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Same problem with my computer and after warranty runs out they told me to buy an extened warranty

Took my daugther's laptop for repair three times for the same problem, Three times they replace the power cord. Today I refuse to accept it. I told them that The power cord should not stop working every 4 months, sometime else is wrong with the computer or the power cord is defected. They said we had our best people look at it and it was the power cord. I continue to tell them that I should not have to continue to replace a power cord every 4 months. They told me to either take my computer or just abandon it, because we did all we can do, it is working.
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So what's the problem? They fixed your computer.

Refused to accept it? That's precious. What did you think that would accomplish?

Did you think they were going to go get a brand new one off the shelf for you so you would save them the trouble of recycling yours? You're funny.

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Glendale, California

Best Buy in Marin City, CA Sucks!

I bought a new washing machine from Best Buy in Marin City CA. I took advantage of their installation. While installing the new washing machine, they disabled our clothes dryer. The installation crew, pulled our dryer out from undercounter space and in the process shredded the flexible exhaust connector. When I called Best Buy to schedule someone out to fix the appliance they damaged, all they would say is, "I will have to file an insurance claim". They would not say when or even if someone would fix the problem they created. When my husband pulled the washing machine out from the undercounter location, he found the operations manual taped to the top of the machine! Bad installers, Bad customer Service and down right *** service. Don't buy anything from Best Buy. They do not deserve your money when they treat you like ***!
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San Francisco, California
Best Buy Installation

Use extreme caution when buying a gas range from Best Buy

We purchased a gas range from Best Buy and arranged for delivery on Friday March 18, installation and pick-up of the old range on March 19. After receiving two calls to be sure we were home on Friday we got a call to say it was not on the truck. After raising a ruckcuss they finally delivered it Saturday morning. But the install guy has not gotten here yet - 3 PM and waiting. So, unless you have no life or want to wait multiple days / weeks (yet to be determined) to get a gas range - DON'T get it from best buy
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They suck!

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Culpeper, Virginia
Best Buy Installation

Retailer fails to honor warranty

I've heard all the friend-of-a-friend horror stories about Best Buy and the Geek Squad and never paid too much attention as I don't normally shop at Best Buy because their prices are so high. I didn't have a lot of choice this time as the product I bought was a cell phone protective case for a cell phone provided by my employer. I could not shop around for the best price as the phone needed protection immediately (I am somewhat of a klutz) and the retail options in my small town are limited. The case, a Best Buy branded product, came with a 1 year warranty. After 6 months the case broke. I returned to the same store I purchased the case from, with the receipt, and they refused to replace the item with one in stock, forcing me to go to the manufacturer for replacement of the broken case. Perhaps I would have had the same problem regardless of the retailer and this is normal retail practice. Even if it is, I still won't shop at Best Buy ever again.
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So Shelly I guess youre one of those people that buys a car gets a flat then crys rape at the dealer.


Retard, retard, retard...Best Buy does not manufacture cell phone cases or anything else for that matter. Go to and please post a link to a Best Buy brand cell phone case.

How about a Best Buy brand TV? Computer? Oh you can't because they don't exist? Then you admit you don't know squat?

They may have partnerships with certain companies but that doesn't make them liable for their warranties.

You should have some idea what you're talking about before you open your ignorant mouth. I hope you don't breed.


Simon Simon Simon....if the product is a "BEST BUY" product the waranty is through BEST BUY!!!! He was absolutely correct to take the product back to the store he purchased it at. Any company that wont stand behind their own products is a company that shouldn't be in business!Sounds like your the genius...


The product was branded by Best Buy and they thought it better to send you to the manufacturer. Speaks volumes about what they consider important.


Your warranty is through the manufacturer, not Best Buy, genius.

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East Rutherford, New Jersey

Pre-order not full filled

I pre-ordered the game "Home Front" for my X-Box 360. With the pre-order of "Home Front" from Best Buy a free headset was offered. On the 15th of March I went to pick up "Home Front" and the head set. I stood in line for sometime. When waited upon I was told they were all out of headsets and would not be getting any more. I was told I could take the game as is or get my deposit back. I chose to get my deposit back. The store I use is located in Fort Smith Arkansas.
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Washington, District Of Columbia

I hate best buy!

