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Best BUY bait and switch

  • by   May 10, 2008
  • Review #: 120488
Company Best Buy
Product / Service Laptop
Location Derby, Vermont
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Monetary Loss

est Buy does bait and switch.Last week Danvers Mass store, was told the laptop i wantedwas sold out (thou on display) told saugus store had 14 still, went there same one was 100.00 more and told to bad more distrubing,was other consumers were there from everett store for another laptop that was sold out in everett store and sent to saugus and than told it was 150.00 more than ad in everett.sign said.my problem is if prices are not the same salesman should have toldall of us.

and remove product from shelve.

False and fraud.First impressions do always stay.very upseting

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Dec 17, 2010 
If you read their ads, everything on sale has a guaranteed stock. Most of the time it's between 2 to 10.

So if you didn't get your butt out of bed and be the first in line when their ads go live on Sunday. Someone else did. Your loss.

Stores being different prices. That happens. Stores in major metro areas (for any retailer) have higher prices. Cost of doing business is higher. But just like someone else wrote, they match their national website for prices. They did that for me on a movie that was $7 cheaper online then in store.
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Dec 17, 2010 
When a unit is sold for a price with a model number attached to it that's called merchandise for sale. Re-market the exact same unit with a different model number and a new higher price and say the old unit is forever b/o'd. That's bait and switch because you've been hooked on the low price and now, for convenience sake, you can get the same unit for 3x as much right away. They got me on that and they lost my business for good. I paid $10 more at Sears for the same item without regrets.
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Aug 26, 2008 
prices are always different in other stores do to a different cost of living for each city, state ..etc...also if its on ad u can get a raincheck..no way is this fraud
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Aug 15, 2008 
if these were advertised like you said they were then they would have to match the price in the ad (false advertising).
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Aug 08, 2008  from Bogard, Missouri
You are being ridiculous. Also, write something that is concise and makes sense - spelling and grammar is pretty simple.

Firstly, if it's out of stock; it's out of stock. That means they sold out of the ones that they did have in stock for the advertised price. Secondly, Best Buy does not remove demo models until the unit is clearance or "gone when gone". Thirdly, the flyer clearly states all the necessary jargon, also know as common sense.

Grow up and stop complaining.
Reply to JustinGTP

Jun 24, 2008  from Albion, Maine
Sorry, but this is not "Bait and switch", as defined by law. More likely, what you ran into was a difference in price due to a "Market reaction". In any event, check the prices on bestbuy.com first, as they are usually lower, and the store will match that price.
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