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Best Buy - Totally screwed up brand new computer

Company Best Buy
Product / Service Geek Squad Service
Location Fort Worth, Texas
Category Desktop computers
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Monetary Loss

Had an old ASUS.Asked for C drive to be backed up.

They insisted on removing the d drive. The backup they gave me didn't have any of the info I needed. I had to buy an external and I had my daughter take up the d drive to back it up to the external. They couldn't.

When she brought the external drive home I plugged it in and the computer shut down and would only display the chipset. Took it in, one of the techs said the other one had tested it using HD power and should have switched it back to usb. After over an hour of waiting they said my usb drive was bad. This is a brand new computer.

They gave me an external usb hub, came home, plugged it in and now I can't access the internet, I keep getting notices that google doesn't have a current certificate and shuts down. Error message saying I don't have the usb driver, windows won't update automatically and if I plug in keyboard or mouse to external usb they won't work.

Like an *** I paid for the tech program.This isn't the first time this has happened, my dog knows more about computers. 2ff3ffb

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Dec 03, 2013 
Find a local repair shop. a repair shop that has been in business for over 5 years. Ask at your local high school for kids that build computers. Never and I mean Never ask these morons to fix your computers they hire idiots (high turnover, low pay, terrible hours ect. ) they are told to upsell everything and they do get Bonus based on this upselling (hours and bonus)
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