them with a lawsuit. That will be VERY expensive - just in the public relations nightmare alone. Second - start contacting their top shareholders. This hits them where it hurts - the corporate executive management's pocketbook. Once shareholders determine that Best Buy can't manage customer retention, (ie; they have to spend more on marketing to get new customers through the door because they can't manage to develop customer loyalty), investors will start selling their stock. Given the that their executive bonuses are either granted in or based on stock prices - this should sufficiently motivate them to reconsider their fraudulent practices. Top shareholders are easy to find as they are public record with any publicly traded company. Find the investment group / fund manager and write / email / fax. Copy Best Buy's CEO. You should get pretty quick reults with this method. THe more people that do this - the more luck you will have.
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Well, if anyone has checked Best Buy's stock price lately, it's obvious that I was proven right. Shortly after my original post - multiple media reports were released regarding Best Buy's woes -and their stock price fell-significantly.

I guess the critics of my original post will have to eat their words... but it was obvious that most were probably Best Buy managers / corporate employees anyway.


You really think your pathetic little post is going to change anything? The state attorney will not do anything.

Why? Because they don't care. And you won't get there stock hurting by contacting shareholders. As long as BBY continues to make money, they won't go anywhere.

Who cares if they suck.

THEY MAKE MONEY. And that's all the shareholders care about.


Our return policies are so strict because we have lazy DB stealing and devising plans to return damaged or fake items. This cost us millions every year.

So i'm sure the return policies aren't made to milk you out of your money. Next time you see someone getting ready to steal, tell them to stop making things harder for the rest of us who work hard for what we have.


The only thing senior leadership cares about is the bottom line. They don't care about retaining quality employees who perform well to help them maintain the bottom line.

They usually have some uneducated GM running the stores who only care about the next BMW they are going to buy and brag about. Buy from Amazon or a more reputable retailer.


The CEO of Best Buy is always under pressure from the shareholders to increase Best Buy's bottom line. I hate to tell you this, but stricter return policies prevent fraud and increases the bottom line.

Losing a few customers is nothing compared to the money they lose with fraudulent returns.

If you follow their clearly posted policies, you shouldn't have a problem returning something.

My guess is you didn't follow their policies and were denied a return. So now you are acting like an immature, scorned lover who just got dumped.

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New York, New York
Best Buy Manager

Complaint aginst BEST BUY in Menifee California

On 11/10/2010 I went into the Best Buy Store in Menifee. I purchased a dishwaher. At the time of purchase I explained to the sales person that I needed to have the item installed. The salesman took my cash set up a delivery dtae and thanked me. Within 2 hours I received a call from the slaes person; he indicated that he forgot to sell me a start up kit and hose for the dishwasher; he told me that I could purchase the item from the installer. The next morning I went back to Best Buy and purchased the kit and confirmed my delivery date of 11/14/2010. Today the delivery persons brought the dishwasher and set it in the middle of my kitchen; I was told that they do not install dishwahers or microwaves. I called Best Buy today and was told that this was my problem and that they would be willing to charge me an additional 129.00 to have it installed. I am a single mother on a limited income and this is my fault. My receipt clearly in bold letters reads "INSTALLATION" and there is a clear charge for there service. Lowes in Menifee price matches. Best Buy does not work with the costumer and NO store manager is available. A total rip. Now I have a dishwasher, installation kit and a headache in the center of my kitchen Thank You Best Buy
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Murrieta, California

Best Buy, bait and switch.

