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Insignia tv bought at best buy 37" no good

I awoke to the smell of smoke after dozing off while using my oxygen. my three year old 37" insignia tv screen was black, and smoke was pouring out the top of it. I of course immediately unplugged it and took it out of the house. I called insignia, giving them a list of numbers from the label on back of the tv. They told me there was a recall, referred me to best buy who sent me a box to send it in to them for a voucher for $500. Turns out the recall was for the 26" model only. When I asked why I couldn't expect some recompense for the 37" having the exact same problem I was simply told "sorry". The local Best Buy where I bought the set was also "sorry" I hadn't bought the 4 yr. warranty.
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Sounds like Best Buy handled the situation correctly. If there is not a recall on your model TV, there isn't anything they can do after 3 years. I realize it would be better for you if they would buy you a new TV, but that isn't going to happen.

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Manhattan, Kansas

Sound is bad, sent it out no tv for weeks

The insignia 26" tv has a stuttering audio problem. Because it is intermittent the Geeks could not replicate it. I asked for a replacement. They would not honor my request an said that they would send it back to Insignia. I await their response. This is on warranty and I expected Best Buy to honor that warranty. I was told that if I had purchases a plan, I would have had better service. Why should I spend more than $100 on a service plan when I was told that the Insignia has 2 year Warranty. I recommend that Best Buy be avoided.
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What do you expect them to do if they can't replicate the problem? Just take your word for it?

If they did that, everyone would just go in every couple of years and get another TV. I can't believe after that you still asked for a replacement and act surprised when you're denied.

Get a clue.

Your warranty allows for the TV to be sent for repairs, not to get a brand new one off of the shelf. Best Buy has handled this situation correctly and no other store would have handled it any different, so I recommend that you give up shopping altogether.

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Norfolk, Virginia

Best Buy = Worst Buy

I bought a computer at Best Buy and declined all additional stuff they were trying to sell (geek squad etc..). The computer was at $699 and that's what I paid with the Best Buy credit card. 1 week later, I returned the computr. The CD ROM was not working. Whn I returned the computer, I realized that the sales rep at discounted the computer by $19.99 to add the geek squad for $19.99 so that the price was the same than what I expected but I had to pay for a monthly fee for the geek squad. The Mission Valley manager refused to reimburse me the $19.99 for the geek squd even though I returned the computer (I bought a Sony online instead) and even though I had not ordered that service in the first place. 2 months later, I still have not been reimbursed the $19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After talking several times to supervisors on the phone, making a phone complaint. I was already told 3 times that the reimbursement has been issue yet the credit card has still a balance of $19.99 that I need to pay if I don't want to be charged interest! BEST BUY=WORST BUY. Will never buy there anymore. Ah, on the phone, I was told that the store manager should have never refused to rimburse the computer and not the Geek Squad S--- that I never used or ordered!
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You actually were given for free Geek Squad 6mos Tech Support. IT is free, it charges on the receipt 19.99 but the 19.99 is discounted from the computer. Their is no monthly fee, so I have no idea what you are complaining about.


Totally agreed with "Best Buy = Worst Buy". I just bought a gaming keyboard that I wanted to price match with another company because they were like $100 cheaper than what Best Buy was selling.

Long story short, they wouldn't price match it because of some things, yet they have done it in the past. I sent them an angry letter and all they can send back is a reply full of spelling errors. What do these people think they are doing. Who is Best Buy really hiring?

4 year olds as customer service representatives?

Now, I got to wait for the keyboard and waste time going to a Best Buy to return a $300 keyboard.

Waste my time, and my life trying to deal with these guys. I guess the moral of this is: NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUY IS THEY ARE INCOMPETENT FOOLS.


This is exactly why you proof read the screen before you swipe your card...


Hi, we just bought 2 computers from Best Buy, they were top notch... of course, this was in Augusta, GA.

and so I am not sure where you are - but I can say our receipt was VERY detailed and we checked it thoroughly before we left the store, because we did buy all the bells and whistles (two kids = bells and whistles, ha)... I am sorry you had bad reps at the store, I think this is an exception rather than the rule.


