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Play station | Best Buy review from Toronto, Ontario

bought a play station and when i bought it home, the machine did not match the box and the call of duty was missing. I try to return this for an exchange but they refused. Instead, i got humilated by managers and employees. I learn my lesson, i will make sure to check the inside box before any purchase. I called Sony and was told the machine did not match the box that came with it. The serial number of the machine did not match my receipt. I am never going to shop at best buy and i am pissed.
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So you tried the ol' switcheroo and failed? Well, too bad.

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I bought a laptop, a Toshiba Satellite. I thought I was going to walk out after my purchase & take it straight home & check it out... Oh NO!!! After & I mean straight after the purchase, the Geek Squad took it & said they needed to "make sure" that it worked properly &...
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wow, you're nuts.

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we purchased a nice dynex 55 inch tv from best buy may 11 2011 and we also purchased the extended warranty on it. june 12 LITERALLY the HDMI portion of the tv stopped came out and it was NOT comcasts issue but the GEEK SQUAD came out to...
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The same thing is happening to my 55 lcd that was purchased in Norman, OK in 2011. It starts popping up the captions and the shuts off.

Nothing works. If I unplug it and then plug it back in, it works for a while.

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Is there worse Customer Service? | Best Buy review from Houston, Texas

Previously bought a Rocketfish wireless outdoor speaker and transmitter from the local Best Buy. The product works well. Went to BB online to order another Rocketfish speaker. "On backorder". Waited 60 days, then contacted them. "Your order was cancelled". Are you getting more, and can I order one? "I'll transfer you". Wrong department. "You need a Team Leader. I'll stay on the call until we get one." Nope. Left on hold for 45 minutes until I hung up. While on hold I called them from my cell. "We cancelled your order; you can spend an extra $60 to get the combo product. I don't know if we are going to get more. You can't order it now anyway". I really hate to say it but I'm kind of glad Amazon is kicking their rear. I try to do business with them but their service is so horrible they make it difficult. Imagine, a customer who is ready to buy right now, knows the exact item they want, isn't looking for a "deal", and they can't accomodate that?
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well I don't understand why you would wait so long.


Yes there is worst it called WalMart

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BESTBUY CUSTOMERS SUCK! | Best Buy review from Miami, Florida

As i am reading these comments i cant help but think man these people are !d!ots... READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITION!! Please do your self the favor before posting anything *** on the page about how they didn't do this or that. Then READ THE BACK OF YOUR RECEIPT! This clearly states your return policy Please do your self the favor before posting anything *** on the page about how they didnt do this or that.You'll sound retarded And last but not least NO THE COMPANY IS NOT CLOSING OR GOING BANKRUPT! Please do your self the favor before posting anything *** on the page about them going out of business and this is why and why not do some research they are actually at a profit this year! With or without you there is millions more internationally that enjoy it very much.
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I just need to vent... as a best buy employee for 7 months now...

I love my job, my co-workers and my managers. I have had some *** jobs.. and this is not one of them. Me as a human being, not to sound self centered but I do consider myself to be intelligent patient kind empathetic reasonable and knowledgeable about the product.

I go out of my way to make sure the client is getting a complete solution, that all bases are covered and that I have done my best to guide them to just the right solution for them and their situation... in other words I work hard to craft "tailored" solutions... and I make sure our guests are armed with as much knowledge as possible about their purchase.... that being said...

PEOPLE *** SUCK. These whiny, wannabe know it all, impatient, no mannered... mefirst&thegimmegimmes, self entitled, LYING will put words in your mouth and throw you under the bus just to get something for nothing with the false justification of "best buy makes too much so I'm entitled" ***. Seriously Newegg has the right idea...

take human interaction out of the equation. Now there are many good customers... in fact the ratio of good customers who treat you like a human being to bad ones... is well in favor of the good...

but one bad customer takes like 10 good ones before you get over it... kind of like pistachios.


Could not have said it better. I am a happy best buy customer.

They have always treated me well. When I return something they tell me to go get another one and bring it back to the service desk. Sometimes I decide on a better product then I had and of cause I had to pay the difference in price.

The way they do returns and exchanges is they credit your card for the price you paid for what you are returning and then charge you for what you purchased and if it is more expensive you pay the difference. That is the way it is done everywhere.