This was the worst shopping experience ever! Keep away from this store, for your own good. I am not new to shopping at BestBuy, I have made purchases in there totaling well into thousands, yet this day I have to say is the last day I will go to the store and make a purchase. Here is how a customer is treated by the store manager Kyle and the Geek Squad (Deputy of Counter Intelligence) Jamie: Today I purchased a open box point and shot camcorder (that we tested for about 30sec in store) while at the register the sales associate explains that if there is any issue with it to bring it back for repair or replacement (all is good so far), once at home I start recording and no more than a minute and a half into it the cam froze up and displayed some weird lines on the monitor, after a few minutes of attempting to unfreeze it and trying to power it off, it became clear there is no use. I go back to the store, found the same associate who sold me the cam, he looked at it and since it was still in the same (frozen state as 10minutes earlier) he wasn't able to do anything else than pull the battery out and try again. At this point it seemed to work fine, but obviously there is some sort of an issue with it. I ask for suggestion, he tells me that I can either return it, get it repaired or get a replacement, since I am leaving for a 2week vacation the next day I have no time to wait for a fix and ask for a replacement, sales rep finds one unit in stock and sais he just needs to talk with the manager for a second. After he comes back the conversation changes and I am told that they will no longer honor their replacement assurance and I should purchase a new one at a 10% discount or just return the one I have already bought. At this point I feel there is something wrong with this situation and demand to speak with the sales manager, (Kyle) confused about the situation wants to speak with the Geek Squad manager (Jamie) about it. After a prolonged discussion, they (the 2 managers), rudely dismiss the sales rep who only tried to help me and make the situation work. Both of them start playing with words saying I can have it replaced, and the next sentence it will cost me the difference of the price, or just return the item. Now this is purely on a principle but when a salesperson says something they (the whole store) need to stand by it, and the sales person said "I can have it replaced if it doesn't work", and in this situation the two "Managers" make a mockery of customer service. Having to deal with this level of deception and in my opinion policy misrepresentation is unacceptable, just before leaving on a 2 week overseas trip where this camcorder would have been used.
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Ummm, arthd55, their return policy is 30 days. Why would they give your money back?

You had it for 7 months, time to deal with the manufacture for repairs.

Trained to belittle you, maybe. Retailers are tired of people trying to get things for free just cuz you cried.

This Guy is correct! Customers stopped being right a long time ago.


I was also double teamed on a insignia tv that went dead after 7 months, and they refused to give me money back, and had to replace that day. It seems to me that best buy must be paying people to belittle people on their complaints on the side, because i did not want something for nothing, i just wanted to be treated fairly. :?


Yeah, the "Customer is Always Right" line went out the window when customers decided to abuse the policy. Nowadays, the majority of the country is very "gimme gimme" and will sue you if you look at their penmanship wrong.

Retailers are watching their backs now. If you want to be mad at someone for the policy leaving, take a look at yourself and those around you.


The customer used to always be right. Unfortunately, many customers abused that and retailers had to put their foot down.

You don't get a new product when you purchased open box. Most warranties are for repair, not replacement. I'm sure they would have sent it out for repair Arthurr would have a working camera at a great price. But Arthurr was on a time crunch.

Arthurr also was not out a dime. He was offered a refund.


If they tell him one thing, they should stand by it. Anyone who works retail can tell you, "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT".

As a matter of face, I once worked for Best Best Buy and I recall them telling us that in our training. So, this policy only holds true in some situations? I will also tell you this, the BB I worked for had managers who were very poor leaders. Did not lead by example or work to make their sales associates to be successful. It's always about, "did you sell them that 75 dollar cable that we marked up 120% that they don't need?". Or, "did they get the useless, ripoff black tie protection plan?".

Leave Arthurr alone, he had S*ITTY customer service and he is pissed. Can you blame him? If it was your money you just dished out and the product took a *** on you, you would be pissed too. And who cares what it matters to them as far as how much money he is spending, if everyone gets pissed off and stops paying for overpriced items at their robbery of a store, they just might feel the need to respect their customers a little more.


2 things could have happened here, one is the sales rep misspoke. When he was telling you that you could replace it, he should have told you that you could return it and put that towards getting another model. Also, if you wanted a discounted item replaced with a full price item, you're being ridiculous. Of course you'd have to pay the difference to get a brand new item. You can't go into a car dealer, but a 4 year old car and then decide to switch it out for the same model but brand new car for the same price.

