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I am beyond words at this point. Two months after my original purchase, of four appliances, the sixth delivery of a Samsung refrigerator and sixth delivery of a Samsung microwave arrived at my home damaged.

The bottom frame of the fridge was bent, the bottom of the microwave was dented. EVERY single microwave and refrigerator that has been sent to my home in the last two months has been damaged. That is twelve different appliances…TWELVE! Between my husband and I, we've now missed six day of work dealing with this, endless hours on the phone and it is not even resolved.

Every time they come, I have to clean out my fridge and freezer, and this has become a burden! There has been damage done to my brand new cabinets from the constant removal/installations of the microwave. Now I have to jump through hoops to get not one, but two contractor quotes to have insurance cover the cost of repairing or replacing the cabinets. I also have to wait a week every time a delivery is rescheduled.

This situation has caused my family so much stress and inconvenience. Every time I call my “case manager”, I have to speak to a new person and explain this story ALL over again. So far, I’ve explained this story to Katelyn, Anna, Taryn, Anna again and then David the assistant manager. I have sent Taryn dozens of photos of the damage.

I’ve also spoken with two additional people, but I’m tired of having to explain this story over and over again. I’ve asked through Twitter for help, received none. I was assured by the Twitter person that an email was sent and I would receive a phone call by the end of the day. I left a message for my case manager last Tuesday afternoon, to return my call;.

my phone call was never returned. I’ve emailed over a dozen corporate people, no response. I’ve called customer care four times today, between 8-12, still have not spoken with a manager. I was assured by the assistant manager David, at customer care, that two microwaves and two refrigerators would arrive at my home today, in case one was damaged.

He assured me they would be accompanied by a Regional manager, because of my past experiences. Only one refrigerator and only one microwave arrived and both were damaged. No regional manager came, only Henry, the "Geek Squad" manager. I was assured that they would be inspected from top to bottom, at the warehouse/store, for damage…they were not.

I was never informed of the date/time of my microwave installation and wasn’t told about it until the "Geek Squad" manager, Henry arrived. I’ve asked to speak with David’s manager, but was told this person was on the phone and/or in another part of the building. I was denied speaking to a higher up manager. When I call these case managers, there is RARELY a time I can get any of these people I’ve worked with on the phone.

I’ve now spent HOURS making phone calls. When I ask to speak with their manager, I’m told none are available or not in. Why isn’t there a manager available during business hours? The compensation I was offered for this whole ordeal was an absolute embarrassment and an insult.

I’ve seen “open box” items with bigger discounts. I am so fed up, I’m ready to take my business elsewhere and will share this experience with my friends and family, so that no one has to go through this. If Best Buy/Pacific sales cannot deliver an undamaged product, they should NOT be selling appliances. Seriously, twelve damaged appliances should be an absolute embarrassment to Best Buy!

I’m skeptical of the longevity of these items, when they can’t even be delivered to my home undamaged.

I am beyond frustrated. PLEASE let me have undamaged appliances before Christmas, we’ve already missed Thanksgiving, because we had no appliances...even though they were purchased on October 19th.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Purchased a new tv, got it home and no hardware to connect the stand to it. The guy at the store told me to bring it back. After a bit of back and forth they finally agreed to mail it to me.


By the end if this we had 7 refrigerators and 8 microwaves delivered, before we got undamaged appliances...took 4 months. Six months in I had to have my icemaker replaced.

Then again six months later. That’s twice in a year. My dishwasher broke 6 months in and had to have it repaired 3 times, then eventually replaced. My oven temperature doesn’t stay regular and I’ve calibrated it twice.

I had to have the oven lock fixed it broke in 18 months. Samsung appliances, from Best Buy are GARBAGE!


We purchased a Samsung 58” TV...within 3 weeks stopped working properly. Best But refused to honor purchase!

They now have the TV and our money. Their consumer policy should be illegal.

Do NOT shop at Best Buy. Best But is a rip-off!


I have the same thing with a romba 900


Best Buy is one of the worst store ever, I'm fighting for $700.00 Price Match they suppose to take off my bill, they told me to contact Citibank i contact Citibank they told me to contact BestBuy so they play this funny game. i will never ever in my life will be buying anything from BestBuy and i will tell the whole world not too, i never post negative reviews but I'm so mad the way they treat me. they really believe we the customers are stupid.


They told me the same thing. BB says call Citi, Citi says call BB.


That’s terrible! Thanks for posting with pictures.

We are renovating and had been looking into Best Buy also. Thank god for online reviews. We will definitely not be using them. Good luck with finishing your project.

I’m shocked that they would even suggest a restocking fee after all this. Much less that they aren’t heavily discounting the items.


I ended up with 7 refrigerators and 8 microwaves before it was all said and . Took 4 months to get undamaged appliances.

6 months in, dishwasher motherboard had to be replaced, a week later a censor went. The ice maker in the fridge broke 5 months after we got it.

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