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Long story short, I purchased a laptop from Best Buy two months ago and wanted 12 months interest free. They then set me up with a mastercard with a $12,000.00 limit due to great credit score. I returned the laptop three weeks later. Best Buy and HSBC sends me a...
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So tell me again how a retailer has the ability to selectively lower one's credit score?

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Customer service is non exsisting at best buy

bought a 46 inch tv fron topsham maine bb 2months later a 4 inch white bar appeared from top to bottom of tv. called bestbuy they said bring it to the store and we will exchange the tv for you;when i got to best buy i was informed there was a 30 day return policy and all i could do was wait 3 weeks fo a repait man to come look at tv..its pretty sad when its easier to return something to walmart then best buy im sorry not return exchange for aworking tv..i will tell all friends and family not to shop best buy
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It is no wonder best buy is going under. But you have to realize that the company has a 30 day policy on because of the manufacturer. but you should know the return policy for every store you shop at.


What exactly does a "repait man" do?

Alan C

Old news. Way beyond return policy.

You could contact mfr without going to BBY.

Eligible for in-home service for major brands, not all though.

fyi - Walmart has 30 days as well. For longer return policies, shop at warehouse clubs.


It stinks that you were given incorrect information on the phone, but after 2 months no store, including Wal-Mart will allow a return or exchange. So tell your friends not to shop anywhere that sells TV's.

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Black Tie Plan = Poor Investment | Best Buy review from Richardson, Texas

I've bought tens of thousands of dollars of stuff from Best Buy over the past couple years. One of my most recent purchases was a Samsung home theater system. They pushed me to buy the Black Tie protection plan for it. I told them that I had heard they were a bad investment, and that I didn't want it. They said that even if I broke the system moving, or if there was any accidental damage, the plan would cover it. Finally I folded and bought it. Well a couple months later, the wireless receiver fell and broke. I went to the store last night and asked what I needed to do. The guy I spoke with checked and said that in fact I had purchased the plan, and that yes, it did cover accidental damage so all I had to do was bring the system into the store. I packed it up and brought it in this afternoon. They guy at Geek Squad said that the plan only covers manufacturers defects and he wouldn't help replace it. The thing is, the Manufacturer covers manufacturers defects, so why would I purchase a separate plan that would cover the same thing? This is irritating and unless rectified, I am no longer a Best Buy customer. Me and my business will go elsewhere for all our computers, electronics, mobile, and appliance needs. P.S. NEVER buy the Black Tie scam as it covers nothing that you would actually need it for.
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Honestly if they really told you "broke the system while moving" I feel your pain. However, if you read the terms of the plan(available in store and customer service and checkout and online) you'd know products that aren't portable(ie: tvs, shelf systems, home theater systems) will have zero coverage for when you drop it, knock it off a stand etc.

Consumers should keep in mind they can get a partial refund for their plans; even though they give you flack for trying, it's your legal right. So I hope you demanded that.

To this, don't say it's useless, when I worked there I bought a tv and 5months later had a defective screen, they came to my house(for a 32" no less) and figured out the problem, came back two days later with a new screen, fixed it. A few months later the internal speakers just died for no reason, they replaced that three times in the following 6 months, ended up getting a new tv at no extra cost. The best of the deal was the new tv was larger, and a better picture due to price drops in LCDs. So no, black tie isn't useless, it's dependent upon how you care for your product.


even though he's a *** for the most part, Honest4Sure had a couple of good points.

Alan C

Anything goes to sell plans. NEVER take the word of a "sales" associate. Whether through the phone or in person, EVERY single "pitch" has at least one lie or deception - intentionally or more likely by ignorance.

Mgrs at BBY push these as #1 priority. Complaints as such through all blogs, sites, stores, cust support reach Mt Everest.

"Accidental damage" options across all retail are offered on portable items, not stationary ones. Problem is, you can't prove the lie. If you can, you have a case in small claims even though ANY and ALL BBY store personnel are NOT experts in service contracts. The only word you could rely on as an expert would be the person in corporate who arranges the plans through the service administrator. Even if you stood with an associate and read the terms, many are still fuzzy.

Damage plans, though, are priced through the roof (price/product ratios). Unless one is a reoccuring klutz, stay clear of any insurance.


well the manufacturer only covers problems for a certain amount of time so you're basically covered for a longer time but.. I don't understand why they didn't cover accidental damage, especially if the guy on the phone told you that your plan did.