And quite possibly, you may have misheard him and that is what you wanted him to say because it would be convenient. Wouldn't be the first customer to swore they hear something that benefits them. And this is not bait and switch

Also, making purchases that are "totaling well into thousands" is not a good argument to them. Even a small store in the middle of nowhere does a bare minimum of $20,000 in revenue on a day during a non-shopping experience. The only people who matter to them on a level of using how much money they spend in the stores as an argument is a RZ Silver member


How much years you were "loyal" to them or how much money you spent. Thousands of dollars to them is nothing to brag about because it is like peanuts to them. Sorry but your not going to their store ever again is not going to put them out of business.

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Raleigh, North Carolina
Best Buy Sales Manager

Bay Shor, NY - BestBuy Buyer beware!!

Purchased what a thought was a good deal 320GB hard Drive $60, turns out that there was a 40GB hard drive in the sealed box. Brought it back to bestbuy next day, and was told by Cust. #@%$^#, "MIke B." that I had to call the manufacturer and complain to them. I contacted BestBuy Cust. relations, "Tina" who assured me that she would contact store mangaer and do something about this..just as soon as we were off the phone. Well I week later I contacted them again..and left voice mail.. 3 days later still No call back - No real customer help. I'm currently disputing charge with my credit my card co. I used to spend thousands of dollars in their store as a computer repair man, now I rather drive 30 miles and shop at "MicroCenter".. screw Bestbuy, I hope they end up like "Circuit City".
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Funny how you jump to conclusions after I tell you the proper way of going about how to fix your possibly unfortunate situation. Obviously the store isn't going to help you. But your post did make me laugh. Since you claim to work in computer repair, I'm going to assume you run a hammer store. Well I hope Home Depot puts you out of commission! (See how ridiculous it is to jump to conclusions about someone you don't know just because they have a different opinion?) And FYI, I actually WANT Best Buy to go out of business. They have incredibly shady practices which upper management will preach behind closed doors and then deny to your face. This is not one of them. All stores have policies in place to protect their bottom line. This is one of them for Best Buy.

Telling your friends and family about not shopping at that store is not going to hurt them. There always has been and always will be other avenues for people to buy their electronics. Tell me, why is it ridiculous to check the box of something you bought to make sure it is in there? This obviously happens enough to people everywhere that it seems like it would be a pretty good idea.

Here's my favorite part:

"I guess most of you sheeps outthere think is OK, when a big company reaches into your pocket and takes money from your kids mouth?

P.S. I alreay made my next PC/TV purchased at RadioShak and PC Richards... over $1,500"

You complain about food being taken out of their mouths over a $60 hard drive, then you go out and spend another $1500. LOL!

And for calling other people high school drop outs, you spell like a ***.


I hope your next customer tries to rip you off. Then if you don't fall for their ***, I hope they end up on this site complaining about you. See how you like it.


I hope your next customer tries to rip you off. Then when you catch them, I hope they end up on this site complaining about you. See how you like it.


Carma is a ***. I hope your next purchase from bestbuy is a rock in a box. Let's see how you like it.


Maybe they don't return your phone calls because they have given you their answer and they don't want to hear you whine anymore.

How many times do they have to tell you that they will not give you a refund on a product until you bring in the item that was purchased?

They aren't going to give you $60 for your old, used hard drive.

They caught you in your ***. Get over it and move on.


Hahaha, You're an ***. I am a computer repairman, I used to spend 15K to 20K at bestbuy. I run my own business, and have no need to scam besttbuy. I did not want a refund simply an exchange to complete a repair on a laptop. When I say, they took from my kids mouth it is a fact, since I support my family repairing computers. The Only scammers here are the people of Bestbuy, Bay Shore, NY.

you would think, they would at least return my phone calls after I presented my case with Customer Service Relations.

Nothing!!!! that's why I'm here... "Buyer Beware" of bestbuy the true scammers-conartist.


How do you connect buying a hard drive to taking food out of your kid's mouth? Are you saying that since you lost money buying a hard drive your kids don't get to eat?

Maybe you should buy your kid's food before you go to Best Buy.

You should just come clean already. You bought a 320GB hard drive, took it home, put your old *** one in the box, and tried to get a refund. Best Buy caught you in the act and now you're mad and embarrassed.

