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Sold me a Damaged Television

I bought A Sony Television and took it home before inspecting it, Big Mistake!!! The screen was completely damaged. BestBuy refused to take it back and put the blame back on me. I tried to use the AccountShield(protection from the bank that handles the credit line)protection and they turned me down and said the issue had to be resolved with BestBuy.I opened up a credit line of $5000 the night of purchase eventhough I only spent $1000 and the first time I have a problem this is the treatment I get. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they were the biggest joke of all. BestBuy just said they weren't wrong and the BBB said "o.k". I will never shop at a BestBuy ever again. I would also like to mention that I have served in the US Army for the past twenty years and this is a slap in the face on so many levels, the biggest of which is that they question my integrity.BestBuy is the biggest scam out there!!!!!!
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Army...*sigh* always whine about every little thing...marines don't have that problem. :grin


What in the blue *** does you serving in the US Army have to do with anything? I'm so sick of people trying to use that as a ploy for sympathy.

I thought military people were supposed to be tough. I served in the Army so I should have immunity from any kind of unfair treatment by stores forever. Wah wah wah... I guess you want people to think "If Best Buy did that do anyone else fine, but a military person?

That is heart-wrenching. Boo hoo" You should be ashamed of yourself for using the uniform to get people to feel sorry for you.

You probably damaged the TV taking it home, unloading it, or taking it out of the box. Then you want Best Buy to take a loss for your negligence.

Sorry pal, it's not going to fly. If Best Buy, your credit card with Account Shield, and the BBB said "too bad" it was probably your own fault anyway.

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#224938 Review #224938 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Products are pieces of ***

have bought two stereos. Reason for second one was because the cd player quit did the second one. Bought two dvd players..first one *** out because cd tray would not go back into player. They said I must have put something heavy on top of it. It was in a special compartment especially for dvd players so nothing COULD have sat on top. Second player just quit working after 6 months. Now, my mother is having a lot of problems with a side by side fridge. They just have *** merchandise and I will never shop there again and tell everyone I know to do the same.
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It seems like electronics may not be your thing. Maybe you should try a coloring book.


Maybe you should quit sucking the Best Buy ***


Kathy, I was unaware that Best Buy themselves manufactured each and every prodcut in their store? Perhaps you should not be a cheap *** and spend a little bit more and buy a better brand and not just stick with the same ol' MANUFACTURER that has poor quality products. Better yet, step into a Walmart or a Costco I'm sure a WHOLESALE store such as Costco knows quality more than anyone else does.



The problem is "They Don't"!!!

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#224660 Review #224660 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas

Best Buy does not care about helping their customers get a great value

I get really annoyed with stores that wont accept manufacturer coupons. I wanted to get a dvd with a coupon but they wouldn't accept the coupon because the dvd was on sale. That shows me that they don't want the consumer to get a great value. They get reimbursed so why wont they let me save the extra money? I'll go get the same deal at Walmart and they WILL allow me to use the coupon. i will only go there again when I want testosterone guys that think they know everything helping me find something but then not allowing me to get the best deal because they don't want to do the paperwork of mailing the coupon in.
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How about before you walk into a store READ the coupon before you try to use it. Of course you cannot use the coupong with sale items, that is double dipping my dear.

But go ahead.

Walk into a walmart and get shot down there too. Cheap ***.


*** it martimoo, I wanted to point out what a retard the OP is, but you beat me to it.


Its not generally up to the store whether or not the coupon can be accepted. READ the bottom of the coupon....many say it CANNOT be used in conjunction with sales items. lots of times it is up to the manufacturer if the coupon can be accepted

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#224383 Review #224383 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fort Myers, Florida

Best buy, buy the extended warrenty or dont buy at all

to bad best buy spent the money for insigina hd radios, their own brand, they are so uncertain of their producrs, they only give a 90 day manfactuer warrenty. long story short, if you want new technology, best buy is the place for retail brick stores, just add the price of the extended warrenty into it. the extended warrenty is considered the worst purchase you can make in things i read most about products, i think i will choose to wait until costco or walmart offers the product, they know how to back up what they sell. good luck, and keep spending your money where they appreciate, this means i do not reccomend best buy ever
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Maybe if you spent 1/2 the time reading the Terms and Conditions that you do complaining you would not be in this situation.

