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Best buy and Xbox customer support

Well I will start with best buy. I got a mac book pro and paid $399.99 plus tax for a 4 year warranty. My cat spilled water on to the mac book pro while i was sleeping and woke up to a wet computer. The whole system got fried since the battery cord was plugged in and sat there for 5-7 hours soaking wet. I called apple and best buy, they don't cover accidents. Me and my Mother brought in my mac for repair at best buy and we pay $1017.00 (tax included). I was promised that I would receive a call as soon as they receive the information on the repair. They never called and I ended up calling in, I was told it was being sent back and the repair will cost more. We go back to best buy to buy a new mac book pro and we ask to transfer the warranty. They obviously so no because its only for that product. Well we are buying the same product and I asked where does it say this in terms and conditions. After that they pointed some in the middle where it is. I didn't read it but they decided to take $100.00 away from our full refund since they couldn't fix our problem and cause we decided to send it out. The company geek squad/ best buy don't call when they say they will also why the *** are they taking more money from me when they didn't do anything! Now to Xbox 360 GB slim (newest edition). I got this system and had no problems till I noticed a problem with what they didn't have on the box or in the hand manual. This started because I bought borderlands map pack downloadable content which says on the back requires a MB memory unit. The system says I require a hard drive in order to play. The box doesn't specify what type of memory unit it is in the hand manual too. Its says "4gb internal memory unit" when its really a GB flash-drive internal memory unit. Also it doesn't say the GB slim doesn't work with CD downloadable content. I called in to Xbox customer support talked to 2 people who both leaded me to a dead end. Then the third got to a supervisor that promised me that halo reach co-op campaign and firefight would work along with my CD borderlands(All requires a hard drive but doesn't say anything on the box or hand manual about! only that xbox live some of the content don't work (only true thing)). So i was promised a repair and was suppose to receive a e-mail to ship off my Xbox. What I was getting supposedly with this shipment 1 free month Xbox live, 1 year warranty added on and all that stuff that requires a hard drive to work. Didn't send the shipping label so call again. I was told that they can't do the stuff that requires a hard drive and can't give me a full 1 year warranty only the 90 days added on top of my other warranty when i send it in.So I waited again then no shipping label. I call again and this is the 3rd supervisor and talked to about 10-11 people all together including the 3 supervisors. He told me I was lied to and I won't have any of the hard drive content working and that the first supervisor didn't record my stuff. Got my shipping label call back talk to final supervisor and tell me I can't receive any warranty addition cause I have warranty. And she explained how the 3 other supervisors lied to me and noticed the same mistakes on the manual and stuff too. I call again cause she sent me to a dead end e-mail that got no reply. I called again and talk to a representative who then promised a specialist would call me with in three days and leave a message if i'm not home. No specialist called so I said screw it and bought a hard drive because NON of customer support can contact corporate and can only by e-mail which i didn't get a reply from. Pretty much Xbox GB slim doesn't have all the information and has lied to who ever bought it. I was lied to by 3 supervisors WTF!!!! Also I was lied by not having a specialist call like they said. Thats just a quick rundown of what has happened to me with both terrible help and customer support from Best buy/ geek squad and Xbox/ Microsoft. Hope you guys can do something!
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First off did you purchase the warranty that includes the accidental damage or did you just buy the regular one? Second if it was unable to be repaired they should have given you the prorated amount of money back for the remainder of your warranty period. I'm a supervisor with Geek Squad and we deal with this every day of the week...if it didn't have the accidental then the water damage wouldn't have been covered, it states all of that on your Black Tie Protection pamphlet.


Sounds like electronics just aren't for you. Maybe you should try crossword puzzles or word-finds.


First of all your an *** for buyin a mac book. Second of all your a *** for owning a cat and if you u look right at the front of the xbox Package it says it only includes a 4gb memory unit.

I hope you, your mom and your cat all die

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London, Ontario

Promotional product not available at retailer

Purchased mattress set with promotional free Samsung 40" LCD HD tv at Best Buy free! Model stipulated by Rooms To Go LN40C500 not on display at Best Buy and not in inventory at any Best Buy stores. Store clerk advised model c500 not available and was replaced by LN40C530, which they carried at a HIGHER PRICE! They would not, or could not substitute and advised me to go back to Rooms To Go, which I did. Manager of Rms To Go had no authority and would not help. I purchased more expensive model and advised salesman, Keith Davis of my displeasure at how things were handled. Salesman will discuss with Mgr and have him call me. Have not heard back as yet! I need satisfaction and reimbursement of $75.
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We bought a living room set from R2G and got the Best Buy TV offer with the deal. We ended up receiving a $600 Best Buy gift card, valid 5 days after delivery (which the salesman told us and is plainly stated in the paperwork).