You were probably planning on using the $60 you conned Best Buy out of to feed your kids and now you can't. Well too bad.


I guess most of you sheeps outthere think is OK, when a big company reaches into your pocket and takes money from your kids mouth? I wll not laydown for this, I will fight, and fight.

I will persue all media avenues to show how *** up bestbuy is. If I can contribute to just .0022% to bestbuy demise, it will make my day.

P.S. I alreay made my next PC/TV purchased at RadioShak and PC Richards... over $1,500.

People!, there are more choices out there don't shop at BestBuy... shop at PC Richards, Staples, NewEgg, RadioShak, Etc.


Whoa there. No one was being rude, he was simply trying to explain the reason behind why you may be having a hard time getting a refund in this situation.

His point is: How does Best Buy know that you didn't change out the hard drive yourself? Should Best Buy take every customer at their word? I work in customer service and customers lie all the time to get their way. Think of how much money a store would lose if these policies were not in place.

You talk about profit margins. Well fraudulent returns cost a store a ton of money. Also remember that the more money a store loses on fradulent returns, the more they raise prices.


Never have a heard such a ridiculous answer, to open the box before you walk out of the store" Clearly you're one of BestBuy’s "Damage Control", rude high school drop-outs working there. You guys think you're too big to care about customer service.

Can't wait for the next big store chain to put you out of business.

I hope everyone who reads this post will boycott “Bestbuy” and passes along to their friends and family. Maybe if they feel it in their profit margin, they will do something about their customer service.

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#206785 Review #206785 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Best Buy Deal

Best Buy customer service

I ordered a TV stand from Best Buy online and have not been able to get an answer on when it will be delivered. The say it is in the warehouse and someone will call me in 3-5 days to schedule the delivery. This was on the 20th of last month. I can't get them to give me a number to call to see what is going on and all they can do is send an email. I filed a dispute on my credit card. ordered from Best Buy sku 987**** I spoke with Erwin on 10/29/10 Matt at the local store before that., Jimmy who told me a warehous transfer occured on 10/21/10. I spoke to Kalin and Tori on 11/3/10(a supervisor) and sent an email to Shari Ballard (vp of sales) on 11/5/10 all to no avail. I spoke
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Unfortunately, people at the store will make promises based off of the idea of how processes are supposed to go and sometimes, things get double sold or incorrectly shipped. It's a known problem but they refuse to finally fix it.

If you haven't already, file a complaint with 1-888-BESTBUY. It's not much, but you already filed a dispute on your card, nicely done.

#206225 Review #206225 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Energy, Illinois

Customer service sucks

I purchased a sansung 52 inch tv from best buy. it went out and when i called best buy they have no record of my extended warranty. They cant even fix my tv because they dont have a tv repairman in the geek squad in my area. DO NOT BUY FROM best but .they SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK THEY SUCK
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If you have your receipt, you have all of the proof you need

#206130 Review #206130 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

I got an adefective laptop from BEST BUY, but I have to pay 15%more to exchange!

I just bought a laptop from Bestbuy in Irvine (Samsung QX 410) and the next day when I boot the laptop, it froze. It didn't completely freeze; it loaded the desktop, and the cursor was still moving, but the cursor would be busy whenever I placed it over the taskbar. I'm pretty sure that this is explorer.exe that...'s not responding, but i don't know whether to blame the harddrive the bios or just the OS, but either way, this is undeniably not our fault. This happened 3-4 times later, and not just when we booted but when surfing the web too. Yet the problem is, we went to the store to replace this laptop, yet they wanted us to prove it, which was impossible because the problem occured sporadically, AND they wanted us to pay 15% again for it. I don't understand why that...'s necessary, as we paid for a plan, paid for warranty, not to mention that the total cost was over a thousand dollars. I'm not attacking your service, but think about it: We paid for the utmost quality, yet we got a faulty laptop and we're paying again? 15%? I had a lot of respect for this store, but this is just ridiculous. I want a solution where I don't have to pay any money because of something that wasn't my fault.
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Most likely a rouge malware virus, reinstall your OS and stop surfing the ***!