Purchased refrigerator with extended warranty. Contract has provision for replacement after 3 service calls. Since purchasing we have had to have the unit repaired more than a half dozen times. This time when we scheduled a service call after the customer service agent insisted that we had to prove that the service calls had happened, a supervisor named Nathan got on the phone and assured us that a technician would come out today (3/16/2011) and confirm that the unit was broken and Best Buy would replace the unit at fair market value. The appt. was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The technican called this morning confirming a repair (not replacement) appt. for 2-4. We have been unable to resolve this issue with Best Buy. They acknowledge that there have been many service calls but insist that they do not have to replace the unit. Other than just the inconvenience of not having a working refrigerator with 9 people living here, we have incurred hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. And please visit the site
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Your plan's "no lemon" policy does not apply to any mfr service. that's why you're screwed with multiple service calls. You were had.


Depending on when you purchased the policy, certain plans covered food spoilage. 200$ I believe.

I would call the geek squad number and speak to them. They should stand by the "if we can't fix we'll replace" motto.

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Malden, Massachusetts
Best Buy Replacement

False advertisement

None of their employees or managers knows anything about their products. Pre ordered a game because they offered a free headset when you pre ordered. Then they didn't know if they even had the headset. After that they pulled the ad and we called several times to find out if we would still get the headset since we pre ordered. No one knew anything. They didn't know if they were doing a midnight release. Then other friends that tried pre ordering for the headset were told it was first come first serve, so no guarantee that pre ordered copies would receive a headset. We went to Wal-Mart. Will NEVER step foot in Best Buy again. It's more like Worst Buy
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I assume you're talking about homefront? Many people I know have had issues with their preorder for that game. I guess it was a storewide error. They did not send enough of the actual game headsets and had to suppliment. You're not the only customer with this problem. Everything is run by computers and sometimes the message doesn't travel fast.

Ps. Don't get worked up over something that's free. Its silly


Is it obvious that SIMON must work for WORST BUY???? since the only thing he ever has to say id something ***!


Ebooks Store:

More than 45,000 ebooks in this store.Most ebooks are good quality and very cheap.

If you have any question,you can contact me with LIVE CHAT,I'll reply as soon as quickly.

Thank you.


You would think, though, they would know about the products and special ads they publish

but what would I know


More like Worst Buy...hahaha that's original.

Sorry if they don't put the whole store on notice about your video game. You would have thought they would have held a 5 hour meeting about it.

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Best Buy Black Tie Plan Is a JOKE

I purchased approximately $1900 of surround sound speakers and Harmony remote. I also purchased a two year extended warranty (called Black Tie Plan). I have had techs come out to my house on three different times to repair the remote to no sucess . Now the Best Buy Black Tie contacts will not even speak to me over the phone to try to work with me. THis plan is no more than lets take your money and pray that you do not have any problems with the equipment .. Because we are not going to repair it ..We are going to keep your money. BEST BUY BLACK TIE PLAN IS A JOKE AND SCAM ...
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No The Black tie plan just sucks... I bought a $700 phone and they have had it longer than I have had it!

Then they tell me that I should buy another one until mine gets fixed! Plus they told me before buying this Black tie scam that it was a direct replacement plan...

I had the phone for 6 days and so far they have had it for 22 days. Best Buy is and always will be a joke!


Maybe they just didn't want to deal with you.

I have the protection plan on everything. And have needed it on my television 3 times. and all three times it's been fixed within a week even with having to wait for a part.

My computer's cord broke and I got on in the mail next day delivery.

My washing machine broke and they were there the next day and it was fixed and has been working fine.

Must be something wrong with you!

