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I purchased a Sharp 32" TV on Jan.6.2014. TV was a gift for my mothers 90th birthday.

She had not been able to watch TV for the past 15 yrs due to caretakers beliefs. Mom didn't get the TV until Jan. 15th as that was her arrival date here. By Jan 22nd the TV was not working properly.

I called Brighthouse to have it checked out. Told it was the TV not the cable problem. This took a couple of days. Took TV back to Best Buys and was told there was only a 15 day return policy on this item.

They only offered to fix it within a two week time frame. NOT ACCEPTABLE. We needed it now. I went over to Target and purchased a new TV (different brand) and inquired as to there return policy and was told 90 days.

We were not told of the 15 day return policy although it was on the sales receipt on the bottom.

Never ever expected to have such a short return policy and never questioned it! Not a happy camper and I hope that this will make everyone aware of their ridiculous policy and think twice about purchasing anything from Best Buys

Monetary Loss: $250.

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My parents went there, and were harassed leaving the store by some employee who was a receipt Nazi, and made to feel like criminals through that process, and got so mad at the store. They never spent anymore money there, and told their friends, and family about that experience. I stopped shopping there as well, hearing about what happened!


Best Buy is total garbage. Overpriced items, *** 15 day return policy, rude and ignorant geek squad (sorry can't fool me)and then all of these anonymous (best buy employees) posts ripping on innocent consumers.

You didn't read the fine print is not an acceptable excuse for a shady return policy. And no, I do not shop there ever. This company will run itself into the ground, just give it time.

Being called dumb by someone for making a mistake is a dead giveaway that Best Buy is running a cover my *** campaign. Go Walmart!!!!!


Hey ***.

Best Buy stores and other stores have certain number of days to return an item.

You went over the 15 day period. That's your *** fault. You're complaining because of something you did... You even read the paper!

Dumb people like you should have never lived. We have too many retards in this world.



You are an *** you are pissed about a 15 day return policy? I worked at best buy for 2 years and let me tell you when we had a 30 day return policy people would literally borrow our TV for a month and then return them.

We caught why guy who returned the same TV 9 times in 9 months.

So that is exactly why Best Buy has this policy. So don't complain just because you don't read the fine print, and its not just on the receipt, its posted everywhere and you don't need someone telling you that, use your brain.



Then it was one of the best. Now it's back to being one of the worst.

Best Buy was one of the bottom stocks in the benchmark S&P index back in 2012, losing 49% of its value. Then last year the stock shot up an incredible 239%. This year, it's back to being shockingly miserable; since the start of 2014, Best Buy has tumbled 37%, making it the worst performing stock in the index.

It currently trades just above $25 per share.

So, if you put your money in Best Buy on January 1, 2012, you would have only a 7% return but a lot of heartburn and adrenaline along the way. The S&P 500 index is up a steady 43% during that same time period.


most stores have a short return policy on electronics. it keeps people from using electronics and then quickly returning them or people bringing back broken electronics that they probably broke themselves.

I'm sorry about your mother but your TV had a manufacturer's warranty, probably for at least a year. as much as I would hate to go without TV for a couple of weeks, I don't see why anyone would need a TV right now.


Ok, the whole sob story thing...really? No one cares.

And the 15-day return policy is the greatest thing to happen to retail. Now it's funny that you say the return policy is on the receipt, but you still tried to take it back and got mad that the terms and conditions were upheld? Go ahead lady, shop at Target or Walmart. Oh and good luck finding someone to help you who actually knows what they're talking about, and not just someone who happens to be scheduled in that department for the day.

Oh and Amazon? Yea right.

You sound like one of those customers who can't function on their own. So good luck picking out your own TV online.


Why are you shopping at Target if you have a problem with a 15 day return policy on electronics since Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy have the same return policy on electronics? 15 days is plenty of time to decide if you want to keep something.


Worst Buy is in the business of TAKING YOUR MONEY AND GIVING YOU NOTHING esample EXTENDED WARRANTIES. Now they have come up with this great RETURN policy another way for them to SELL JUNK (seconds) and not take the piece of JUNK BACK and ask on thE FACEBOOK page supposedly WE THE CUSTOMERS TOLD WORST BUY that it IS THE BEST WAY MORE LIKE THE STOCK HOLDERS!!! RUN FROM WORST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hence why responsible consumers check things like return policies before buying big ticket items. Don't blame Best Buy because you didn't take the time to look or read.