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San Diego, California

Bestbuy has crapy customer service

My Xbox 360 overheats 2 time,the second time i go to touch the system and ouch it is really hot now i can smell the xbox burning inside so i said i will get everything ready in the morning, so the morning comes and i unhook my HDMI cable and its all melted inside the 360 :( , now tuesday night i took it in to Bestbuy and the woman tells me that she thinks that i will be seeing a brand new system so i am thinking cool cool, now today i get a phone call telling me my system is at Bestbuy now i am thinking, so i get to bestbuy and the woman starts telling me that the people that where working on my system said there is nothing worng wiht it, now i ask the woman if they even opened the xbox 360 and she said they did not, now just that HDMI input thing is Burnt now imagen what the internal are gona be like, so hear i am pissed off, the costomer service did not want to even help me at all, i ended up buying a xbox 360 250 gig from Game Stop they where nice .
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People always say stores should "step up to the plate" Translation: Fix my out of warranty things for free or give me free merchandise. Nope, not going to fly.

"best buy dose suck big time i am never gona buy anything from them again ."

My apologies. No way are you 10 years old. You are probably more like 5.


well my HDMI cord did melt and it did overheat 2 times, best buy dose suck big time i am never gona buy anything from them again .


And BB has crapy support and never steps up to the plate!


What are you, 10 years old?

I've never heard of a 360 melting on the inside. I think you're full of ***.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Managers unfit to run the store

East Brunswick, NJStore sold me broken item,asked me to come in and place order for replacement, when visited store, manager was pissed to come out of the office so she didn't perform the exchange, asked me to leave the store because insisted. when called store manager,he refused to come to the phone. told him I know CEO Brian Dunn, he hang up the phone. went to different store and exchanged product. Since, i have retuned any Best Buy item I could and will never shop BestBuy again. Oh, my calls to Brian Dunn went unanswered. ASK their own employees, they tell you not to shop there.
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I Managed retail stores for over 20 years. There are many unethical practices that go on and upper managers are well aware of it but deny it.

In Sales, it’s all about the numbers and profit margin. Extended warranty in additional services are the most profitable products retailers can sell and the more you sell, the better you look and the sooner you are promoted. THIS IS A SAD FACT OF RETAIL.

Simon might disagree with this, when a sales person gives you one price on a product and you look at your receipts and see 2items but your total is what you were quoted, that’s unethical practice. This practice is called bait and switch, in many states, this act is punishable by law.

If your sales person “packed” or tacked on additional service without your knowledge, you can certainly report that to your better business bureau and DA office. WORST BUY is best known for this, Black Tie………


Simon, just like the rest of you Worst Buy Managers, you judge customers based on their grammar and perhaps the color of skin and accent as well.

Yes, I do have Black hair and dark skin. But I can teach you proper English.


I bought a computer at Best Buy and declined all additional stuff they were trying to sell (geek squad etc..). The computer was at $699 and that's what I paid with the Best Buy credit card.

1 week later, I returned the computr. The CD ROM was not working. Whn I returned the computer, I realized that the sales rep at discounted the computer by $19.99 to add the geek squad for $19.99 so that the price was the same than what I expected but I had to pay for a monthly fee for the geek squad. The Mission Valley manager refused to reimburse me the $19.99 for the geek squd even though I returned the computer (I bought a Sony online instead) and even though I had not ordered that service in the first place.

2 months later, I still have not been reimbursed the $19.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After talking several times to supervisors on the phone, making a phone complaint. I was already told 3 times that the reimbursement has been issue yet the credit card has still a balance of $19.99 that I need to pay if I don't want to be charged interest! BEST BUY=WORST BUY. Will never buy there anymore.

Ah, on the phone, I was told that the store manager should have never refused to rimburse the computer and not the Geek Squad S--- that I never used or ordered!


best buy managers are a joke


Most customers arnt trouble until they have to deal with long waiting or unsatisfactory service! I had a best buy manager put his chin and chest in my husbands face after waiting to talk to a supervisor for 45 min. Lucky for him his manager came out and helped us and was quite easy to deal with so sometimes its the employee thats a problem.


I have worked in retail and customer service far to many years. The one thing I can tell you is that if the manager needs to come out and if you start claiming to know the CEO you are a problem customer.

I have never had issue returning or exchanging at best buy, however I tend to be polite and patient.

