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I called the store in West Mifflin, PA last night and asked if they had Toshiba Laptops the person said they did and gave me a range in price. I called again this morning and was told the same thing by another associate. I went there this afternoon and did not see any Toshiba Laptops so I asked if they carried them and the associate that offered to help me said "we don't carry them anymore." and literally walked away from us not even trying to... Read more

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Tried to purchase a Bosch washer & dryer here. Third rescheduled delivery was supposed to be for Aug 25th. Got a call on the 23rd saying it'd be pushed to Sept 12th! After delivery was rescheduled FOUR times, I called to cancel the order. Each time they gave a different reason for why the delivery was delayed from the washer being out of stock, next the stacking kit, next the dryer.... ugh. Zero confidence it would be delivered on the fourth... Read more

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Buyer beware of Best Buy. Ordered Targus dock for laptop at total cost of $142.00 via Best Buy--online with in store pickup and failed to check pricing (Amazon had same item at about 50% less $70 plus tax). After picking up at local store, we noticed box had been re-taped. Upon opening box, noticed pungent smell of burned electronics - smell lingered in our noses for 30 to 60 minutes. Obvious defective item that could have started fire. My son... Read more

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I ordered a new refrigerator from Best Buy several days ago and scheduled delivery for today 08/23. I chose a delivery window of 4-8 PM. I called customer service last night 8/22 to get an estimated time within that window and was told 4:28-4:47 PM and that I would get a call 30 minutes prior to confirm the delivery time. Also, I was told delivery would not take place unless someone 18 years or older was home. Today at 1:30 I got a call at... Read more

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I have been using Geek Squad for 3-4 years and always been satisfied……until now. Below are the detail of the situation but here are the bullet points. Geek Squad sends my computer out for repair. UPS returns it to kentucky instead of me. No one at GS does anything helpful GS literally LOOSES my computer, and lies to me about it. No one at GS does anything helpful. Best Buy offers to replace my computer by reimbursing me less then it cost to... Read more

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I Have had the same problem. I literally have been calling everyday for a week...and only get them occasionally after being on hold for 30-60 min. I did not go there in person b/c I'm waiting to find out if my dishwasher is ready for pick up. The corporate Best buy customer service tells me it's ready for pick up as of wednesday. When I call on Thursday to check, they say it's not there. Again waiting on hold. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! They... Read more

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I pre-ordered the new Galaxy 7 Note about 20-25 days ago. And have been looking forward to having it in my hands today , the official release date. But instead just got an email today saying there was a problem with my order and that i can expect it within 30 days. This is the first time i have ever done a pre-order. So pardon me if im wrong, but isnt the main point of doing a preorder is having it in hand on the release date? Im so mad! I... Read more

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Hi all, I am in Navy and stationed in Bahrain. I bought a laptop online from BestBuy in May 13 for my wife as a gift. I paid over $500 for the new Core I5 and 8gb ram. I came home 2 days ago, August 15, and excited to check out the new laptop. But when I opened it, I realized it is Core I3 and only 4gb ram. I contacted Besbuy 1-800 and was told it is a easy fix. All I have to do is to bring the laptop to the store and get the right one. When I... Read more

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I just had a washer and dryer delivered. The crew of two left before I got a chance to see the installation (my husband saw it but didn't know what the driver had been told). I specifically told the man that was out on the street connecting the vent and gas line that I wanted the dryer on the LEFT! The gas line is on the left, the water lines are on the right. So I go out and find the DRYER IS ON THE RIGHT with water lines running behind it and... Read more

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On 8/15/2016 I purchased an iPhone 6s from My order was initially declined and immediately canceled (even though I got a follw up email giving me 24 hours to correct the problem). I corrected the problem within no more than 45 minutes and re placed the order. was giving a free gift with the iPhone. That free gift did not go with the re placed order. Apparently I would have had to refuse the order and start the whole... Read more

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