All you people think you are owed the world because you have an extended warranty, but I bet you even now have not even taken a glance at the service plan. And yes if employees had there own way they would tell you to **** off and punch you in the face, you and all your little complaining buddies


You’re the type of customer Best Buy doesn’t want there anyway. Most office retailers have that same warranty package.

Companies like Costco may gain a few more customers each year but loose millions of dollars by having to return products that the “actual manufactures don’t hardly guarantee”. Stick to Costco, I’m sure best buy doesn’t like to have to listen to you complain.

Do you know why employees in retail smile even when you’re *** about stuff that’s not even their fault ….because they have to? I’m sure if the Best Buy employees had their way they would push you out the door, flip you off, and help you fire up your broom stick so you could fly to Costco.


"i think i will choose to wait until costco or walmart offers the product, they know how to back up what they sell."

LMAO! That is funny.

Wal-Mart knows how to back up what they sell?

LOL! You truly are clueless.

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#224057 Review #224057 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Yucaipa, California

Best Buy Sucks

Best Buy customer service sucks! It SUCKS! It *** SUCKS! My kid's laptop and our microwave, which were both purchased at Best Buy about 7 months ago, failed within days of each other. The laptop failed because it got contaminated with viruses because Best Buy sells you a sorry-*** third rate anti-virus program (Trend) that cost $30 and only lasts 6 months! So, I take the laptop and the friggin over-the-range microwave (that was fun) back to Best Buy. Well, it turns out the *** 3-year warranty we purchased for the laptop for $300 *** dollars was only for hardware problems: the software wasn't covered at all. You have to fix it yourself, using those sorry-*** handmade recovery discs they give you, that are hand labeled with a marker "1,2,3," (Unless you want to pay EXTRA extra for them to transfer your data off of the virus-contaminated hard drive, because the recovery discs WILL erase everything on your hard drive) So I said "Fine, whatever". Fortunately, I knew how to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it in one of my other computers, and transfer the documents and other data to that computer so I could recover it later. God help someone who didn't know how to do this. This was my first trip. The next day, I decided to try and use the recovery discs they give you. Well, none of them would start. I called the store and they said I had to change the boot sequence for the computer so that it would read the disc first (again, God help you if you don't know how to do that) Finally the recovery discs started to work. Took about 4 hours. Now, here comes another nightmare: whatever Geek *** that installed Microsoft Office 2010 on the laptop when we bought it forgot to write down the *** product installation key! All there is is this little Microsoft card witha product PIN number, with a space to write in the product installation number, and that space is blank. So Microsoft tells me I have to go to Best Buy, have them login to Windows Live and retrieve whatever product instlalation code they got from 7 months ago. So I go back to Best Buy and tell them the story. At first the guy gives me the "Well, that was too long ago and we wouldn't be able to go back that far" routine and then I am getting ready to tell him that is too *** bad, I paid for Office 2010 and you had better just download a new version at your expense, when one of his fellow geeks offers to try and find the product key and install it overnight. That was my second visit. I go back the next day (third visit) to get the frigging laptop and bring it home. When I look at the Office 2010 product sheet, I notice that the CD installation code has been filled in, but the *** handwriting is so bad that if I ever need to re-install it I'm going to have to take it to a federal code-breaking agency to figure out what it says. My microwave MAY be done in 7 to 10 business days, because god-forbid that Best Buy ever replace anything, even under factory warrranty, without them trying to fix it first. Ever try to get by without a microwave and 2 kids? It's a *** nightmare. *** if I will ever buy anything from these *** again. (Miami)
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'Well, it turns out the *** 3-year warranty we purchased for the laptop for $300 *** dollars was only for hardware problems: the software wasn't covered at all.'- um maybe you should read the Terms and Conditions you *** cow, before you spend your precious $300.00 like a smart person would.

'because god-forbid that Best Buy ever replace anything, even under factory warrranty, without them trying to fix it first.' why would Best Buy replace something

that's not even covered by them and it is not there fault it is broken how foolish can you get.

'Ever try to get by without a microwave and 2 kids? It's a *** nightmare.' Ever try using an oven?

' *** if I will ever buy anything from these *** again'' I'm sure the employees don't want to see your ***-*** again anyway


So you're saying that the laptop is Best Buy's fault? Thats funny.