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Houston, Texas

Employee kicked me out of store declaring i did fraudulent returns in front of customers

I had been purchasing items and paying my bill right on time for several years at Best Buy. Most stores have polite, helpful employees, but the one on 185th and Cornell at Tanasbourne Mall in Beaverton, Oregon has a manager that actually embarassed me several times in front of his customers, and possibly mine. Not being especially tecnically savvy, I had to take back a few things that I had purchase for my son and I guess the manager did not like me to return items. I always thought this was part of doing business, and in my business, I've had to return things, too. But it usually comes back to you if you treat your customers with respect and helpfulness. This manager has come up to me and literally acussed me of being "fraudulent, saying he was going to call the police if I did not leave the store now" loudly, I might add. I was mortified and am close to taking Best Buy to court for slander. I couldn't believe my ears, the way he spoke to me, pointing to the door for me to "get out!" I have never done anything "fraudulent". If returning an item that you can't use (before the required 3o days) is "fraudulent" then, people in this country don't need a big business mega monster like Best Buy. I was so humiliated I didn't know what to do, so I left. Now I wonder what all of those people in line behind me were thinking. Some of them could have been my customers! I hope there is someone out there listening that will make this right. I will not shop at Best Buy anymore. With all that goes on in the world, who needs this kind of degrading negativity? Thanks for reading.
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Get over your self. Really I hope you enjoy your returning experience at Walmart.

Oh and don't forget the friendly " service " they give BWAH HA HA! I can't wait to see your complaint about Walmart


I believe it is totally understandable for the manager to be upset with you returning items, over and over again. Ok did you have the receipt within the 30 days.

If the item was not defective and you have been returning multiple items many times, it is in the best interest of the company to deny you a return. You should do the research yourself and make sure you are making the right purchase.

Best buy loses money with people like you. You buy something open it say "oh this isn't what I thought" then return it and best buy can not sell it for that price again.


You were probably buying brand new items and returning them opened. I'm guessing you were making a habit of it.

If I was the manager, I would have been mad too. Good for him for throwing your butt out too.

Fraudulent returns cost the store money and raises prices for all of us.

Your accusation of slander is hilarious. Please keep us updated on how your court case is going.


I bought a compuiter there and never work right and out of the money I spend on it fixing it, I coould of bought an Apple

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Portland, Oregon

Best Buy has the Absolute worst customer service of any store I have EVER dealt with.

Best Buy sent me a confirmed e-mail that my T.V. would be delivered on a Wed. I called to see what time and they told me it would be between 0830 and 1030. I arrange for some one to be at my house for the delivery( he had to *** work) They never showed. I called the main number and they said I don't know why they told you that even though we do have it in our record The t.v. is not even available until the next day. So i reschedule it for two days later on Friday. I call The main number on Thursday night to see what time again they tell me by 10:00 in the morning. So I again arrange for someone to be there. The delivery guy calls me and tells me he will be there by noon. I said but I talked to them last night and they said someone would be there by 10:00. H says I don't know why they said that because I have not even talked to them. (Are they pulling these times out of their ***?) So I have some one waiting at my house, now we get a call that they have had a blowout and it will be another 3 hrs because they have to have some one from the main store come and change the tire. Can they not change a tire?. I will NEVER purchase anything from Best Buy again.
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Protection Plans are not worth the paper they're printed on. Simply put, if a company is repeatedly selling you merchandise that becomes defective after a short period just take your business elsewhere.

To me, PPs are an option, but shouldn't be a selling point, because then it's telling the consumer there is an expectancy of this product defective. True customer service is bending the rules for customers regardless of legal loopholes.

Future business trumps immediate business every time.


Best Buy gave you an opportunity to by their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan, you decided not to purchase it so it is your fault that your Gateway was not fixed. Manufacturers warranties usually suck; thats why amazing companies like best buy create those PROTECTION plans to protect you in those instanses when the manufacturer does not.


:( Best Buy sold me a Gateway Computer that failed after 10 months and neither BB or Gateway will repair or replace it!

