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Best Buy Has a Problem-

....We live in Oklahoma City and we buy most of our TVs,stereos and DVD players at Best Buy.My first complaint is that since I am disabled, The store does Not have an Electric Cart for the ones at Wal-Mart. The second problem with Best Buy is that there is Never a sales-person willing to Help you with your purchases. We arrive with the money to buy our items NOW...and the staff just Looks at us and wanders Away somewhere. This store needs Sales Persons that have Knowledge of All of the products available, their Cost -And their Warranties.
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Dear I Hate...etc...etc..,

Keywords here are: Customer,Geeksquad,assist &Products. Not about "Hate", as far as the Geeksquad &Their Function is concerned.

They are about Warranty Service.I've got no Beef with Them...Just the Salespersons-who Aren't There for me. (I see you've gotten up on the Wrong side of the Nest,Birdie...).Westie.


because one minute you hate Best Buy, now you don't.


no offense but Westie, you're really bipolar.


...So very Kind of you to respond to a customer's Concern...and by the way, my husband takes my wheelchair to Best Buy now. We Always purchase "Geeksquad"Protection, and we certainly Appreciate the assist we receive regarding the Products we buy. Westie.:)


Our job as a electronics sales company isn't to supply your medical needs but your technological needs. I hope you have a serious disability and are not a overweight whale like the rest of the U.S..

Blame your absence of a wheel chair on all of the obese people who use them because they eat so much they can't walk 5 feet in front of them without getting tired. So what if you enjoy food, so do I, workout lazy people!

Back to your issue, GO TO BESTBUYS WEBSITE and post about your issue or speak with a manager. We cant improve if you don't tell us.

I am sorry about your bad experience with the salesman but not the wheel chair. We can't afford to take care of those needs for you and make money. Face it, we are a business and are in it to make money like it or not.

So is Walmart, Sam Walton worked 21 hours a day and told his family to come to his work if they wanted to see him. Its business sorry!


Dear Westie,

Thank you for your kind response. I have indeed noticed the errors in locations of the original posters, particularly mine.

I pray you and yours fared well as a result of the terrible weather throughout your state.


:eek ....Dear Amy, I have noticed that,also.Seems my posts Get Around more than I do.This is Not my doing-However, you might want to watch your own posts...You might wind up sending posts from Florida.WJ.


Oh, Sorry. In re-reading, I see that you live in Oklahoma. How does your account post from so many different states?

Thanks again for your attention to my inquiry.


Dear WestieJ:

How is it that your posts appear from Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Texas?

Thank you for your reply.


...I see...(said the blind mouse)...He doth Protest too much.Perhaps Consumer questions are not his Forte.He didn't even Offer a suggestion regarding my Best Buy post..WJ.

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Best Buy - Customer Service

I am a typical consumer electronics shopper who never buys the extended warranty. Figure if it breaks I will just buy a new one. Well this Christmas my son bought an Ipod at BBY and to my disappointment he bought the BBY 1yr service plan. Well just this last week he broke his Ipod. I was pleasantly surprised when we went to BBY. They immediately replaced it with a new one off the shelf - no questions asked. I was very impressed with their customer service and commitment to my sons satisfaction. I learned an important lesson here and I profess that BBY DOES HAVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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I agree with Darren. a typical consumer is usually a typical ***.


I love when people say they won't buy the protection and they rather buy a new item instead. So if the Protection is $20 and a new one is $ would rather spend $200? Basic brainer...


a happy customer on this site that doesn't whine like a little baby? well that's 1 out of every 100.


You get what you pay for... fair enough

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I purchased a $2500 TV at Best Buy #299 in Raleigh, NC.. When the store delivered the TV, the TV screen was cracked and the store manager and sales manager would not exchange the TV.. Not only that but the two managaers said that myself, father and sister were lying...
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Because you're an obvious shill for this company.