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Geek squade can't fix it | Best Buy review from Simpsonville, South Carolina

I had bought a laptop from best buy and got the 99.00 warranty that would fix thee computers and i had one that needed fix so I brought it in to be fixed and the geek squad said they could not fix it because they said it was the motherboard, I took it to a person that worked on computers and within a hour and 40.00 he had it fixed. (not the motherboard) wrote best buy and explained what happened and all i got was apology. And i am out 99.00 plus 40.00 dollars. the greek squard is a joke. Wayne
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No offense, but spelling and grammar are your friends. Learn to use them well. Especially when making a complaint about a multi-billion dollar company.


operating system restores is what the person did and that was all he did and charged me 40.00 to do that and add a new spy ware. bust buy could any apologize for there screw up.I could what they did and save me 99.00.


operating system restores is what the person did and that was all he did and charged me 40.00 to do that and add a new spy ware. bust buy could any apologize for there screw up.I could what they did and save me 99.00.


Guess you should have read what it covered instead of assuming.


Well Tech Support is the ($99) service you purchased from best buy. That entitles you to free diagnostics, virus removal, operating system restores, software installs and hardware installs unlimited amount of times for a whole year.

Now, I realize its not the motherboard but if it was tech support does not cover that being fixed. What this geek squad should have done is check it in and run diagnostics on it.

unfortunately some precincts have terrible customer service and make all precincts look bad as a result. This might not appease you but all customers are taken care of at mine and I apologize for the actions of you local Geek Squad.

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Best Buy Bad customer service

I am old, my mind is not what it was. I was 2 days late with a payment, this was for a Christmas gift which hadn't locked into my memory banks, (the payment not the gift!) and asked for the late charge to be reversed. $25 on a balance of $64.00. which became $89! Lonnie in Illinois refused, citing company policy. First getting a phone number was difficult. Finding a representative through innumerable prompts was difficult. None of the usual shortcuts worked (0, 9, #). I am on a fixed income which doesn't cover my expenses. My other online bills send me a reminder. I told her I would place a complaint online, she didn't care. Does her company really want that? I guess that with the millions that the CEO's have received they don't care either. I hope I do more than $25 in damage to their name. No wonder Best buy is going under. It does not pay to be rigid in this day and age. I tried the Bestbuy web page and it wouldn't work properly either......AND...they've removed the seating at the customer service desk in the store!
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Wait, you remember you bought something at best buy, you took our their credit card...and you had it for atleast 30 days and didn't realize you need to make a payment on something in 30 days? Even if it's 2 days out of the policy, being responsible doesn't have an age limit.


I actually like Best Buy. I think for the most part that they want to do the right thing. They should just do it immediately and with good grace. Without a kerfuffle. That's what makes good customer service.

About rules: I consider who makes them. The supreme court? The Bush/Gore decision, unlimited campaign spending. Bias? against the rules.

Best buy:

we had a contract. Corporations now have personhood status for various benefits, who made that rule? I said I would pay on time, they made promises about caring and appreciation. I made a mistake, they forgave it. It was a negotiation.

The rules, in some cases the lack of them (investment banks), haven't worked out so well for me.

I do like the golden rule.


but anyway, to the original post, you still have to follow the rules. if I pay something late then chances are, I'd get a late fee too.

as much as I wouldn't want to pay it, I know that I have to admit that I was late on the payment.

just because Best Buy said you were special doesn't mean you can get away with it every time you forget to pay your bills. I'm truly sorry but following rules is something you should have learned many years ago.


There's a reason Best Buy is closing stores nationwide.


Look, I KNOW I'm ***, I KNOW I should have paid on time. I'm obsessive about paying on time.

I called them in good faith, they tell me I'm special, that they appreciate my business, that they care. So prove it.

What was the mark up on the products I have purchased? 50%?

Well, no more. It would have cost them NOTHING!...other than fee income.

I just called to close my account and spoke to Nika in the Philippines.

She reversed the fee. She behaved like a decent human being and connected.


I'm sorry to tell you this but they charged you a late fee because you were late on your payment. if they decided to reverse it then they were being beyond nice.

if not, well then that's normal.

I'm not gonna yell at you like the other commenters but I do agree with them because if you paid the amount on time, then you don't get a late fee. if you're on a fixed income and can't afford something that you don't need to buy, especially an electronic from Best Buy, then don't get it.


Duh! Is that as far as you can see?

Old,brain,broke,no reminders (we don't do that),removing seating from an area which involves long waits,poor accessibilty to representatives who behave like robots. Best buy calls this customer care.