I am sure your buddy Brian would appreciate you bad mouthing his company on the internet.


If you know Brian Dunn, why did your phone calls go unanswered? Could it be you're a lying sack of ***?

Why should the manager have to come out and deal with you? He pays employees to tell customers they can't exchange the item they broke. It sounds like you weren't smart enough to understand what no means.

Unfit to run the store? Judging by your grammar, you are unfit to run a lemonade stand, so who made you the almighty? I'm sure you not shopping there is a win-win for everyone.

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Best Buy Manager

Best Buys online chat help personnel was far from helpful!

I spent 2 weeks looking at computers to decide which laptop I wanted to purchase. This morning I went online and finally decided on one at Best Buy; but first I wanted a couple of questions answered through there online chat. I had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking with "Dahnelle". They were incredibly rude and defensive through out the entire conversation. Every time I asked a question, I received an unsatisfactory response. I tried to explain we were talking about 2 difference things. Instead of listening to what I was asking the individual got mad, sent me the following message and hung up (disconnected from chat). "Dahnelle: If you know all the answers why are you asking us?" If it were not for the kind man who answered the phone when I called the 1800 number, best buy would have surely lost a $700 sale just because of one cranky employee.
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i need help a fue meinets ago i ordered a fue stuff and i go to orders and nothing pops out


exactly what Simon said.


i ordered my laptop last friday and they said 3-7 days it has been 8 days so how can i see when it will come? plz tell me



You were probably asking dumb questions like "Can I surf the internet on that computer thingy?"

What questions could you have that can't be answered by looking at the specs and having an IQ over 30?

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Jacksonville, Florida

Best Buy Extended Warranty Plan A Lie

I bought a LG ZENON cell phone at Best Buy and was told by the salesperson that it is a good idea to get the Best Buy's Extended Warranty Plan. The salesperson said no matter what went wrong with the cell from the slide mechanism, the screen and even the battery " Everything is Covered ". A year latter and now my LG Xenon phone which is a touch screen started getting blurry at the top of the screen, about a 1/2 inch... but it progressible got worse to take up 1/2 the screen. Did you know you have to have the phone box to be able to return it? Finally found mine, brought the phone back... and was told the extended plan does not cover that problem. its a touch screen, looks like if you touch the screen thats considered you damaged the screen. So much for the extened Warranty plan they get you to buy. Oh, more good news if the sliding mechanism had not worked the warranty would not have covered it either. News to me. Got the supervisor and manager involved. All agree yet do they know the working of the cell phone and how they can break down? Or is this a common problem and soo many people have returned their phones and they are losing money on the plan or is this what they do to every customer trying to redeem the plan that they payed good money for. WILL NEVER SHOP AT BESTBUY EVER AGAIN!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!
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Anything the "sales" people say is conjecture and heresay. If you really think you should buy a plan, ask for the terms and conditions.

A little dilemma, though, the last thing the store wants you to do is read it, especially when they expect you to make a spot decision on the extended plan. If you are prone to breaking phones in the first 18 months, the least expensive plan (AT&T) is $6 a month or $72 a year with $xxx deductible.

BBYs plans are more expensive. You calculate the risk.

fyi - the credit card gives an extra year, but not damage or spills coverage.

If your plan does in fact have damage coverage, you were had and ought to get your state's Division of Consumer Affairs involved.


Well Satisfied Customer, U must be a Best Buy Employee and I blame YOU!!! A job is one thing but to out right lie to the customer is not only wrong but should be illegal.

Just wait, eventually there will be a class action suit or maybe a market place investigation. You see I wasn't alone that day when the employee told me that everything about the phone was under warranty except of course dropping it a bucket of water. We, meaning the two other people with me, heard him say that even the sliding mechanism on the phone, which he said could end up breaking was covered. But when I went back, with the extended warranty, I was then informed that if my phone had a problem with the same sliding mechanism it wasn't covered.

No where on the extended warranty details does it say it is not covered. BUT GUESS WHAT THAT IS WHAT THE EMPLOYEE AT BEST BUY SAID.

I am spreading the word and trying to help the next person from falling for Best Buy's lies.

Guess what, word of mouth works. It takes time but it works.