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Best Buy Sales Manager

Bait and Switch 42' LED LG LCD by Managers' | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

On 2/18/12 I purchased an open box 42' LED LG LCD for the Woodmoore Towne Center Best Buy. On this day i was looking to for a Superbowl return and came across this tv. I was not on display so I was unable to test it before purchase but I figured it would be good since they have a 30 day return policy. All was fine was the purchase until I was leaving out the the store I had been in the store for maybe a 30 mins looking around after to had purchased the TV (it was with me in the cart). As you know BB policy requires you to present your recipt on exit. While doing so the TV was taken from the cart by the Entertainment Mgr. and and presented me with a different TV. To my surprise I asked why he swapped my TV for another OPEN BOX TV (the same one as I purchased) because he said someone had purchased the TV I had been walking around with a few hours earlier. That made no since to me cause if that was the case why wasn't it removed from the floor and why did the saleperson sell me the TV. A big arguement was created and the GM Prasad got involved. He snatched the recipt from my had and told me that I dont need your money we will just return you your money after we sold you a TV and now we are going to exchange it from another. The whole dilema lasted another 30 mins with cops having to be called to provide order to the store since this whole problem was front and center at the main exit and entrance. The OPS Mgr. had to resolve the problem by checking that the TV they swapped to give was in working condition. Which it was thankfully. After all of this I will never shop with Best Buy again. Their service is unprofessional and I hope they become another Big Box Store that falls to ECom businesses. I would hope that no one would have to go through what I had to for a purchase at BB.
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What motivation would the poster have for making up a story like this? You and Simon have become so bitter from working retail customer service that you hate the customer in any situation.

As if that's a type of person, as if you yourself are not a customer at times. A lot of people treat customer service badly, I get that. However, this company has a ton of complaints against it and clearly has unethical practices as well as bad service.

Why defend a company that abuses people like that? If you are really just company shills then you're doing a poor job of trying to show the company in a better light.


I don't know, this story sounds made up or exaggerated.


It looks as if Best Buy has got a lot of complaints. This sure makes me think twice before buying anything from Best Buy!


After that episode, I'm sure you won't be missed. Please stay far away from any and all retail stores.

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Customer serice bites | Best Buy review from Escondido, California

I purchased a home stereo on dec.19th 2010. 4 months i used the USB port to listen to my iphone. I didn't work on top of that my iphone would no longer charge! I had purchased my phone from them and the AV cable to. They replaced my new iphone with a refurbished unit and exchanged the cable. I asked if the stereo could have been the cause and was assured it was not. Today i needed to used the USB port. I plugged in and immediatly my battery on my iphone was drained and the stereo shut off. I would not turn back on. After about an hour and a half, i stated playing with the stereo trying to get it to turn back on. I plugged a USB cable in and wiggled it a little and the unit turned back on ! It's like magic !! Best Buy should have replaced the unit 4 months after i purchased it while it was still in warranty but they chose not to. Today they chose not to help me. For that, they have lost my $4-$5k a year in business !! Best Buy...Your customer service BITES !!!!!
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it is due to LCD problem. Since i have the watrrnay period i consulted HTC AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE - CELL INFOTECH, Egmore, Chennai and HTC SERVICE CENTRE - Basvangudi Branch, Banglore, but i got ill responses.

MR Uday Kumar, 9884090092, Cell InfoTek Chennai, ill-treated us,i came all the way from banglore to chennai to get it serviced but there is no proper response and especially the guy guided us badly.My whole 26,000 rs is wasted now.

Whos gonna answer this. This is the way you treat your customers.I have no complains over the phone, it is the smartest phone ever but service centres are too bad, please educate those service providers to behave properly with the customers.Please take necessary steps to bring back my phone and take immediate actions on those service centres.


The funny thing about all these obvious Best Buy shills posting here is that they're just as bad at their jobs as the rest of this company's employees. It's too obvious, and regardless you're coming off as cretins.


4 months is way out of the return policy its only 30 days so even if your stereo was defective it has nothing to do with best buy you should have called the company that makes your stereo as that clearly sound like a manufacturer defect.Or you should have bought the Stores Protection your fault for being a total ***.


this loser from Kentucky is pissed at Best Buy for something DirecTV did? alrightly then.