"i don't know whether to blame the harddrive the bios or just the OS, but either way, this is undeniably not our fault." You sound like you know squat about computers. So how do you know it's not your fault? If you are such an expert on computers then you should know exactly what the problem is. You couldn't reproduce the defect in front of an employee. I would assume you were lying too.

You probably bought a computer that you decided you didn't want/need anymore, made up some phoney BS story about the taskbar (that you couldn't reproduce in front of an employee), and demanded to be refunded.

The computer is now used. Worse than that, it was used by someone who has no clue about how to use a computer. You're mad because Best Buy wants you to absorb the cost of selling that item at a used price. Tough nuggets. The laptop is not defective, I think Best Buy got a defective customer.


The reason they need you to prove that it is messing up is because every day people come in with some outlandish stories about things trying to cheat the system so it sows down the process for people with actual issues. The 15% is a restocking fee, a process used to make a ton of money over the fiscal year. They charge you 15% to take it back because they have to resell it at a 10% discount because it is an open item.

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Laguna Niguel, California

Best buy cheated me on a laptop warranty

I am another helpless victim of the ASUS/ Nvidia 8600 graphics card failure that is still going around. I purchased my laptop an ASUS G1-s from best buy and purchased their 3 year " black tie" extended warranty. 2 years and a few months later, i get lines on the screen , and then no screen at all. After the kid at the uptown saltlake city store told me it was the screen and harddrive( which didnt make sense) he sent it back to the service center. A week and a half later i get a call to come pick it up. I go in to pick it up and the kid at the counter hands me the laptop . i ask- hey great, is the OS loaded and everything is OK, right? the kid replys- Oh sorry we dont reload the OS here. I reply- what?!! he says sorry sir, we dont reload the OS. My next comment is- I payed for the black tie warranty. he says- sorry we dont do that, but your laptop is good to go! he then walks away to help someone else! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? well, I take it home thinking i can reload the recovery disks, and what do you know IT WONT EVEN BOOT UP!- I then take it to the best buy in american fork and the kid in their apologises profusely, offers to reload the OS and to figure out whats going on. - NOW that is more like it. Later he calls me up- Sir, the graphics card has burnt out, and we are sending it to the service center. And here we go, I start looking things up and low and behold, ALL OVER THE INTERNET- is the hue and outcry over Nvidias defective GPUs ( 8600 series) that has failed in my laptop. I collect a ton of evidence and take to the best buy- I WAS BRUSHED OFF- the manager smiles at me " im sorry sir but the terms of warranty dictate replacing it with what it came with" . So what it comes down to is that best buy will ONLY replace the motherboard/ GPU with the SAME motherboard/GPU that is A KNOWN DEFECT issue. Since when is it OK to replace a defective part WITH a defective part? Their management, consumer relations department, even geek squad has all denied ANY responsibility ( of course ) , so it looks like I will NEVER buy ANYTHING at Best Buy, not to mentioni will never touch an ASUS product, IS this what they call " STANDING BEHIND THIER PRODUCT"???? I know that I dont have the money to legaly battle the "giant" so well see what a lawyer says about small claims court, either way they lost a customer- buyer beware-
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Laptop computers do not have the ability to be upgraded in the motherboard/GPU department. They all have a model specific Graphics card, which is permanently attached to the motherboard, which is custom built for that model laptop.

Your Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan states that it will be repaired up to three times, with the fourth service getting you a replacement of comparable technology. My suggestion-let it die a couple more times, get it repaired (at no cost to you) and then when it goes out the fourth time, GET A NEW LAPTOP.


Dell/HP had the same issue. It was all 8600 GPUs.

They only had a certain amount of hot cold cycles before they went out. The replacement motherboards that they issued "fixed" the issue.