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Durango, Colorado

Best Buy- Springfield, PA - Disaster

Purchased a Toshiba Notebook for $493.97 in October 2010. Found out the hard way, 3 months later, that Best Buy will only stand behind its product for 30 days, despite the $89.99 warranty I paid for. Best Buy had to ship the Notebook back to Toshiba for 4 weeks of repairs. Now they want us to pick it up and try working with it again. I want my $493.97 refunded. Best Buy's version of "customer care" was to tell me (1) how busy they were after the holidays so their Geek Squad was overwhelmed, (2) that 30 days is all they can do and (3) I should have known the risk I was taking by purchasing a computer and expecting it to work after 31 days. Trust me...if you are thinking about a computer you MUST go to Apple or Dell. Best Buy is totally disinterested in you once they have your money.
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I am puzzled. Due to several inconsistencies with your issue I'm forced to assume on some statements in your story. Firstly, Best Buy has stood behind your product from the very beginning. The terms of said "standing behind" were directly available to you via a small pamphlet containing the terms and conditions concerning Best Buy's position on your protection plan. This pamphlet was to be read and understood in full before purchase and to verify your understanding as an Informed Consumer, Best Buy had you agree to the terms and conditions via a small touch screen located near the counter for your convenience. I assume at the current time, legally, you and Best Buy are bound by a contract regarding the service of your product which I am sure is in working order.

Second, It seems acutely clear that you were surprised about the wait time for your item. This is an issue clearly available to you as an Informed Consumer to research in your protection plan pamphlet. Best Buy has the ability to send products covered by protection plans to several authorized repair centers. With plenty of Best Buy locations stateside and abroad these service centers can reach capacity very quickly and customers can experience a longer wait time for their covered device. However, there are some instances when sending a problematic device directly to a manufacturer. Wait times can be even longer than 4 weeks for a particular problem. I believe that 4 weeks isn't necessarily a long time to wait for a device easily available at a public library.

Finally, expecting a new device like a laptop to work 30 days after time of purchase is a realistic expectation, however, expecting each and every laptop from Toshiba's assembly line to work after 30 days is not. Some units come to Best Buy with Hard Drives missing and units come dead on arrival. One has to understand that as a major retail electronics store, Best Buy cannot truly guarantee that each and every product they sell will work 30 days out of the box. They do not manufacture any product and will only authorize a 30 day in store warranty. Given the circumstances regarding computer manufacturers I assume that at least 10-15 percent of laptop computers and desktop PC's will fail prematurely and within the manufacturers 1 year limited warranty. In light of this Best Buy has established itself as an authorized warranty repair center depending if you have purchased your product with them. They have a contract with several major computer manufacturers that allow them to perform PC repair on units within their 1 year warranty at no extra cost to the consumer. The contract allows them to send your unit off to a repair center without you having to mail it directly to the manufacturer.

It seems to me that Best Buy is still interested in you as a customer even after they received your payment considering that they performed what was(I assume) major repair on your unit at absolutely no charge to you. This is why I stress that we become proactive about our shopping experience with major retail stores like Best Buy by reading their material posted on receipts and other literature they provide. It allows us to protect ourselves from embarrassment,incorrectly placed anger, and ensures a healthy relationship with those stores.


Can you name one store that would allow a refund on a computer after 3 months? Didn't think so.

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#225696 Review #225696 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Best Buy - Return Policy

I recently bought a IPAD for my wife. At the time of the purchase, I specifically asked the sales associate about the return policy. She replied "30 days from the day of the purchase". Since the purchase was for my wife, I wanted to make sure that she likes it and I have an option to return it in case there is a problem with it or in case my wife feels its not for her. Since the purchase, the device constantly locked up during operation. My wife was not satisfied with the purchase and wanted to return. I took it back today for the return (winin 30 days) and was denied any help. Now the manager told me that the return policy is 14 days and not 30 days. I was denied the service even after I informed the manager about my prior understanding of the 30 day return policy. Now i am stuck with a product I am not really happy with. I have decided not to do business with best buy in the future and cancel my credit card account unless best buy honors my request and returns the product. adnan wazir
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Ma & Pa and 100% customer service = closed forever.

Megastores and 100% policy = thriving more than ever.

It's no mystery which store customers prefer. I wonder figure it out.


