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Company Best Buy
Product / Service Kitchenaid Dishwasher
Location Breckenridge, Texas
Category Appliances and Electronics
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I purchased a dishwasher the week of April 2,2008 for $599. It went on sale on April 7, 2008 for $549. I e-mailed and asked for price their price match and was told that I qualified for a $50 refund and was given an 800 number to call.

I called this number and was told that I qualified but would have to call after the item showed delivered in their system that it would not process the refund until that time. I waited until I had an e-mail confirming delivery and called them back. At this time they informed me that the other cs reps were wrong and that I did not qualify for refund

They did, however apologize for any inconvienience. I think I am done with best buy. This is terrible customer service! 30b37c3

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Apr 11, 2010 
they changed the price after you bought it you don't deserve any refund you *** as*
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Jul 03, 2008  from West Miami, Florida
on sale now for 12000...
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Jun 13, 2008  from Dunlap, Iowa
Why is that that someone agrees to pay a price, and just because the price goes down later to move the last items off the shelf, you think you deserve a discount/partial refund. You agreed to pay $600- maybe you shoulda waited. There is no law and should be no policy to give you that just because it was the price that came later- If I could do that, Id buy everything when it comes out and get a discount when they lower prices. What a silly notion. You are a sad sad silly person....
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