I've bought 2 laptops from Best Buy in the last 9 months and have been fine. You would be too if you would have paid attention when making your purchase. They don't just stick you with Trend antivirus, you had a choice of 3 different softwares. Not to mention yes you got 6 months free, but you could have not been such a cheap *** and opted to maybe get a years subscription, or the two year?

Then you may not have had so many problems 7 months into your purchase.

Even if you didn't want to purchase that day, you could have gone out at the end of your FREE 6 months and purchased more software (maybe a better brand) or renewed with trend online. This is ultimately your fault, maybe if you weren't so ignorant you'd still have your laptop minus all these problems you went through.


@ MeMayMyMowMoo are you serious? buy already offered to replace your speakers. its fine if you don\'t want to drive for an hour to another best buy store but to not even have the patience to wait for them to get a new set of speakers for your spoiled *** now that\'s just plain ridiculous.

your speakers wont magically pop out of a best buy just because you wish it to be so. it takes weeks to get another merchandise from another store because they got enough needy dumasses like you rushing them to pick everything up everywhere and frankly. there is not enough manpower to cater to everyones needs at a snap of a is better off with one less spoiled needy assmonkey.

and im pretty sure they are not gonna be going bankrupt anytime soon because one or two turds chose not to shop there. enjoy walmart where you belong.


That's really sad you have to rely on a microwave to get by. what, you feed your kids nothing but hot pockets all day?

ever heard about home cooked meals? and like Simon mentioned up there, you wont get viruses if your using your computer properly.

(not downloading or watching illegal stuff)you can even get by without any anti virus programs as long as your using your computer the way it should be used. its not best buys fault your a lazy and irresponsible parent.


I agree with you 100%! Best Buy's customer service out here in Virginia is just as bad!

We purchased a surround sound system in November. The speakers went out over the holidays at the end of December. So we took them in and they sent them to be repaired under warranty. No problem.

They called at the beginning of February to say that all the speakers had been fixed except one of them, which qualified for a free replacement. No problem. The customer service rep then said they would have to order a new speaker which would take a few weeks, unless WE wanted to drive 1 hour away to the only other Best Buy nearby that had them in stock. Are you kidding me???

Why aren't you just shipping it from that store to your store???

Anyway, we won't be buying anything from them in the future. Enjoy bankruptcy Best Buy!


Maybe your kid should stop surfing the *** sites and maybe you wouldn't have such a virus problem or you could be a better parent and put some parental controls on the laptop. Oh wait, that would mean that some of this isn't actually Best Buy's fault? Gasp! No warranty covers viruses genius.

It really isn't Best Buy's problem about your Microsoft Office product code. You could have easily gotten that off of your computer before your kid screwed it up. You can easily do it now and write it down. You are hilarious for even thinking Best Buy was going to give you another copy at their expense. They aren't responsible for making sure your kid uses the computer properly. I think that actually may be YOUR job.

To sum up your story: My kid broke his computer, Best Buy wouldn't fix it because it was the user's fault, they wouldn't teach me computer basics to fix it myself, so wah wah. You've got nothing.

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#223876 Review #223876 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Miami, Florida

Best Buy not honoring the black tie warranty.

Just under two years ago I bought an xbox 360 from the tri-county best buy in cincinnati ohio with the black tie warranty. Earlier this week I went to return it as it had been freezing up on me. When I was sold the warranty I was told that when I brought my old broken system in it would be traded out for a new one in the store. This was the policy when I bought my warranty. Well imagine my surprise when they told me that policy had changed since I bought my warranty and now they wanted to send it out and send me a refurb in the mail. This was not the policy that I paid for and I had to spend several hours on the phone with corporate before I could get them to honor the warranty the way they sold it to me at least in part by having them give me an exchange for a new one. Then after all of that headache they dont even have any of the comperably priced $299.99 models in stock not only in that store, but anywhere in the entire area, I cant even order it off of the website. Then the kicker is that no one has an answer as to when anymore will be in stock on the website or in stores, so now my agreement that was to get me a new system on the spot has me waiting an indefinite amount of time to see a replacement, when no one can tell with any conviction that they will even continue to carry that model. They just tell me to wait and see. This headache was not what I paid my $60 for, and the fight I have had to make them do what they told me they were going to do when they took my money is unacceptable. The employee that sold me the warranty and product made a verbal agreement with me as to its terms, and as I have signed no other paperwork since I paid in cash it would seem to me that verbal agreement is as binding as any other, and that best buy should honor the agreements made on their behalf by their staff. Needless to say, after having to fight for upwards of six hours over the course of a couple days just to wind up getting them to still not fulfill their parts of our agreement, I will no longer be sending mine or anybody else's business in the direction of Worst Buy home of the horrendous customer service. Even if their employees give false information, if it leads to a sale they need to honor that agreement and then reprimand that employee later, I should not be punished for your employees lack of understanding of their own jobs, the fact that they should be better trained should affect the store, not the consumers. That is to say the store should eat the lose for the lies of its employees, not the consumer that was sold an item under false pretenses. That would be swindling me out of my money to sell me one thing and then say it was another after having taken my money. Not that my money will make or break best buy, but they will not be seeing any more of my money once I can finally use this *** gift card they gave me in lue of my actual machine.
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sounds like all you *** work for best buy your a bunch of ***