If you look at the grammar of some of the posts on this site, it is obvious they lack the 2nd grade reading and comprehension skills necessary to know how many days "15 days" actually means.


I rarely shop at Best Buy but I completely agree. some people are just too dumb to go shopping so they blame the stores for mistakes that they made. and obviously Best Buy isn't going out of business, they're always packed.

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Best Buy duped me into taking my bad camera back near the end of it's warranty, instead of replacing

Bought an Olympus Stylus Tough in June 2010. Has been sub-par since purchace. Guarunteed at 33 ft. below. Took in for repairs. Took to bank of river and got water damaged. Sorry warranty is expired. I was told I was rude. They got away with it. Plus, it's guarunteed not to break up to a 23 ft. drop. I called customer service and got no help. We have had problems with this camera since purchasing it. It is not as easy as they make it sound to drop it off and repair it. They are so nice when they are selling you the warranty, only to drop you like a hot rock when you need to use it.
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What did you do? Drop it from 23 feet to see if it would break.

You can not believe anything the ads tell you. At some point you have to use common sense.

If you want to use your camera under water they make cameras for that. You need to buy an underwater camera and they are plainly marked as such.


so you blame Best Buy for a camera made by a separate company? and you expect them to repair a camera when the warranty is expired?


Better read the manual. Although it may survive depths of 33ft, it's NOT designed to survive a 23ft drop; closer to 6ft.

If you were having trouble from the beginning, you should have returned the camera. Period.


The warranty is expired. I don't know what else you are expecting.

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Uninformed sales people | Best Buy review from Newark, New Jersey

I went to Best Buy to purchase a laptop the other day. I only had one requirement for a computer. I told the sales person that I wanted a laptop with a really quiet fan. I stressed this, because it was the one thing I really needed. He showed me a laptop and told me it should be the quietest in the store. I purchased it and began using it. The fan is really loud and runs often. It drowns out my music or whatever I'm doing at the time. It's a bit ridiculous since all I sacrificed on so many other features to get one that supposedly had the quietest fan. They also sold me several things to install from CD, but neglected to tell me that the laptop had to internal CD drive. Now I have internet security that cost me 100 dollars, but no way to install it on my loud laptop. Thanks.
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Why didn't you turn the computer on in the store? Then you could have seen if the fan was too loud for you.

I will let you in on a secret. You won't find your mommy in a Best Buy store so you have to make up your own mind what you want to buy


I hate customers who demand some ridiculous requirement of their purchase. "I want pickles the size of a quarter"..."I want you only to develop the pictures that came out"..."I want a computer with a quiet fan" :zzz :zzz :zzz


honestly, people that know absolutely nothing about computers should just stay away from them if they're too dumb to learn anything.

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Service 3 days away for burning up refrigerator! | Best Buy review from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Best Buy's "customer service" is a JOKE and they sell ***. I bought a refrigerator in September 2011. Last Sunday I noticed my refrigerator was not just hot, but burning hot. I called BB and they couldn't get someone out until Wednesday!! I told them I was concerned about a fire and still, nope, not till Wednesday. I had to call a 24 hour service to come out and fix the refrigerator because of my fear of fire. The fan had gone out. I called BB today to get a refund and they give me this *** about how I invalidated my warranty by getting an outside person to fix it. That's how this company gets out of their warranties, delay service so you have to go somewhere else and then you invalidate your warranty. PIECE OF *** FROM A PIECE OF *** COMPANY. Not to mention that the refrigerator, since day ONE, has made noises like a cranky sick animal. PIECE OF ***.
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One questions. Did your warrenty specify 24/7 service?

I have a whole house warrenty service that I pay a yearly fee to that does provide me with 24/7 service. You might do well to buy one then you will not have these problems.


lol more like you can't take it. it's obvious you're the one backing off because it's too much for you to handle.

you act as if we're arguing in real life and like you're about to get all psychotic about it. and stop with your little act saying things like "oh you're such a coward because you're bullying me online but wouldn't do anything in person" for one thing, how do you know I wouldn't? and two, obviously I'm only going to argue with you online. how do you expect me to argue with you in person?

track you down and fly out to Minnesota?

yeah okay, you've lost it. the one thing that Best Buy did wrong here was make you lose your mind.