Extended warranty programs are a total waste of money. They have loopholes as you found out.

Your credit card has more protection than these extended warranty programs!

All you did was put extra $$$ in Best Buy's pocket. Avoid them!


Did you READ the policy BEFORE you had purchased it?

Most likely, you did not.

Don't blame Best Buy -- blame yourself!

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Toronto, Ontario
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy refuses to honor the extended warranty I purschased from them.

I purchased my laptop and two year warranty at Best Buy in Oct 2009. A couple weeks ago I noticed that the monitor seemed loose. I picked it up and the hinge was broken. I took it to Geek Squad and they instantly claimed accidental so they won't cover it. I left and a week later I took it back with my boyfriend. A couple days later they notified me that they won't fix it due to an accident. My boyfriend was on the phone for two days getting the run around. One phone call was a 3-way with him,corporate, and the store manager. They won't budge. I filed a complaint with their corporate office and two complaints with the BBB. After talking to a few others they gave me their opinion that Best Buy is known for horrible customer service. Why am I the only person that didn't know that? I told them in my email that I will NEVER step foot into a store or purchase online. I am appalled at how horrible they treat customers and they need to be shut down. I don't have my laptop back and I am worried that more damage will be done that they won't claim. I just want my laptop back but I'm not giving up just yet. They have NO idea who their messing with. I will never buy a laptop again either. Laptops dont like me.
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There are 2 plans at BBY - standard and premium, with and without damage - OP paid for the one without. Regardless, the deception at the date of purchase is unacceptable, yet commonplace at BBY due to the pressure to sell the Bleak Squad Black Tie plans.

@paul - with all due respect - for a $499 laptop without damage coverage, BBY charges $119.

- this is from the DATE OF PURCHASE. The mfr covers year 1 - so you (in general) paid for year 2 ONLY. What a RIPOFF! the onnly way they sell these is with some form of deception at the point of sale.


While a lot of the above may be true. the reality is that bestbuy geeksquad protection is worth the $$. The above was likely at locations that are definatley low level and even cities I wouldnt ever live in.

Ive used BB warranties for years and never had a single problem...and yet Ive never worked in retail anywhere and I am not a troll but a user who has never had a bad experience though I have relatives who did.


If I was hired by someone, I want my paycheck. Could it be that you just can't accept that people get mad over situations and they are just PLAIN WRONG? Nah, someone has to be an employee to disagree.


Unfortunatily, like other sites that offer upset consumers,and disgruntled ex employees a chance to vent, or warn others. A well known trend exists where companies,and other corporate entities hire organizations that troll sites like these.

They quickly place "troublemakers" on these boards to "debunk",and "beatdown" posters who have had bad experiences. I see that this appears to be the case here as well.


Wellou did let me guess you did nothing to it. YOu did not drop it or use the screen as a handle to carry it around.

I have used the Geek squad and the protection plans for years and have found them to be quite fair and honest. I have the money to just go and replace anything I want but continue to use them. I stand in line and listen to the whiners who just want some one else to pay for their stupidity. Let me tell you something the plans do not cover *** or lazy.

I have used other stores "protection Plans" only to find out they were just extenstions of what the Mfg offers good luck with those, and to you not stepping foot in Best Buy. Go use the white trash mecca and see what you get.


Sounds like you just didn't want to accept responsibility for damaging your laptop and wanted Best Buy to write the check for it. It isn't going to happen as your warranty clearly doesn't cover accidental damage.

I'm surprised they would even talk to you boyfriend. Since he didn't purchase the laptop, he has nothing to do with the situation.

You need to accept the fact that you broke your laptop and need to learn to take better care of your things.


Best Buy extended service plans suck. Anything happens to your equipment and they say it was an accident and not covered.

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Chicago, Illinois

Installation of refrigerator

I bought a refrigerator from Best Buy. The delivery person brought into my house plugged it in. He turned one adjuster and said thats the best he could do and left.I am not please wiyh their delivery standards. Iam not pleased with their more or less I don' really care attitude .If they don't want to do their job FIRE THEM.If I had people representing me *** that they would not last a day.No calls to checkon them so myhey do what they want to do and how they want to do it. I will never buy another thing from Best Buy with the attitude these people had .If something goes wrong I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT Thank you Edward Thacker
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Shut up. The guy installed your fridge.