I assume ASUS did the same. You are a lucky one that actually purchased a service plan.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Worst customer service

The worst customer service of my life. These guys apologize and then with their last words through back an insult and denial of responsibility. Its like some kind of farce to them. on top of that when you get to a point where you no longer can trust them and decide you don't want to do business with them they *** as best they can. The worst customer service of my life. These guys apologize and then with their last words through back an insult and denial of responsibility. Its like some kind of farce to them. on top of that when you get to a point where you no longer can trust them and decide you don't want to do business with them they *** as best they can. Today I purchased three laptops for around $3,800 dollars and never let the store with them never touched them and they refused to refund $800 of the buy for a restocking
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Ok, heres the whole story. I bought 3 laptops, one for each of my cousins that live with me.

When I got back to my trailer, I couldn't figure out how to get them to play my Larry the Cable Guy VHS tape. Turns out that computers need electricity to run, so I had no use for them.

When I took them back to Best Buy, they wanted a restocking fee because I opened the box and they said they couldn't sell them as new anymore. I feel like a real tool.


You were probably trying to commit return fraud and got caught red-handed. Good for Best Buy.

Seems fishy that someone would make a $3800 purchase and then need to return them all unopened.

Why did you buy them in the first place?

I'm glad Best Buy caught you and refused to be a victim of your *** job.


If you acted like an immature troll (like you are now) when you were in the store, it's no wonder they did nothing to help you. I wouldn't either.


Shut up. I dont have to be specifice.

I was right they were wrong. Also Lamer this is my letter you want your own letter for your "diughter then write your own.


We are now on our 9th trip back to Best Buy to get my diuagters lap top fixed. I have called customer service, no luck, went on line with customer service and they just quit answering me back, talked to the store manager and the asst manager who said all this would not have happened if I had bought the extened warraty..but since the lap top is only 10 months old they can't will not do anything...first it was a virus $130, then the mother board, then the hard drive, then another hard drive, then something else then optic reader and to top it off they make you buy a replacement to use until the other one comes back..if it ever will...end of the day they do not care about the custoerm unless they at the check out counter.


Can you provide any specifics? A story?

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Best Buy shipped an order I cancelled and won't refund my card

On 10-18-10 I ordered the GE Gas Range online. On 10-22-10 I was told it would be delayed another 10 - 14 days. I cancelled the order (Case # 7802****) and was told the charge against my AmEx would be lifted in 48 hours. On 10-25-10 I called to confirm since my card was still encumbered by the amount of $2102.49. I was told that the first cancellation was not "saved in the system" and she re-cancelled the order (Case # 7811****) and assuring me that the card would be credited within 48 -72 hours. On 10-27-10 I get an email that the order had shipped and the charge appeared on my card. After an 6 agonizing phone calls to customer service - 2 told me their screens were down and I could "try later" (one of which had a baby crying in the background!!) - I was told all I can do is refuse the order which will arrive in 7 to 10 days and when it is re-inventoried at Best Buy I would receive the credit in an additional 7 to 10 days. They say they have no way to credit my card since it already shipped. Shipping after two cancellations is BBuy's fault. not mine, and my card should not be encumbered for up to 3 weeks because of your mistake. Further, I have no confidence that BBuy will even be so prompt as to credit my card in 3 weeks. One agent advised me to tell my credit card that it was a fraudulent charge to get the credit back. It is beginning to feel fraudulent and I will take action in this regard. Please credit my card at once. You can contact your trucker, they can trace the Range (this is 2010), and you can make it your own problem to get the Range back, not mine.
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They dropped the ball so much on this. My advice for the future, any time you are returning something, do it in person and get a paper print out of the valid cancellation and in 48 hours (or however long they say it will take) if it is not posted back to your card, immediately call your credit card company and notify them that it is a false charge due to valid cancellation.

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Phoenix, Arizona
Best Buy Shipping Service

Im past pissed

i purchase debt cancellation plan in 2006 was told that if at any point was not able to pay bill they will cover payments for me, i called to cancel several times since my spouse lost job and i became only provider was told each time that if at any point was not able to pay they will cover payments so finally decided to activate since now my paycheck is now reduce because my employer making me pay for most of medical benefits my husband still not working they said i don't qualify, they purposely mislead customers. My name is Jiovana and Im beyond pissed at this time how can they get away with this I have paid hundreds of dollars for this coverage, what can i do....... email addr is wardfoster@***.com
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They can get away with it because you were *** enough to believe that if you give them money they will erase your debt if things go south. Well, you were half right.