We know who the *** are!! Best Buy lost my business years ago simply due to the fact that they knowingly let DirectTV take advantage of customers by selling them satellite service without telling them the truth about DTV's dirty 2 yr. contracts and the DTV equipment the customer thinks they are buying is only leased.Best Buy has no respect for thier customers!


To get rid of you, $4,000 to $5,000 a year is worth every penny.


who says the word bites when something goes wrong? only a *** like you. and you have an iPhone which makes you a simple minded ***.

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Customer Service sucks | Best Buy review from Ridgefield, Connecticut

I bought a Samsung computer....I bought a wireless Brother printer. I cannot make a connection between the two. Went to buy a cable...there is no cable available to make a connection. 3 employees told me it should work...if it doesn't....its probably broken. Said its new out of the box but puchased it 60 days ago. Too bad for me...nothing they can do....i am out a 100. dollars....and no one there gave a &%#@. I also bought a phone there thinking it would be easier because they carry all the i needed help...Verizon wouldn't help and Best Buy wouldn't help.
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Obviously you didn't give a "&%#@" because you waited 2 months to connect your printer...or so you say.


well if your printer didn't work then why did you wait 2 months to return it? and the part about the cell phone makes no sense. you're saying they wouldn't sell you one..?


No store will return an electronic item after 60 days. Sorry that the rules apply to you too.

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Over payment. | Best Buy review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I purchased a refigerator from Best Buy and made a large first payment . The next month I was charged a late fee . They said I did not make the correct monthly payment . I immediately called the credit department for Best Buy and they said I did not make the monthlypayment . I spoke with many people and was not credited the late fee back. I can't believe they would not give me the late fee back . I really think that is wrong and will definately think twice befor I purchase with Best Buy again . They scam people and are not interested after you sign the dotted line.
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From what I understood, you made a large first payment and did not make a payment the next month. Your best buy credit card requires you to make at least the minimum payment every month you know.


If you pay at the register, the cashier will hand you a receipt printed saying what you paid, how much, the date and store number, etc. You should take that to the store or call and they should *** the late fee.

If you paid online, there should be a conformation screen after the payment has been submitted. Print it out once or twice and take that up to the store.

If you did neither of these, well shame on you. Then you could have proved when and how much you paid for your bill.


Best Buy more like HSBC or CHASE those are the financing banks take it up with them not Best Buy ***.


If you split the transaction at the register, you did not make a credit card payment.

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DONT shop this Best Buy

I purchased a camera for my wife in Christmas. After just a few months the screen goes out on the camera and when I go to the store for an exchange and or repair they advised it was not covered. The geek squad manager a very pompous *** advised that it was not a manufacturers defect and that's why they offer a geek squad black tie special plan. I guess the plan includes screwing all the customers out of standing behind a product by offering an inflated cost to have them provide customer service that was once necessary to conduct business. I have spent thousands in the store and in 3 minutes the lost me as a customer. When I asked if this was worth loosing a 20 year customer the manager didn't blink and eye YES. Screw Best Buy and its rip off programs making you pay more to receive the customer service we deserve!
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You do realize that Best Buy doesn't make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy it has the name of the manufacturer on it and manufacturer warranties don't cover accidental damage from you dropping it or whatever happened to it.

Once it's out of the return policy it's out of their hands unless you purchased the geek squad warranty.

And why do you think you're so entitled or special just because you've spent thousands of dollars there at Best Buy? Lots of people have spent a lot more money than you and don't act that entitled.


This is another example of a customer trying to scam the retailer. Retailers don't make the products, they sell them.

If the camera doesn't work, go after the manufacturer. If you damaged the camera, then ask the manufacturer for the address of the closest repair center and have it fixed.


A few months and Best Buy should be responsible for your camera? You probably dropped it a few times and that's why the manufacturer won't repair it.

Do you think managers really care about you? Maybe you should spend five minutes in the management office and hear what we say about you "precious" customers.


here we go with another *** that thinks he can control what a store is supposed to do just because he spends a lot of money. listen to the adults there when they talk to you, little boy or girl.

they offer their own warranty to protect your product. yes, they do it for more money but also if you want to protect your product. Best Buy didn't make the camera that you bought. retail stores don't make a lot of money on electrics as it is.

what makes you think they'll cover damages for free?

when there's a manufacturer's warranty, that means the maker of the product covers the warranty. maybe you need to learn that store and manufacturer are different words.