He didn't kiss your *** like everyone else in your life probably has. Learn to install it your self you whining ***.


What did you want them to do, stock your fridge?

Besy buy only offers delivery with placement and removal of the old appliance where applicable.

The fact that he set it up, and levelled it for you is above and beyond.

I am really not sure what you were looking for him to do?

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Reston, Virginia
Best Buy Installation

Best Buy Doesnt care for their customers K60 IJ issue

Please exuse me for my grammar it may not be correct, 1 year ago from last december I recieved a k60 ij laptop for christmas bought from BEST BUY in jackson michigan, At first I enjoyed the laptop but it had some problems that I noticed a week later The problems were that the screen was blacking out if I moved the laptop slightly or greater and the mouse pad was not sensitive and almost impossible to maneuver, So since it was under 30 days of warranty i dropped it off at my local best buy (where it was purchased) they shipped it out and I got it back about a week later. When I picked it up and went home I noticed major and minor scratches on the top of the screen. Even though I was upset I continued on and booted it up first thing I noticed was a black screen that said something about a cable, but a few seconds later it continued on to booting up I logged in and noticed it wasnt genuine!!!! So I looked on the bottom of the computer for the windows 7 sticker and it was missing the only thing I seen was 1 sticker unlabled with a long number.. So I called best buy they said it wasnt their problem and said I should contact Asus I did that and the instruction I recieved wasnt' very clear because they had an indian accent and I am not the best at understanding other accents no offense intended, After some more talking and waiting I was told they couldnt do anything so there wasnt anything I could do, I called many times trying to see what I could do but it came clear to me Best buy doesnt care I told my dad and he tried to talk them but they wont do anything. I continued to use my laptop ungenuine windows 7 until I needed to factory restore it which was january 12th 2011 now it wont restore I ordered a CD from Asus that should recover it but the other day i recieved a call from best buy saying they cant fix it it has been at best buy for months I just want my money back Best buy is a big dissapointment I now stress that Best Buy is a bad place to shop and strongly tell others the bad customer service I've experienced, Why would a multi million maybe billion dollar company care about a customer, Best buy still has my laptop as of now they aren't doing anything with it I dont even want it back as it is useless I am more than mad and cant express myself appropriately for a community website I strongly discourage buying from Best Buy and I am through with laptops as they have all failed me.
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You got a piece of junk. If you ever get a real computer, go online and read the reviews on your Asus's a typical budget garbage laptop. You're new at this, aren't you?!?

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Milford, Michigan

Manager at store very combative!

Pre-ordered a PS3 game on line from Best Buy to be picked up at their Garner, N.C. location. On Saturday the 26th of March I received the e-mail that I could pick it up on Monday March the 28th. When my girlfriend and I went to the store we were told that the game could not be sold until Tuesday. I asked to speak to a manager and a guy named John came up to speak to me. He started offering me gift cards and such to replace the trouble of coming to pick it up. I told him that Best Buy sent me an e-mail saying it could be picked up today and they should honor it. The manager dude then started getting combative with me and confrontational that I was taking this out on him! I told him to just get away from me because he was egging me on. He walked away twice and came back both times to get confrontational again. Finally he said he would look up the release date to see if they had changed it. Sure enough, they had changed it and I finally received my game after 45 minutes of this garbage. Later when I called the Best Buy customer care line the guy I spoke with seemed not interested at all about my complaint. Since Best Buy does not seem to care about it's customers I will gladly take my money elsewhere.
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Boo *** hoo. Quit being such a girl.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Inappriopriate behavior by supervisor

To Whom It may Concern: I will follow up with a written complaint to the headquarters. I was at the Patchogue, Best Buy Store this afternoon trying to return a gift that my daughter had a duplicate of. A sales manager names Charlene (no last name given) was very rude to me. The gift was given a month and 10 days. My husband passed away suddenly recently. I was not looking for sympathy. I wanted my money back but she refused to give it to me. When I pursued the issue by explaining my situation, she responded, "I am done with you" and walked away from me. She left me standing there for 15 minutes until another employee came over to help. I am highly disappointed in this twenty something year olds response to me. No compassion. Personally, I think she should be reprimanded for her behavior. That is not how she should respond to a good customer. Sincerely, Donna
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What would you want the employee's last name for?