A business cannot stay in business if there are no customers paying into it BECAUSE of said policies. There has to be a balance of policy and exception. There are two spectrums of the scale:

Ma & Pa = 100% customer service

Mega Stores = 100% policy

The failure to define a middle line is what gets corporations into trouble. While it's true that a company can lose too much money by bending over backwards for EVERY customer, a company can also lose too much money by following their policies too closely.

Rules -HAVE- to be bent in customer service. Put away your pride as an associate and put yourself on the customer's side. Throw the book only at your more irrational, ruthless, violent, abusive customers and do your best to provide a satisfying service to the other customers.

Most are simple enough they misread something, misunderstood something, or honestly didn't see it. It's happened to me a few times too. Outside of work we're all customers.

Customer Service didn't die, it just became precious (think diamond) in a world full of narcissism and legalism, so it's rarer.


yes best buy's policy's are on the back of the receipt or hanging high on the wall in small print.. I do work for BBY and brought that store's policy should be brought down and posted where they well be seen..

I was told something I already knew..

and training on policy needs to be done better with workers at BBY.. I for one if i'm not sure I track down the answer..


Maybe you should have read the terms and conditions for returning the item before you spend your precious money, not just demand whatever you think you are owed just because you bought something


I work for best buy. I personally thing the return policy is just. If you are willing to spend that much money on an item it would be in your own best interest to do the research and make sure you are purchasing something that you will use and enjoy.

With that being said the employee who misled you should have face some sort of consequence. No the return policy on any computer based item is not 30 days it is 14 days, if defective. Also, you will have to pay a restocking fee. Best buy does not make any profit on these items They are being sold for the customer not for best buy to make money.

The customer when making a purchase that size should find out all of the necessary return information BEFORE making the purchase and not just going by the word of the front counter person who doesn't personally sell computers. Next time ask the person who sold you the item, they will know the return policy on the item they are selling.

Just be smart with your purchase. and don't blame 16 year old kids for your poor judgement.


So, the days of "Customer Service" are over and now we only follow policies. I dont agree with that but lets just say (for an argument) this is how it is.

There is still an issue when a sales associate misminforms the customer on the policy. My mistake was that I did not read the back of the receipt once I had a face to face conversation with the live person. I wonder how many people do the same.

And when I returned, I was called a liar instead of accepting the agents fault. Now I do have a big problem with that....


awazir: Ma and pa shops used to bend over backwards to please customers, even if it included them taking a loss. Do you know what happened to them?

They went out of business for losing money instead of making it.

Now, it's either follow policy or too bad. Like it or not, it's just the way it is.


Simon: Its real simple.... It all boils down to the concept of "Customer Service".

Its not the matter of an Ipad anymore. If I own a business and a customer comes in and complains about a product which I sold him / her. I better make sure that the customer goes back satisfied or I lose that customer forever. $600 is not a big $$$ if you look at what Best Buy sells in 1 day.

My problem is with the impression I got the moment I showed up at the customer service desk with my receipt and the product.

There was no effort to help me from the start.

They tried everything to push me away.... and they succeeded.


You might have been happier buying an Android tablet instead.


It's real simple. You cannot take a brand new, high priced item, use it and return it.

What is Best Buy supposed to do with a used Ipad? Send it back to Apple? What are they supposed to do with it?

My car had 5,000 miles on it. I think I'll call the dealer and see if he will take it back because I'm not satisfied.

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Houston, Texas
Best Buy Sales Manager

Sold computer without speakers

My neighbor bought an HP Pavilion s5704y and the salesman said it didn't need speakers when she asked him where they were. She hooked it up and no sound. We spent the morning on the phone with salespeople and the Geek squad trying to figure out why she didn't have sound. In the end a salesman confessed she needed speakers and they wanted to charge her $20 more to get speakers yesterday. How could they sell a computer without sound? She bought the speakers at H H Gregg instead. I'm glad she didn't give Best Rip-Off another dime of her money.
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Same thing happened to my grandfather but at Staples!!!!


The real question should be why would HP a computer with out sound since they are the ones who biult it. YOu my friend and your neighbors are complete idiots.