We were able to use the gift card AS A GIFT CARD!! In other words, we got $600 credit toward the purchase of a really nice LG 3D LED HDTV, not the Samsung that was offered.

Why y'all are having so much trouble is beyond me. As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to outfit another room with R2G furniture just to get the $600 gift card, and apply it toward the purchase of a new computer.


You're ***


Rooms To Go is the sponsor of the offer, so you're barking up the wrong tree to get this resolved.

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Houston, Texas
Best Buy Manager

Best buy---- poor product place

COMPLAIN AGAINST "BEST BUY"AT WEST HARTFORD Dear Sir, 1. On March 11, 2010 I went to buy laptop to present my father on his 60th birthday to the "Best Buy".2. Unfortunately the Sony model I wanted to purchase was not available on the counter. I requested the sales person if they have back in the stock. I was directed to the counter called "Geek Squad" for the enquiry.3. The gentleman at the "Geek Squad" informed me that they have 7 opened pieces with them as their "Geek Squad" work on them. To load antiviral and other software.4. As I had to buy, as March 11 was my dad birthday so I failed to visualize the game/tactics they play to sale returned material/ repairable/defective items to hard- pressed customers.5. After 1 month the "Anti Virus software "Norton" expired although it was for One year, which was the first indication to me of its being old/used stuff.6. On December 20, 2010 I went to Best Buy and complained that the laptop hard drive or fan is making loud noise. They checked it and informed me that they have to send it to "SONY" as it is under warranty. They further informed me that they would inform me through phone once it is ready to pick up/ repaired. 7. Even after about 3 weeks I did not hear from them; on repeated contacting about the status on my laptop I was asked to wait, as they have not received.8. I was real upset with their conduct which was leading me of their passing time to get out of warranty on march 11, 2011.9. I contacted the Sony Service Center to know the status of my laptop. They in return asked me the Reference number, which was nowhere on the slip Best Buy gave me. I informed them of the Service order number but it was of no use to them however they were kind enough to contact Best Buy while putting me on hold. After 10 minute on hold they informed me that Best Buy did not provide them the reference number under which the item has been send to them for repair. They further informed me that the Reference number always starts with "THREE ZEROs"; and requested me to visit the Best Buy to get the Reference number for them to trace the item. 10. Out of my shared frustration I conducted the BEST BUY "Consumer Relation" explaining problem. The Consumer relation lady understanding my complain, immediately contacted the Best Buy West Hartford. She informed me to go and pick up my computer, as it was ready since a week before. 11. I inspected the laptop and complained that the same noise was still exists. The girl at " GEEK SQUAD" agreed with me and went to her senior associate who found me of different skin change his tone and did not agree with me. However he said he can take it back but if "Sony " finds no sound then I have to pay for shipping and handling. This is totally wrong practice by BEST BUY which should be taken note off to stop BEST BUY from Black mailing the customers.12. The laptop was taken back to the BEST BUY West Hartford with the complain that the laptop not loading window and the noise still present. It was checked and found that the hard drive was faulty and making loud noise. 13. I was given 2-3 weeks to check the status and I was also told that I can not return or replace this used purchased item; although I purchased at the actual price.14. In all my visits I pointed out to the GEEK SQUAD the time period left on warrantee; I was all the time told to buy "Geek Squad" service pact. Another way to exploit customers to purchase their services. In light of above following assistance is requested please.(a) Replace my laptop with factory pact laptop as the laptop is used one and is Defective or refund my money.(b) The Best Buy should be asked to stop sale of open / returned /repaired Items© Best Buy should publish requesting customers to returned all such costly items which were sold after opening by them or returned by customers. This is because many young innocent customers must have or are suffering because of this system of sale and attitude.
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"who found me of different skin change his tone" I was with you until this point. What is your proof of this?

This is a terrible thing to suggest without proof.

Geek Squad/Best Buy will rip anyone off regardless of race. How do you know it was strictly because of skin?