You still have a one year warranty with the manufacturer. Call them. Quit blaming Best Buy for not giving you a free replacement on an item you didn't buy a protection plan for.


People like you are annoying. Your camera broke which totally sucks that your hard earned money in this economy is gone but what do you expect a retailer to do?

Retailers stand behind manufactures and if the manufacture wouldn't cover it why would they eat the cost? In a perfect world they should but to be honest in my opinion quality of electronics has gone to *** because of consumers greed. Nothing is built like it used too be which is sad. I'm only a 10$/hr part time employee for 5 years and quality now compared too years ago is frightening.

Retailers have too sell it because Amazon sells it. Consumers look at price and not quality now days. If bby, hhgreg, etch would sell only high end quality stuff then they would be out of business. Wrapping up my point, I'm not saying you purchased a *** camera but electronic fail rates have increased a lot over the years.

Retailers can't afford too eat the cost of them all. Manufactures control retailers by the balls. I guess I should end with informing you I do work for bby, I understand you're upset, I just ask think once more if bby failed you.

If not I HOPE your future purchases are a great experience! If yes then goodluck and I apologize for our disappointment...

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Buyer beware they don't care about you! | Best Buy review from New York, New York

Inpurchased a new laptop in is now early March and it is toast...bad motherboard and fried hard drive. Not their fault for sure, lenovo is horrid with customer service as well, but they simplybdont care! They claim to have what they call a geek squad...well they don't work on new computers (probably are not capable) want to send it back not save data and have me wait for at least a month...and that doesn't count the fact that they LOST MY NEW COMPUTER WHICH IS WHY I ENDED UP WITH THE HORRIBLE LENOVO! Horrible service...the worst...don't patronize them go anywhere but thereneven if you have to wait a bit longer for your item.
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This is 2014 and Best Buy did not improve, unfortunately i only started looking at reviews after they *** me with my warranty. A 3yr warranty was void within one month of purchasing the laptop.They could not fix my laptop and they are giving a refund of the price of the laptop.

my 3yr warrant was no more after just one month. they refuse to honor the agreement as they had explained, anything happening to the computer they would fix or replace. they did not say one time in 3yrs.

if i knew i would have gotten a one year warranty. i will NEVER purchase from them again and i am making sure everyone i know dont buy from them.


Maybe your retarded *** should have bought your cheap piece of *** computer at wal mart. BEST BUY is awesome, your just a *** ***.


*** BB.... Scammers...

Ken M

If Lenovo is the problem, why does Best Buy stink?


Bestbuystinks ,

I hope the computer you used to write this complaint breaks as well - that way we don't have to listen to your ***


this guy sounds beyond confused.


I'm sure bestbuy offered their warranty which I'm sure you declined so you're on your own. What did you expect? this is no different from buying a computer from newegg, amazon, officemax, etc.


Look at tall the BB trolls happily trolling for the company. They think everyone is *** and doesn't know what is going on. Filthy company trying to save some of their POS reputation by dishonest means tells anyone all they need to know.


And it seems BB has their own trolls on the boards. What a loser company.

Look at the all the other responses and you'll find one or two more like this BB one. Company tools belittling anyone who dares expose BB for the POS that it is.


not that they dont know how they are not allowed to sorry you bought such a p.o.s computer but in all reality its like buying kia and complaining its not as reliable as a honda. spend some money and stop being cheap.

noone that works retail cares about you and your problems why should they. you need sympathy go hire a psychiatrist.