Oh and by the way, you can't do anything to get them to change there mind.

Best thing you can do is cancel the debt cancellation to avoid further charges, and cut your losses. Learn from the mistake too.

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Best Buy-The Worst Customer Service

My boyfriend and I purchases a computer, printer bundle on October 15Th, 2010. We were told by your representative (0016####-the same rep checked us out.) that our computer came with Home Edition of Windows 2010 and all the equipment to hook the printer to the computer. Much to our surprise our purchase was lacking these two items. Along with general computer problems within the first week of us owning the computer. On October 20Th, 2010 Jimmie C. called the local Best Buy,where we had bought this computer, and was told by a woman that she would call him back. 24 hours later there still was NO call back. On October 21st,2010 Andrea called and spoke briefly with a man in the "Geek Squad" named Jimmy. During this time Jimmy hung up on her. Again on October 21,2010 Jimmie C. called back and spoke to assembly the same Jeremiah M. (Jimmy) again about customer service and the over all problem with the purchase. During this call Jimmy offered a discount on the computer cord that was supposed to be included in the purchase, then changed his mind to giving us the cord. He proceeded to tell us that the sales rep "really meant to say that..." and that they have had this problem before, of sales reps misinforming customers of what they are purchasing. We then discussed about the Windows software, he told us that we needed to come and pay another $150 in-order to have what we were told to already come with our purchase. Along with putting us on hold in the middle of speaking. Jimmy ended our conversation by telling us that our option was to bring it back to be satisfied. Drea
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Yeah computers never come preloaded with a full version of Microsoft Office, Usually just a 15-30 day trial or something. But NEVER a full loaded version. Sorry you misunderstood what you were getting.

But all PC's come loaded with windows operating system of some kind.

I think you really just misunderstood what you were getting. and to get Office would costs about 150.00


I think there is a misunderstanding here. All the computer DO come with windows home edition, just like they said, or just like you asked.

None of them come with Office, which is what I think you really meant.

That is due to legal restrictions and no retailer can offer those. If you asked if it comes with windows home, and the employee said yes, then everything said was true.


that is the thing they were supposed to be preloaded that is what i paid for BUT there is nothing


Can't quite figure out what your problem with the Windows7 Home Edition is. Computers don't come with separate restoration discs anymore.

The software is preloaded on the computer hard drive and you must have blank DVD's handy to burn your own restoration discs when you first switch your computer on. Normally a new computer will prompt you to do this when just unpacked and first switched on.

You can do this at a later stage but now your restoration discs will include all programs you have installed and might take a lot of blank DVD's to complete. Far better to restore the computer as it came from the manufacturer.

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Best Buy Sales Representative

Warranty Scam at Best Buy

I purchased a 2 year extended warranty for an inexpensive ($22) portable radio. When I returned the radio because it was not working properly after 8 months Best Buy offered to replace the item, but sad that would void the warranty. Had they repaired the item the warranty would have continued, but given the price of the item that is impractical. I have never heard of a warranty that "self destructs" if you use it. After much argument, Best Buy agreed to honor the warranty for 1 year, but that is still not the warranty I purchased. I live in California, so reported this to the State Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division. Others who have similar experiences should do likewise.
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I love it when ignorant people hear what people have to say and then when they don't like it, they just say "oh you don't understand". Jacob is right, using the warranty as stated fulfills the warranty.

End of story. They give you a pamphlet with all of the info about the warranty for a reason.

If you want your item fixed but still keep your plan, go through the manufacturer. I don't tolerate retailers, I just know the rules after working for the *** hole for over 6 years.


Yes you purchased the replacement plan and once the item is replaced the contract (replacement plan) is fulfilled and it voids out the replacement plan warranty that you purchased.

it doesn't void the manufacturers warranty, just the replacement plan warranty because its a one time replacement plan that you bought.

There is no fraud.


It totally depends on the manufacturers coverage. If it failed within the manufacturers coverage period, and it was something the manufacturer would have covered, then the extended plan should continue.