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Stamford, Connecticut

Best Buy Geek Squad = classic cable company

purchased a wireless router from Best Buy and, because I didn't have time to install it myself, paid for a Geek Squad "agent" to install it in our house. I was given a schedule, Friday, Feb. 4 between 8 a.m. and noon. A four hour time period, just like classic cable company style. And sure enough, in classic cable company style, the "agent" called to say he would arrive late and showed up at 12:30. He got one computer routed in, couldn't figure out how to get the wi-fi secured, and couldn't get the other computers connected. And we ran out of time. I needed to leave for a family commitment at 1 p.m. I have now placed several calls to have Geek Squad return to fix the mistake. The earliest "agent" visit is now scheduled - 8 days later - for tomorrow, sometime (supposedly) between 8 a.m. and noon. So tomorrow, instead of going to my son's basketball game, I will be twiddling my thumbs hoping Mr. GS will arrive and actually be trained to get the router installed. Lesson learned by me: buy online (from anyone but Best Buy) and install it myself.
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Apple Valley, Minnesota

Best Buy Computer Optimization Problems

Hi, I'm writing an article about customers who've had problems with Best Buy's Optimization policy. A number of Best Buy customers have seen a laptop or desktop advertised for a certain price, but when they get to the cash register, they are informed that the computer has been "optimized" or set up and will cost more money because of that. From what I can tell, it's not an isolated incident. If you or someone you know has been charged for this set-up fee for a desktop or laptop, please email me at sgabekahn@***.com. Thanks, Gabe Kahn
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Anyone *** enough to buy a computer that the retards at Geek Squad had their *** hands on doesn't deserve to have money anyway. I wouldn't take a computer they touched if it was free.

Car dealerships should optimize some new cars by driving them around for a couple of weeks and programming the radio and clock.

Then charge could charge 20$ more for the car. Geek Squad customers would love that.


Are you a current employee? About how many computers of a particular model are pre-optimized and how many are not?



Not all of the computers are optimized. We pre-op a few of each model for the conveince of not having to wait to have the services done. If you decide to buy a pre-op computer which is clearly labeled then yes you do have to pay for those services

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New York, New York

Took a $2400 laptop in for repair,gave us wrong one back

we took in my laptop for repair under warranty and the one we got back was not it and it had less memory and smaller hard drive i went back to let them know and they did not have one for as much as i gave for mine so they offered us another one and it was not the same price as the one we bought. the original cost $2400 and the replacement laptop was $999 i took it because i was leaving for a bluegrass festival the next morning.i lost about $1400 we bought all our appliances,television, computers,sound system at best buy in fort smith AR.
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Your story doesn't make sense, if you brought your laptop in for repair, they should've given you your laptop back. To accept anything else is completely *** on your part.

If your laptop was beyond repair and they offered you a replacement, you shouldn't have just accepted being out of $1400. Either you're by far the stupidest customer ever or there are things missing from your story

#220944 Review #220944 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Metamora, Michigan

Best buy

Best buy the costumer rip off store. First they will not deal with warranties furthermore they will sell you extra warranty packages and will not help the customer. After you pay you are on your own and will have to deal with third parties. The employees are trained to lie and hook you to spend money and leave you stranded when something goes wrong with anything you buy from then. What a bunch of crooks. So if you think it does not matter if you spend $1.00 to $ 100,000.00 you are on your own if the product fails after you leave the store and great you purchase extra warranty Best buy will not hear you and will sent you to the third party and the third party will sent you back to Best buy so is a go around in circles scenario. Sure Best buy has your money who cares about the customer
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Well there's your problem right there, you bought a phone from a COSTUMER. They should be selling costumes, not phones. You're ***


As far as your situation goes, I'm actually not a part of the Best Buy crooks. You could be telling the truth for all I know, but I find it hard to believe that an item was broke when you left the store, you return it with receipt (I assume right away if it was broke when you left the store) and they refer to the manufacturer. There seems to be a gap of information in this story.

I don't really give a *** if you want to hear my opinion or not. You posted your opinion, I get to post mine. Welcome to America, comrade. It's not always about what you want to hear.

I am not a professor of English, I do make occasional misspellings and typos, but when your first sentence is "Best buy the costumer rip off store.", I can't help but think you are either 7 years old, or have an IQ of 50. The rest of your rant isn't any better. If my English was that bad, I wouldn't think I knew it well enough to be typing it on a public forum or even speaking it.