Do the research. Don't blame the sales person for your lack of for sight


Because Mac's have inter-built-in speaker systems?


Shoulda bought a Mac.


Goggle.... lul


A classic. Absorbent consumer VS Exuberant salesman.

It takes not but 10 seconds to research this model of slimline desktop to determine the absence of an integrated or supplied speaker system; internet and Goggle access permitting. It takes not but 5 seconds to skim across the box in which the unit is packaged to determine said supplies and even less time is needed to read Best Buy's product display tag. All in all the issue stems from the customers willingness to believe everything that they're told and to disregard any text on the item or the items display tag making for a lulzworthy event the next morning. In the end the salesman gets a nice $400+ sale and the consumer a lesson in salesman methodology and a nice pair of computer speakers from H.H.

Gregg. A good day.

"How could they sell a computer without speakers?" An atrocity. How could they provide an unwitting consumer a computer without a pair of magical sound boxes.

They should be hung for their obvious contempt for people with ears irregardless of the amount of common sense in their consumers possession.

I for one am a proud owner a computer from which sound is produced from a pair of cylindrical sound tubes and a somewhat large box also from which sound emanates from for only $19.95 at Wal-Mart. Such gracious individuals there.


If your neighbor just bought a computer, why are you posting?

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#225167 Review #225167 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reston, Virginia

Sold me a broken Laptop

I recently purchased an ASUS G73JH-BST7 Laptop from, as a refurbished item. When I opened the box and set the computer up, everything worked with the exception of the power cord and brick. I contacted the customer support and after 25 minutes of being on hold and telling my story to 4 people I was told by a customer support agent that this was my problem and I needed to contact the manufacturer. As ridiculous as this sounded I contacted ASUS and was not able to get in touch with anyone. I called Best Buy customer support again and finally talked to someone who was able to help me. The agent told me, that for a quick resolution I should bring the item into the store and they would be able to help me. Off to the store I went. At the store, geek squad confirmed that it was an issue with the power cable, brought me over to customer service, where I was told that there was nothing that they could do because this was a refurbished item and it was bought online. So I went back home and contact customer service again. This time I waited for 45 minutes talked to 8 representatives, and was called rude by a customer service rep. After finally getting in touch with someone, I was told again that I could contact ASUS, or I could send the item back for a refund because this item was the only refurbished laptop of this model they had in stock. So I chose to return it. I am currently still waiting for a shipping label that has not shown up to my email. I wish I could say this was the last time I was going to do business with Best Buy, but I receive a large sum of money in gift cards for my 30th Birthday and I am stuck having to buy a laptop from them. I am so pissed about this after I am done with this purchase I am canceling my Best Buy credit card and never doing business with them again. They have lost a customer that spends well over $2,000 a year at their store.
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You're an ***.


Hey Frank why don't you go take a grammar lesson and the thoroughly go *** yourself you imbisole. Maybe you should think before insulting people you may get a little further in life.


refurbished item...this means if YOUR GONNA BE CHEAP you get what you per the Terns and Conditions if you buy a refurbished item that's it that's all you get weather it is broken or not. maybe next time before you argue and complain too someone who's job it is to know the T's and C's you should read em yourself, or better yet maybe you should read them BEFORE you spend your precious gift cards. FYI NO store is gonna give you service on and open box/refurbished item because by buying this your agreeing to get what you get

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New Milford, Connecticut

BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD worst place on planet to repair PC.

Best Buy offers Geek Squad service for repairs, and this my story. If you do not know were to repair your computer Geek Squad is last place on planet. They care less, love money up front. I turned in PC for simple clean up, got back PC that I can't even turn on...Store manager would not return my -99.99 dollars. They removed the viruses and broke my computer. Now I am fighting to proof - one employee has on written down it was in working condition, next employee when I picked up witnessed blank screen. Store manager Henderson NV location just goes whats on paper.
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Guessing by your language skills, you are probably a child. Have your parents talk to the manager. He will probably respond better to an adult than a 9 year old.

#224957 Review #224957 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Las Vegas, Nevada