"it's no wonder Best Buy is tanking. If the U.S.

is really moving to a service economy then BB is in more trouble than ever. Aw, that's too bad. Just breaks my heart"

Just to clarify your comment about tanking they are actually up +1.24‎ (5.92%‎) that's about 7.2 billion more then last year.

I'm just saying if you stopped shopping there it really doesn't affect *** and for every *** like you there 100,000 million more spending there money daily internationally at Best Buy. stop crying about your fridge, wait like every one else there is a schedule for any company when services are involved your not the only customer in the area with a issue.


So when you bought the warranty, you thought that if you ever had a problem, someone would immediately teleport to your house? Jesus...

They have other customers too.

You don't get to budge in front of someone who called first, you diva.

And yes, getting service from an outside company voids your warranty, but I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know because it's clearly written in your warranty terms. Not only is it in there, but it's just common sense.


Good Lord ihatestupidcustomers: Get a freaking LIFE! You are a pathetic loser and I'm done wasting time with you and your mentality of a two-year old.

Like any bully you can dish it out but you can't take it. Also like bullies you are a coward. But you take it to a new level of cowardice by being a bully online, anonymously. You must be so proud of yourself.

What a pathetic little creature you are. Talk about crying! Just read your last post: "you don't know me and I don't know you". Waah waaah.

Here's a tissue loser. Bye.


oh yeah, I have no life because I decide to use the internet a couple times a week. well then that's quite a hypocritical comment there since you're on this site too.

only difference is you're a psycho looking to use this site as a way for people to mop up your tears when they read about your "horrible service" and even though I'm NOT agreeing with how long Best Buy takes to repair something, it's understandable. their employees are responsible for not just repairs but also the work they do in the store as well as setting up electronics for people that can't or don't know how. but it's all about you so of course you don't think about others. I rarely shop at Best Buy.

it's not so much about defending them, it's more about telling psychos like you to calm the *** down. and call me pathetic all you want but you don't know me. nor do I know you.

and to your other irrelevant comment.. I'm sure you posted it right away because you were anxiously awaiting my reply.

and you don't seem to understand examples. I was simply saying something ridiculous about you since you did the same. I know you don't kidnap children, dumba$$. maybe you're the one that should seek help if you're having a panic attack over a refrigerator.

and maybe mature a little if you're too little of a man to handle criticism.

not everyone is going to agree with you in life. I suggest you grow up instead of posting comebacks that a teenager would say like "stay away from sharp objects"


To Ihatestupidcustomers: I feel compelled to further respond to you in the interest of public safety: You are completely unhinged. You say you aren't a BB employee so you have no dog in this race. I make a legitimate complaint that 3 days is not service (especially when I get real service in 2 hours) and somehow you jump to this "kidnap children and put them in my basement" WTF? You are a lunatic!

Regarding your hateful spewing to strangers on the internet about things that are none of your business, I can only conclude that this is your pathetic way of dealing with your (no doubt) NUMEROUS inadequacies.

Please seek help and stay away from sharp objects.



Wow, Ihatestupidcustomers, honestly, I think you are seriously in need of a life if you aren't a bb employee. I think you are mentally unstable, you are an ***, and the best thing you got going for you in your life is to troll complaint sites and be a complete ***/*** to strangers.

Did YOU ever stop to think that if I can get a repairman out in 24 hours so can BB? Is 3 days service? Nope. And if *** people like yourself are defending them then it's no wonder Best Buy is tanking. If the U.S. is really moving to a service economy then BB is in more trouble than ever. Aw, that's too bad. Just breaks my heart.

By the way, I did unplug my refrigerator for 2 hours until the repairman came (the one that BB COULD have contracted with but I guess paying their CEO millions of dollars a year is more important than their customers). 2 hours. Not 3 days. Only an ***, such as yourself, would ask such a *** question and defend such ridiculousness as "service". So my suggestion to you, buddy, is to get a life. You are beyond pathetic.


haha wow! you really are a *** ***.

you think I work at Best Buy just because I replied back to you in a way that you didn't like?? well I didn't like your comment buddy, so maybe I'll just assume that you kidnap children and take your temper tantrums out on them while you lock them up in your basement. does that sound ridiculous? well too bad, it's a little ridiculous for you to assume that I work for Best Buy just because I called you out on how dumb and childish you're acting.

and by the way, I would never work at Best Buy because I see how many crazy people shop there when I shop there. which isn't very often by the way.

anyway, back to your pointless complaint.. did you ever stop to think that there's people ahead of you that have to get repairs? what makes you more special than them?

just because you were scared of a fire happening? they probably would have said the same thing, unplug the refrigerator.