ME DA? NO YOU DA! (whatever that means)


Well since you are a professor of English and can not see your mistakes like an illiterate person. You sound like you are part of the Best Buy crooks.

In this world when you buy components from reputable stores you have their backing further more it is standard practice to stand behind the products you sell. Most important help your clients as they are the reason why you are in bussiness. The point is not the extended warranty but the faulty product that fail as soon as we left the store. Do not reply to this email you perfect one sided person.

This is for the benefit of working people like me so they go to other stores were customer service is a priority. YOU DA


Ah, I think I get it now. I have to assume by your spelling and grammar that you are 7 years old, bought a Dora the Explorer phone, and got referred to Hasbro for repairs.

It's a good lesson to get out of the way while you're still young.

You READ agreements BEFORE purchasing. You never blindly hand over your money and assume the agreement meets your standards.

They have brochures that explain their warranties in detail. Although you may have to wait until you're 12 or so to be able to understand the bigger words.


In case you want to know Simon . A phone was bought at best buy.

After an inspection from Best buy the reasoning was. There is no physical damage to the phone in any way. The product fail from the inside out. No one knows why so you customer go and take your complain to our third party suplier.

Our policy is you pay good buy do not bother us. You mention I pay for your wonderful extended warranty.

Best buy go talk to the third party warranty supplier our policy is you pay good buy sort the issues of your product on your own. Good buy


Simon I guess you do not understand when you buy a product from any other store if the product fails before the warranty period written on the package. Then it is the responsibility of the vendor to help the client.

I understand the extended warranty but it does not matter to Best Buy their policy i got from the best buy customer service. It broke too bad go to the manufacturer best buy policy is that they do not get involve with products that they sell and fail. You as a costumer have to go to the manufacturer and sort your claim on your own. So you can call best buy and they will sent you to a third party and will not entertain your complain.

Now it this fare to the client and trust a store that will back up the products they sell. After all us customers pay so best buy can make a profit and maintain their stores open.


Since you seem reluctant to share what actually happened to you, it will be difficult to help.

My guess is you didn't understand how the warranty worked (probably didn't want to spend a few minutes actually reading it) and now you are upset that when your item failed, you didn't get to walk in and get a new one off of the shelf. Or possibly you don't understand the concept of EXTENDED warranty which means it kicks in AFTER the manufacturer's warranty runs out.

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Brampton, Ontario

Best Buy does not communicate with Shipping

I ordered a Whirlpool, 36" range hood. Best Buy advertised online that they had this product. They did not. They had to special order it. After they took all my info, including my credit card, they informed me. Two weeks later I was given a date of arrival by J.V. Hunt, their shippers. However, Best Buy had no record or confirmation of this delivery and told me it was still on back order. I cancelled the order which took two hours on the telephone as they insisted they could not cancel a special order. One hour after cancellation their shipper called me to say the hood would be delivered the next day. However, since I had cancelled the order now they could not deliver and asked me to reconsider and call Best Buy. I did so and was told I could not change my cancellation and would have to wait and start all over again. Best Buy and their delivery people do not communicate with each other or with the customer. Many apologies and another wasted day on the phone with Best Buy. Because I had ordered via the phone aka the internet I could not go into the store either. Best Buy is insane.
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I feel this way as well. I went online to order a very expensive tv.

I chose the option on the order form of picking up the tv in the closest store because the website and order form said it was available for pick up at that store. They processed my order,took the money from my credit card, then the next day when I went to get it they said they couldn't give it to me because someone at their store failed to "pick" the inventory and therefore the order would have to be cancelled. if the store did not have that item in their inventory my order should never have gone so far as for them to take my money hostage. They have my money and I do not have a television.

I sat on the phone with customer service for an hour + with the end result being them cancelling the order and not getting the sale. I suggested many things they could have done to give me -the customer- satisfaction but they refused and kept telling me they wanted to cancel the order!? I don't see how they can take my money from my credit card in a less than a second but can't put it back that quickly so that I could have gotten a tv that day. They do not care about their now ex-customers and they certainly are not interested in making a sale.

They definitely will never have my business ever again because they are completely unethical in their business practices. They should have owned up to their mistakes - which were numerous - and gotten that tv to me in any way they could have.

I know many other stores that would have taken that path. But not Best Buy.

#220641 Review #220641 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

Best Buy defrauds, lies, cheats.