However, if it falls outside of either of those two categories (because Best Buy covers things the manufacturer won't, like power surges, or normal wear and tear) the plan is considered fulfilled and a new plan must be purchased on the new product. I unfortunately have lots of experience with these plans, but they almost always pay off.


"This Guy" doesn't understand-- Best Buy chooses whether to repair or replace, not me. The price of the warranty is not the issue, but rather whether Best Buy honored the deal they themselves set.

As a consumer I can either buy the warranty or not, but I don't tolerate a retailer who attempts to change the terms after the fact. Neither should you.


If you find that repairing the item to keep the warranty was impractical, then maybe you shouldn't have paid for a warranty on something that cost $22 IMO. Given the cost of the product, I'm going to assume you spent about $8 (around 35% of the price on the product) to have it "covered." That is the craziest thing about this post.

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Geek squad

I purchase a very expensive lap top computer from best buy for my Daughter first year of Collage the was "very dependable" 2 months after the purchase (2 weeks into her schooling) the computer cramped out. My Daughter took it to the geeks at best buy. Two weeks We'll have if back they said. Four weeks later we get a call the computer is repaired. Today my daughter went in to get the computer and it was not working at all. Now it will be two more weeks they say, in the mean time she has no computer for School. I confronted the store manager and advised that maybe the right thing to do would be replace her computer with a new one since it was nothing we had done to the computer. Oh no you didn't buy the replacement plan. I am sorry if I spent $1500.00 on a computer I think I should get a replacment after two months if it craps out and they can't repair it in a timely manner. Best Buy take care of your customers , do the right thing for once. I don't know why I went back to them, I've had other simular issues with them in the past. I am looking for a good local store owner with a good rep next time I buy any electronics.
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If you purchased a laptop at any other retailer, you'd be paying for shipping and insurance back to the manufacture yourself. If they don't fix it, then you'd have to pay to send it back.

Best Buy/Geek Squad is not perfect by any means, no retailer is (I know working for one).

At least Best Buy can help with manufactures warranties, and other retailers can not.

I work in retail, but purchase a lot from Best Buy. Basically you get what you put into it. You're mean to an employee they will be mean back. You want them to fix something you did to your product, they won't do it for free.

Retailers are just that Retail sales floors, they are not responsible for the product .. the manufacture is.


I'm going to assume you haven't done any work with the P&L since you're wrong about the hours. Regardless, there are a lot of agents who take the time to do the work correctly and they get overlooked which is unfortunate.

Most of the time, you just hear about these kinds of stories. I saw this kind of stuff first hand for years and have had to help many customers who were irate after such instances.

So unfortunately, what I said was true. Maybe not of your specific store (if so, nice job taking care of people they will always appreciate you) but it does happen way too often.


After working for the Geek Squad for almost 5 years, pretty much everything "this guy" said was untrue. The geek squads hours are not based even the tiniest bit on "productivity", so whether we take in units, or turn them around fast or slow, it won't affect anything regarding hours at all.

However, four weeks does seem a little long for the typical laptop repair, and unfortunately, occasionally laptops do come back from service still not working. it is rare, but it can happen. I do agree to check out every unit before you sign for it, in fact, where I work we do it with the customer in front of them when they come in to pick it up. However, there is very little that Best Buy can do because they didn't make the computer, and manufacturers have been clamping down lately on exception returns.

Trust they will fix it and fix it right, and if you still feel you need to shop elsewhere in the future, take your dollars elsewhere and test the waters.

It is a free market, and consumer electronics is becoming a rough field to be in. Trust me, i know


When they send the laptop out to get fixed, they are trusting that it is getting fixed. A responsible Geek Squad agent would test the laptop when it returns to ensure that the unit is fixed.

Sounds like you got one of the MANY irresponsible agents who are just worried about turnaround time. Their hours are based on productivity. So, they will send out poorly fixed, or still broken, items so it looks good in the system that they got it in and out of the store quickly.

ALWAYS test the stuff in the store before you sign for it saying they have repaired it. Sorry you got screwed.

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