I just got screwed out of my 52" samsung flat screen. The warrenty cost me $250.00 then they charged me another $150.00 to send a geek squad tech to my house to tell me they aren't fixing or replacing it!!!! I've never been so angry in my life!


um if you bought your Xbox before 2008 then you have a case if not then you are just a *** who wants his way and will kick and scream until your get your way. I bet your mommy gave into you a lot and you were the spoiled brat kid no one wanted to come to house or play with their kids.

Did you blame bad grades on your teachers too? Jimeny read your paperwork. Had you read it you could have returned it. I buy stuff for my kid there all the time I am not tech Savvy so I alway get the plans.

I have one thing on you though I read what is given to me. If you did not like what it said you could have returned it


I agree with Simon ^^^^^Why would you buy something to begin with that doesn't clearly state what your getting for your money? Thats a *** move on your part.

Policies change, its not the employees that work theres fault.

I have a great idea...why don't you use the gift card you were given to either buy yourself a new attitude, "manners included" or you could donate your gift card to whoever helped you at Best Buy for having to deal with soooo many hours of your ***. :)


There is no commission for selling them but they will be shown the door if they don't sell enough of them. Can't blame them for doing what they need to do to support themselves.

You would too.

The top brass at Best Buy is who you want to blame.


There is no employee commission on those extended warranties



agreed. they make commission selling those warranties


Despite your vast knowledge of the law, it actually doesn't matter one bit what you were told. What matters is what is on the paperwork that you signed.

The employees are under a lot of pressure to sell the warranties and will lie to you to get you to buy one. That's why you have to read what you sign and keep the paperwork.

I doubt you will get a brand new Xbox.

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#223840 Review #223840 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Best Buy Gift Card

Best buy service

well they want 550.00 to mount an install my tv an i have all the parts an they dont meet there time to install you item iam still waiting for my tv to be hooked up ill just do it my self dont bother with the geeks rip off first they tell me 150.00 then they say 550.00 i tell them where the dog died so now its 300.00 because they didnt show an messed up the whole order of my installation hire a guy off the street you will do better trust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes
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We were dumb enough to pay the outrageous install fee from Best Buy. They charged us $300 just the the dam HDMI cable for a wall mount!

This was after spending $2100 on a new Sony TV.

What a rip off! :(

#223837 Review #223837 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Boston, Massachusetts
Best Buy Installation

Best Buy Abilene texas

I purchased an asus computer I payed 79.00 extra dollars for geek squad, three days later I returned with my computer because it kept shutting so I took it to the geek squad ,he turn it on and said because he could not see it shut down he could not do anything for me but if I payed 200.00 more dollar he could check it out, I did not have the money for that I had spent 529.00 dollars on this computer just three days prior I left think maybe it was just a glitch well here it is February 24,2011 and I get my receipt out and find out it ran out already 14 days is all they give you for computer returns I should have returned it the day I took it in because now I'm stuck with a 500.00 dollar computer that does not run properly when I did ask the geek squad if they could have by accident made a mistake installing geek squad ,that's when he told me it would cost 200.00 more dollars my regret is walking out with that computer . BAD BUSSINESS PRACTICE , go somewhere else where people still care about the customer,obviously Best Buy does not.
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Perhaps read the return policy on your receipt next time to avoid a bigger hassle?