High end Nikon Camera purchased in late August for Xmas gift with understanding it was returnable after Xmas. Call to returns confirmed return policy for Xmas gift. Retuned camera end of December 27, (unopened with receipt). Return denied. Return manager Jessica tore box label when opening it and pointed to tear saying it had previously been opened. I pointed out returns person Brandon who by phone confirmed return would be okay. Manager walked over and whispered to him. He then came up and denied the agreement. Cost $500. Letter with return receipt and restricted delivery sent to BestBuy CEO Bradbury Anderson has been unanswered. It behooves persons tempted to patronized BestBuy for convenience or price to think again. Customer service, integrity and good will are lacking at Best Buy.
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Oh My GOd you bought a camera in August and expected it to be returned inDecember. You must be very important are you the pope or the president.

I sat in line behind some one like you about a week ago. Just accept the fact you are outside of the return policy and get on with life.

I work at a bank and you remind me of the people who over draft an account and want us to give you the money back because you can't keep your finances straight. Nat even Walmart takes back things that old and they take anything back.


Oh My GOd you bought a camera in August and expected it to be returned inDecember. You must be very important are you the pope or the president.

I sat in line behind some one like you about a week ago. Just accept the fact you are outside of the return policy and get on with life.

I work at a bank and you remind me of the people who over draft an account and want us to give you the money back because you can't keep your finances straight. Nat even Walmart takes back things that old and they take anything back.


LOL @ Shadow for being completely oblivious to sarcasm.

-Buying something in August for a Christmas gift and expecting the return to be cool? ***.

-Mailing the CEO of a mega-corporation expecting individual response? ***

-Mailing the RETIRED CEO of a company? Extra ***


I have to agree with Simon. Usually a cashier in retail will do everything within their means to make exceptions (within reason to the return policy). It sounds to me like she had reason to believe it wasn't unopened or she would have returned it.

Why would Jessica purposely tear the box so you don't get to return the item???? Seriously. You sound like one of those *** customers that no one likes or can stand in the first place....

People like you want to make the world bend over backwards for you. Have people hold your hand while shopping. Im sure your the type that doesnt understand why prices so high or why coupons have exclusions. BOO WHOOOOO.

Shop online. Thats my advice to you. That way you don't have to actually deal with real you can sit in your corner on your computer and be a anti social complaining loser all by yourself.

Ps I dont work for Best Buy either. I work for their competitors but think your complaints are ***.

I doubt Simon does either. I read his complaint. He simply disagrees with you. I love how you automatically asume that anyone that disagrees with your BS works for Best Buy...good call. Your like a modern day mobile lie dector test. Nothing gets by you.

Happy Days :grin


A) Extended holiday returns never started until November. How did you think you could get away with returning something 3-4 months later?

B) Bradbury Anderson retired of CEO almost 2 years ago, and was replaced by Brian Dunn.

How old is this claim, or did you maybe do your homework wrong? Nice move lol!


Thank you Shadow. Isn't the fact that I'm rude and nasty proof enough that I don't work for any of these companies?

Wouldn't they want me to be a tad professional?

I stand by what I said. If a NON-COMMISSIONED employee said it was opened, I believe her. She has nothing to gain by lying. Meanwhile, customers lie all the time to get their way.

Why would she go out of her way to deny the return and listen to the customer *** at her all day? Wouldn't she accept the return if she could?


Simon works for best buy? and he's being rude and unappreciative? Big surprise.

having worked in retail for a long time, if a person was told over the phone that they could return something they shouldn't be denied a refund when walking into the store. If not a refund, they should've at least got store credit. He purchased it fair and square and didn't want it. It's not like it was a dvd or cd, it's a CAMERA. Most people don't buy $500 cameras and use them and return them.

Simon, you said you watch these to make sure the company's name isn't tarnished. You are doing enough to tarnish it yourself, being rude and nasty. I can't speak for everyone, but if best buy hires people like you I wouldn't shop there. Besides, Geek Squad sucks. They know nothing unless it's something found online, and can't really do anything useful anyways.


Thats it. My cover is blown.

I might as well come clean. I work in Best Buy's espionage department and go around looking for complaints against the store and making rebuttals so the company's image isn't tarnished.

I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for your meddling.

But seriously, judging by how you come to a ridiculous conclusion just because someone disagrees with you shows me and everyone else how you quickly spin a story so you can believe whatever suits you and make you a helpless victim. I have no doubt that you have done the same with your initial complaint.