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Called Store Spoke to Geek SQUAD Adviced him I purchased A TV on 02/03/2012 today was 03/17/2012 sound wasnt working on tv less than 2 months old. Was told to bring it in for a refund exchange spoke with agent JC.. Even Told Me They Could Do a Over Ride. Well Stephanie Comes Out The Low end Manager and says its past 30 return.. Sorry... I asked For A STORE MANAGER SHE TOLD ME HE WASNT WORKING TODAY... Walked OFF FOUND THE STORE MANAGER 2 MINUTES LATER!!!!!! SHE LIED TO A CUSTOMER@!!!!! IRRATED THIS IS THE SECOND PURCHASE IVE BEEN BURNED ON... SEE YOU IN COURT BEST BUY!!! :) BURN ME ONCE SHAME ON ME BURN ME TWICE SHAME ON YOU...
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For those of you who don't understand...Best Buy has a 30 day return period on TVs, even if you purchased it online, you can return it to the store. If it's PAST 30 days, then it falls within whatever the manufacturer's warranty states for service.

In this case, that warranty is 2 YEARS. The important words to remember are DEFECTS IN MANUFACTURER'S WORKMANSHIP. Those four little words are very important! That means, that if your TV fails for whatever the covered reason, that's what THEY have to cover.

If your dog chewed through the cable, you spilled your wine on top, you dropped it, Billy cracked the screen with a bat...those things ARE NOT covered! But, anything having to do with what is reasonably expected with the operation of the TV is covered by warranty! A price match has nothing to do with it...having another one in stock has nothing to do with it! From your date of purchase (or, from the date you physically too delivery, if it's an item that had to be delivered) that unit is covered for 365 days (times two, for this one!) under the terms of that warranty!

Now, should you decide to purchase any additional warranties (Geek Squad Plans), it may augment or cover certain other issues not covered by the manufacturer's warranty (power surge issues, etc), but it can NOT precede nor supersede that manufacturer's warranty!

Now, in THIS particular case, had this customer kept his head about him, the store (at it's discretion) CAN choose to a) replace the unit, outright...b) exchange the defective unit for another of the same make/model...c) allow the customer to upgrade into a better/perception or not OR different set altogether!

You can believe me or not, but I worked for Best Buy (on their sales floor, in multiple departments, in multiple stores, in multiple states) for twenty years, so I think I'm pretty qualified to know what I'm talking about. And as far as the "I WAS LIED TO" defense goes? MEH!

Store Managers have a lot of things on their plates, and they have assistant managers and department managers to handle the issues in their departments.

For any customer to actually be able to corner one of these rare birds at any given time is EXTREMELY rare...and, usually, they are going to ask the department manager's for their input, anyway!

Still...I'd be interested to know how it all worked out for you.


You would know where to go to find knee pads that are on sale wouldn't you, Dustinwayne?


You do realize that best buy does not make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy, it has the name of the manufacturer on it.

That's why products have a 1 year manufacturers warranty and additional warranties are offered at the time of purchase. To the other comments on here.... REALLY? Are you fu#&king kidding me????

Contacting the attorney general and consumer rights protection over something so ***. What would they protect you from? Having common sense? It's an epidemic of stupidity on here.

That is the very definition of a frivolous law suit. Good luck.


I hope you win your case against this unethical company. They could only be describes as dishonest.They tell you one thing and when its time to honor the agreement they fine the fine print.

I hope they go out of business soon.

i will be happy to see them close. WORSTBUY


this Dustin guy is a complete ***. he'll take Best Buy to court and forget what's even going on.


File complaints with the BBB,FTC and the Attorney General in your state. One of these may be able to help you with the Best Buy problem. I guess best Buy thinks they are above the law.


Have you contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL (Consumer Rigths Proection )?

You may have a rights under the Lemon term

Also Bestbuy has been build a reputation of constantly violating Consumer Rights.

Best Buy must inform you, that any product may have their own guaranty policy ( by brand ),which you are not entiled to buy .

Before asked you to get any warranty offered by Best Buy.


well no duh the tv broke any how it is an insignia the are the worst company look up all the complaints


dustinwayne2010 ,

I hope you do take Best Buy to court and win your $80 - that way you'll only have $1920 to spend in lawyer fees instead of $2000.

Alan C

OP I would love to back you but i can't. Past the 30 day return policy stated everywhere.

What one *** employee says on the phone is irrelevant. You're under mfr warranty and BBY is NOT an authorized repair center for any mfr. Under GS plans, the only thing they do is send products out to a repair facility.

If you sue you will lose hands down. Use the mfr warranty and contact them.

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