#223560 Review #223560 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Sweetwater, Texas

BestBuy-Worst Service

I purchased a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone with Android 1.6 from BestBuy last month and the guy I purchased it from in the BestBuy store said that there is an Android upgrade available on Sony Ericsson's website to OS 2.1 but later I found out that Sony doesn't have any plans for upgrading the OS on this phone anytime soon and now I'm stuck with this phone for who knows how long. I went to bestbuy to see if I can return or get a new phone but passing my 30 days time period, they said they cannot do anything about it. I spend a lot of money at BestBuy and have been a premium silver rewards member for a while now. This is ridiculous. I'm not happy with BestBuy at all and their very unhelpful responses from their team.
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worst service ever experienced. you'd think that if they aren't going to carry a quility product, they would at least shine on their service.

They fail completely on both. got me once-never again

#223473 Review #223473 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Newington, Connecticut
Best Buy Website

Best Buy-Worst Service

Never do I recommend Best Buy for ANYTHING. As a computer consultant with a customer requesting only Best Buy products I sadly caved to my customer. Online showed what I needed in stock at a location that was great. Called the store, its there and available, my customer wants to order online and pick up later that day, OK I see no issue order online with request to pick up at the correct location. Inventory system error, my product can't be picked up, the on-line inventory says it is not available. Call the store they say call the 800 # and have them call and verify the order and everything is good, sounds simple. Nothing is simple with Best Buy!. OK here is a summery of a 2+ hour customer service nightmare. 1. call and get a woman willing to help,very nice everything is OK. Disconnected. Need to call back. 2. call back store and re-verify everything is there and the process. 3. call and get a woman who is short and says nothing can be done, I need to cancel the order and buy it at the store. 4. attempt to get a supervisor, clearly another woman said she could help. 5. Get routed to Customer Relations only to be told they can't help because they handle store purchases. 6. call and speak with another woman who seems caring(mind you to this point compassion was out the window) then she tells me since my client used his card even though all the info was mine they cant tell me anything about the order, this after I have been going over this issue with 3 people prior and it is a long issue I have been talking, explaining, transferring and holding for well over an hour only to hear no one should have talked to me at all! In short I had to cancel the order and explain to a very good client that there was a huge error and the product needed to be picked up at the location as planned however it would need to be paid for at pick up. The whole thing made my company look very bad, I never order from them and when I make the attempt to please a customer only to receive literally the worst customer service imaginable when an error on their end happens it was so upsetting. If you ever need good products and great service give us a call, I promise we will never get anything from Best Buy.
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Way to use a complaint site as free advertising to your ma and pa operation.

#223459 Review #223459 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Best Buy Rips Consumer off With Warranty

Best Buy claims to sell great 2 year Extended warranty for Any accidental damage. Well a year rolls by and a simple cord got damaged. Consumer calls Abilene, TX Best Buy up explains situation. Geek Squad rep. says sure it was covered come on in. Consumer explains he bought 2 year extended warranty and that the rep said it was covered and to come in. Same Geek Squad rep. starts explaining that they can not honor the warranty. Also says that 2 year warranty has expired after 1 year. Come now. I work in a Law Office. The cord was fixed by me. But it had to be fixed because Best Buy would not honor a warranty that was sold to me. Regardless, I was about to buy a top line I7 core Laptop from Best Buy. Thank God they will never see another penny from me and they owe me for the gas that their rep ripped me off for going there. This is the second time Best Buy has faulted on something with me. I will be happy never doing business with them again.
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I agree with Simon, if your not gonna read the bloody Terms and Conditions maybe your not smart enough to own a laptop


I'm sure that someone who works in a law office was smart enough to read all the paperwork before signing and paying for this warranty, right?

You they don't owe you a penny for gas either.

To be totally fair, their employees are under tremendous pressure to sell the extended warranties, even if it means flat out lying to the customers. However, that doesn't excuse you from not reading the paperwork.

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#223306 Review #223306 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tyler, Texas


I made a purchase and price matched. I then provided a 10% Best Buy coupon for my purchase store refused to take it. These are two different things. I am confused about policy. I could not find anywhere on any policy that states that you can't do both. I just called the Best Buy 1-888 # (spoke to Mary). They stated that the policies are not company wide, but individual store can change them as they see fit? They stated I was double dipping (I guess that is what saving money is called now)? They also stated that the system would not take both coupons (not them). I figured they would call the "Geek" on duty to come over and help them..
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this is a whiner if I ever heard one. Tell him to stop whining and save room on this site for serious complaints


The store is correct on this. You are trying to combine 2 price reductions. You absolutely were double dipping. Not going to fly.