Your response is obviously written by a Best Buy service to contest complaints. Good try.

Cry and deny your cover has been blown.

No further responses will be made by me to your pitiful attempts to defend a business whose CEO does not respond to customer concerns. It is not surprising their personnel is inadequately trained.


I did read you statement. I just don't believe it.

Like I said, if you had adhered to their return policy, they would have no reason to deny the return. They obviously had a reason.

All we have is your side of the story, which I'm sure is spun to your liking. I don't believe that the employee tore the label when she opened it and then denied the return on that basis.

It's just not credible. Since we don't have Best Buy's side of the story, it just leaves people to guess what really happened.

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#220414 Review #220414 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Gave me refurbished TV

Had a plasma with burn in less than one month old. Called Panasonic said it was a defective plasma and to return. Big hassle but stuff happens. At best buy the replace it with a refurbished tv that I did not notice until I got it home. When I came back to the store a "Geek Squad" Manager told me it was my fault that the tv had burn in and they should not have returned it (i got defensive at this, as I never leave my tv on a static image, the burn in was from a defect in the panel.) Finally got my new TV but with wasted time money and verbal bullying from some tool at best buy. I feel sick that I spent over 3 grand there.
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#220144 Review #220144 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas

Best Buy in Moore, Oklahoma is Awful!

Most of the staff of the #1787 store in Moore is awful! They are very condesending to the customers. Especially a heavy set blond lady named Danica. She was rude, spiteful, and ugly toward my son when he asked her a question about the product. I will also say the same thing about a guy named Keith. He had a serious lack of customer service skills. Don't go to this Best Buy.The rest of the staff were goofing off and seemed inable to really know the product or be willing to help. Travel very far to another location!
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#219149 Review #219149 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Best Buy Doesnt Follow Through

Never again will we buy from Best Buy. We bought the kind of refrigerator we had saved for for years. Within the first year, it failed and couldnt be repaired. Because we bought it on sale, Best Buy refused to replace it with a "like-for-like" appliance, but rather for a cheaper refrigerator that matched the price we paid for the original. We ended up paying yet more money to get the one we wanted, along with an "extended maintenance agreement (another waste of money). When the 2nd unit failed, they sent out a repair-person who didnt have a clue. When yet another tech came, it seemed that the problem was fixed - for several weeks. During that time, we tried to renew the maintenance agreement but were told we couldnt do so, as long as there was a trouble-report still "open". It took several months, but the same problem recurred yet again. We were then told that we couldnt renew the maintenance agreement at all - ever. And they would do nothing about the "repair" that they never actually made. Bottom line - we're screwed and will have to buy bags of ice and live out of coolers until we can afford some cheaper model of refrigerator. Best Buy? Never again!! Ken & Patti McEnany Duvall, WA
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Appliances usually come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer who will send someone out who knows what they're doing. Try giving them a call.

#218844 Review #218844 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Carnation, Washington

Best buy insurance

To start I have been a loyal customer of Best Buy for the last 15 years. This is the first time I have ever complained about any company or business. In the last two years, my wife and I have purchased 4 Mac books, 3 tvs, 2 digital cameras, 2 HTC Evos, 2 gps units, a WII and countless other stuff. We have purchased in all more than 20,000 dollars worth of stuff in the past two years. We purchased our HTC Evos through best buy and then after being persuaded by the salesperson we switched our insurance over to Best Buy's insurance from Sprint. Recently the power button on my Evo went out, so I took it in to fix the problem. The salesperson informed me I would have to send in my phone for 2-4 weeks and could use a replacement while it was being fixed. The replacement is an outdated prepaid phone that is nothing comparable to the phone I sent in. With my business, it requires that I use the android platform for specific apps. There is absolutely no way I could use a prepaid phone. It would pretty much stop my work and lose me a lot of money while I waited. I asked to speak to a manager to see if I could make an arrangement for me to have a replacement phone with the android platform while I waited for my phone. A manager named Jeremy told me that he doesn't do it for anybody else and won't do it for me. I mentioned how much I have spent and am a loyal customer. He quoted by saying "We don't care how much you have spent it's not like we can just give you a 600 dollar phone". He was extremely rude and brief; he then walked off without giving me much consideration. I was then forced to buy a $550 dollar phone because I could not go without a phone while it was being replaced. I was not even going to complain to anybody until today when I got my phone back from the Geek Squad. Two to three weeks later, I come back when my phone is done being fixed. The person said the power button has been replaced and fixed. I turned on my phone all my data was erased (which I figured it would be when I got it back) and nothing was fixed at all on it. Now I have to send my phone off for the second time. I just want this nightmare to be over with and never deal with these rude people again. I guess Best Buy feels that it competes on price so it does not have to treat customers with any respect or consideration. It is very unfortunate this has happened with your company.
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Why don't you retire the old phone, just put in a drawer and forget about it--don't aggravate yourself by trying to get it fixed, just use your new 550.00 phone ans be done with it :? :?