You smarten up. 3 days for a service call?

Unplug my fridge for 3 days? What kind of service is that? Best Buy/Geek Squad says they will come service at OUR convenience, not theirs. If you are happy with bad customer service that is your problem.

I'm not.

You must be a Best Buy employee and you show the mentality of one. You further show why I will never shop at BB again.

#2 Like I said above: Best Buy/Geek Squad says they will come service at OUR convenience, not theirs.


lol you sound like a psycho, calm down. you probably broke the refrigerator by taking your tempter tantrum out on it.

and that's a common policy. just about any warranty is not valid if you somehow customize what you have or get outside work. you could have just unplugged the fridge. I mean I know you might have lost some food but that would have been better than a fire.

Best Buy is a busy store so of course they can't be out at your house within 5 minutes.

and I can't believe you not only think you can get a refund for a fridge bought like 10 months ago, but you didn't bother to return it right away if it had problems from day one. ***.


You have to understand Best Buy is a big company. Things take time for people to come out and check things. Almost no companies do it in the same day.

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Best buy

Best buy wouldn't sell me a cd with a parental advisory sticker on it because you have to be 18. I'm only 17, and my birthday is in a few months. Best buy wonders why they are losing money and are on the *** of bankruptcy within the next few years, it's *** like this that causes you to lose sales with minors, I hope you guys go bankrupt, and if you do soon, I won't feel sorry for you at all, good thing I can download this album online, or I could buy it from independent stores too
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Buy it online. You will see a disclaimer asking if you are over 18 and all you have to do is answer yes and they will sell you the cd.


Also, a store policy is a store policy, but I believe that some people take the parental advisory sticker way too seriously, gotta thank Tipper Gore for that one


Just get an iTunes card and buy it off the itunes store, not that big of a deal


OP - You are a M0R0N. Your friend might sell smokes to you at the Exxon station, but don't expect others to bend the rules just because you think you are entitled to. GROW UP!


"I'm only 17, and my birthday is in a few months." From the tone of your complaint you seem more like 17 going on 12 or 13.

worthless c

good for them they avoided a law suit for selling to a minor wait a few days grow up a little and go get ur cd guarantee ur world wont end by then


the problem with bestbuy is *** customers like you.


you know.. the first part of your username fits you nicely because you are insane.

sorry little kid, any retail store has to make sure you're 18 for that type of CD. or at least 17 for a rated M video game.

it's the law, not the choice of retail stores. it sounds like you're too immature to listen to explicit music anyway.


tsk tsk.

Good for Best Buy!


"Best buy wouldn't sell me a cd with a parental advisory sticker on it because you have to be 18. I'm only 17," So let me get this right you're 17 and you need to be 18 to buy it?

So is this Best Buys problem or yours? YOUR PROBLEM DUDE.

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Best Buy cheated me over and over again

I received the Email on 6/18/2012 from BestBuy indicating that the laptop I ordered (Order Number: BBY01-463621017620 ) on 6/17/2012 has been cancelled because BestBuy was unable to verify my information. The fact are: 1. One of my order I placed for a laptop in early June was canceled based on the same reason as this time. I called the number provided by the cancellation letter, and had verified that my account information was accurate and correct. My bank account also showed that Best Buy had charged my credit card for the order. Although I was also promised to get response within 24 hours after the call. But Best Buy didn't response any more. 2. I placed another order then for a mouse with my same account. I received the mouse within two weeks. This means that my account information is correct and accurate. 3. I placed an order this time on 6/17, got processed, showed on my bank account; but was canceled again. These are BestBuy's mistakes obviously, no matter how they have been caused. BestBuy should correct its mistake timely, stops cheating customer over and over again. At least, BestBuy should verify its own system instead of hurting customer's interests. BestBuy should send me the laptop I have ordered on 6/17/2012. APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH. Thank you. Xi ***
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Looks like all those expensive mail order bride purchases are catching up to you. I would advise sticking to smaller purchases.


As the saying goes: Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice, shame on you.

Hopefully you're not foolish enough to let them get your a 3rd time...

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Best Buy Credit Card