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Worse experience I've ever had in my life! got tv off wall because the model I wanted was discontinued. it was taking to the back to box. Tv came back out in torn plastic wrap. I was told the plastic got torn from trying to fit tv in a box. They had tried serval boxes couldn't find one that fit. got tv home plugged in .... the right side that plastic wrap was torn on was rainbow. I put tv in car and bought it back to Best Buy. manager tells me I... Read more

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Best Buy continues to sell Insignia TVs that they know are defective! For more than a decade, consumers have complained that Insignia TVs go to a black screen while watching. Remote control and manual buttons don't respond. Our 5 month old Insignia TV eventually comes back on for now, but according to other consumers, it will eventually quit doing that too. Best Buy used to sell a very dependable Dynex brand, but has quit carrying that brand,... Read more

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I went to geek squad on research boulevard in austin. I got the worst service possible with my computer being wiped out with years and years of data And family pictures!! Here is what happened : I brought in my computer to upgrade to Windows 10. I had tried to do it on my own but my computer was stuck on a cycle where it would reboot itself on and on. At the store, I pay upfront the $150 service fee and leave. 2 days later, a tech calls me... Read more

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Best Buy, the only place left to buy televisions or computers and now I'm done. Few years ago, bought a TV, suppose to double as a computer, even has a keyboard. But the keyboard doesn't interface with the TV, so it's of no value at all. Best Buy's solution, load it back up into my Beetle and bring it back to them. So my computer took a dump, paid them extra money to put the stuff from my old computer onto the new one (I bought from them) of... Read more

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Worst return policy , 15 days to bring back stuff. Bought for my office and my tech guy was out sick , Would not take back because it was past date.. We would have taken a credit.. no way, and no way will i buy from them again. I feel sorry for the store staff, this is clearly a corporate policy that has everything to do with poor service as it does for super profits. Why go to a retail place with these restriction when you can go to an online... Read more

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One of my favorite store is best buy. Great collections of electronics, great return policy and most of all I always had great experience with best buy. Untill today when I went to Bay Parkway best buy in New York. My husband got me a apple watch as a first mother day present. Love the watch but I wanted a rose gold so we went to the store to excahnge. The person name Sammy was working at apple counter. I waited their about half an hour with my... Read more

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On 4/29/16 I ordered a system as part of the purchase that I decided on 4/30/16 there were better options, so I called to cancel. They 'noted' the cancellation request. Several calls later, to no avail, the item was still 'in shipping'. On 5/9/16 UPS driver hauled a box to my deck, and I refused it. On 5/10/16 an email said 'sorry, your shipment is delayed, the new date is 6/7/16'. I called again and was told the item was cancelled and I'd... Read more

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There *** thieves at best buy nevermind incompatance and dishonest sales and geek squad and stealing to ... I asked for a price to do something very simple i called the geek squad in dedham mass i asked how much they said for 40$ we'll do the job so i drove there and went to geek desk there *** istant manager was there i said here it is take a look keep in mind i was told by geek squad 15minutes while you wait what i was told on the... Read more

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I was told I was doing a soft credit check and was approved for a card and the Best Buy card department would not tell me my credit limit without accepting the card. The limit was insufficient to purchase what I needed. So I had to close the account to avoid paying the annual fee for the card. This negativitly affects my credit score which is already fouled up due to my exwife and her racking up charges in my name. Now I had to cancel the card... Read more

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if you pay for their Greek Squad service then you need to ask carefully before they took your money for their profit. They never explain everything to you before you asked so they can take your money easier!!Unbelievable customer service. Hope they do better job for the community. Everyone came to the store to get better service than buying online but the way Best Buy trained their employees as same as you buy something from online. We trusted... Read more

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