well while I feel bad about your phone taking forever and it not being fixed correctly, I still think you're a snobby ***. I hate when people like you think just because you have thousands and thousands to spend at just one store, the store should roll out the red carpet for you when you enter and bend the rules for you if you tell them to.


I stopped buying from Best Buy a long time ago, they are rude and could care less about loyalty! I now buy all my goods from HH Greg or Wal-mart, its hassle free and I don't have to worry about extra insurance, if its broke they get it back!I bought the rip-off cell phone insurance and had the same experiences with the run around stories so now I make sure if there is anything wrong within the warranty period IT GOES BACK.


If there is no soul left in business, it is because we, the consumers, made it so. Remember the line "the customer is always right"?

Well the greed of consumers laid that to rest quite a while ago. If you don't like it, blame yourself


Wow, Simon, you seem to personify exactly what Dirks is talking about. Yes, unfortunately, in the mega-corporation world, being a loyal customer does not matter.

Customer service also does not matter.

Clearly, what matters to Best Buy is selling an insurance plan (read: FREE MONEY to us, since using it is a COMPLETE HASSLE), and selling to consumers who will never have an issue or complaint. There is no soul left in business.


What does it matter what you have spent in the store? You keep repeating that like someone is going to care. You spent $20,000 in the store? You also got $20,000 worth of merchandise so quit acting like you were donating that money. The money you spent in the store doesn't mean that a different set of rules apply for you than everyone else.

If you didn't like Best Buy's insurance program, why did you agree to it? Surely an intelligent business-savvy person such as yourself read all the paperwork beforehand and you knew you would be issued a low end phone while yours was being repaired. Why did you wait until after the fact to raise an issue?

Best Buy was following through on their agreement. The manager was correct in telling you they couldn't just give you a $600 phone, despite your request to be treated like royalty. They don't use smartphones or high end phones as loaner phones.

Your request for special treatment was rightfully declined. You were being unreasonable.

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Lubbock, Texas

Best Buy NOT

Bets Buy advertise they do layaways, well I tried it and won't ever go to this particular store again. I went to store 202 in Plano TX (they were the only one listed in our area) to put a LCD big screen on layaway. I had an associate get the item information and took it to the customer service counter. The associate said she could take care of it. An hour later I was still standing there and no progress. At this point she asked another associate for help. The other associate acted like she knew what she was doing but didn't. 45 minutes later I was still there and no apparent progress so I asked for a manager. When the manager arrived I explained what we were trying to do and that I'd been standing there an hour and forty-five minutes, he said "oh" and walked off. I had them cancel the transaction which was only as far as charging my debit card for the down. When i had time I checked the bank to ensure the transaction was canceled only to find it had not been and they had charged my account twice. Don't ever go to that store, the employees don't know what they're doing and the managers don't seem to care.
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Regarding the lawaway at Best Buy, I can understand why you were frustrated! Terrible experience! I think they have a customer service line to complain to - just to make this actually DOES get taken care of!!! (It definately shouldn't have happened.)

@ Simon - The person may have wanted to put the item on layaway in order to take advantage of a sale. It's still paid in cash and is NOT an indicator of someone's ability to pay for something.

And, as mentioned, it is a great tool to hide Christmas presents!!

Retailers don't care how you pay for it - just that their stock actually gets purchased.


How about just save up the cash before you buy it? If you don't have the money or credit to purchase something then maybe you can't afford it.

Maybe you should have chosen a profession that has better retirement benefits instead of "oh poor me".


Rude comments should not be allowed. Being retired Army I understand since retirement pay isn't the greatest so layaways become a budget tool.

What you advocate is using a credit card and paying 12, 15 or 18% interest but layaways are 60-90 day free, no interest. I've used one to keep my wife from finding her Christmas present and picked it up the day before.


Oh, a marine uses layaway? Well then I'm all turned around on the subject.