Perhaps you would prefer that I didn't need help, perhaps I should have maxed out my 401k contributions, my Roth IRA?.....but wait..I did, then got sick and couldn't manage my accounts and lost almost all in the crash.

This was an an opportunity for a corporation to mitigate it's culpability, reversing a fee which was not even an actual expense, a 39% increase to a bill. A gesture of care.

Yes, I'm bitter!


I have done everyone the favor of eliminating the information not relevant to the problem at hand:

"I was 2 days late with a payment,and asked for the late charge to be reversed. $25 on a balance of $64.00. Lonnie in Illinois refused, citing company policy."

Having a credit card is YOUR responsibility as well as making the payments for it.

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Beware Best Buy's (Hurst, TX) Lies!!

I purchased a computer from Best Buy and when discussing the requirements for the computer, I specifically stated that the two main things that I needed were Outlook and Powerpoint. I was assured by the employee that the computer came with those pre-loaded as part of the software package, so I purchased the computer. Get home, get the computer hooked up and ready to go and when I get ready to set up Outlook, it can't be found. Turns out the computer does not come with Microsoft Office loaded, just a scaled down version that only has Word and Excel. I call the store and speak with the manager (Jonathan) who is completely unwilling to be helpful. His comments were "no computers come with that, but you can buy a card from us for an additional $120 and use it right away." Now don't get me wrong, if it was an additional charge, that is fine, but what has gotten me all twisted is the manner in which the complaint was handled. Their employee lied and when notified of it, the attitude from the store leadership was basically "who gives a ***, just give us more money and it'll be ok". Absolutely no attempt to rectify the situation.
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If you would like further assistance with this issue I am very willing to see if I can do anything to keep your business. If you would like you can contact me at my store in Fort Worth -817-238-6025 my name is Stephen. Otherwise, reply here and I can get in touch with you via my personal number or email.


how do you know the employee lied? maybe they just made a mistake.

do some research on computers before you decide to go buy one. you should probably just stick with the Notepad and Internet Explorer because you probably don't know what Microsoft Office 2010 is.


I had a computer virus repaired at Best Buy and they made me sign a waiver when I picked it up that it was in good condition. When I

arrived home, all of my data was lost and they did not want to hear

about it. None of the managers were ever there to hear my complaint

and because they had my sign off paper, they were not about to return

the $400 I paid to save my data (which they lost).

Terrible chain store - I will never trust them to do anything on my computer.

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Bad Customer Service Rip Off | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Update by user May 27, 2012

Still not going to Best Buy. Maybe one day they will hire knowledgeable people who value and respect the customer. When the manager and supervisors don\'t give a hoot what else can one do.

I called sprint and they told me how to reset to factory. On line forum suggestions didn\'t work, those appear to be mainly for rooted phones. I was glad to have my phone back but minus the progress on all games, some apps no longer available unfortunately, but still taking up some space on my old sd card which I added to the new one. reinstalling the other apps doesn\'t allow one to access the old info.

I highly recommend saving data on line or another type of storage and then duplicating that since the main search engine company that provides this currently has some flaws still.

Original review posted by user Apr 22, 2012

purchased an SD card to upgrade me cellphone capacity, was given simple, straightforward hand written instructions on my receipt, the employee was nice seemed knowledgeable and i left the store feeling very comfortable with purchase. well, the instructions failed to include mounting and unmounting and when i installed the new sd card my cell phone would not reboot, it was stuck in a continuous boot loop with sprint logo over and over i couldnt even turn it off had to remove battery. Many hours in forums etc, realizing his simple directions were flawed and i shouldnt have trusted this company i cleared the new sd card and went back to the store for an explanation as to why they gave bad advice and demand they accept some responsibility. btw my phone after this would not even accept my original sd card. spoke with someone at the door who chuckled with a look as though he was familiar with this type oc thing and directed me to cust service. spoke with the young female cashier who was completely ignorant in dealing with customers with any complaints asked for the manager, got yet another rep, told him my speal. asked for the manager again, got a supervisor who said he did not know much about phones etc but for a service fee could have them look at it. mind you had i not followed their explicit directions i would not needto pay for these screw ups to take another crack at possibly bricking my phone or ensuring i lose everything on it. they try to place blame elsewhere, my phone, me, corruption etc. i purchased the pny? brand 32Gb SD card for $69.99 found a more reliable card and brand sandisc same brand that came with my evo 4g interesting enough and same brand as my nikon camera uses very reliable, at radio shack for $30 cheaper after storming out of the store vowing never to return. they all stood around watching to see how their supervisor was going to handle the fact they damaged my phone, one i do not want to replace/upgrade etc, one i use as a pda. they refuse to acknowledge their error, and have no desire to ensure or attempt to minimize it happening to others. they also failed to refund me all my money by mistake. i am not bothering to return ever. crooks. they train their employees to generate more sales through their geek squad. its despicable. later called the manage, yet another *** who said i have never heard of that occurring. *** needs to be forthcoming, happens too often. if they dont know what they are doing they should not advise anyone, nor should they be selling all kinds of phones from mulitple carriers. they say to return to HTC or carrier knowing warranties are rarely over a yr unless u purchase, another way they generate revenue. they all refused to take responsibility, i never got an apology for the bad advuce and only until i recommend they offer customers a discount after damaging their phone did he agree to give me a discount on service fee for them to look at it. i passed on them screwing up my phone permanently as i hope to retrieve some of the internal data. do not trust these people especially management. none of them went to that dept to see if someone there might have a solution. since then i discovered that pkny? brand has numerous problems. best buy should have known that, i believe they do and it probably brings in alot of customers for their service dept. they wanted to charge me $100 . Why do customers put with this? Go elsewhere the deals are better.
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Best Buy Run Around

My daughter recieved a laptop computer for her birthday, which is New Years Eve. On March 10, of this year the screen went BLACK. It was only 2 and 1/2 months old. We had Black tie Warranty on it. We went to the Geek Squad. They said it will be back in 4 days, after 4 days, my daughter called, they said oh, it will be another week. ok, stuff happens, so after another week, I called they said oh, well it came back and wasnt working, we had to replace the motherboard. they said 3 to 5 business days, Ok folks, my daughter is a senior, she had papers to write, and facebook updates to make, bla bla bla. after 5 days i go up there, uh no its no here they say, do you have it? uh no i dont, you all do. oh yeah thats right. Its the end of march by now. Well, they wont get it back until april 20th cuz a part they need is on back order. I say, i want a new one. they say oh no, it has to be sent back 4 times until that happens, i say, its TWO MONTHS OLD. well thats the procedure. ok, 1 week goes by , i get a call, hey its here. ok, how can that be? you said april 20th? well they replaced the motherboard again, and the hard drive, ok we go up there at around 300pm . my daughter looks at it, its got dents, scracthes, scuffed up. chips out of the case, . we go back up there, i say i want a new one. this was not like this, i said we did not do this, we have only had it for 3 hours, i want a new one. Well we cant do that, we will send it back, I called consumer relations, best buy i have spoken with at least six different people. I was promised a replacement , a gift card for the purchase of a new laptop and told i would only speak with them. a week later i get a call from the store, its ready.
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Alan C

Best Buy sends these out under warranty regardless of your Geek Squad plan. The repair depot bills the mfr in year 1.

While you paid a ton of money up front, there is and never was any CLAUSE guaranteeing turnaround time.

If you go directly through the mfr in YEAR 1, you are better off. Geek Squad are NOT hardware authorized repair services for any mfr.


well.. I'll be honest.

most of the people on here complain about not being able to return a broken keyboard that they bought a year ago or a shirt that was worn a few times that couldn't be returned. or they complain that no one assisted them within 30 seconds even though they didn't ask for help. but this complaint is a really serious one for once. I'd be mad too if I was the original poster.

I mean the part about Facebook was dumb, I'm sure she used Facebook on her phone. but other than that, this complaint is completely valid.

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Best Buy Gift Card


On 04/18/2012 Best Buy decided to abruptly and without considering me as the excellent customer that I am, to just cancel my two PRE-Orders: Order #BBY01-xxxxxxx, placed on 03/23/12; and Order #BBY01-xxxxxxx, placed on 04/08/12, for 2 each order, totaling 4 of the Dark Shadows LIMITED edition DVD collection of 2500 copies, a signed and limited edition numbered one. I had plenty pf chance to PRE-Order from at same price, or at for $360.00 instead of BestBuy Price of $419.99; since I believe that Best Buy was a reliable and trustworthy Company. I wish Best Buy respected us, it's customers, a lot more. Best Buy sold this same limited edition set, in big quantities, to scalpers that now are selling them 3 times as much in secondary markets such as eBay. Best Buy practices FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, and plays this PRE-ORDER TRICK to customers that trust Best Buy, to prevent us from Pre-ordering from their competition, to then just tell us they are sorry and that the PRE-ORDER had been canceled. This is a very dirty trick from Best Buy, and I will escalate it to whoever I have to until I get what I pre-ordered. They believe that just by telling us to order the other set, the one that is coming out in 07/10/2012, and that will be mass produced with out signature and limited edition number???? What kind of customer policy integrity you have? I had the chance to pre-order it somewhere else, but I decided to order for the "trusted" and "reliable" Best Buy. You need to get me what I pre-order. I hope somebody at Best Buy Corporate gets this message and takes OWNERSHIP accordingly! Thank you kindly. Sincerely, Jose M. Argibay
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so, how's your gothic soap opera?