You were beyond the return policy. Case closed, regardless of you trying to use your husband's death to circumvent policy.

#229178 Review #229178 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Bayport, New York
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Customer Service

At the beginning of October, 2010 I purchased a CD player at the Victor NY Best Buy Store. I stood in line for approximately 15 minutes by the time I was taken care of. The cashier ignored me while she was having a long conversation with a customer. I was tired of holding the box so I walked over and put it down on the counter and went back and stood in line. Finally a lady came over to take care of my transaction and I asked who the manager of the front end was. She said it was her so I explained how the cashier had been talking and how long I had waited. She (the manager) was so rude it was unbelievable..She was making excuses for the clerk and was obviously covering for her..It is my opinion the management in that store is too close to their employees. When I told the Front End Manager that I would write a letter she said that she would love to hear her clerks were talking to the customer..After that comment she pushed the article toward me quickly and called the next customer.. When calling the Corporate Office they filed a complaint and explained to me that the General Manager from the store might or might not call me back. They said that the General Manager does not need to call the customer back even if there is a complaint about their store. I spoke with three different people from the Corporate office and they all said the same thing. I have never heard of such a thing. I also contacted Best Buy Corporate Office by email and still have the rude emails the Corporate office sent back to me. they actually insinuated that the customer ahead of me was to blame for holding up the cashier. As of March 26, 2011 I have never received a phone call or anything regarding this matter. It doesn't look like Best Buy has any concern regarding their customer's satisfaction.
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Quit being such a baby. You had to wait in line. Big deal. Get over yourself.

What do you want them to do about your complaint? You've told how many people? They obviously don't consider it a valid complaint (because it isn't).

Go shop at Wal-Mart. No one ever complains about how long their lines are.

#228962 Review #228962 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rochester, New York
Best Buy Manager

Best Buy Mobile Lied about coverage

When shopping for phones I was comparing pricing and insurance plans between Best Buy and Verizon. I specifically asked BB if the phone were to be lost or stolen, would it be covered on their plan. "Yes, that is why our plan is so great" So again, I asked what is the deductible for replacement if lost? "No deductible either, you are 100% covered and it will be replaced" WRONG!!!! After paying for this plan for months I find out it doesn't even cover the one thing I was most concerned with. Best Buy Corporate told me to take it up with the store's general manager, who never seems to be on duty. They did let me speak to the Cell Phone dept. manager who just told me I was not told that because 'he knows that salesperson personally and he would never say that'. Great, now I am the liar. No attempt whatsoever to make good...didn't happen, I heard wrong. I can afford to replace the phone but I cannot stand being lied to. Never again will I do business with BB....after spending thousands each year there.
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insurance plans for cell phones the best bet and this is true is to go through like sprint or Verizon.. their plans will cover if lost or takin from you..


Keep track of your phone or leave it in the care of a trustworthy adult. Problem solved.

You probably "lost" the phone on purpose so you can get a new phone.

Seems kind of funny you were so worried about the insurance covering that. Nice try.


You're an ***.


The only thing that EVER covers a lost item is INSURANCE. Warranty or "plans" ever do.

And Best Buy/Radio shack/ or your good ole mall kiosk will tell you whatever you want to hear to make a sale. You have to go to AT&T, verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile for good service.

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#228391 Review #228391 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
Best Buy Replacement

Would not replace a protector for ipod screen

I bought a protector cover for my ipod. After reading directions. I tried to put the protector on my ipod. The directions indicated you use the cloth provided. When I did so it left a smudge on the adhesive side of the protector. I tried to return the kit. They would not exchange and I had to purchase another one. I am out $30.00 and still not sure I will be able to install it correctly. They offered no assistance. This is not good customer service and I am very diappointed. I have purchased many items from Best Buy and this is the first time I have been displeased with my service.
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If you purchased a zagg sheild, register it online. Send an email or call zagg that it has not been installed correctly.

They will send you a new one and you send the old one. This does not happen every time but its worth a shot.


They aren't going to take a $30 loss because you're too retarded to use a screen protector correctly.

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Tucson, Arizona