What the *** does someone's former occupation have to do with anything?

Should I break down in tears because he's a marine? Oh boo f'ing hoo.


Opinion noted, I'll let the retired Marine next door know what your opinion of him is since he uses layaways regularly.


2.5 million? Yeah that's less than 1% of the population. The rest have their *** together and can use a debit or credit card.


I guess there's about 2.5 million Americans that according to you are trailer trash.


Layaway is for trailer trash anyway.

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Dallas, Texas
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy doesnt honor Manufacturer warranties

I will never purchase anything from Worst Buy ever again. In the past thirteen months I have purchased three laptops from Worst Buy. Two of them failed within 5 weeks. THe first one I brought the computer in for warranty work 5 weeks after I bought it and I was told the warranty doesn't cover my repair and the minimum for laptop repair was 200. The child working there seemed nice so I believed Him and bought another lap top. an acer. What a box is of nuts and bolts that computer is. I'm pretty sure it was a discontinued model. I was very slow for a 2010 computer an i had nothing but problems. So this last December I bought a Gateway and with THAT computer I had a monitor problem after 4 weeks. I took it back to Worst Buy and This child that I spoke to said it was my fault 4 times and it would not be covered. I called Worst Buy Customer service. Maybe it should be called customer disservice. When I spoke to Customer Disservice they asked me if I bought a service plan and when I said no, they transfered me to a dead number. I called back the next day the exact same thing happened. So the thing to do with companies like this is call a lawyer. so thats what I did. If anybody reads this and they have a similar problem.... Don't bother arguing with these crooks. I sent an e-mail to the Illinois attorney Generals office. I called the Federal Trade Commision and filed a complaint with them . I found a lemon Law attorney and I'm waiting to hear from him. Also I found a number for a class action attorney. I will rattle these peoples peoples cage until they change there business policies to a more consumer friendly policy.
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Jesus that was barely comprehensible. It was plain idiotic for more reasons than I'm willing to waste my time going into, aside from making sure to type this so you know how much of a *** your statement made you out to be.


This is the stupidest complaint that I've read all day. Try spending more than $400 on a laptop next time, and don't act like a *** when a RETAILER doesn't honor the MANUFACTURER'S warranty. It's two completely separate companies, so don't waste your time trying to sue the pants off of the middle-man company who has no support obligation (warranty) to you.


Simon c' sound like a Best Buy fanboy. Any store that wants to sell additional service plans just so they step in to facilitate warranty claim service is (in my opinion) simply extorting more money.

I've had great experience with Newegg - . They've earned my business for the most part. I really love to look at the "sales" that Best Buy has. Even on sale, their prices don't compete with Newegg or Tiger Direct. Plus I don't have to put up with the kids that are supposed to be the experts at BB.

In my opinion Best Buy will vanish over the next 5 years. By their stock chart, they've really tapered off. Customers that get burned or treated poorly don't come back for a very long time. I'm one of them.



I so agree with you on all points. Buying an Acer and a Gateway?

Come on, they are low end Laptops. Gateway makes Acer and Emachines, they are Gateways budget end computers. Very true that Best Buy will not honor Acer's warranty. Best Buy does not work for Acer.

Spend a few hundred dollars more and get a better brand computer and you will not have that problem or better yet...

buy the protection plan... then Best Buy will help you and fix or replace your computer.


why would best buy honor manufacturer's warranties? Best buy is not a manufacturer they are a retailer.

And the computer is slow because you bought an acer, which couldn't possibly more than 400 dollars. The only fault here is that the employee didn't tell you up front that you were buying a pile of garbage.


First off, if 2 of the 3 laptops you bought at Best Buy failed, it is probably your own fault for not knowing how to use them. This is reinforced by the employee telling you that this is your fault.

Of course Best Buy doesn't honor manufacturer's warranties. That is why you call Acer and have them honor their own warranty. Best Buy honors the service plans they sell, not some other company's warranties. Durr

Slow for a 2010 computer? Wow, you really don't know anything about computers do you? There are always cheap, slow computers for sale for cheap bastards that don't want to pay for anything nicer. You get what you pay for.

Go ahead and complain to whoever you want, it won't do any good. Let me know the outcome of the lawsuit. If you break all the computers you touch, maybe you should try a coloring book or something instead. Computers are probably too complicated for you.

There definitely seems to be a "child" in this story and it seems to be the author.

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