chilaquil66, you're just some little nerd.

Jose M

Yep, Best Buy does not even care to return my several requests to get some answers. I guess they soon be out of business, so why care right?

Matty K

yeah here's another little complaint I got on bestbuy my and my mum was looking at karaoke machines and stuff like that and I wanted to know something about an Item so they page one of the clerks to assist me and when he comes over a woman cuts right in front of me almost stepping on my foot and steals him from me and and 4 other people saw it and said you should of knocked her on her *** and they said that to the person out front what happened and said that isn't right her doing that and he said what do you want me to do about it , my mum said that it drop *** we are out of it and she took the stuff I had and litterly dropped it on the ground and said if you can't do anything about rude customers and un helpful clerks then that should be no problem for ya and the other ladies did it too and we all walked out never to return.

doesn't pay to *** my mama off lol

Matty K

I had that music store in the mall fyi do tht too me twice I ordered a movie from them even paid 5 bucks and when the movie came in I never got neither one of the movies I ordered but they refused to give me back my five bucks least you got your money back .

that's like that karaoke site on here you pay a hundred and seventy bucks a year to sing on their site and if you say one *** thing wrong to a member who happens to be friends with the staff you get kicked off and their reason ya broke the code of conduct pft they keep your money and you get *** , they don't even give you your money back not even when you pay 66 bucks for a member to sing also try beating that ***

betcha can't .


what the heck is Dark Shadows..? but anyway, you got your money back right?

and how do you know those people didn't preorder those large quantities before you?

I'd say just get over it and buy your stuff somewhere else but by the way, you can go outside to see your shadow. not pay a few hundred bucks for it.

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Best buy products

I bought a SONY laptop, for $1200 + tax + $ 96 tech support + antivurus, and guess what??? My 5 month old computer, has a virus. The geek squad manager, at BEST BUY here in Puerto Rico, said I had to wait 2 weeks, because he has other customer, or pay for the service myself, so I could shorten the wait. What??? If BEST BUY is understaffed, that is not my problem. What I expect, after I pay that much money, is 5 star service.I purchases a lemon computer in their stock, and *** service to go along. Please stay away from BEST BUY, dealing with these people is a nighmare.
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Alan C

2 weeks is horrendous service for software-related issues. Then again, there is plenty of FREE anti-virus, anti-malware programs available through cnet. memo to geek squad employee: "3 or 4" days to remove a virus is incompetence; good anti-malware software utiiized in safe mode will do the trick; otherwise procedures on deleting specific registry code is also widely available.


this Michelle woman reallyyyy needs to lay off of the crack.


anyone else notice this crackhead, Michelle?


Depending on the Virus your computer got , it can take 3 or 4 days to properly remove it. Just because you have a virus does in no way mean you have a lemon computer, and no anti-virus program is bullet proof.

You still have to practice safe surfing habits and use good judgement.

But let me say this clients who come to my Geek Squad counter and act like a total ***, get moved to the bottom of my repair list. Geek Squad agents are people to.


why did Michelle feel the need to post in 3 different comments? anyway, I think the original poster got a virus from downloading dirty videos! ***!


It's not a lemon computer, it's a retarded user. Take an basic internet course and learn how to use the internet.

"BEST BUY is understaffed, that is not my problem."

Wrong again, I think it's very much your problem because you have to wait for your computer. You're precisely the type of customers stores don't mind losing. Do the world a favor and stay home.


Well I have about a 10 day wait at my store but its your fault your computer got infected with a virus. Not mine.

@Geek Squad Manager

Instead of bad mouthing the customer, it would make more sense to explain to the customer why it happened. This complaint would not have been made had there been an effort to educate the customer.

People generally do not understand how they get infected. They assume that having protection means it gets everything. The customer is not an unfortunate inconvenience.

They are the reason you have a job. Be respectful!

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