The policy is whatever the manager says it is. Seeing it written down doesn't change anything. It's HIS store! If someone comes over to your house and asks to drink all of your beer and you say no, do you need to provide it in writing? Nope, your house, your rules. If he doesn't like it, he can leave. If he feels you broke the law, he can sue. Just like you. If you don't like the store's rules, don't shop there. If you think they are breaking the law, sue. Isn't America wonderful?

Stop being a cheapskate, buy the item that was price matched and use the coupon on something else.

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#223302 Review #223302 is a subjective opinion of poster.
El Paso, Texas

Sold broken netbook

I purchased a netbook toshiba computer at best buy along with a 50 inch plasma tv digital antenna several weeks before that I bought a 4 g evil phone I was in the process of moving from 1 house to the other kindred open the computer up right away up on opening it it appeared fine once it was powered up the screen and some black marks on it tired programmed in the passwordbut never did anything else when I went to return it they said I had done the damage because it took so long for me to return it 05 daysand then I put a password in lol refund no return no repair matthew stone operations manager at the chesterfield michigan store number 1095 he was rude and matter of factlythat I was out of luck
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I would suggest re-taking grade school and then attempting to post your complaint again.

#223027 Review #223027 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois

Mechant advertising a product with wrong price. Merchant did not want to honor displayed price.

I'm very disappointed the way two managers treated me, despite it was their mistake, displaying an item stocked on the shelf with the wrong price. Best Buy did not wanted to honor it. The name of the managers: Bryan C Wurst and Eric Abrams. Evanston IL 60202. (Date 02/21/2011). The item was a Voice Recorder. Called Customer Service and Spoke with Corney who totally ignorned me as well. Is that the way you treat customers to cover your staff mistakes not doing their proper job. Also they implied I did move the item in order to get a lower price. There were a couple items stocked incorrectly. I had been there the day before shopping around and I came back today to buy the item and I got shocked when I experienced all this.
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The same thing happened today (8/17/1) @ Best Buy in Marlboro MA. They had a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Sports Watch listed as clearance on the shelf with a price of $91.94 I checked the tag and the box on the shelf matched the description.

The price rang up @ $239.99 They wouldn't honor it. Said that the $91.94 was for the 'older' model, not the one on the shelf. Called their consumer dept and they said it's up to the store to honor the listed price if they wanted to.

Oz, the mod said he would give me 15% off. : (


Customers put items in the wrong place all the time. It happens in every store.

Maybe someone before you put it there. People usually put something in their cart and see something else for a lower price and put their item where the lower priced one was. Then you walk up and see that product with that price tag.

The store is in no way obligated to sell it to you at that price. If they were, I would have a friend put a $999 laptop by a $4.99 price tag.

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#223015 Review #223015 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Conway, Arkansas

Best Buy pickup site.

Best Buy hire mostly young boys and girls. I have waited to get waited on more than once, while the boys were chasing the girls. I can say that one they see you they ask if they can help, if not they go back to their playing. Best Buy should hire people that are knowable of their products and care about the consumer. Most of the time this means older people. This does not go on at one store, I have seen it at least three. I know they are not paid a commission,and the is to keep hard selling down, but maybe they need a supervisor that can keep it looking like a place of business.
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You are ridiculous. You think older people are going to know more?

I know for a fact, older people tend to know less when it comes to electronics and technology. The fact that they were young has nothing to do with how they acted.

That store obviously does not take care in who they hire, or keep an eye on their employess to make sure they do their job. Just because you're old doesn't mean young people are dumb.


Simon, you are right , I shop online.


If you don't like the service you receive, don't shop there. Problem solved.

No need to cry, complain, whine, ***, or anything else. Just don't go there.

Since you clearly have the know-how, if you have the courage to put up or shut up, put in and application and show them how customer service is done.

Be a part of the solution instead of whining from the back row. Unless you're scared of having a 17 year old kid being picked over you.


Simon, I do not care who they hire, there use to be customer service.


In order to be compete with places like wal-mart best buy has to be cheap. In order to be cheap they pay their employees minimum wage and no commission.

Most self respecting people with the expansive knowledge of electronics you require are not going to accept minimum wage.


You should tell the store you visit that they shouldn't hire who they want, they should hire who you want.

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#222048 Review #222048 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia